Cuckliberals? The Cucked Left?

Nu males. Absolutely pitiful and pathetic!
Well we had cuckservatives, so is this the Cuck Left? Cuckliberals? Come to think of it, almost all the “men” on the Cultural Left are pretty much cucked. They tried to do a survey on Cultural Left “men” to find out how many of them would admit to being cucked, but they had to call off the survey because so many cuckliberals had penises in their mouths and hence oral interviews could not take place. It’s true that Nu men all hate themselves for being men and especially for being White men. I do not encourage self-abasement, but looking at these specimens of manhood in that photo, I can’t help thinking that these guys probably ought to hate themselves. The Cultural Left wants to cuck men in general and White men in particular. There’s nothing worse on the Cultural Left than a masculine heterosexual man. That’s a 3-way casserole of oppression: masculine = toxic masculinity. Heterosexual = heteronormative oppressor, promoter of bi invisibility. Man = automatically oppressive even from birth merely by existing. One way out would be to go full tranny and cut your dick off, but even then, the radfems would still hate you because they would insist that you are a still a man. Being a man is like being a Jew in a racist country. There’s literally no way out. You can’t convert. You can’t adopt a new political philosophy. You can’t go over the opposition. You are an oppressive scum who needs to be killed merely on account of your genetic makeup and there’s no escape, no exit. It’s an existential dilemma on steroids. You’re a permanent stranger to society. You might as well just kill your mother and get it over with already.

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  1. As I know you like to comment how things in their society (I don’t consider it ours anymore) have inverted, we now have a state of affairs where facial hair is a signal of weakness and beta effeminateness.
    It used to be we looked at guys with facial hair as being tough, rugged, manly and appropriately assertive. The same facial hair now signifies cuckoldry and moral cowardice.
    Maybe the rad fems are actually on to something. Just because you’ve got a penis, it doesn’t make you a man… Are these people proving that?

  2. Whoever wins the shaming contest, the cultural left (“You’re a racist, sexist, homophobe, etc. etc.”) or the alt-right (“You’re a cuck, feminazi, dindu, etc. etc.”) it will hopefully put to end the myth of European “guilt” cultures.

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