Repost: What Do the Chinese Think of Blacks?

This is also getting posted around lately. There is a lot of talk on this site about racism, prejudice and ethnic conflicts that result from that all over the world, so I thought you might be interested in this. I hate to say it, but I do not think Chinese like Black people too much. There is also an excellent story of Chinese men staging an anti-Black race riot in China over Black men “stealing their women.” Most groups of men will not put up with another ethnic group taking their women. It is a primal thing. Hacienda, a Korean nationalist commenter with an anti-White grudge, posts:

“…all those groups seriously hate blacks…” One thing whites HAVE to stop doing: Stop trying to be the spokespeople for other races. How the f+ck do you know that Chinese REALLY hate blacks!

I have spent a lot of time around Japanese and Koreans. They seriously hate Blacks, way, way, way, way worse than Whites do. They are like how we used to be. It’s pretty much the same with the East Indians in the US. And I know for a fact it’s true about Hispanics. It’s not that these people hate Blacks and Whites don’t, it’s just that they are vastly more racist than we are anymore. US Whites have lost a lot of their anti-Black racism lately. Things are far different than they were 30 or even 20 years ago. I recall that during Mao’s era, the Maoist regime used to send bright Africans to college in China. The Chinese male students would chase them down the streets threatening to beat them up and calling them monkeys. Also, a number of Blacks came to a university town in China recently. As might be expected, they were great players and were quickly cleaning up with the Chinese girls. They would throw parties in their apartments. Only Black men allowed. Only Chinese women allowed. No Chinese men allowed. The Chinese male students at the university staged a wild, violent riot over the Blacks “stealing Chinese women.” Things got so bad that the Chinese government moved the Black students out of the city. I also heard one Chinese guy from the Bay Area say that he and every Chinese person he knew in the Bay Area despised Blacks. Turned out that a number of them had been victims of violent crime. In every single case, the Chinese person was victimized by a Black criminal. This was the genesis of their rage. Those anecdotes, along with the fact that Chinese racial supremacism probably mirrors the Japanese and Korean varieties, lead me to think that Chinese are not too wild about Blacks. Heck, Chinese don’t even like other Asians. They don’t even like non-Han Asiatics who are their fellow citizens in China. I have had them tell me that Chinese means “Han.” Anyone in China who is not Han is “not Chinese.” Implication is that they are inferior. Even the Cantonese Yue are considered to be barbarians. They are somewhat off the hook as they have been Hanized, but not totally. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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96 thoughts on “Repost: What Do the Chinese Think of Blacks?”

  1. I recall that during Mao’s era, the Maoist regime used to send bright Africans to college in China. The Chinese male students would chase them down the streets threatening to beat them up and calling them monkeys.

    ironically when these same Chinese come to the US, they’re called monkeys (gooks) by certain rednecks.
    Gosh, why can’t we all just get along?

    1. Sorry for double post:

      I have spent a lot of time around Japanese and Koreans. They seriously hate Blacks, way, way, way, way worse than Whites do. They are like how we used to be. It’s pretty much the same with the East Indians in the US. And I know for a fact it’s true about Hispanics. It’s not that these people hate Blacks and Whites don’t, it’s just that they are vastly more racist than we are anymore. US Whites have lost a lot of their anti-Black racism lately. Things are far different than they were 30 or even 20 years ago.

      Possibly the whites have a higher IQ than other groups who would normally be racist against blacks, and also they are exposed to movies, TV shows which show a lot of good blacks.
      In the case of Northeast Asians, they have a high IQ, but they are some closed minded mothers. They just don’t care about other cultures, hence they don’t take the time to learn about them, or become sensitive about them. I mean, how much coverage on say Korean TV do blacks get in comparison to Koreans? I can tell you very little. If anything if they would show another race (and postively show them), it would always be white.

      1. Ok but, be honest beside a few token mulattos in a white environment, what have blacks contributed that’s worth learning about?

