The Foreign Policy of the United States of America

I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.
I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested.
Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.” Gen. Smedley Butler

This man was a general in the US military. And this is what he spent most of his time doing as a general in the US military – rampaging around Latin America overthrowing governments, raping countries, stealing resources and slaughtering people, all so US corporations could rule over their lands as de facto colonies of the United States. None of these countries were even given the opportunity to pursue an independent course of development. None of these actions were ever done in solidarity, instead they were all done in the name of neocolonial imperialism as part of the creation of the American Empire in Latin America, a project which is ongoing as I write this. That is correct, Latin America is still a colony of the United States. A few places tried to liberate themselves from US colonialism and achieve independence, and look what happened to them: Haiti, Grenada, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, and Brazil. Earlier cases involved Guatemala, the Dominican Republican, Guyana, and Chile. Brazil and Argentina just got taken down and the Venezuela is finally in the process of being taken down after over 15 years of unrelenting US warfare.
As you can see, raw, naked US imperialism of the most vicious and brutal kind has always been the way of the United States, dating back all the way to 1900. So we were nice guys before that? Nope. We sucked in the 1800’s too. The US spent most of the 1800’s slaughtering American Indians, stealing their land and stabbing them in the back with fake treaties. That was when we were not invading Mexico and stealing and annexing Mexican land.
Although we didn’t do much in Latin America in the 1800’s, that was only because there was not much to do down there. The US did not have much of a foreign policy period, and US corporations did not tend to operate overseas. Further all of Latin America was in the hands of the vicious and voracious Latin American ruling classes which kept their nations in the most abject poverty and pitiful underdevelopment while the rich stole every nickel the economies ever created, leaving everyone else in rags holding the bag. Rule by the vicious 1% has always been a-ok with the US; in fact, this is how we prefer it. Any nation that overthrows rule by the rich to put in democratic rule by the people is usually taken out sooner or later by the United States, often using the very military that Butler lamented being a part of.
I would like to point out one very sorry thing. First of all, not one single thing has changed about US foreign policy since Smedley wrote those famous words. This is still exactly what US foreign policy in Latin America and to a lesser extent other places is composed of. And in between the time Butler is describing until our present day, what he describes has been US foreign policy the entire time. We’ve never had a decent foreign policy for a day in this country. Even the most liberal regimes pursued vicious foreign policies. FDR’s foreign policy in Latin America was monstrous – “Somoza may be a sonofabitch, but he’s our sonofabitch.” Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive reformer at home and a monster overseas. “Walk softly and carry a big stick” was his vicious, violent, brutal policy of conquest and dictatorial rule in Latin America. In fact, most of the continent was actually officially colonized under Teddy’s rule. This has always been the way in US politics. That disgusting foreign policy described by Butler has been fully embraced by both parties from Day One. The Democrats were down with it just as much as the Republicans. This is what was known as “the bipartisan foreign policy consensus.” The Democrats were only progressive on domestic issues. They were just as reactionary as Republicans on foreign policy. The two parties have always only differed on domestic policy. This year is no different. In fact, this year Hitlery’s foreign policy is actually much more rightwing and imperialist than even the Republican Donald Trump’s! Trump isn’t really an anti-imperialist, but he’s the closest thing to one in US politics – a good, old-fashioned isolationist. The upshot is that his foreign policy actually ends up being a lot more progressive than “liberal” Democrat Killary’s. Unbelievable! The Democrats are more rightwing that the Republicans!
There doesn’t seem to be any way out of this imperial bullshit. This crap has been the America way for so long that I am not sure that we as a country understand any other way of looking at the world. It’s gotten to where this vicious imperial foreign policy is the only thing we understand. We literally do not know how to act any other way. And when you get both parties in on the program along with ~100% of the media, you have what amounts to 100% US political, corporate and media elite consensus on the outlines of a foreign policy along with a full spectrum dominance way of promoting it. Poll after poll for years shows that Americans almost always support whatever shenanigans US foreign policy is up to at the moment. So the elites do not have to worry about the masses marching in the streets over foreign policy. Americans are always in complete lockstep with foreign policy probably due to media brainwashing. Deep state media control is so complete that the entire media spectrum typically supports anything and everything the Deep State does and believes foreign policy-wise. There’s literally no dissent. The media is that controlled, 100% controlled. With wall to wall 24-7 broadcasting, net and news publishing it’s no surprised that on foreign policy, Americans appear about as brainwashed as a North Korean.

