White Culture Is One of the Least Rapey Cultures on Earth

Most Islamic cultures are pretty rapey, and India is rapey as Hell. All Latin America and all of Sub-Saharan Africa is rapey as all get out. All of the Caribbean is rapey. The Philippines is pretty damn rapey. India is probably the rapiest place on Earth. Generally speaking, the more Black and mestizo the place is, the rapier it is. South Asian culture is rapey as Hell, and Bangladesh and Pakistan would be rapey too if they were not Islamic. Rapeyness seems to be negatively correlated with how White or NE Asian a place is and positively correlated with South Asian, mestizo and Black cultures. Which of course is what any sane person would expect and is of course the exact opposite of what White-hating Western feminists propose.
Western feminists have decided that White culture and only White culture is afflicted with some bizarre thing called “rape culture” in which rape is normalized. I don’t know about these feminists, but I never lived in any White culture where rape was normalized or sanctioned. If I did, perhaps I would have raped a woman or a girl. I shudder to think about it, but I figure I am just a normal guy. If you give men cultural permission to rape, a lot of them are going to do just that. Even White men. That is why we need strong laws against rape to punish maniacs and make even normal guys like me think twice (or better yet fifty times) before doing something like that.

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103 thoughts on “White Culture Is One of the Least Rapey Cultures on Earth”

  1. You posted something on pocd a while ago. You said that pocd sufferers are rarely aroused by children. I am aroused by a certain child. Do I have pocd or am I a pedophile?

  2. You have found another white man’s phenomenon and while it seems wonderful, perhaps you are confusing the cause with the effect. It’s a common understanding that the average white man is not particularly fond of dancing. Perhaps it is because he lacks the talent for dancing. The white culture is the less “rapey”. There is a lower birth rate. Perhaps it is because he lacks the talent for f**ckig. Perhaps his culture suppresses the desire or the desire is innately less. It seems plausible.

  3. In the modern day Whites are less Rapists.
    To say otherwise or to make up these fantastic definitions of rape is an insult to women and girls living in real “Rape cultures” worldwide.
    That being said, there is a reason African-Americans average 17% European and Latinos average 12%;
    a lot of it was rape.
    But David Duke would point out, when Bantu tribes conquered other Bantu tribes rape ensued. Idk.
    I think it’s kind of crazy to pin it on a race, because culture varies from time to time within that race.
    Our Culture is better in this regard. Feminazis are retarded.

    1. Whites specialize in organized ritualistic rapes planned out like a military operation-Dahmer etc.
      NAMS are more “hit and run”.

    2. In the modern day Whites are less Rapists.

      Not if they think they can get away with it. That’s why date rape, ruffie rapes and college rape are so prevalent among white men. Even if reported (which usually isn’t done), it’s harder to prosecute.
      There is also a long tradition of wartime rape in Europe, going back thousands of years into the present. The war in the Balkans saw systemic, organized rape.
      Overseas, whites have been notorious rapists. Actually, the stereotype is that white men travel somewhere and then proceed to rape anything that moves, leaving bunches of mixed-race children behind. The ironic thing is that white supremacists complain about race mixing yet white men have been the world’s most prolific race mixers.

      1. “Not if they think they can get away with it. That’s why date rape, ruffie rapes and college rape are so prevalent among white men. Even if reported (which usually isn’t done), it’s harder to prosecute.”
        Proof of under reporting?
        Page 2-7 report that, due to higher instances of drinking, white women are more likely to report rape when intoxicated. However, the were less likely to report instances where forced was used.
        Seeing how the page used to drinking rates regarding intoxication induced rape, that would mean that in terms of forced rape they would likely have less factors to experience it.
        The same page makes note with other races, such as Aframs, incidences were higher.
        “Similarly, in a study conducted in a single Southeastern university, Gross,
        Winslett, Roberts, and Gohm (2006) found significantly higher rates of physically forced sexual intercourse (and emotional coercion) for African American women compared with white women. ”
        One could argue that this means it’s under reported in white areas, but that’s different from typical trends until proven otherwise.
        “There is also a long tradition of wartime rape in Europe, going back thousands of years into the present. The war in the Balkans saw systemic, organized rape.”
        How is that unique to Europe? Also, Wartime rapes are different from actual standard societal incidences.
        If you disagree, why not use Africa now as an example?
        “Overseas, whites have been notorious rapists. Actually, the stereotype is that white men travel somewhere and then proceed to rape anything that moves, leaving bunches of mixed-race children behind. The ironic thing is that white supremacists complain about race mixing yet white men have been the world’s most prolific race mixers.”
        Well one that was mainly Mediterraneans explorers who left wives behind and only have native women or slaves with them. Second they would be colonialists at that, so they wouldn’t even be a representative sample tp begin with.

