Race and Phenotype of the Early Aryans

Devrat writes:

So called Aryans were not white. The most elevated of all gods, Lord Krishna, is described as the black one in the Vedas, and in the Upanishads, he’s known as “Shyam,” meaning the dark one. Aryan is not even a race or group of people. The word Arya is more of an adjective than a noun. So called Dravidians – in the Ramayana the King of Lanka, that is Southern India, Dravida is addressed as Arya by his wife. Arya means noble, wise, Lord, a sign of respect like the Japanese use -san at the end of name while addressing a person. Get over it White people. Everything’s not White created.

30-40% of the Aryans had blond hair and blue or green eyes. We know this because this is what Indo European speakers in Russia looked like 5,500 years ago before they moved down into India 3,500 years ago. So 5,500 years ago, Aryans indeed often were blond and blue/green. The question is whether and how much they changed moving down from Southern Russia through Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan (where they formed a huge civilization), Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and Northern India.
Did they suddenly get much darker in the ensuing 2,000 years? I tend to doubt it. And actually the caste system they set up was very much race-based with the lightest folks at the top descending to the darkest Shudras and Dalits at the very bottom. It very nearly resembled other colorist systems such as the Jim Crow South, Apartheid South Africa, and Casta in New Spain. The Aryans were practically proto-Nazis and proto-crackers.

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56 thoughts on “Race and Phenotype of the Early Aryans”

  1. “We know this because this is what Indo European speakers in Russia looked like 5,500 years ago before they moved down into India 3,500 years ago.”
    Are your referring to the Yamna culture? As far as I understand, they are the likeliest candidate for the Proto IE people. From the wiki article:
    “The genetic basis of a number of physical features of the Yamnaya people were ascertained by the ancient DNA study conducted by Haak et al. (2015), Wilde et al.(2014), Mathieson et al. (2015) : they were genetically tall (phenotypic height is determined by both genetics and environmental factors), overwhelmingly dark-eyed (brown), dark-haired and had a skin colour that was moderately light, though somewhat darker than that of the average modern European.[12][6] Surprisingly, given their pastoral lifestyle, there was little evidence of lactase persistence.[13]”
    This is how I always picture the Aryans of the steppes, dark brown haire, mixture of brown, blue and green eyes and fair skin a share or two tanner than modern Europeans. There are modern tribal populations in parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan from various Indo-Iranian speaking groups showing phenotypes reminiscent of what ancient IE people probably looked like. Some of these people could probably pass unnoticed in Central or Eastern Europe if you dressed them up like the locals.

  2. Brahmin sometimes resemble this to present day when you look at the Bollywood actors.
    No wonder they did not want hairy, smelly, veddoid Dravidians marrying their sisters and set up a nice caste system to keep those folks out in the weeds.
    To lower-caste Indians I always stress how much superior Brahmin are for not beating their fists against their chests with “Hindia will be a Superpower” nationalism to cool, disinterested whites who do not want to drink from the same fountain as they do.

    1. Instead of not drinking from the same fountain as others they should strive not shitting in the same public spaces as others and be intent at last to use a latrine, a bucket or a toilet. It is not what goes into man that sullies him and makes him a dirty being but what comes out of him. All caste Indians are equally impure and just deserve to be ruled upon by such invaders as the British as they mistake the whole Universe for their own common big toilet bowl. A tiny few Indians, but a very very tiny few, always strive to recycle their own bodily dejections, drink their own urine or use it in homemade beauty products, and grown their fruit trees with their own manure.

  3. Here’s a quote from the cursed and evil Rig Veda.
    Rig-Veda Hymn 100, Verse 18:
    ” He, much invoked, hath slain Dasyus and Śimyus, after his wont, and laid them low with arrows.
    The mighty Thunderer with his fair-complexioned friends won the land, the sunlight, and the waters.”
    The Hindus venerate and worship as “gods” the barbaric Hindu Aryan chieftains who brought nothing but death and destruction to the Australoid population. If you want to know what the barbarian invaders look like, Indira Gandhi is a good representation of what they look like. That witch begat the hideous Hindu Aryan demon of a son, Rajiv Gandhi.
    Rajiv Gandhi is a another good example of what the evil Aryans would’ve looked like. And it was a Tamil who blew the Hindu to smithereens.

