4 thoughts on “Turn It Around and Throw It in Their Faces”

  1. I laughed hard at that. There’s a lot of drama going on in the “cultural left” trying to justify black non punctuality with segregation, colonialism, bla bla. Makes no sense, time and professionalism matter, get used to it.
    When it comes to top jobs in HR / expat work though, some African Americans / Eastern Europeans are often more professional, the very few that do make it though. Most Anglo – Saxons in these jobs, are arrogant, unfunny, obsessed with internet non-PC trends and have grudgingly accepted cross cultural competence as their sole skill.

  2. Markets rule! Whatever the market wants is right!
    If “The Market” needs entire populations replaced, because it will make more money for the wealthier people, then so be it. If the market wants to undermine nations of people, then that is our right.

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