      2. Chinedu. You are right there have been mass rapes by whites in SAF and rhodesia which were never reported and they also regularly rape as a tourists. How manipulative of Phil to dismiss them as war relayed tendency. Also for all their rich talks against race mixing, these scumfucks are the one who started race mixing. Look how black pretender phil is ready to defend white supremacists sucking their dicks at every opportunity .

        1. “You are right there have been mass rapes by whites in SAF and rhodesia which were never reported and they also regularly rape as a tourists.”
          Even unreported crimes have proof, care to give a source via a study or an article?

        2. Phil is just a racist troll. His answer to everything is “white good, black bad.” It’s actually quite funny to see him contort himself into unimaginable shapes to try to remain faithful to that philosophy. So if a white guy guns down 200 blacks tomorrow, you’ll see Phil come on here and turn the episode into an anti-black invective. He’ll link to his usual white supremacist sites and claim that no one can refute him, even though what he’s linking to is utter bullshit.

        3. To Chinedu,
          ” ‘Phil is just a racist troll. His answer to everything is “white good, black bad.’ ”
          “Good and bad”? Try you making assertion that are either incorrect or out of context and ends up unable to defend it logically, relying on namecalling.
          “It’s actually quite funny to see him contort himself into unimaginable shapes to try to remain faithful to that philosophy. So if a white guy guns down 200 blacks tomorrow, you’ll see Phil come on here and turn the episode into an anti-black invective.”
          And if I prove that such an event (as exaggerated and alien to our discussions as it is) doesn’t refute the reverse trend of racial violence as you would of course do with it, you would call me racist for pointing out your fallacy and having nothing else to say.
          “He’ll link to his usual white supremacist sites and claim that no one can refute him, even though what he’s linking to is utter bullshit.”
          And since you often say a 5 year old could debunk race realist logic, then it shouldn’t be a bother to debunk me with any of my assertions.
          But instead you evade doing so in every response you direct to me, so you have yourself to blame for me calling you out on your bullshit.

      3. PS: raping anything that moves and leaving mixed children behind is a huge problem in the black community. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    3. once again we see the paradigm of the mainstream left criticism of the only culture that supports a lot of what they hold dear, while the primitive savage like alt reichers criticize the “barbaric cultures” they should really be a part of its

  4. Yeah Robert has a point. Cultural leftists praise anything non-white and also feminism, but non-whites are the least feminist.

  5. According to the UN reports I’ve read South Sudan is the “rapiest” place on earth.
    Recent article from NPR-
    Gang Rape Of Aid Workers In South Sudan Is A Turning Point
    In South Sudan’s War, Mass Gang Rape Has Become an Everyday Weapon
    “On Friday a report by the by the UN Human Rights Office documented the systemic use of rape as a weapon in South Sudan, which it said had become “one of the most horrendous human rights situations in the world.” Some of the most serious abuses of the conflict took place in Unity State in spring 2014, it said, with civilians suspected of supporting the opposition — including children and the disabled — being burned alive, suffocated in containers, shot, hanged from trees, or cut to pieces.
    “The sexual assaults were characterized by their extreme brutality, with women who tried to resist or just looked their rapist in the eye being killed in some cases,” it said. One woman told the UN she had been stripped naked and raped by five soldiers in front of her children on the roadside and then raped by more men in the bushes, only to return and find her children missing; another was tied to a tree after her husband was killed and had to watch her 15-year-old daughter being raped by ten soldiers.”
    Don’t know why this situation isn’t being covered more by western media.