    2. To Rob:
      I found this post on Quora by a black American man who had lived in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. His comments reflect some of the other things I have heard about the Chinese diaspora regarding blacks and have strong ring of truth to them. Even though he states whites are treated markedly better in various Chinese countries (for the most part correct) I’ve experienced some of the exact same problems he’s experienced.
      From Quora:
      Collin Anthony Spears, Connoisseur of Random Facts from East Asian History to Population Genetics
      I am African American and have lived in China. More importantly I do not look like Beyonce, I look far more like a West African, so on sight I am considered black in China, and often assumed to be from Africa. I lived in Mainland China (I spent 6 months in Chengdu and lived in Shanghai twice, for a combined 1.5 years). I also spent half a year in Taiwan.
      I’m in a hurry so this will be more a stream of consciousness, but I think this will give you an accurate view.
      First I would like to say, all blacks are not treated the same. Maybe on sight you are black, but if Chinese find out you are from a Western country, especially America, you might be treated better by many, I will get into that in more detail below.
      This all comes down to money and status, the only things that mean much to most Mainland Chinese in 2015. I would say all majority Chinese countries I have lived in are money and status obsessed in comparison to Japan or most Western nations, so it is more a issue of “degree and not kind”…in my estimation Taiwan is the least so, Singapore, then Hong Kong, and Mainland China is the worst (especially the Eastern Coastal Cities), this matters, because if Chinese think you have no money or status you will not be treated very well by many people. In general, Chinese think blacks are poor and uneducated compared to them and especially compared to white people, but more sophisticated Chinese might see a black American are slightly higher status.
      I have had Chinese change their opinion of me in mid-conversation when I was in a group with white ex-pats. At first, it is common people would ignore me or stare at me. Some might ask curious questions, but focus on the white people. Maybe the whites are English teachers or some other low job, and when the Chinese find out I am a manager at a multi-national, they quickly change their attitude toward me LOL.
      English Teaching white black.
      Most Mainland Chinese, outside of a handful of people in the major cities are not very educated, still very much like most people of the developing world. They have been brainwashed by the government, have limited to no contact with the international community, and are social status/class obsessed (thanks to Confucius) and skin color obsessed (thanks to their tradition). The only thing that trumps these things in modern China is MONEY.
      If you are teaching English, and not white, it is better to do so at a university or public school (although pay might be slightly lower). There is some discrimination at these schools, but also it depends on how desperate they are. If you are in rural Sichuan, most schools are open, because it is hard for them to attract better Westerns to begin with. They are not inundated with applications like schools in Beijing or Shanghai. Most Westerns only know Sichuan makes spicy Chinese food, if they have heard of Sichuan at all, or maybe it is the “province next to Tibet” or something like this.
      The very worst thing you can do, if you are non-white, is try to go to a training school. My friend worked at one briefly in Taiwan (where people are less backward and racist, but this is still an issue), and foreigners are simply there for entertainment/marketing purposes. This is not about education, it is simply about putting bodies in chairs, which equals more money for the owner. The schools know their clients, nouveau riche Chinese, who are basically wealthy “with low class attitudes and tastes”.
      These people do not know a damn thing about English or any Western nation, but what they see in popular media. They simply think any white person MUST speak English properly (regardless of their nationality) and this is good for their children. After all, this is what they saw on television, and everything on CCTV must be accurate and correct – if it is about foreigners. Meanwhile, the children usually learn nothing – the school owner gets rich. Scam.
      Non-white English teacher, with any real qualifications, who comes to China to do productive work at a training school needs to reevaluate. You can use it as a way to get in the country and look for better work, but don’t make it a life style or a perm job. If you want that, I would suggest going to Japan. There is some racism there, but compared to Mainland China it is not a big issue. Japanese are at least educated and civilized. I can’t speak personally about Korea, but I have not heard many terrible things regarding race. Southeast Asian nations are also better, in that they tend to be more desperate for teachers and more laid back about race issues.
      I have never had any interest teaching long term in China, because I already knew the game before I came here, why would I, as a black man, with real degrees and experience want to potentially work with some white guy with no education, who got the job simply because he was white. I would never degrade myself like that in the first place. A lot of “career teachers” (not all – there are good ones, but far far too many) are drunk losers, womanizers/pervs (meaning take advantage of unsophisticated peasant girl students), people who could not find work back home. The cool ones use it as a means to an end or studying Chinese.
      If the schools taught properly, as in Europe, there would not be a market for all these BS prep schools to begin with. Actually, one can argue that most Chinese do not even need to know English at all, as they will never use it in life after their schooling is complete.
      Corporate Jobs
      First, I am an IT project manager. I have a master’s degree and two bachelor’s degrees from the U.S., I speak intermediate Chinese, studied at Shanghai International Studies University for a semester. I also have over a decade of IT experience, doing anything from programming, to business analyst work, and project management.
      I would never move back to Mainland China to work. Beside the pollution and expense, comparative low wages… The economy is pretty good there, a lot of large companies have moved relocated there from other locales. It’s better for young people who want experience and don’t mind not making a lot of money. People who wish to travel in the region and want a home base, etc.
      For me, it’s not worth the money, and it would be very hard to get a job at a company there anyway. There are many people who can speak Chinese now, specifically overseas Chinese (American, Canadian, Brits, Aussies, Singapore) who all speak English and Chinese pretty fluently, many can ready and write as well. Unless you are senior management, it is hard to find a position as a foreigner now, and being black is not going to help you. Not to say everyone is racist. They are not, many Chinese are pragmatic.
      Work culture is not great, many Chinese try to undermine each other, many will be jealous of you as a foreigner, and also you will work much longer hours than in a Western nation, most of the time. It will be hard to get promoted in a Chinese environment. I would suggest NEVER working for a Chinese manager who did not grow up in a Western nation. The cultural differences will be problematic. They expect too much sacrafice, loyalty, and act too paternalistic. The good jobs, usually go to white people, senior management, etc. The worse jobs to non-white foreigners, usually. Unless you are sent over by your home office company, then you will probably be okay. I’m more talking about being recruited locally.
      With blacks, many companies do not even know what to think about you, which is a benefit at times, but usually a disadvantage. Chinese are risk averse, and their general attitude about blacks is they are good at sports, but not good workers (due to lack of intelligence and/or wild behavior). Many people might literally be afraid of you, especially women.
      I worked for two Western multinationals in China, one was European and one was America. I was hired by a group of Chinese at the American one, and I was hired by a Brazilian guy at the European one. I cannot report any real racism at either of these companies, in the European one I was one of two black people there (the other was a black French woman) and at the American one I was the only black.
