Up with the White Cis Hetero Patriarchy!

  • Up with toxic masculinity!
  • Up with heteronormativity!
  • Up with cis rule!
  • Up with aversive racism!
  • Up with liberal racism!
  • Up with White man’s burden racism!
  • Up with bi invisibility!
  • Up with transphobia!

Sorry guys, I just had to get that out of my system.

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8 thoughts on “Up with the White Cis Hetero Patriarchy!”

  1. And a few more that I’d like to add, if you don’t mind:
    Up with rape culture!
    Up with unrealistic white beauty standards!
    Up with trolling!
    Up with sexual objectification!
    Up with male entitlement to women’s bodies!
    Up with white veganism! (yes, there is such a thing)
    Up with there being two and only two genders!
    Up with cultural appropriation!
    Up with the western canon in colleges!
    Up with microaggressions!
    Up with Islamophobia!
    There, done. For now.

      1. Stary, SJWs NEVER perceive the contradictions in the things they uphold?
        I also really hope you’re not thinking I’m being serious here.

        1. Ryan- Although I don’t have facebook, I do appreciate what you are doing. I’ve read some of what you posted, and like it a lot.
          I am afflicted with some SJW ideas, I always argue with any sort of racial rhetoric on here, but I do realize something is needed to be done, to change the left, from it’s SJW type rhetoric, and God forbid, policies. I just impulsively challenge anything against that.
          Keep up the good work.

        2. HBD really does draw the Hitler types like sugar-water attracts Mosquito.
          I can recall some rather highbrow article on Bushmen Genetics, where Intelligence was not the subject.
          The comments section soon was overrun by HBDers saying ‘Bushmens is dum!’, and other irrelevant garbled stuff.
          It destroys any sort of sane rhetoric.
          VDARE apparently acknowledges HBD, but they don’t seem to talk about it.

  2. Mainstream Right folks on twitter are going to use this, you know.
    Hillary Rosenberg Clinton/Robert Lindstein 2016

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