  6. Actually I was talking to a group of teen (13 to 19 yrs old) Black girls from South Africa about 3 months ago & they said rape is just expected as normal male behavior & “jackrolling” (SA for gang rape) was common there too. Girls are just told to accept it & get over it- even if the rapist is a family member.
    Wikipedia does a good job covering the issue-
    “Sexual violence against minors older than the age of infancy is also extremely prevalent in South Africa. According to the Medical Research Council, more than one in four minors experience physical violence at home daily or weekly and more than one third of girls have experienced sexual violence before the age of 18. Its study also states that by 2009, 40% of all victims who reported rape to the police were under 18 and 15% were under 12 years old.”

    1. I am damn sure Europeans have higher testosterone than people from the Indian subcontinent. I just think they have better self control and respect for women in general.

    1. And yet you appeal to an instance in History rather than actual data on the magnitude of rape in a population or social efforts and success in female sexual abuse aversion.

        1. Oh that’s right, you’re tired of “debunking me”, takes alot of brain power to deflect my sources and arguments by repeating the same “race realists are dumb” paragraphs.

    2. I’m not sure if it is rape or simply concubinage between exploitative males from a civilization with some technological advantage and women from a civilization with less of a technological advantage.
      When a European power seizes a country and reduces the status of its native males to peons some of the females will respond to the advantages of the occupier.
      Spanish did more of this than Anglo-Saxons, I should add. India has surprisingly few Anglo-Indians.

    1. Islam does jack shit. There are plenty of rapes that go unreported in muslin countries because of honor and patriarchy. Truly Islam is a regressive culture and a vehicle for pan arab supremacy.

  7. Okay, race realists and HBDers, do you or do you not believe that genes tell all? Well, white men were raping and pillaging in the recent past, in the 19th and 20th centuries. Are you alleging that white men lost these barbaric predilections via gene mutations in the last 30 years? Or last 10 years? Or last week?
    Here’s some sober reading:

    Nevertheless, the constant depiction of Native men as savages prevented White women from seeing that the real enemy was not Native people but the patriarchy of their own culture. Even in war, European women were often surprised to find that they went unmolested by their Indian captors.
    Mary Rowlandson said of her own captivity: “I have been in the midst of roaring Lions and Savage Bears that feared neither God, nor Man, nor the Devil…and yet not one of them ever offered the least abuse of unchastity to me in word or action.”
    William Apess (Pequot) asked in the 1800s, “Where, in the records of Indian barbarity, can we point to a violated female?” Even Brigadier General James Clinton of the Continental Army said to his soldiers in 1779, as he sent them off to destroy the Iroquois nation, “Bad as the savages are, they never violate the chastity of any women, their prisoners.”
    The same could not be said of White men, who raped Native women at epidemic rates. Between 1851 and 1852, California spent over one million dollars hiring soldiers to exterminate Natives. In one typical expedition, a group of invading soldiers demanded that all the young women be given to them for sexual service. When they discovered that the young women had already managed to escape, the soldiers raped the old women instead. Other accounts of colonial sexual abuse include the following:
    When I was in the boat I captured a beautiful Carib woman…I conceived desire to take pleasure…I took a rope and thrashed her well, for which she raised such unheard screams that you would not have believed your ears. Finally we came to an agreement in such a manner that I can tell you that she seemed to have been brought up in a school of harlots…
    …Two of the best looking of the squaws were lying in such a position, and from the appearance of the genital organs and of their wounds, there can be no doubt that they were first ravished and then shot dead. Nearly all of the dead were mutilated…
    …One woman, big with child, rushed into the church, clasping the alter and crying for mercy for herself and unborn babe. She was followed and fell pierced with a dozen lances…[T]he child was torn alive from the yet palpitating body of its mother, first plunged into the holy water to be baptized, and immediately its brains were dashed out against a wall…
    …The Christians attacked them with buffets and beatings. Then they behaved with such temerity and shamelessness that the most powerful ruler of the island had to see his own wife raped by a Christian officer.

    1. One, where is the reference for this excerpt?
      Two, this is an anecdote of war related tendencies, thus the portion of whites who did this not representative.
      Three, “Are you alleging that white men lost these barbaric predilections via gene mutations in the last 30 years? Or last 10 years? Or last week?”
      Even in light of the statistical issues you using this anecdote, You cite this instance from the 19th Century.
      In effects, different societal trends in selection could result in both instant phenotypical change
      On top of long term change
      “Okay, race realists and HBDers, do you or do you not believe that genes tell all? ”
      That depends on the context. The presence of genes do add significantly to human nature, but if you read the posts you would then understand the back and forth relationship between genes and what we call “culture”.
      Basically culture is in one thought the product of genes, bit at the same time culture could effect the genes as well depending on how principles are transmitted and applied.
      This, along with factors like malnutrition, influences phenotypical traits.
      So in a way genes do “tell the whole story”, but the nature on how it does is not simplistic.
      A good start would be here.