      One reason I went to Singapore, is because Singaporeans offer a better standard of living for non-white immigrants. I have felt no real racism against blacks or dark people in general when I was there (but from some Mainland Chinese immigrants, not shocking). I’m not saying there is no racism, but people are at least respectful and educated enough to hide it. You might think this is fake, but it makes life more comfortable, and everyone speaks English and is more familiar with the West because of it, so culture shock is less.
      The worst experience I had in Singapore, was with a Mainland Chinese woman actually…so when I walk into an interview with a Beijing woman, she is the only one not smiling and being friendly, she keeps staring at me as if she is shocked. When she gets aggressive with me and keeps challenging my basic knowledge (and no one else does this). I pay careful attention to this, because I’ve seen this attitude before, many many times.
      I did not get the job, the Indian recruiter told me he thought it was racism, and was shocked because he referred many people there before with no problem, and the Singaporean and French guy who also interviewed me wanted to hire me, but they were IT, and did not control the budget, the Mainland woman vetoed them.
      I was also blocked for a job, due to race, at a Taiwanese company (in Taipei). I was referred by a white South African, who said all I had to do was show up, interview well, and I would get the job, very simple. The South African guy was in the interview, the Taiwanese boss obviously did no tknow I was black as he was shocked to see me and kept starring. He asked me questions like “do you like to play basketball” because I’m 6’2″ (189cm) and black. He seemed to think this was a big joke and asked me why I didn’t apply somewhere else…and “why would you want to be in Taiwan”…he didn’t even refer to my resume once. The next day, my South African friend, wrote me a letter of apology for his bosses behavior, which he himself found shocking. He also attributed this to racism. They were an electronics OEM company.
      Most Chinese will be indifferent to you, find you an object of curiosity, find you repulsive on sight, want to be friends with you because they think they can get something (even more “face” from their children friends), or simply fear you. You will make Chinese friends, who are good people, but reality is you will have to work at it more than a white foreigner. I’m not sure comparing to other “Asians”, but Asian American friends (whom I used to hang out with more than White Americans) would complain they felt they were held to a higher standard and not given the social benefits whites got either. Yes that sucks, but at least they do not stand out, better to be an invisible minority if you are going to face discrimination, than a visible one.
      If you live in Shanghai, most people will ignore you. You might notice most whites are ignored too, but in social situations whites are often fawned over, you won’t get this attention, but maybe in a very rural area, but it will be more like “shock”…
      If you live in an area with a lot of Chinese from other provinces or you live in a rural province, people will stare at you and talk about you a lot in public. It could be so bad (as in Chengdu) you will have almost no privacy in public. people will take pictures of you without asking, people will talk about you, some children might even try to touch you to see if your skin color rubs off, people might approach you to try to speak English or as a dare from their friends. At first it is funny, but after a month or so you will likely hate it. Now you know what it is like to be famous, it sucks (unless you are rich). You will learn to avoid tourist sites in China, because most tourist are going to be Chinese from other provinces, and they will take pictures of you, make fun of you, and generally be very annoying and rude without regard for you (like you are a zoo animal…trust me, that is not an exaggeration)…most have never seen a black person before, and many will forget you are a human being (if they were ever sure you were human) and become obnoxious. Every place I have been from the Bund (Waitan) in Shanghai, to Leshan (Giant Buddha in Sichuan) people act like this. After this experience, I learned to feel sorry for famous people (although most ask for the fame).
      This won’t happen in Taiwan or Hong Kong unless you are around a big group of Mainland tourist, which you will quickly learn to identify (due to their Mandarin accent, and sometime the dress of the older ones).
      As far as dating…
      I’ve dated several Chinese women, mostly from Taiwan (even while in Mainland China), my current girlfriend is from Hong Kong. She’s great, but she has lived in America for a decade, so…a bit different. I never seriously dated anyone from Mainland China, Chinese tend to be racist, and I am at least prejudice, I got to the point, if the woman tells me she is from China, and she did not grow up abroad I ignore her or only treat her as a friend. Cultural differences are too extreme, and I do not want to deal with her attitudes or worse yet her friends and family. Not worth it.
      Many girls in Mainland China are very socially conservative and do not date, they court, meaning they want to date to prepare for marriage. they might even interview you to see how much money you make, how much money your parents have, if you own property somewhere, etc. Do not take this offensively, they do this to Chinese too, and might be more strict in their requirements of Chinese men.
      Many rural girls are also virgins. In bigger cities, many girls do “date” but dating culture is quite different from the West, slower. My advice, if the girl speaks very good English, but never lived in the U.S., and can even use slang, and seems to be perfectly comfortable with you, it is likely she has dated a lot of foreigners before, i would “drop her like a bad habit”. We used to call these girls “psycho xiaojie” they usually have a lot of issues.
      Many girls who will date a foreigner and sleep with a foreigner, especially a black one might never introduce you to their friends, because they are ashamed, they might be just using you to have an ‘exotic experience’. Maybe you care about this, maybe you don’t.
      Introduction to parents is always hard, even if the guy is Chinese, and usually does not happen for a long time, if you are black, it may never happen, and be prepared that the parents won’t accept you at all, will not see reason, will behave irrationally, and guilt trip your significant other into breaking up with you. This is common in China, even if you are not black.
      Once when one of my exs (a Taiwanese girl) told her parents she wanted to come visit me, after she told them about me, etc. They had a fit. They said I’m black and they don’t want half black grandchildren. They said black people were bad, because they saw so many bad things on TV, they were completely different from Chinese. Her life would be bad, etc. These are Taiwanese from a rural area near Taizhong, with no university education, one of whom grew up on a farm, talking down to me? Nice, but common. Many Chinese are racist/social climbers, and this tends to increase with the age of the person, and for many they think it is commonsense. Many Chinese will not want their daughter to date or marry a white man either, but black will be even worse. There are also other reasons not to marry a foreigner…don’t get me wrong (language issues between the foreigners and inlaws, the idea the girl might emigrate, which I’ve seen, but primarily that is not usually the issue).
      Anyway, after criticizing her, her mother came in her room later and once again told her she should stop talking to me, it was bad. She refused, her parents are upset with her. She thinks they will get over it in time. I told her not to hold her breath.
      Oh but then her mother said “why didn’t you marry that Englishman? I don’t understand you…” :-O This Englishman was an “English teacher”. :-O I am a project manager that has run multinational projects. That tells you the extent of their ignorance/racism.
      I’m not very sensitive about race, it is just I’ve lived around Chinese people long enough to expect certain behavior and attitudes from them…the older the people are the worse they are. As I said, young people are much better…especially people under 35 or so. the problem is they have to deal with their parents. It is a group oriented society, and children are expected to obey their parents (even in adulthood) and live out their parents dreams.
      The first Chinese girl I ever dated, was born in Shanghai, but grew up mostly in the U.S. every time I went to her house her father would talk to me, her mother would not say a word, just stare at me. She later told me (after we had broke up and she moved to another state) her mother was racist, and her father and her tried to talk to her, but she was convinced black people were lowly and she didn’t want her daughter dating one. She said if we had kids they would be ugly and black. This woman had lived in America for a decade. She advised her daughter “if you married a black you better hope you don’t have a girl, because no one wants a dark girl, too ugly, maybe a boy might look Chinese if you cut his hair short” True story.