  4. Rajiv was assassinated by a Tamil. As for her being a “Kashmiri Pandit”, how does that contradict the fact that the Indo-Aryans most likely resembled her and her repulsive son?
    A Brahmin is what, exactly? The purest of the Indo-Aryans. So pure that to even intermarry with upper castes slightly lower on the hierarchy than Brahmin (like Kshatriya) would constitute impurity and defilement.
    Brahmins at their most extreme would consider any non-Brahmin (that includes fellow “pure-blooded” upper caste Indo-Aryans) to be “untouchable”. Brahminical Hinduism (Brahminism) is all about the Brahmins considering themselves to be beyond human. Almost as if they were superhuman or demi-gods.
    The Aryans at their most arrogant.
    Whether Indira was “Pandit” or not means nothing because there are no more pure-blooded Indo-Aryans. All have mixed with Australoid, and they would not even be considered Aryan by the real Indo-Aryans who lived thousands of years ago. All modern Indians are Untouchables. Imitating Aryan rituals, speaking Aryan languages, and calling yourself “Brahmin” does not change the fact that you are an Untouchable Australoid.

      1. A Tamil killed him because he got mixed up in a war in another country between the descendants of Dravidian Tamil and Singhalese people who probably trace their roots to Bengal.
        Indian soldiers should have never been there and it was a Tamil Sri Lankan who killed him, not an Indian national.

        1. Trash, you do not anything about tamilnadu or any part of India enough to hold a debate.All you know is hearsay facts, that has been regurgitated thousands of times. I suggest you do not poke your nose on things that you do not have any clue of. It makes you look like a retard. Tamilnadu/srilanka issue is not a playfield for you to mess into. You should have been in the receiving end to realize how much pain and devastation this pogrom by srilanka caused to Tamils.But then I suggest you do not talk about issues that you have no knowledge of. You are only fooling yourself

      2. Possibly but India should not have been in Sri Lanka in the first place and it was not an Indian female that blew herself up.

      3. A Tamil is a Tamil. Whether in Tamil Nadu or in Sri Lanka.
        The Tamils are loyal to the Tamil community. Not India. Not Sri Lanka. I’m not sure what your point was in calling the Tamil who killed Rajiv a Sri Lankan as opposed to “Indian National”.
        No true Tamil or Dravidian is an “Indian National”. Do you really believe the Dravidians swear homage to the culturally and racially alien New Delhi? We reject any form of identification with India other than as a hostile, alien, and unwelcome occupying power.

        1. Singhalese were in Sri Lanka first and are from Bengal or Orissa and sailed to Sri Lanka who-knows-when and who-knows-why 1,000 years ago.
          British can be blamed for importing Tamils against their will as workers on plantations-some have been there for 200 years-but from the perspective of the Singhalese they are the natives.
          Dividing India into a North and a South is something a Gora cannot even speculate about because of its vast political implications.
          Delhi is a Superpower-to-be and is not going to be prevented from this by a an independence in Tamil Nadu.

        2. Singhalese were in Sri Lanka before Tamils-they sailed from Bengal or Burma or maybe Orissa 1,000 years ago-so I agree that Tamils belong in Tamil Nadu.
          Do I think Delhi as a rising Superpower will allow South Indian independence? Not peaceably.
          Should Brahmin “go home” to Afghanistan or Iran? Sadly they won’t be going anywhere after 30 centuries.

        3. The Indus river resident, now hate Hindus. That is the best thing ever happen.
          Over the years, Hindus have lost lands, beaten and insulted by Muslims. They should repent their bad karma.

  5. The Sinhalese are an Aryanized people and don’t belong in our territory, period. I fully support the right of Tamils to defend themselves. And an independent Dravida Nadu will fight on the side of the Tamils. The Sinhala are no natives, they are just foreign occupiers like the rest of Aryans.
    I am not dividing India. Dravida Nadu was never a part of India in the first place.
    New Delhi is no superpower. Have you ever wondered how a small island (Great Britain) conquered a vast subcontinent almost 4000 miles away, and maintained a firm grip on it? It’s because “India” is VERY WEAK. The only thing propping it up is Western aid. It’s European arms, training, and weapons that prop up “India”. Look what the Chinese did to them in 62′.
    If New Delhi stands in the way of freedom and independence for any territory that it occupies, whether it’s Kashmir or Dravida Nadu or Assam, then it is nothing more than a neoimperialist hypocritical power. They have some nerve celebrating Independence day while using violence to suppress the desire for freedom among the Kashmiris, Sikhs, and Dravidians.