    2. Few, very few, mixed Amerindian/white people exist in North America between Mexico and the Arctic border. Therefore if such incidents occurred they were rare.
      Spanish of course mixed with Natives and later on Spanish prostitutes actually immigrated to Mexico and the Philippines to ply their trade in addition to the usual male dregs of white countries who always move to a country of a lesser standard.
      European women were in North America so early (Because the climate between Canada and Mexico is easier to live in and there was more industry) that vast rapes of Natives was not common.

      1. Spanish of course mixed with Natives and later on Spanish prostitutes actually immigrated to Mexico and the Philippines to ply their trade in addition to the usual male dregs of white countries who always move to a country of a lesser standard.

        Hey, quit making fun of retired white men in the Phillippines, lol

        1. They are smart. Whose complaining about NAMS on section 8 pushing them around at the bus stop. The retiree in Virginia or the retiree in Manila with a young wife?
          I lived in the Philippines in my 30’s.

    3. Are you going to spew more feminist garbage and noble savage trash that died a gruesome death thanks to men like Laurence H. Keeley?

  8. JASON Y I am one, or was, until I shifted to Thailand. During part of my three years in the Philippines I worked.
    I’ve been living in Asia or overseas all of my adult life and never missed North America for a single day.
    I do not have to complain about NAMS because they lack the initiative or money to ever leave their ghettos.

    1. No offense Trash, but why would the person going to Thailand etc.. now, be different than the guy in the 16th century going Mexico or Colombia? It was you who said dregs were going to poor countries.

      1. A great many whites with no local prospects, no kids, a basic university education, no debt and no reason to stay now take off…for years.
        NAMS never do this, except in the military for a tiny brief period under officer supervision.
        They always stay in “da hood” or “mi barrio ese”.

  9. In the old days Britain and Spain and Portugal encouraged or just plain swept up their criminals, beggars, prostitutes, orphans, derelicts and threw them on to boats (As did the French with Quebec).
    Most of the bottom-feeders today who in the past would have immigrated are “townies” who can never leave their city limits.
    NAMS for example, cannot possibly “invade” the areas of rural white America no matter how many riots or highways they block. They are too high, too lazy, too poor, too busy with illegitimate children.
    They got a free ticket and could roam around some colony as wastrels.
    Foreigners who want to live overseas today leave voluntarily. They cannot be the absolute dregs because they have to be sober enough to get to an airport and on a plane.
    We are usually very young or older adults when we leave. People do not move to Thailand or Philippines or Asia who are married and 35 years old.
    We are USUALLY male, but there are a few women.

    1. I wouldn’t want to live in the Phillippines. I don’t want people serving me all the time, and also people are constantly begging you for money. Definitely, there is a dark side to being rich. Being rich isn’t so great, there is a great peace of mind and freedom in being middle class or poor.

      1. Saipan might be a good option for some. You got the whole Pacific island culture and people, but the income there is higher, so people don’t bother you as much and everyone is trying to serve you as much. Besides a few Chinese sweatshops, there are no vile displays of poverty shoved in your face making you cry etc….

        1. Which liberal is going to throw over the job and the house and the car in Manhattan to drive a taxi in Saipan?
          Rural whites generally spend their early lives doing hard drugs, having children, wracking up drunk-driving charges or assault charges, running up debt…By age 30 they cannot leave their state or region much less immigrate to Paris to own a Bistro.

  10. TRASH should join a Guisano think tank and write about the revolutionaries. Just change ‘Scots Irish Appalachian’ to “Mulatto Marxists” and he’d have an audience within days 😆

    1. BARACK Guisano??? I must confess my ignorance (No think tank prospect here).
      I’m not from the South and was raised in a German-Polish community in the Northern Midwest.
      You’ve lost me, bro…

      1. I know you’re not Guisano, I was just saying you could write satirical stuff about the 1959 Cuban revolutionaries (much like your mockery of Appalachian Whites) and appease many Cuban exile types.
        I just thought about this in honor of Fidel’s death.