      I have more stories like this. Like when you go to night clubs or bars with “white friends”, guys who might not even be able to get girlfriends in their home country because they are socially awkward or physically unattractive, many Chinese women will openly throw themselves at them (and the women who are higher class and more educated are probably far worse than the poorer more rural girls who are likely afraid of all foreigners). they think all whites look like movie stars. In bigger cities like Shanghai, people are more sophisticated they might target white men with money, English teachers are not attractive anymore, outside more rural areas. You will see this again and again.
      The funny thing is the women who are easiest to date are probably white women. If you are a native English speaker, as a Western black it will be easy to date many white Anglophone women, because they are generally ignored. Every white guy has “yellow fever” and is chasing local women, and many local girls are “giving it away”. There are many bitter angry white women with body image problems. They are not used to having to compete against non-white women, and they are usually naturally bigger, so they feel fat or less worthy compared to the local Asian women. There was a bar in Shanghai, in the French Concession where it was almost nothing but black Africans and white expat women, for this reason. I’m pretty sure it was called “The Beaver”.
      Forget dating for a minute, when I first came to China, the very first day I was Shanghai, I was lost, and tried to ask for directions in Mandarin (I had a map with me), and a woman (about 30 years old) looked at me and screamed and ran away saying “HEI REN!!!”. Seriously. That was my introduction to Shanghai. After this I stopped asking women for direction, in fact I only asked old men, they were nice, but often didn’t speak Mandarin well.
      People often had two attitudes toward me, stare at me in curiosity or move away from me in fear. It has gotten better over the last 10 years, but it still happens Once I was out with a Japanese girl in Shanghai, some Chinese guy called her a whore and said how could she be with a “black”. I didn’t fully understand them, but the Japanese girl did and got very upset (her Chinese was quite good). We were just walking down the street. in Taiwan, I was walking with an ex, and a group of guys riding on scouters yelled at us, saying the girl was only with me for me “big penis” and drove away quickly. they called her a “Western food eater” which is an insult in Taiwan for women who date Westerns.
      Then again some people say all kinds of ignorant rude racist things when they think you can’t understand them, just like Taiwanese talk about me on the MRT out-loud in public when I’m by myself (they won’t do this when I’m with Taiwanese people), sometimes they try to be sneaky and instead of saying “hei ren” they just say “ta” is so big, so dark, where is he from?…etc Usually nothing really bad I can understand. Generally they are not saying anything with a hateful tone, it is almost with childish amusement or curiosity.
      In China it is often negative, I’ve been on the Beijing MRT. I’ve been called “monkey” (Houzi), “dirty” (zang de), “stinky” (chou). I have had old people hold their nose if I sit next to them and say “hen chou”…too black “tai hei”…it goes on and on…it was not my imagination, it happened often. Strangely, in Shanghai it was not that bad or maybe less people were speaking Mandarin, I don’t know.
      A few years ago, I went to Beijing to visit a friend, a white Canadian guy who lives in Sanlitun, near where all the nightclubs are. He told me just a couple of week before I came there the police had attacked a group of black people and just started beating them. He said this happened before. They think the blacks are illegal immigrants from Africa. This was the time when the police had beat up the ambassador’s son from some Caribbean nation, because he was black, and accused him of being a drug dealer (he was not dealing drugs). I have never had run ins with the cops in China, thankfully. They stare sometimes, but never spoke to me once.
      Anyway the Beijing government did punish the police, but why were the police going around randomly beating up black people on the street in an area where most foreigners were white? There are no illegal white foreigners in China? I know some, they are everywhere, especially Eastern Europeans. But maybe it is more imagination, maybe no white people ever break the law in Beijing.
      I would say compared to China, Taiwanese are much more civilized, and Singapore people are even better, but still…things happen.
      There is racism in every nation on earth, and the targets of it vary by culture. It is an issue of degree, not kind. In Western Europe it is mostly directed at Muslims (especially Turks, Arabs, Pakistanis) but also Gypsies. I think one thing is that in Europe it is seen as low class to say racist things in public and outwardly show you have racist attitudes to groups of people. Similar in America now. In China it is seen as no problem. They don’t have a culture that teaches them this is really wrong. Most of my Chinese friends think that racism is when you do something physically bad to someone due to their race. Saying nasty things, not hiring them, not associating with them, being publicly rude to them… is okay, it is up to the individual (at least in Mainland China)… as I said Taiwan is better. They try to hide it, usually.
      So I’m not over-sensitive, I just have commonsense. In Europe I worked with international teams, and I was good at it, because I don’t take anything at face value. You can learn a lot from people by how they behave. People give hints and clues, without saying anything. My father used to tell me “a man tells you what he wants and expects all day, if you pay attention to him”.
      I know some Chinese will say this is not true, I am too sensitive, there is no racism in China. I have heard it all.
      For Chinese women, here is a test. Tell your Chinese friends you were dating a black guy and see what their response is? BUT first, tell them you were dating a white guy from Europe…then say “oh but I really liked this black guy more, he was very nice” then see what their faces look like. haha
      This is part of what it is to live in some parts of Asia, you accept it or you leave. White skin is preferred, there is a reason all this whitening cream is everywhere (something hard to find in Western nations). There is a reason they make everyone lighter than they are in magazines and TV. There is a reason many people have such strong fetishes for white people. I learned in 1999, that the guide books that talk about stereotypes Chinese have of Americans, was really referring to “white people” it had nothing to do with me. How I am often treated is definitely not like a random white person is treated.
      In reality, people can dislike you for any reason or like you for any reason, but some reasons are more common than others, and have a stronger affect on how people act toward you. It pays to know your strengths and weaknesses in any situation so you can compensate, if possible. I learned this years ago.
      I write all this in detail so you fully understand…I have a good friend, very smart guy who works for Apple in Shanghai. He is wealthy and highly educated, and he is quite bitter about being slighted or treated as less than white people who have far less accomplishments. It gets to him quite a bit. He mostly does not associate with Mainland Chinese due to this, only Taiwanese and Western people. I became like this too, so (and for many other reasons) decided to come home. I do not regret my decision, life is much better. That being said, if I could get a good paying job in Taiwan I would go there, but never again live in Mainland China.
      My suggestion is, if you are in Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou associate yourself with Hong Kongers, Singaporeans, and Taiwanese, you will have more fun. Associate with Mainland people for business, be polite, but be very selective of the ones you let in your social circle. You might say this is racist, but I don’t think so, it is just avoiding trouble and disappointment. Many Taiwanese I met act the exact same way with Mainland people.
      Some of you might say “well China is still largely poor and that is how people in poor nations act”. That is B.S. I’ve been to Cambodia, Egypt, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Indonesia…and people do not act this way. Only in Mainland China.