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    1. Actually you are allowed to take upon Jews. The only thing you cannot do while attacking Jews is academic prose to be consumed in universities, the reason being that free discourse and discussion used to be something prohibited in the Christian world as THE major sin, while Judaism encourages it to the utmost. There is no problem in America to start an antisemitic platform provided you do it within the framework of sect prohibiting free thought. But when you are into free discussion, you are into a field originally introduced in the Western World through Judaism, and which the Jews legitimately consider as theirs with the others being invited. One of the first countries to experience such a situation was Holland : both a space where free discussion was ensured, and where destructive criticism against Jewry was not allowed.

  1. Yes there is a way out of that mess : fascism, pure and simple. It could be introduced in a very neat way.
    First of all, all considerations of sociology and political science and humanities more generally speaking should now onwards give way to socio-biology only. Traditional humanities of any kind, even of the most degenerate post-modern kind, should be both dubbed un-scientific and made morally more taboo than astrology ever was at the heyday of Enlightenment thought. Edward O. Wilson’s sociobiology should be referred to as a global physiological paradigm. Racism should of course be reestablished on a grander scale than it ever enjoyed in Hitler’s Germany, but it should not attack one race specifically, it should rather first infect all subjects of discussion, so as for instance to ask for the haplotypes that were responsible for the advent of all varieties of neo-liberalism. When talked about Greece’s economic quandary, you should first put in genetic considerations, whether for instance the whites living there are the real ancient Greeks or rather substandard slave populations imported by the Greek elite of antiquity or Byzantine times from Babylonia or Syria or Scythia. Never attack one race in particular, so as never to be accused of hate crime, just explain every bit of everything in genetic terms (no matter you understand quite nothing about it) and when frustrating issues are risen let your discussion partner bear the brunt of falling into more and more racist remarks as no other tools of discussion are available. When they want to revert to humanistic arguments, always object your opponent is a communist striving for the interest of the 97% in the intention of destroying the money powers and in the longer run the healthier biological tissue of humanity as is always selected by and though money. Always speak of money as of a biological data, related to sexual energy, not as of an abstract entity resulting from a rational social contract. Before arguing on any topic, before trying to win any point, move the conversation into the arena of socio-biology, genetics, and also bio-energetic fluids for the most advanced speakers, never left any abstract humanistic idea with any sway of its own, force your discussion partner to explain it in biological terms under the pain of being a very guilty utopian, of the same kind that used to attack multinational capitalism in former times. Always put contemporary biologists in the discussion as are favoured by the Big Pharma. But never attack Blacks as a big race, just imply their inferiority as self-evident without mentioning the existence of the problem, as is normally done with sex outside pornographic contexts. When forced to discuss about Blacks, first move the discussion onto the topic of sexuality and sensual appetites and when a policy is devised let it repress sensual appetites wherever they manifest and not Blacks per se, even though it must be admitted it is mot often Blacks. Always anti-black racism as practised by others and allege the impossibility to act otherwise than they do given the fact they have the money.
    Never attack Jews as Jews. Always strive to maintain an equal triangular balance between the Zionist extreme-right ideal, the Islamist ideal, and the Aryan Nazi ideal, as conducive the three of them to the triumph of the same superior kind. Give Jews everything they want as Jews and nothing as human beings, and let them know they are the superhuman ones but deserve nothing more than pogroms and holocausts from the very day they betray their kith and kin for abstract humanitarian ideals. Do the same with other Whites. Let it also be known that Whites are white in as much as they have Jewish blood running in their veins, and that many non-Jewish Whites have more Jewish genes actually than other ones who still practice their religion but are not that pure racially even though their whiteness is nevertheless admirable compared to the peoples of Souther Europe. Explain to the initiates of just a degree higher that Aryans result from the rape of a non-Jewish woman by a Jewish man, and were bred originally to produce natural-born warriors and avengers to protect the Jews, the most beautiful of them having been the Spartans. Never attack Islam, make rather known radical Islam to be the one and only one Noachide religion intended for all future humans, of which radical Judaism is the apex, a Judaism so radical it cannot be found at such a high degree of fanaticism as is needed among contemporary Jews. Explain all the evils committed by the contemporary poor Muslims as resulting from the inferior races they stem from, not from their religion, but always attack small foreign races, of the kind that will never constitute great numbers among immigrants, never attack big races or groups such as Arabs. Let it be known nevertheless that pure Arabs proper are as white as Aryans and Jews.
    Never condemn miscegenation as such, just say it has to be directed to produce intermediate types between primitive ones that are of no use for any organized society, and ruling races proper, so as to people the various intermediate ranks of advanced society, just speak of the Indian caste system that always knew to which employment to put its miscegenated types.
    But always explain that in 1941 America fought on the wrong side of the war so as to save its arch enemy, France, and committed a huge blunder it took much time for nature to repair, by siding with the forces of humanism, anti-capitalism, cultural optimism and race denial, giving an exaggerated standard of living to all sorts of people who should have remained poor and ignorant. Make France into an eternal counter-example of what never to repeat again. Strive for a version of the English language more and more expurgated of terms of French origin as smacking of dirty humanistic concepts and energy.