        1. BARACK Cuban revolutionaries tended to be the children of Spanish soldiers like Fidel’s father who were already middle-class whites in the Hispanic power structure (Che was another).
          Latin pale white elite flee other Latin white elite who made the regime-change and eventually they are followed by Indians or blacks.
          Poor Caribbean blacks trying to make ends meet are rarely revolutionaries.
          Ditto for Jihad John types whose Daddy was oil engineer who immigrated to London, not a poor goat-herder.

        2. Castro father was a Spanish soldier who showed up when it was still a colony at the ass-end of the Spanish colonial era.
          Pale Hispanic elites are the ones who implement regime changes and not poor Mulatto or mestizos.
          They go to university or into the military and have money to get radicalized in Paris.
          Mulatto were never down with the severity of Cuban Marxism: the women like shaking their butts too much to march in Communist meeting in stiff uniforms, the males love their reefers and their rum and having side kids.
          For a Communist country to work on a lousy Central planned economy everybody has to follow strict rules: no out-of-wedlock kids from random lust, no drugs, no drunkenness, no street crime, no fraud, no laziness.
          This is a hard go for anyone who is not fully idealistic.

  11. BARACK Mulatto Marxists and most rural whites lack the initiative to leave somewhere they are always complaining about.
    i’m not a revolutionary. Just a guy who saw the writing on the wall VERY young in life and moved.
    In the 90’s, when young people still had some money, I was able to do so. Never regretted it and never looked back.
    But liberal or Republican most rural poor whites will have kids in their 20’s, quit school young and be stranded in the city limits of the town or city they were born.
    I SUSPECT a great many democrats, liberals and hipsters WILL LEAVE the U.S. in the next 4 years.

    1. They might leave, but a lot of them are too pussy to make the attempt. In other words, OK, put your money where your mouth is. But they definitely viscously hate Trump, to the level liberals hated Hitler.

      1. Plus don’t make some wimpy leave for Canada. Go to a tough place which says, “I really FUCKING don’t like Trump.”. Go to some third world area or something or at least outside the Anglo-sphere.

        1. Canadians SCORN American dissidents who move there fleeing U.S. problems. You are called a coward, a turncoat, a job-thief, a loser.
          You’re better off in New Zealand or Australia where nobody gives two shits or is aware of U.S. problems.
          Because of the Civil War, Vietnam and various other problems Canada makes it tougher for Americans to immigrate than any other country in the world.
          Not to mention the fact their economy is weak.
          I’m from a border state. I know this.

      2. 25 year old Hipster moving to Australia or Europe or Vancouver? Not that difficult. No kids, higher education, good health, no credit card debt.
        25 year old COCKSERVATIVE TRUMPER? Two kids, bad credit, high school education, zero money, never left their city limits, divorced blue-collar parents, early drug addiction to some hard street drug.
        Liberals vacate Manhattan and Hollywood…Bankers, doctors, professors, think tankers, screenwriters, celebrities…
        How would this improve the U.S. for everybody to be as backward as an unemployed rural white?

      3. In Canada you’ll meet a few old draft dodgers driving taxis. Liberal lives in British Commonwealth countries will be crap (Unless they are bankers with loads of money) because you be a Mexican doing jobs that Australians or Canadians or New Zealanders don’t want to do.
        No Sydney filmmaker is going to quit his job so a liberal film producer from UCLA can have it. No Toronto bankers will resign to make way for a liberal Manhattanhite.
        Liberals and intellectuals with no families and nothing to lose and no kids will leave.

    2. TRASH
      seems to understand NAM psychology somewhat decently.
      He did predict NAMs would relate to a Big, brash Donald Trump type more than they would the other Republicans of the past.
      Trump did 8 points better among both Blacks and Hispanics.

      1. Wages/Wage supply is depressed by them, of course, but the point is that it has opened up those jobs to them, which makes it better than before. A “Quality of life” thing, as well.

