World War 3

  • The Civil War was fought to end slavery.
  • World War 1 was fought to end all wars for all time.
  • World War 2 was fought to end Nazism and fascism.

I swear to God, World War 3 will probably be fought about something as petty and moronic as gay rights. Yep, that’s right. World War 3 will be fought over gay rights. That’s how far we’ve sunk.

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7 thoughts on “World War 3”

  1. The Civil War was fought to end with aristocratic leasurely lifestyle under the pretext it entailed slavery, and gave way to unabated utilitarian capitalism. WWI was fought to end with ruling dynasties and nobilities under the pretext it entailed feuds and wars, and gave way to unabated parliamentarism. WWII was fought to end with nation-states under the pretext they entailed racism and fascism, and gave way to unabated multinational world empires. WWWIII is going to be fought to end with religion and philosophy under the pretext it entails terrorism, superstitions and wacko behaviours such as the New Left’s, and will give way to unabated occultism.

  2. To a large extent the lifestyles of plantation owners was supported by mortgages on slaves. The parallel with borrowing on real estate and businesses today, not to mention “education”, is suspicious but I don’t have information enough to show or debunk a causal connection.
    Long ago, there was a loan company I’m not giving any free publicity which used a jingle starting with, “Never borrow money needlessly…”. Of course, if more people took that advice the lenders would have less business.
    One of the things that I have noticed about current wars is how few combatants are involved. A single WW2 division with modern weapons would turn the like of ISIS into carrion in months.
    I don’t believe the argument that everything is so much more expensive.The means of production are so much greater as well. The Mongol hordes went up against the expensive European knights and beat them consistently.

  3. It will probably be fought to serve the economic and political interests of the global elites, and framed in a number of ways to get the sheeple on board. Gay rights will probably be one of the talking points.

  4. WW3 is already going on but we don’t realise it because it is not affecting us directly, at least so far.

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