Getting Rid of Gender Won't Stop Rape and Violence against Women

Feminists say the way to end rape culture is to get rid of gender. This means that men would act like faggots at least half the time, and women would act like dykes at least half the time. Do that, and wa-la! Rape culture vanishes with the wave of a wand.
Problem is that won’t get rid of rape, sexual harassment and violence against women at all. It would probably make all of these things even worse.
Furthermore, I am quite that in this fagged-out, dyked-out, genderless wormboy plus momma wears army boots society, there would still be lots of rape. This is a society where the men act like faggots half the time while the women act like dykes half the time. According to feminists, a culture like that is normal.
Problem is that it would still be rapey as Hell. Fagged out men are even rapier than than straight men. The date rape rate in gay male culture is so high that it would knock you out of your chair. There are endless reports from gay male culture about how date rape and sexual harassment (even quid pro quo) and sexual blackmail are all epidemic in the gay male community. So is domestic violence. Gay men beat their partners at twice the rate that straight men do. So fagging men out doesn’t work. Even when they are gayed to Hell, they still rape and harass like crazy and are shockingly violent…probably because…they are men?
Even worse, gay male society lack female gatekeepers. Probably the only reason that date rape, sexual harassment and sexual blackmail is lower among straight males than among gays is because females play a gatekeeper role in straight society blocking and blowing the whistle on men who try this sleazy stuff. So straight men are constrained by the roadblocks of women, which is probably a good thing because otherwise we would probably be as debased and nihilistic as gay men.
Likewise with violence. Gay men beat each other up so much because men are violent. Couples with two men are going to be way more violent than couples with one man.
Now dyking out women is no solution to rape culture either. In fact, the dykier women are, the more they beat each other up. Yep, domestic violence rates for lesbians are extremely high, twice as high as for straight men. Dykes are always beating the crap out of each other. Why? Because dykes act like…men? And women who act like…men…might tend to be a lot more violent than feminine women because men are violent, and if you act like a man, you are going to act more violent?

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0 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Gender Won't Stop Rape and Violence against Women”

  1. Dykes are pretty violent and dominant with just about everyone. They are like a giant 6 year old boy with a vagina and a grown potty-mouth. Foul-looking, unkempt, loud, aggressive, tactless, violent, bereft of social graces.
    Everybody loves a cultured gay man who works as an interior decorator and is harmless and well-groomed.
    Nobody likes a Dyke with a bitter lipstick lesbian female girlfriend who hates men because she was raped.
    Gay males can earn a living and pretty much do as well or better economically than straight men-sex is free and no kids to pay for.

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