  2. Mainland Chinese are Malthusian.
    South Vietnamese are converted into North Vietnam’s Malthusians recently, with the influx of people up Norf. In fact, in 100 years from 1900 to 2000, the population of the region has increased ten folds.
    In facts, the longer I live, the more I’ve became Malthusian. 15 years ago I would look at myself and my mentality now in horror!

  3. Methodology
    In order to investigate this hypothesis the researchers interviewed subjects about recent tragedies, incidents such as accidents, fires, deaths and general day to day activities in which understanding another’s feelings was essential to good citizenship. Examples were the Sichuan earthquake, the frequent death of miners, minor bicycle accidents and road death.
    In almost all the interviews the majority of Chinese respondents conferred a lack of empathy towards others and an inability to understand distress in other people accept in a very artificial way. For example when asked about a recent road death in which a taxi passenger opened a door to exit and killed a bicyclist who was trying to pass on the inside of the traffic. Most replied the cyclist should have been more careful. When asked how the passenger felt do you think at killing the cyclist – most replied I have no idea. When Westerners were asked the same question almost all replied the passenger would feel, scared, guilty, fearful of consequences and sorry about the victim. When this was pointed out to the Chinese respondent – they often shrugged their shoulders and replied how would you know this? In China many State owned mines and illegal mines operate on safety standards that would make a Western miner shudder with apprehension. Every week a report of miner’s deaths appears in the press, sometimes hundreds die in one incident. When asked how the miners families would feel at a time like this, the Chinese respondents replied mostly that the families would seek money for the death and worry about compensation. This matter of money was also mentioned in the bicycle incident. When further questioned as the feelings of the family most Chinese said something astonishing to most Western ears, and I quote, “What does it matter we have too many people in China”. It is as if the death of someone is actually a benefit to the whole society. When question about this callous view most Chinese felt that Westerners did not understand the culture and the need for the survival of the majority over the minority (those killed). This was however demonstrated by the Government here, when the need for land to accomplish major civil construction, that those people who lost their homes and land where doing so for the greater good of the country and it is their loyal duty to suffer so that many can benefit from their sacrifice. (The compensation for loss of farms, homes etc. were minimal and no social support was considered such as farmers relocated to modern apartments with no work and a lifestyle they did not understand). Finally most were questioned on the recent earthquake in China that killed over 80,000 people. Again most of the interviewees, felt that this was a major tragedy. When asked about how they felt about the people’s plight, most gave stereotypical answers that they recited from Government state issued sentiments and media sound bites. In other words – they were not feeling but simply reciting the sentiments they had been hearing from the media. When asked how they would feel in the same situation they found it very difficult to understand the question and its meaning. There were some comments that coincided with kinship, such as losing their own family members. In a group discussion with Shanghai students about the earthquake most also gave sound-bite replies however when asked if they had any feeling about the people who survived they felt they did not know these people so how could they feel anything for them? This did remind the interviewers about Princess Diana’s death in France, despite the public out-pouring of grief shown in the media; many British admitted in private they actually did not like her at all. So showing a mass hysteria approach to a tragedy, as a false type of empathy, rather than a personally felt empathy.