      2. NAMS admired John Holmes, too. It is the “strongman” with the biggest dick.
        Fifth-generation Hispanics who’ve been in America longer than any Northern Yankee Pole or Irish-American whose family immigrated during Boardwalk Empire days will not give two shits in their vast Southwestern barrios that some guy 2,000 miles away wants to deport or integrate them. Their ancestors were not from Scotland like Trump’s and they fought the British for Florida and do not care about Northwest European values (Nor do Italian-Americans in their barrios).
        Nor do legal Hispanics any more than Greeks or Italians or other legal Latins give two shits if Indians are deported back to Guatemala.
        NAMS lack the initiative to do anything about anything anyhow.
        They do not want to do back-breaking labor for a pittance anyhow, so they will not moan about job creationism or tariffs or any of Trump’s other broken promises
        They will continue to have their ghetto/barrio grey-area economies of drugs and fences and 30 dollar BJ sex workers.
        They will continue to possess higher Estorgen/Testosterone rates which provoke random lusts that make children out-of-wedlock and will complain if Trump slashes AID to dependent children.
        Police state dictatorship tactics will worsen because they will continue to be petty criminals who live day to day stealing cars, taking drugs and using prostitutes.
        Otherwise, nothing will change because they lack the gas money to go anywhere and will just get high and go to sleep in their squalid apartments or Section 8 housing every night.
        As for Jews, they will complain about the police state and inequality but will continue working hard enough to hold a job and saving money frugally.

  12. If Hillary Clinton had been elected we might indeed have had a revolution. But Liberals who hate Trump are often gay, educated, women, better-off NAMS (Because poor ones are too ignorant to grasp politics at all), the wealthy elite.
    These folks do not own guns and are not going to be revolutionary urban guerrillas. They might stand in the middle of a highway in Gandhi acts of passive protest but organized paramilitary violence is rare.
    Liberals are generally non-violent. They have too much too lose (Like a job, a nice car, a house). They like getting high and use drugs that are sedating (Grass, sedatives).

  13. JASON Y Contributing Factors
    Conservatives cannot go anywhere. They have too many kids, not enough job qualifications, never did the college-backpack thing (Raising a family or working by then), are unemployed or marginally employed, were addicted to hard drugs in their youth (As oppose to the grass or shrooms liberals used) which wiped out their savings up to age 30, are openly Christians.
    Liberals who work in banks or just want to pick fruit in Australia can do so.
    Many will.

    1. Picking fruit in Australia? I didn’t know that. I thought they only wanted useful occupations to come in.
      Well. 😆 who would know better about picking fruit than fruit themselves . ha ha har har. Just my little liberal elitist joke.

      1. Yeah, we need some fucking art students and other social misfits out picking that fruit. Can they do better than Mexicans? 😆 They better put some social activist spirit in there, cause these fruitcakes don’t seem to have a lot of macho attributes.

        1. JASON Y True, you have to have a niche degree to actually get citizenship in a developed country actually worth living in like Australia. Otherwise you will do some drudge job for a few years and then wash out.
          Once this happens, KA-BLAM you are back where you started.

  14. JASON Y
    If Manhattan or Hollywood were ABANDONED by every liberal banker, screenwriter, doctor, professor, architect and other white collar professional…where would that leave COCKSERVATIVES.
    And if they took their money with them and sold their property.
    A bunch of Trump-voters who spent their youth doing hard drugs until 30, have no savings or higher education, plenty of kids, never traveled in their life, no white-collar parents.
    You’d have a Second-world country like Russia.

    1. TRASH
      well the first question would be how to fill the vacuum left in the relatively higher IQ professions.
      58% of those with a graduate degree voted for Hellery according to wikipedia.
      There’d be a pretty massive shortage in those areas, eventually filled by sub-par replacements, unless of course the % going to College or getting healthcare decreases (it very well may).

      1. High-end liberals ALREADY have the house in South France or can live in Paris.
        Drive a taxi in Canada or pick fruit in Australia? Gee, a great many Jewish bank loan officers and Irish-Catholic gay lib arts professors at UCLA will leap to do that.
        Australian bankers and Canadian screenwriters and New Zealand engineers will gladly quit their jobs to make way for this liberal exodus.
        Liberals can moan and complain but few will actually complain because San Francisco and Manhattan are too expensive for rural whites to live anyhow.