  6. India can barely maintain it’s grip on Kashmir. When the 4 nations of Dravida Nadu come together as one uniform Dravidian nation, united by blood, language, and culture, what can an artificial state like “India” do?
    We are not “South Indians”, we are Dravidians. As for the “North Indians”, our feelings of utter disgust for them far exceed a term like “revolted”. The Brahmins can live with their fellow Aryans and Hindus in North India. There’s no place for their crap in Dravida Nadu.

    1. Honestly, I’d be glad if you lunging faggots left. You’re a burden on all of us. I’d want you to take those subhuman filthy Dalits ans Shudras along with you. On your claims about us treating other upper castes as untouchables, that’s nonsense. Any Kshatriya is a brother to me. Vaishyas have undergone a lot more mixing than the other 2 castes but most pure ones are just as much of a brother to me as a fellow Brahman.

      You Lungis should just leave us the fuck alone and take your subhuman Dalits back into Lungi Nadu as well

  7. You have tea plantations and Delhi has a military industrial complex so they would bomb the shit out of you is your answer-possibly because the Aryans are better and building machines and killing people with them like their Soviet ancestors.

      1. There are no real Brahmins. They are just Aryan/Australoids imitating and or pretending to be Brahmins. The real Aryans (who no longer exist) would’ve considered these people to be untouchable trash.
        If the Aryans were alive today, all the peoples of the Subcontinent would be Untouchable.

        1. It was the pure Indo-Aryan invaders who managed to conquer much of North India in the Ancient past. The indigenous culture was lost in much of the North. The peoples up North do have cursed Aryan blood, and feel a kinship with the ancient foreign invaders.

        2. So you acknowledge Aryans as being superior to you Lungi ancestors who fucked goats? Good! Besides, modern day Northwestern Brahmans belong to 77% Aryan groups and about 21% impure blood. For Northwestern Kshatriyas, it’s closer to 73-75%. Hardly impure enough to be considered untouchable, keeping in mind that it requires 2/3rd Aryan ancestry to qualify as one.

    I’ve lived in more places in India than a poor Tamil who never crosses the Hindi line. Chennai did not impress me and nobody really cared what went on in Sri Lanka because the Palestine issue involves white people which is much more important.
    I lived in India long enough to have a low opinion of Chennai which I was never so glad to leave anywhere in my life.
    You are correct that North Indians in Delhi and the rest of the world do not know or care at all what goes on among Africans down at the bottom of the country.
    Nobody cares at all about the “sweat or blood” down there.

  9. AUSTRALOID TAMIL YOU know nothing of India because it only matters above the Hindi line where Delhi Punjabi or Baniyas or Parsee simply will not even speak to South Indian Christians who they regard to be less than a Dalit.
    You can never go above the Malayalam-Hindi speaking line and make no difference to North Indians who would not speak to you as they regard you as so far down in their social system.
    Whites do not care at all about races dumped together by Victorian English.

  10. NARSELVAM THE TIGER You know nothing of India North of Chennai and you came to Whites for salvation and support in Catholicism because Hindus regarded you with such total contempt and disinterest at the bottom of their Persian social system.
    You could never go to Delhi, Mumbai or even speak to Hindu people so it is YOU who know nothing of India because you DISGUST Punjabi or Gujarati people who would never condescend to even acknowledge you.

    1. Relegated to the bottom? By whom? We gave them culture, hindu religion was developed after hijacking native Tamil faith. Yoga was developed mostly by australoid you admonish. Stop being a dick and stick to topics where you can jerk offf. Most of hindu culture. Family values and vegetarianism are rooted in tamil. Are you even aware if rich tamil literatures? How would a Romanian gypsy scam artist know all this

      1. NARVSELUM Whose cleaning whose offices? Punjabi are mopping up after you? Working as your accountants for pennies.
        You’ve made no real impact in Delhi or Singapore or K.L. even if the British dragged you over their 200 years ago to labor for them and then when they left you had to labor in poverty for some other foreigners (Chinese, Arabs) who really do not give a shit about you or your poverty.
        Aware of rich Tamil literature? Nobody is aware of the Malayalam people, their culture, their language, their art. Nobody.
        Sinhalese-who might have some Tamil blood themselves way back-do not care about your culture at all.

      2. Half of you convert to other religions to get a handful of sugar from whites or Arabs because you were so far down in their labor-caste system.
        Aryans scammed black Dravidian? Since they have Delhi and Mumbai and you have nothing but Chennai with some tea plantations I would say you were weak and vulnerable.

      3. The Dravidian people care nothing for either Gujaratis or Punjabis. They are foreigners, so why would we waste our time with them? Who are Gujaratis or Punjabis to condescend to anybody? For 800 years, they were forced to kiss Turkish butt. And why would we care whether they want to acknowledge us or not?