    1. Some empathy at celebrity death is justified cause the person touched other people on a spiritual level. For instance, Duane Allman’s music touched a lot of people and they saw him as a hero. On the other hand, what did Princess Diana do to justify Elton John’s crying at her funeral? Well, I didn’t care about Diana’s funeral, no more than I did some old lady in the obituary section of my paper.

  4. Discussion
    In conclusion it can be seen that the hypothesis can be supported in that Chinese people seem to lack basic empathy toward another person’s position. In trying to understand this difference in social learning the author looks at two phenomenons that exist in China and not in other countries. The first is the psychological and social problems with the one-child-policy, introduced to reduce the population strain on recourses in China and the second over-population itself as a source of attitude towards others on a daily basis. The one child policy has many social problems but in the case of empathy the author points out why a lone child growing up in a home with adults only can lack the social skill of empathy when dealing with adult situations later in life. In the West where two of more children grow up together as siblings, many social lessons are learned through observation. When a father is shouting at your brother/sister the observing child can understand the fear response from the other sibling by knowing what it is like to be the recipient of the same punishment. The child might be thinking, “I am glad that is her and not me” in other words the child is identifying the emotional feelings of the other sibling. These types of episodes happen daily as we are growing up from casual incidents to the more serious ones. To a child any incident can be serious even if we as adults would not class it as such. This observational learning is the founding of empathy in the child that when growing to adult uses this childhood emotional learning to exercise empathy when observing others who are in trouble or plight. Under China’s one-child policy the child often has no-one to observe and therefore can only internalise their own feelings about their experience without seeing that others might have the same feelings. With out this observational social learning the Chinese child becomes more selfish in it orientation – ego-centred for life – and so as an adult merely observes without a feeling of empathy to help understand another’s point of view or plight. The second area is over-population itself, here you can see daily in the cities particularly, that people do not wait patiently in line, are constantly complaining about others, push and shove when buying train or bus tickets that maybe in limited supply not just at holiday time but anytime (even when supply exceeds demand) and the scurry for seats on crowded trains and buses. Even in the traditional thinking of many countries, that while on a bus you should stand for women, babies, the elderly, the infirm here is Chine the government had to advertise polite behaviour prior to the 2008 Olympics to tell Chinese how to behave in public places such as not spitting, emptying their nose in public and standing up for other people on buses and trains. These advertisements had to show people actually smiling while giving way to others. However this is not the real situation in China, as the cites are so crowded, that people push and pull others in the attempt to gain seat (even when travelling a short distance). Often healthy young men sit while old women stand next to them. They do not give up their seats for anyone as this is their privilege. When challenged by researchers on buses many would indeed get up but this was merely social conditioning to follow authority figures demands. When asked why they should give up the seat again they often repeated government slogans from the media but rarely showed any actual insight into the person’s plight at standing when old or pregnant. Again the lack of real empathy is astonishing but once again people responded with a frequent reply. “There are just too many people to care about so you must look after yourself and your family first”. This reference to over-population is often quoted as an excuse for selfish behaviour and a lack of empathy to other people. Many said, “They do not care about me why should I care about them?”
    The lack of empathy then in China can be seen from two social aspects, the first is the one-child-policy in which psychological social learning cannot take place within sibling observation leading to adult understanding of others feelings and the second, over-population itself in a society where a perceived shortage of recourses leads to selfish behaviour that prevents the showing of real empathy. It should be pointed out that this research was not exhaustive in that interviews were conducted often informally and at times of opportunity sampling as apposed to more rigorous techniques, however most Chinese who proof read the main content agreed with the findings from their own personal experience of growing up and living in China. So the author feels that although further research is desirable to confirm these findings the over-all lack of empathy is so obvious in everyday activities here that it leaves little room for doubt.
    Read it here:

    1. The lack of empathy then in China can be seen from two social aspects, the first is the one-child-policy in which psychological social learning cannot take place within sibling observation leading to adult understanding of others feelings and the second, over-population itself in a society where a perceived shortage of recourses leads to selfish behaviour that prevents the showing of real empathy. It should be pointed out that this research was not exhaustive in that interviews were conducted often informally and at times of opportunity sampling as apposed to more rigorous techniques, however most Chinese who proof read the main content agreed with the findings from their own personal experience of growing up and living in China. So the author feels that although further research is desirable to confirm these findings the over-all lack of empathy is so obvious in everyday activities here that it leaves little room for doubt.

      That’s what happens when people are statistics and not human. We see the same error with white nationalists. Also, again with Chinese, we always see the “looking at the empty half of the cup rather than positive”. For instance, instead of helping the less fortunate (disabled etc..), they want them to hide, or better yet kill them.

      1. The problem is again half the cup. What about the less fortunate also thinks exactly the same about The Other? Aka Low trust Society.
        In other words, what if they routinely vandalize public properties by arson, robbery, or stab you “just for fun” ….. if you don’t “set an example” by executing some of them with firing squad or something?
        After all, they need to be supported too.
        I learned it the hard way. They bullied me, I sharpened a knife right before their eyes, and they shut up.
        So, like an Indian commentator has pointed out: The key is to keep to yourself.

  5. The more you interact with the Party and people “up Norf”, the more you don’t give a f* anymore.
    Again, years ago, I would be quite shocking if I said f*.

  6. I once, in the previous century, complained to some Norfs that “you guys lack empathy” blah blah blah blah…..
    Their response: fuck off to America! Make place for us.
    I stopped complaining.
    Now I would respond the same to anyone complaining like me back then.
    “Fuck off to America!”
    I feel relief.
    The Chinese always act that way.
    I was sinicized, perhaps.

  7. My brother actually has a Chinese friend that he skypes, but there’s two things to make note.
    A. My brother, while quite black, is smarter than me and holds himself in a manner around others that’s more asian-like than black.
    B. His friend is very much assimilated, so he’s hardly like native Chinese.

      1. Chinese-Americans are quite different.
        Most immigrants see Blacks as Americans and consider accepting the ones that behave as part of their own assimilation, from my observation.