        1. If they really believe in what they say, they won’t wimp out. They will sacrifice all for their beliefs. That’s the ideal at least.
          Already on Facebook, I saw some artsy NYC resident who made a public post saying he’s jumping ship for Holland.

        2. But then again, that artsy type is probably rich and isn’t going to be in the situation of scrubbing toilet to survive in Australia etc.. despite having advanced education.

      2. BARACK What vacuum? Gay liberal Jewish bankers and Irish Catholic hipster sound recording artists in Manhattan or San Francisco want to drive taxis in Canada or sheer sheep down under for minimum Australian wage?

  15. Ben Shapiro is a mainstream right guy who’s taken to criticizing the mainstream left on matters of ‘Islamic Culture’, with cartoons of a feminist having different reactions to identical statements made by a Pale Christian and then a swarthy Muslim.
    He’s of course correct, but I’d like to see him point out how the Alt-Right is very group minded and not prone to introspection, has low impulse control, is simply backwards with regards to gays, women, etc. and how THEY would do better in some third world cultures.
    He hates the Alt-Right since they harassed him and his family quite brutally. I might try consistently writing comments about him doing this on his facebook page and maybe enough his disp. Jewish followers will make it “trend”.
    They’d be happy to link their two enemies; Alt-Rightists and Muslims.

    1. Rednecks probably despise a hyper-intelligent Hebrew with an IQ of one zillion, the mainstream media outlets to speak every opinion he has and a load of money.
      Politics come secondly.
      A 32 year old neophyte with no experience but college degrees in poly-sci is hardly a paragon of opinion.

  16. Ben Shapiro followers will simply continue showing up for their 5 figure jobs, rolling a joint and having a glass of wine at night, blogging and then going to sleep.
    They are insulate enough from the sheer ravages of raw de-regulated capitalism that life is bearable in Boston or San Francisco.
    Their assumption is that Trump will come and go without doing half of anything that he says he will.
    Build a wall…Maybe if Trump finds enough illegal labor.
    Tariffs…then people will buy less and a consumer economy will tank.
    I could go on and on about the things Trump will never do.
    After Iraq and Afghanistan where even the oil never got into Bush’s hands it is unlikely that Trump will rally up enough support to invade Syria.
    Ban Muslim big spenders from Abu Dhabi who want to build a shopping mall and their 4 wives who want new silicone tits? Gee, that will really improve the economy.

    Americans who could do better in the lower-middle-classes of Sweden, Australia, Canada cannot afford to leave at all.
    They have three kids, a lousy job, too much credit, a drug problem etc.
    If they DO LEAVE, they often overstay their visas in other countries.

    1. One problem I noted for some of them might be a division or not really strong beliefs. Like the wife could be a feminazi and the husband more of a South Park libertarian though more left leaning. In order to have emigration, you must have people who REALLY believe in the cause, not wishy-washy types.

      1. JASON Y You have to have countries that are aching for emigrants.
        How many poor Scots are immigrating to the South now? In the North of the U.S. there was a small, steady stream of Eastern and Southern Europeans into our cities into the 70’s but now those days are gone.
        You can clean toilets in Australia but what good will that do you after 3 years when they finally revoke you visa?
        It’s thank you and goodbye.

      2. If America lost every educated liberal hippie it would be a backwater of overpopulation, tribal/racial savagery, back-breaking labor for pittance wages, police state mind control and huge imprisonment.
        Nor would this particularly alter the NAM ghettos or barrios. Full-fledged urban guerrilla warfare would simply break out and whites would consider these “no-go” zones as they do now.

        1. The redneck right is totally without empathy. That’s my major gripe with them. You see it all over Facebook posts by these libertarian blowhards. For instance, one meme I saw came from a site called “Fuck Sensitivity” 😆

        2. The lack of empathy can primarily though be blamed on globalism as now the redneck sees every foreigner as a job rival and views African-Americans and possibly also the disabled as groups who get special attention, money, and favors in a liberal society and government, and to top it off, the lower class blacks are committing massive crime and filling up prisons, and also give justification for gun control which rednecks hate.