        1. When you go to Dubai or Singapore or anywhere outside of South India to work you have to earn a tiny salary in Punjabi or Gujarati offices delivering their tea or answering their phones while they are on a huge salary and you are being mistreated by Arab sponsors.
          You send far less money back to South India and this is why outside Bangalore where the Americans built an IT hub your regions are completely insignificant-there’s more money in one Andheri neighborhood than all of Cochin.
          It is understandable why Sri Lankan Tamils refused to leave the island and return to their ancestor’s villages or relatives even though Sinhalese abuse them and want them to get out of Sri Lanka.
          Tamil Nadu just does not offer enough opportunities or have enough industry or finance even to attract its own people back.

        2. But then the Gypsy bastards are not welcome anywhere. They renot even employed by decent organization. TamilNadu does not offer opportunities? HAHAHAHA.. DO you even how many malayalees and telugus live here. But then ho woulda gypsy dog and his slut wife would be welcome in any of the cities.No wonder you get kicked out everywhere.Get back to scamming gypsy.You are fit only to do that

      4. You gave Brahmin their religion and culture so they gave you a job in their office making their tea in Dubai when the Chinese are not busy “exploiting you”.
        Tamil Papua Dravidian lived in Kashmir and were driven out by Aryans…oh please, you were sticking needles in your bodies on the Indian Ocean and climbing coconut trees.
        Mughals, Greeks, Persians, Arabs have all come and gone from India building civilizations while you sit on under coconut trees drinking the cheap whiskey that makes you totally drunk.
        Chinese have exploited you in Singapore. Probably because unlike Sikhs or Malays you cannot start one ISO 9000 company because you are to busy bathing in coconut oil and getting drunk on cheap whiskey.

      5. “We wuz kangs n shiet. Vedic khulture wuz akshually Dravidian.”

        Lmao, you Lungis are the true definition of a lower race.

    2. There is nothing unique to a hindu, they hijacked tamil faiths and added few elements and caste to it. Hindus base is tamil. Lingam excavation are found plenty in ivc. Indo aryan barbarians hadd just shite they were absolute barbarians. If anyone can be called a true hindu. It has to be tamils. Rest are all mixed mongrels who have no culture or heritage to speak of. You know nothing about tamil culture or gods we worship. Go back to ur sewer gypsy pig.

      1. VEDDOID You let them and Khatris/Baniyas are CEO’s in Gulf Dubai offices where you mop floors or work as accountants until you steal $700 and go into some smelly Arab prison.
        Tamil Veddoids at the bottom of India can only blow themselves because the military, political power, big business and media is run by the North.
        Lulu Hypermarket and a dead porn actress hung by some politician is all your famous for.

        1. Gypsy trash, you have no religion, you have no culture, simple you are nobody, you are at bottom of the world. A gypsy cocksucker like you do not have any rights to comment on any people. LOL.People even allow negros to set up their neighbourhood. Have anyone heard about a gypsy neighbourhood. Do you even know what labour is? All you know is marauding and ripping up people?How do you lead your life? Do you pimp for your ho wife?

      2. Tamils are the ones who have to convert to other religions to get a handful of sugar from Arabs or whites.
        If every Tamil moved to Sri Lanka and became the problem of the Sinhalese the Indians would be happy.

        1. You clearly know nothing. Tamils have converted to other faiths? It is the northerners who got their ass handed to them and have converted. North has the maximum no of Muslims. We still cling to our native faiths. People practicing their native religion are still a thumping majority in Tamil Nadu, and they are branded as Hindus. Go check the statistics. Do you even know how any famous temples are there in Tamil Nadu that people all over from India come to worship? Another of your drug-addled gypsy brain fuckups.

      3. We don’t need to claim Hinduism. That’s an evil brought by Aryan invaders. There were indigenous polytheistic faiths practiced by the true natives before the Aryan invasion that were absorbed into HInduism. Get rid of Hinduism. It is the enemy of the Dravidian people.

        1. Persian Hinduism has nothing to do with the beliefs of South Indians whose practices were indeed unique. It is more like Zorastrianism or the European Paganism practiced by other Aryans while Sikhs are basically Arabs who found a middle-ground between two religions.
          No quarrel if you “find the Lord” and convert to some other religion, Hindus do not miss you at all.

        2. Hey missionary bastard, you will never achieve anything. If you play around with people’s native faith, you will have your ass handed to you.

