In Praise of Sexual Harassment – Disrespect a Woman Today!

According to feminuts, sexual harassment means a man asked a woman out for a date, a man checked out a woman, a man leered at a woman, a man made a sexual remark to a woman, a man flirted with a woman, a man asked a woman for her phone number, or a man touched a woman’s body. Obviously all of these are forms or horrific sexual harassment. We can’t have any of that, now can we? I am serious. Feminists actually say that all of these things are sexual harassment. In other words, whenever a man is trying to get laid or get to know a woman for romance/sex, it’s apparently sexual harassment.
According to feminuts, treating women “with respect” apparently means never being sexual with them, never touching them, never looking at them sexually, never leering at them, never flirting with them, never asking them out, never asking them for their number and generally never trying to have sex with them. The best way to respect a woman is to never try to fuck her! Wow! Well in that case, I must say that women are deserving of absolutely no respect whatsoever. Disrespect a woman today! She might even like it. Wink wink.

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0 thoughts on “In Praise of Sexual Harassment – Disrespect a Woman Today!”

  1. What a great post! I think that women could prevent “sexual harassment” by starting conversations with males first, instead of refusing to start conversations with males and waiting for a male they approve of to start a conversation with them. They could choose which males to start conversations with and some males would probably get left out, but I think this is better than complaining about alleged “sexual harassment”. BTW, I’ve just started up a new blog. Please visit it on

  2. In certain places it wouldn’t be cool to grab a lady’s ass, but in the same place, the man shouldn’t be beheaded for asking for a number or email. It think Robert is putting things together that shouldn’t be together. Touching a woman, and asking for her number are way different things.

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