  2. Hmm. I’m German-American and the few “war criminals” that ended up in small-town Minnesota did not seem incapable of enjoying the American Dream after the war.
    You never heard them complaining about minorities like uneducated rednecks either. They simply showed up after the war, bought houses, married white American women and quietly went about enjoying the rest of the lives.
    I find it funny that somebody in New York Flatbush kept talking about the War while some former wanted war criminal is doing quite well in Ohio or Minnesota going on with his life.
    To them the war was over and moved to Texas, Minnesota and so on to enjoy the American Dream.

    1. Of course, most American whites have always been, even before the Revolution, of German origin rather than of English origin, with the exception of those who peopled and built the Dixieland. America should have chosen the quite superior German as its official language, and the German Austrian culture as its mainstream one, for the reason it had been in Europe most open to multiculturalism and most fruitfully so before WWI.

  3. No offense Robert, but you just made another recent post about how you were praising the rape of women. So is the third world female and passive, ripe for rape?

    1. I am not praising the rape of women. I praise a lot of what the feminuts call rape because that’s just seduction. But I am against any sort of real rape, even date rape. And of course I am against stranger rape. I’m even against rape in marriages and relationships.
      Now where is it that I made a post where I praised rape? I praised “Rape Culture” because if you look at the feminuts’ definition of their bullshit Rape Culture, all rape culture is is NORMAL HUMAN CULTURE AS IT HAS BEEN PRACTICED SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME.
      So if you are against Rape Culture, you are against normal, everyday, typical, regular culture that most people just think is normal and not anything weird, sick or evil.
      I am against any and all real rape, and I’ve never done it in my life. And I had many chances. I am very much for Rape Culture though because that’s just the normal way humans are, and the feminuts’ Nonrape Culture sounds a lot worse and it’s probably not even possible as it goes against human nature.

      1. Well, most guys fantasize about rape. They want to screw everything that moves, but it’s all fantasy. They know the cops might get on to them, the boyfriend might beat them up, the girl might kill them or be more violent than assumed.

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