        1. My Grandparents left a Jewish neighborhood in NY, partially because of anti-semitism (although there were other motivating factors), to go to PG county Maryland (63% Black in a 31% Black state).
          Most White people would not do this.
          They were influenced by the psychological factors above.
          They came from Cuba and are probably the most non-racist Cuban Americans ever, but they still had to change attitudes away from defacto segregation (there were separate neighborhoods, stores, social gatherings, etc, although Schools were desegregated), but that would not fly in the U.S.
          But being anti-Black was also rightly associated with being Prole!
          They whole heartedly supported JewFK and the Civil Rights Act.

  8. I don’t to make generalizations, and what I will say is definitely that, and of course it doesn’t apply to all of them, but on average, Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans are snobs. Now, Filipinos are not like that at all, not sure about Vietnamese. I don’t think Thais or Indonesians are.

    1. Blacks have no problem kicking others out of Africa & you literally like a true nigger rate people on snobbery by how much they give you women.
      The whole world knows with the collapse of white liberalism, africa is getting genocided & pop replaced by Whites & Asians so why worry mulatto nigger?
      I know I’ll probably get banned for this comment but w/e
      Yes, blacks did not invent the slave morality being pandered today but they are a primary conduit for it.
      It’s not the responsibility of others to pay the cost for their misbehaviour. Especially Asians,
      Same with how it’s not Asia’s problem whether European Whites ever wake up from their self induced simultaneous guilt & arrogance @ being conquered by christianity.
      Some people just want to be left alone..
      Not deal with the violence inherent in a messianic ideology trying to assert itself on their lands & among their kin.

        1. Can someone translate what this guy just said into coherent English?

          Yeah if your going to be an asshole, then at least do it in proper English. Note, going into a put-down like that won’t do much, as I can just bring up the shitty English. 😆
          It’s like these northeast Asians are drowning in water, barely able to breathe, but they still want to insult people.

        2. The whole world knows with the collapse of white liberalism, africa is getting genocided & pop replaced by Whites & Asians so why worry mulatto nigger?
          what the…..?
          1. Whites and Asians are moving to Africa
          2. Jason is a “mulatto nigger”?
          da fuq….?

        3. The African population, overall, is booming.
          Warfare is not making a dent in it, and as long as infectious disease is controlled this should be continued.

        4. To Tulio,
          Basically a nigger rant. Granted I go on about it sometimes but at least I’m clear with it and I don’t actually attack people with it, not even Chinedu.
          To Barrack,
          I find it weird he’s trying to resent Jason statement but went as far as to call him a mulatto nigger. Not going to lie, that pretty fucking low considering he’s obviously making a mongrel stigma out of it.
          But the icing on the cake is this
          “Yes, blacks did not invent the slave morality being pandered today but they are a primary conduit for it.”
          This tells me he has some sense but is deciding not to use it. Pathetic.

        5. In response to Phil,
          Slave morality isn’t always a good thing. Left wing economics is a thing where help is given to the needy etc.., but people should “man up” a little bit and take the inititive on things and not have to be babyed by the government etc…,

        6. To Tulio:
          Can someone translate what this guy just said into coherent English?
          I translated it to Gujarati (Since Rob loves merchant Indians ;-))
          Turn your monitor to it’s side, drop a lot of acid, smoke some weed, and it makes perfect sense.
          બ્લેક્સ કેટલી તેઓ તમને સ્ત્રીઓ આપી દ્વારા snobbery પર એક સાચી હબસી દર લોકો જેવા શાબ્દિક આફ્રિકા અને તમે બહાર અન્ય લાત કોઈ સમસ્યા હોય છે.
          સમગ્ર વિશ્વમાં સફેદ ઉદારમતવાદ પતન સાથે જાણે છે, આફ્રિકા genocided રહ્યું છે અને ગોરાઓ અને એશિયનો જેથી શા માટે ચિંતા mulatto હબસી દ્વારા બદલાઈ પોપ ?
          હું જાણું છું કે હું કદાચ આ ટિપ્પણી માટે પરંતુ W / ઇ પર પ્રતિબંધ મળશે
          હા, કાળા શોધ ન હતી ગુલામ નૈતિકતા આજે pandered અસ્તિત્વ નથી પરંતુ તેઓ તે માટે પ્રાથમિક નળી હોય છે.
          તે તેમના અસભ્ય વર્તન માટે કિંમત ચૂકવવા અન્ય જવાબદારી નથી. ખાસ કરીને એશિયનો
          કેવી રીતે તે એશિયા સમસ્યા નથી કે શું યુરોપિયન ગોરાઓ ક્યારેય જાગે તેમના સ્વ પ્રેરિત એક સાથે અપરાધ અને ઘમંડ @ ખ્રિસ્તી દ્વારા કબજો કરવામાં આવી રહી સાથે જ.
          કેટલાક લોકો માત્ર એકલા છોડી શકાય કરવા માંગો છો ..
          હિંસા એક મસીહી વિચારધારા તેમની જમીનો પર અને તેમના વંશ વચ્ચે પોતે મૂકતા કરવાનો પ્રયાસ અંતર્ગત સાથે વ્યવહાર નથી .

        7. To Jason,
          I was talking about him separating slave morality from blacks, showing that his mind has some organization but instead he decides to let his emotions overwhelm him.
          That’s not to say I’m not guilty of such, but he displayed ignorance in assuming your race and going off defensive only to prove you right.

        8. phil- as in saying that slavery was largely regarded as okay until Blacks started complaining?
          Considering that the Catholic Church banned it in the middle ages while more primitive Sub-Saharan peoples were practicing it, I’m skeptical he wants to go down that road.
          This is why I say the Alt-Right is anti-Western in their values, just so you know.

