Alt Left: In Praise of Rape Culture

I got this from some idiot comment from someone who had previously been banned, no doubt for good reason, as most Culture Left types get their lunatic asses banned from this site right quick, thank God.

I never really knew what rape culture was. Of course, there are some pretty rapey cultures in the world, but they usually tend to be non-European White ones.

Now I don’t rape, unless you want to use the feminist daffyntion of rape, in which case of course I have been raping since I have been sexually active, and I must say that the fake rape the feminists love to go on about sure is fun.

Anyway, leaving aside the feminut definition of rape which is really non-rape, I don’t rape. I drug rape and booze rape, but I don’t even date rape, which is something that millions of men in the US do every year. In the rest of the world, men are even worse.
Date rape is almost normal among men. But that doesn’t mean it’s not crappy. I have commenters who date rape. They admitted it in the comments. Bill Clinton date raped women. So did Trump. I don’t think that makes them bad. It just makes them typical men, but I think I am better than that.  I just will not force myself on a woman. Forget it.

I also seduce.

But don’t force yourself on women, date rape or otherwise. Don’t threaten them. Don’t menace them. Don’t use false imprisonment. That means locking them in places where they can’t escape and attacking them. That’s just about kidnapping. No matter where you have her, she’s always “free to leave” as the cops say.

So from my vantage point, I would say that we White men have one of the least rapey cultures on Earth. Are there problems? Sure. But we are probably less rapey now than at any previous time in our history. Since this is obvious fact, I was always mystified by how the US was somehow a rape culture.

I never even knew what rape culture was. And now I have learned in the definition below. It turns out that rape culture is simply normal human culture. If you have a normal, regular, sane, society that’s not weird or insane, apparently it’s a rape culture. In that case, I would say that rape cultures are pretty cool, assuming they are low-rape like European White Northeast Asian cultures. According to feminuts, a culture is rapey apparently to the degree that it is normal.

This non-rape culture that the feminuts postulate here is a culture that is so freakish and bizarre that it may not even be possible, as it goes against nature. And if it did exist, it would be some Weirdo Freakazoid Culture that I would not want to be a part of.

So you see there is no solution to their rape culture bullshit nor should there be. Rape culture is good culture.

Rape will always be here. It will never go away outside of some weird sci-fi society. Yes, there will always be an expectation that a woman may get raped, but that’s just normal. That’s how it is in most normal societies. Men objectifying women is rape culture, but cultures where men objectify women are called normal cultures.

Yes, men “sexually harass” women, but sexual harassment is usually a good thing.

Rape culture is also culture where men act masculine, and women act feminine, and each is expected to act that way. That sounds like normal culture. Once again, rape culture is just normal. If you live in a rape culture, thank your lucky stars!

Stupid link about rape culture.

Rape culture is more than a society in which the physical act of rape is evident. Rape culture is a culture in which it is a societal norm for women to be objectified, for the fear of rape to be ever present, and where it is accepted that it is not possible to conceive of a society in which rape does not exist. For a more thorough descriptive list of what a rape culture entails, this blog serves as a good guide.

The expectation and acceptance of objectification, harassment, and thus also the potential for rape is highlighted by a study in which a high percentage of women working in male-dominated professions reported experiencing sexual harassment. However, rather than blame the perpetrators, the victims questioned their own sensitivity and attributed the behavior to just ‘men being men’ (Fine 73-75).

Binary expectations of gender thus contribute to a culture of victim blaming, where it is not the responsibility of men to behave with respect but of women to overcome a perceived weakness in how they respond. For women working in a male dominated workplace failure to accept such a culture could mean losing their own position, thus the choice is either to be a perpetually harassed victim, or an unemployed victim.

The everyday acceptance of such a culture would suggest that ‘the rapist’ is not an exotic and unusual individual, but someone whose behavior mirrors the expectation of male domination within society. Indeed empirical research has failed to find the “typical” rapist, instead evidence suggests that an environment in which men are expected to prove their manliness, that is to prove their dominance over women, results in a society in which rape is more prevalent.

In our society, men demonstrate their competence as people by being “masculine” (p.49).

The social requirement for males to perform masculine qualities is thus indicative of a socially constructed gender binary. Where human attributes are divided in two, where men suppress the “feminine” and women suppress the “masculine”, rape becomes “the logical outcome” (Herman 52). Therefore in order for rape culture to be overcome, it is necessary for our society to be transformed into one where both sexes are equally able to access the multifaceted and contradictory human qualities that have thus far been halved.

Much sociobiological research into rape has however concluded that rape is a biological rather than social behavior. Yet this research has been criticized for basing its conclusions upon extrapolations made from studies upon animals. A study carried out by Thornhill et al concluded that rape had an evolutionary function, serving as a way in which men could reproduce should attempts of “co-operative bonding” or “manipulative courtship” fail.

