I Am Sexist, Objectifying, Homophobic and Proud

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Is It Natural or Learned for a Heterosexual to Find Homosexuality Gross?

I’m not a homophobe. I fully support all the rights of LGBT people. But i find that two males (not females) having sex incredibly repulsive. And when i think that a man is sexually attracted to me, it makes me feel sick.
Is this learned? Is this because we live in a homophobic society? Or is it natural?
Answer: I’ve known a lot of men like you who find homosexual males repulsive and not females. That is sexist and homophobic and objectifying lesbians. The only reason you do not like gay men but do like gay women is because you find two women having sex sexually attractive. To be blunt, you are homophobic, despite your pleas you are not.
Answer: I mean, if you find two males having sex repulsive, then you’re homophobic. You have distaste towards homosexuality.
Answer: Disgusting is an extreme word to use though. Chances are, if you find gay sexual acts disgusting , you will find gay men disgusting too. That’s homophobic.

I normally would not check all three of those boxes except for the objectifying women part, which I admit that I do. I am very happy to objectify women sexually and it makes me feel very good to do so. When I was younger, a lot of women used to objectify me sexually as I was said to be very handsome there for a while. Now of course I am middle aged and I don’t think any humans objectify me anymore, and I’m depressed as Hell. Why do these ditzy bitches get so upset about being objectified? Come on, it’s fun to be treated this way.
I suspect that most of the women who complain about men objectifying women are either lesbians or ugly or both, in either case in which they should not even worry. I am an unrepenetent objectifier and I will go to my grave as one, even if I can’t get it up anymore. I am almost hoping that the feminuts will make objectifying women illegal so I can go to jail for my glorious cause.
Up with objectification!
I am also totally grossed out by male homosexuality and I actually flinch backwards in real physical disgust when I see two men kissing. It literally sickens me. But of course I love me some lesbian porn. So if that makes me sexist, objectifying and homophobic, so be it. I never knew it could be so much fun to be a bigot.
Regarding the question in the title, I am not sure of heterosexual male disgust for male homosexuality is learned or inborn. It is definitely an interesting question!

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0 thoughts on “I Am Sexist, Objectifying, Homophobic and Proud”

  1. I am a reasonably pretty girl, with short brown hair and a greek statue silhouette (not the buxom blonde), very independent, French, and I love being the object of a man’s desire. I personally think the women who object to that are the women not getting any attention at all….. I even think it is a specifically American problem. You have a dating culture I find repulsive.

    1. French women are the best! I had a French gf once. She was actually from France and spoke French but moved to the US. I was 21 and she was 37. It was fun for a while. She was smart as Hell too, very intellectual. She liked to drink red wine.

  2. Gay sex (As oppose to Lesbianism) is all about the anus-the least hygienic part of the body as a substitute for the more antiseptic vagina. “Rimming” another man’s anus? Fisting the anus? A bearded man French kissing you while doing something painful that will result in rectal bleeding. The risk of AIDS?
    Men are into “oral” with women too, so Lesbianism is not that repulsive (The bit about Strap-on dildos seems silly).
    Anally-speaking I am not sure if Lesbians engage in anal activities since they are trying to replace the penis and not the vagina.
    With men it is all about the least hygienic part of the body and pushing it past the point of design.

  3. Gay sex is all about the dirtiest part of the body and pushing it past its point of design-rectal bleeding etc. Its a gross part of the body.
    Lesbians mostly give and receive oral sex. Big deal, so have I with women. It is not that disgusting.

    1. How do they cause rectal bleeding? Large dildos? Fisting? I heard that stuff can really mess up your ass. Not sure about regular anal sex though. I have had gf’s who did it ~2,000 times, and they told me that it never made them bleed, so I doubt just assfucking always causes bleeding.

        1. Gay men lose all control of their colon eventual from constant impalement from male stovepipes of which they believe like women the bigger the better.

        2. I knew a woman who got fissures twice, but both times, she got anally raped. So if you use lots of lube, and stick to penises instead of large dildos and fists, you are probably ok. Keep in mind that shits the size of a penis go down your ass all the time. The general rule stated often is that anything the size of a penis is no big worry, but once you start getting into big dildos (bigger than a penis) and especially fists, you better watch out. Fisting in particular seems like a very bad idea to me.

