Shillary Clinton, the New Joe McCarthy

See here.
Greenwald laying into Killary.
That is interesting because Greenwald is part of the left wing of the Democratic Party, a major part of the Party’s base (think the Daily Kos site). I think he now supports Hillary, and I think he is very much opposed to Trump. But he’s had it up to her with her rightwing crap, the latest being a disgusting attempt to link Jill Stein, Donald Trump and Wikileaks to Russia. In other words, Trump is a Communist, Stein is a pinko and Wikileaks are fellow travelers.
Unbelievable! The Democrats are attacking a Republican candidate from the Right, calling him a Communist! Because whenever you attack Putin, you are attacking the USSR. And whenever you try to connect anyone to Putin, you are calling them a Communist.
Bizarrely, the Democrats seem to hate the dirty Commie Putin way more than Republicans do these days. Democratic pieces on Putin spend much of their time either calling him a Commie or implying that he is one. This is either sick or nuts or both or something different. It’s like the world got turned upside down.
The Democrats are now the rightwing Cold Warriors cheering from unbridled, brutal capitalism that lays waste to the workers, and the Republicans are going easy on the Commies (Putin) when they are not allying with them, all the while attacking Friedmanite trade pacts for their devastating effect on the working class. It’s almost as if the more socialist party is…the Republicans!
What the Hell man? Someone get me to a doctor. I just woke up, and somehow I was in an alternate universe where everything was backwards and upside down. How do I walk back through the looking glass again to the world where things are right-side up again, assuming such a place even exists?
Every day, the world seems a little bit more weird and nuts. What’s going on?

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0 thoughts on “Shillary Clinton, the New Joe McCarthy”

  1. Curiouser and curiouser said Alice.
    The differences boil down to the fact that Hillary will start WWIII on purpose whereas Donald will do it accidentally.
    Either way, there will be a handful of survivors, and we’ll have to start over from scratch, which might not be such a bad idea.

  2. I’ve said this before here. The relevant differences are not “right” and “left”. They both lie. “Conservatives” do not conserve. “Liberals” do not liberate.
    Sometimes to be conservative in the real sense, in the sense of actually conserving something, requires a socialist solution.

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