While the study recognized that there are more proximate causes of rape, e.g. the desire to dominate etc, the evolutionary instinct for reproduction is claimed to be the ultimate cause. As a consequence, the conclusion, such as it is, is shown to be utterly facile when met with any degree of contrary evidence, stubbornly repeating “evolution did it”, as examples of other causes, unrelated to reproduction, continue to present themselves (Fausto-Sterling 193).

By accepting a biological cause of rape, these studies accept rape as an unchangeable part of our society and has potentially dangerous consequences when considering how rape should be dealt with both in terms of the potential punishment of the rapist and in regard to rape-prevention – the onus is upon potential victims to avoid rape rather than upon the perpetrators to not commit it. The responsibility thus falls upon the victim, and examples of this will not be unfamiliar.

Women are told how to avoid rape by changing their own behavior, whether that means not going out alone or not drinking as much; they are told to avoid strangers, and to avoid strange places; they are told to leave extra lights on when home alone, to drive with the doors and windows locked.

To avoid being raped a woman must live as if every man she meets is a potential rapist. The message is such that the behavior of the rapist is effectively ignored. This culture of victim blaming is evident in the 2008-9 anti-rape campaign by South Wales Police, a campaign which included a poster aimed at women that stated “Don’t be a Victim”.

Not only does this poster, and indeed all of the advice described, place responsibility of rape onto the victim, it also ignores the crucial statistics that show clearly that the vast majority of rape is perpetrated by men known to the victim (often partners or husbands) and thus the “advice” is both irrelevant and in fact actively harmful, as it creates belief that rape could be avoided if only women were more careful.

The theory of a biological cause of rape is a convenient conclusion for those who do not wish to see social change. It is a theory that allows men to continue their domination over women and for patriarchal norms to remain unchallenged, as rape is considered an innate evolutionary behavior. The evidence however is weak, and the counterargument, that the socialization of gender roles create norms of masculine dominance that are learned, is far more convincing.

Thus rape culture can be challenged, but it must be done on the systemic level; if we truly want to see the end of rape, patriarchy cannot be allowed to survive. Rape culture thrives in our society because of the entrenchment of binary gender roles.

And it creates a paradoxical situation where men who are kind, considerate, and loving can state with the best of intentions that men should protect the women in their lives, an intention derived from the gender norms that allow men to be a threat. In the words of Mary Edwards Walker:

You are not our protectors… If you were who would there be to protect us from?”

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: In Praise of Rape Culture”

  1. It just makes them typical men, but I think I am better than that.  I just will not force myself on a woman. Forget it.
    That’s my boy, Robert, right there. Proud of you brother. I’d have you accompany me to a strip club some evening with all the pole dancers and shit, it’s on me.

  2. All of this “rape culture” noise is produced by women who must get a man fucked-up to get any dick or those whom they have fooled.

  3. ROBERT Another man who was no stranger to the weed or the grape in his youth must have been plied at least once by an unattractive female to get loaded and mount her.
    Women will also get sex from men when they are drunk if these women are less attractive or young.
    Please don’t pretend a woman has never gotten you loaded and taken advantage of you and then afterwards you thought….my lord, what have I done?
    Guys do not cry “rape”. They go home, shower and pretend they never got drunk and were taken advantage of.

  4. Logical fallancy. “Normal” does not equal good or acceptable. I’m not just talking rape, I mean anything. Slavery was also once normal too. Just sayin.

  5. I am in praise of rape culture.
    Rape is excellent in war to defeat your enemy. Its been used as a weapon of war since the beginning of time. Its a wonderful skill to have if you’re unemployed and have no skills to fall back on because you may land yourself in a relationship after you have raped someone because they are confused about what happened. They might be rich or they may have their own house that you can live in which can help you back on your feet. You might choose to stay in the relationship with your victim because they benefit you with free meal, wash your clothes, share their family and friends when you previously were alone.
    Children born from rape might boost the economy & create jobs etc . Having a rape child (child conceived from rape)/ in the family may also improve the lives of family members because there is now someone different looking in the family which can make it easier for people in the family to open up too.
    Children convieved from rape will say that the best thing that ever happened was probably that their mother got raped otherwise they wouldn’t even be here!
    Rape rox

  6. This is what I write all the democrats so concerned about Trump being a rape-cultists and whatnot:
    If every man required verbal permission to make sexual advancements no straight people would ever have sex. If you want more strict consent laws maybe ya’ll should advocate for traditional marriage, which was a license to have sex and children, an explicit public contract. This could actually have an impact together with discouragement of promiscuity etc, rather than uselessly trying to figure out and speculate about what people do privately.

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