        3. Gay men lose all control of their colon eventual from constant impalement from male stovepipes of which they believe like women the bigger the better.
          This is quite controversial and probably not even true, but it looks like some people, male and female, who get fucked in the ass too much develop this problem. I have read of a few cases on the Net. Anal incontinence is quite common in the case of anal rape and it is often seen in prisons. I have been researching this for some time now. I had a gf who told me she had anal sex ~2,000 times and she never lost control over her bowels. However, she did tell me that farts ripped out a lot easier. It was like she sort of lost control over her farts. She was an anal sex maniac.

  4. I had a woman once I buttfucked a few times. She bled a little the first time. I don’t think my penis is much, if any, bigger than average. That orifice doesn’t normally have to take that kind of stress.
    The internet is full of people looking to put someone down, most of them social justice whiners. Words like “racist”or “homophobe” have no more real meaning than “asshole” or “son of a bitch”.

    1. If she had AIDS you’d be dead by now. Now that’s the chance a homosexual who has sex with other men takes all the time.
      Female-to-male HIV transmission takes place in the porn industry because of “Double Anal” where two straight men who only want money stoop to penetrating a single anus at the same time.
      Porn industry outbreaks invariably involve a woman with AIDS doing “double anal”.

      1. Insertitve anal sex may not be all that risky. We have a commenter on here who knows a gay man who claims that he only tops and never bottoms and has had sex with hundreds of men this way, including many HIV positive men. He said he hasn’t gotten HIV yet.
        I know of one case in the porn industry that was related to insertive anal sex, but the guy fucked one of those tranny things in the ass, not a real female.
        There have been no outbreaks of female to male transmission in the porn industry. There’s only maybe been one case so far.
        One woman got it from double anal, which doesn’t even seem like a very good idea if you ask me.
        Many of the women in the porn industry have gotten it from anal sex though, that’s for damn sure. Getting fucked in the ass is a fantastic way to get HIV.
        Are you familiar with the Padian Study from 1989 which in HIV positive females and HIV negative spouses were followed over five years and ~700 sex acts. After five years and ~700 sex acts, 80% of the men had still not gone over.
        Only 20% had gotten HIV from their wives. Cases tended to be associated with vaginal and penile bleeding. By those odds, you could fuck an HIV positive woman 40 times before you even get a 1% chance of getting HIV from her. So if you fucked an HIV positive woman 40 times, there’s a 99% chance that you didn’t even get it.
        We have had HIV positive female/HIV negative male couples come on here who told me that they had been going on having sex for years and the men had not gone over yet. One couple has been having discordant sex for 23 years and the man has not gone over yet. So that man has been having regular sex with his HIV positive wife for 23 years and he hasn’t gotten HIV yet.
        Pretty damn hard for a man to get HIV from a woman!

  5. Gays do better than Lesbians financially for this very reason-female’s economies are somewhat dependent on males while males do not depend on women for their economy.
    Dykes live like trailer trash while two gay men with no dependents live very well like the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
    Prostitutes and strippers are often Lesbians but depend on the male economy because women have a hard time supporting other women.
    Male homosexuals on the other hand do not fare worse economically with no women around-they face better because there are no dependents and both of them are working so their male energy is not focused on being providers.
    Contrast this to Bobby Joe the Dyke and Lipstick Lizzy playing the female of the couple…they barely get by.

  6. I’m wondering if women find the lesbian porn that men love so much as disgusting as Robert finds two guys kissing/fucking etc…

  7. TATA True, women who are gay tend to be low life in real life-scuzzy, foul-mouthed, violent, unkempt.
    I’ve known a few porn-addicted men who initiated threesomes with these sort of women because they were so naive and usually the regretted the experience.
    It is another example of stupid people watching dumb entertainment and actually believing it.

  8. TATA That is true. Gays seem to have many of the positive traits of women: good taste, cleanliness, social graces (They can also be horrendously bitchy).
    Lesbians seem to have the traits of males in the worst sense: filthy clothes, scatological sense of humor, violence, substance abuse.
    With a few exceptions, most Lesbians are low life violent characters on the fringes of society.

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