        3. If you want to practice Christianity, keep it with yourself. Christianity is as much of a threat to Native Dravidian culture as Brahmanic Hinduism and other Aryan religions. We created IVC long before Christ, Krishna and Ram existed. Our faith is much older than that. What you advocate is not a alternative. Your faith seeks to destroy our indigenous faith and is a foreign middle eastern religion. We have our culture. Thank you. WE do not need foreign caste system based Hinduism or any Middle Eastern cult that has no roots or business here. Shove it up your ass.

  11. NARSELVAM Who wants to stay in Chennai? You’re right I did not hang around that hellhole corner at the bottom of the country long enough to really know much about it.
    Andheri is much better and North Indians are at least sort of Caucasians from Northern Persia who eat with utensils in instead of their hands like you beasts.
    You’ve been exploited by Brahmins, Arabs, British and Chinese.

    1. Who would have invited a subhuman mongrel who does not even have a homeland and constantly on a run like oompah loompa. You must be a gypsy.hey you filthy scam artist, didn’t you find someone today to scam. You shitstains of humanity would be kicked everywhere you go. U have no business commenting in Tamil nadu or any of the south. A marauding nation wrecking gypsy trash must know it’s limits.

      1. I say that South India is basically Papau New Guinea where Vedda climb coconut trees naked and move to Dubai to work for pennies for Arabs who sometimes satisfy their lust by opening their asses.
        The Tamil is a black forgotten laborer wherever he is who is used by Chinese, Arabs and even Malays for pennies because he cannot organize a micro-business.
        Sikhs have risen to some degree of importance in Singapore and even a few Malays but Tamils will always sleep on to of one another in shacks drinking cheap whiskey.
        Sinhalese women are at least attractive enough to screw and that is why Portuguese and Dutch and British liked them better.

        1. You are one of those mongrels who think being fucked by the British is a honor. That is why your gypsy fuckups get no respect anywhere. Your moniker is a good indicator of your race, congrats!

          1. Gypsies are literally Dravidian. Regardless, it’s just coldhearted facts that Punjabi Jats and Khatris are a martial race, while Lungis/Tamils are subhuman filth.

  12. CREADER thinks I am Brahmin and TAMIL TIGER NARVESLAM believes I “know nothing about India”.
    Every wonder why whites both take a dim opinion of you and walked away from their tea plantations in Sri Lanka or Shipyards in Singapore in disgust at your hopelessness.
    Well I gave you a clue.
    A white man who wanders through our former colonies anywhere shakes his head in sadness at the state of its former colonial subjects.

  13. hi robert lindasy
    im a huge fan of your blog it basically catapulted me to the truth of indian nation
    salute you sir and your creative endeavors
    as you posess vast and intricate wisdom i just want to know your opinion on one topic! aryan migration!
    im a huge proponent of aryan migration/ invasion as i myself possess caucoId traits(green eyes) DESPITE being born in a worthless hot country called INDIA
    i read about this topic in my college curriculum and reserched it on the interenet! vast no of internet websites consider it a myth and an obsolete theory
    i have more than enough evidence from your blog and vast no of other websites that view AMt in a positive or even in a neutral light
    there are these two viewpoints from the opponents of AMT that make my beliefs FLUCTUATE
    1.discovery of native horse bones
    discovery of copper chariot from IVC archeological sites
    what are your opinions of these two contradictions
    plese do reply

  14. I’m very late to this but caste system is not based on color or race at all. You can’t tell a person’s caste by their physical appearance. Most of the Brahmins and Kshatriyas I have known were very dark skinned. I have never seen a Brahmin lighter than me.

    Actually, all castes, ethnic groups, and even families here have a mix of dark and light people, but actual fair complexion (the type that could be mistaken for White in America or Australia for example, like either the Mediterranean tanned type or the pinkish/rosy type) is very rare.

    It is more common in the colder parts, especially Kashmir, but even most Kashmiris are just brown and you can know this by looking at the crowds. Most people in the plains don’t look that different from each other either. I have also seen fair skinned Dalits and very dark Brahmins.

    1. 100% untrue. I can predict one’s race with about 80% accuracy just by looking at them. It’s not even a big deal. Anyone who has lived among higher races and lower races alike can do so. The lightest Dalits I’ve seen are pretty dark. The darkest Brahmans and Kshatriya I’ve seen are mixed, but since mixed races don’t qualify as either Brahman or Kshatriya, they’re irrelevant. So, the darkest ones are really just brown and still lighter than Dalit shitheads.

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