    RULE No. 1
    You cannot spend your entire youth using hard street drugs. If you are a junkie or drunk, as many poor whites are when they are young, you ain’t going nowhere.
    RULE No. 2
    If you have NO EDUCATION and cannot find other countries on the map, you ain’t going anywhere either. This cancels out NAMS, stoners, petty teen criminals who were playing truant during geography or world history.
    RULE No. 3
    No kids. If you have kids at 21 they will be in kindergarten in your prime traveling years so you will not go anywhere but the Section 8 Office.
    NAMS, poor rural whites and the like are cancelled out.
    RULE No. 4
    If you are trying to leave after 30 its impossible.
    People that would be BETTER OFF in the underclass living Down Under or in Quebec are the LEAST LIKELY to leave.
    Oh and by the way….America is the only country that employs illegal immigrants seeking a better life.

    1. TRASH so basically in your book no one would ever actually leave?
      I mean not that intelligista going to “pick fruit in Australia” nor the peasants?
      Anyhow what if the alt reich liquidates the intelligista?
      Then the scenario where the jobs are short, and we see either subpar replacements or a decrease of use of things (higher education, healthcare)…..

      1. BARACK I deal in reality and not hypothesis so I cannot frame an answer. Nor am I a genius.
        Intelligentsia live on the FAR GEOGRAPHIC EXTREMES of the North American map from Vancouver down to Hollywood or Manhattan down to Beltway.
        They’ve ALREADY abandoned much of America since the fifties when they started flocking to California or Manhattan depending on their trade or Vancouver, if Canadian.
        Nor do they swallow such bullshit as “Community” or “family values”. They do not have more than one child, have not been to a house of worship since childhood, are often gay or pan-sexual hedonist who certainly do not believe that Trump will bring industry back to Pittsburgh or Detroit.
        If they are poorer artists, they move to California where the whether is warm and the dope semi-legal. If finance is their trip, they move to New York so they can be closer to the hot-spots in Monaco or Paris.
        Intelligentsia IS ALREADY LIQUIDATED from many states between East and West Coast…those people take off after high school from their town, leave the state as soon as they graduate from university and you will not see many in Kansas even if they were born there.

      2. BARACK Those Who Leave
        I am middle-class and left Greater Detroit when I was in my early twenties in the late 90’s. I had no children, a fairly unimpressive college degree, no debt, no criminal record or probation to worry about, no significant relationship.
        Those who leave the U.S. permanently will be such young adults at the time that they start and adult life somewhere else anyhow.
        Over 30, forget it.

        1. The best bet for a college grad to leave is to teach in South Korea or Japan, but I bet those nations are going to be flooded since Trump came in. Every hipster out there will want to use the “English in Asia” ticket to get out.

        2. And it’s ironic because so many Northeast Asians are racist pricks whom probably even exceed Trump at his worst.

      3. Peasants, from whom whites derive their European ancestry in North American Flyover states, are essentially landlocked as a result of 3-D’s (Drunk, divorced, debtors) as well as lack of money or education.
        They cannot afford to leave the country or even obtain a passport.
        None will. If they went anywhere, it would be the nearest Latin America.

        1. I think with a lot of them, it’s more about being really closed-minded. Myself, I got out cause I was willing to teach English in Asia. Others get out via the military.

  19. Why wouldn’t they be close-minded. They’ve never left the state they were born in.
    They might have some anecdotal impression of Indians or Asians but they have never traveled anywhere.

  20. Reblogged this on RealHistoryIndia and commented:
    Have to agree with Robert. Whites have a less-rapey culture.
    Two reasons for that:
    The reason seem to be “openness toward sexuality” in western cultures:
    People don’t want to do something they get to do a lot.
    In western societies, men & women lose virginity well before 20s. Regular sexual acts are promoted & encouraged, which is the correct way of nature.
    The society that forbids sex is just backward & least productive. Most religious societies (ex. India & Bangladesh, as Robert mentioned). Sexual repression is the feature of 3rdworld shitholes.
    White & Caucasian men don’t often find women of other races attractive at all!
    Now that its scientifically proven that Caucasian face is the most attractive of all, there’s no denying it. The non-Caucasian ugly races can’t help it when they see beautiful white & Caucasian race women. If you ntoice the stats, (USA, for example), negro-males rape white women almost 90 times more than the otherwise. Its rare to find a whiteman (in his sane mind) raping an Asian or Tamil or Bangladeshi or African woman, for example.

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