        9. To Barrack,
          No, he meant the opposite but that they were major contributors to it. Reading old books by europeans, many did regarded the Slave trade highly immoral.

        10. Well, if you want to look at things from a non-politically correct view, our nation still has slaves, but they’re all behind bars. If you commit a crime, you lose your rights and become a slave to the state.

        1. Slave morality must be what the commenter is referring to by Nietzche, the guy who longed for the days of Rome and Greece. But Ironically the Romans wern’t practicing the same anti-black racism, as the age of western colonialism hadn’t developed yet.
          Basically all liberalism is based on slave morality. But there isn’t anything wrong with that. Even Robert, though I strongly disagree with some of his posts, holds on to slave morality, cause he favors left wing economics and isn’t opposed to integration at the same degree as white nationalists.

        2. White,Northeast Asian, and high caste Indian nationalists would like Nietzche nowadays, a long with Ayn Rand libertarians. Pretty repulsive groups.

    1. It certainly does bring up the particular case of the Chinese;
      1. They are diverse
      2. They are relying on a globalist economy
      3. They have been dicked around a lot in the past.
      They seem to be theoretically less ethnocentric than the Koreans or Japanese.

      1. They’ve been pushed around a lot by the west, but other smaller Asian nations hate them. In fact, Vietnam now allows US bases on it’s land (with the happy support of the population) simply cause they hate Chinese.

        1. Don’t know you get that from, but “Vietnam now allows US bases on it’s land” is your pure imagination.
          So far haven’t seen any.

        2. No, the US military and Vietnam have been cooperating for some time now. Maybe not bases, but it’s something like exercises etc..

  9. not to go on an anti-racist rant again (I seem to have that compulsion a lot these days)….Asians, MAY sympathize with WNs.
    When Jared Taylor goes to Japan he may talk with his buds about NAMs in the U.S. But if the Japanese were truly such strong nationalists….they would look at Taylor and say; “Why are you here” 🙂
    hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    1. Asians such as Chinese or Koreans are not using government welfare, but they do create a situation of job and school competition with whites. That could drive up WN resentment. Also, based on rants you hear by them or on the net, they don’t like the US very much, still holding on to hate from back home. How can you trust them?

  10. High caste Indians convinced of thier superority, go on the net and throw temper tantrums when anyone says they aren’t shit. Note, in India the poor as kissing thier ass because they have no choice, but on the net it’s all free speech and eggs can be thrown at whoever.
    The problem with being king is you become a target for those seeking your downfall, as we see with high caste Indians or any other big shot.

  11. I wonder if high caste Indians are viewed as wussy boys back home. Obviously they would be very soft people as they have to be served all the time. Imagine all the lower caste Indians who make fun of them behind their back. It must be a source of massive emotional pain for these people who believe they are king or gods.

  12. Redneck animosity towards JOOS-its the same thing in India, really.
    Brahman like JOOS are generally urban, white-collar, “can’t fight” (Though they are powerful and influential), educated.
    One is possibly a different race than the other and a small minority that supposedly “controls everything”.
    The only difference is that the lower-caste Indians do not believe that Brahman are trying to “Destroy Civilization” or the Dravidian race.
    There is the same resentment at the media/money influence some Brahman have in addition to Jains/Parsis.

    1. To be honest, at least as far as college professors are concerned, I side with the rednecks. Some of these collar professors are dicks. I suppose they have to be that way to seem impartial, to avoid having teacher’s pets or coming across as “softy professors”.
      Nonetheless, some of these people are just not likeable. They seem to have a chip on the shoulder from being the nerd in school who always did the right thing, while everyone was fucking around. Now, like the bullied as a kid police officer, they want revenge.

    2. David Duke was informed as a rising KKK star that he should stay away from the Jews (and perhaps other Swarthy Europeans) and go for Blacks all the way. Duke banned anti-Catholic sentiment (Southern Europeans), and virtually all anti-Christian denomination sentiment, but kept with the Jews.
      He really never went too much for the Jewish Juglar until the internet, it seems.

      1. I guess if you wanted to make fun of Duke say,”Hey i saw the big break you got on the Phil Donahue Show (similar to Jerry Springer). Remember that one?” 😆

        1. Jerry Springer Klan episodes are the greatest.
          It’s trash, and purposefully promoting and exaggerating stereotypes, but goddamn is it entertaining.
          “Jerry Spranger, you Jew bastard”

  13. Like the JOOOS are softer than rednecks, the Brahman are softer than macho Muslims or lower-caste Indians.
    But they also do not have 5 kids on a pittance salary, have a decent education and arguably some inner-circle influence.
    So the rural low-caste Indians like the rural whites from the interior of North American wail with resentment about being “controlled” by people that do not give a shit about them or anything but what is in their pockets.

    1. Just joking around Trash. Of course, that’s the story, and it’s the story everywhere, among diffferent groups worldwiide.

    1. Resentment of Chinese would be even easier to muster than toward Joos. They’re incredibly arrogant and believe the world should bow down to China. Also, they are into eugenics and think everyone, and I’m sure Filipinos would be a target, are inferior to them.

      1. Chinese believe Filipinos are lazy, drunkards, promiscuous, dishonest, larcenous, unintelligent, backstabbing, superstitious.
        These are the Filipinos living in the Philippines.

        1. Yep, that’s the usual attitude, but they still want to go there. Kind of like how they bitch about the USA, but still want to go to school or set up a business there.

  14. US citizens overseas are viewed as wussy and Ameriniggers. They’re wussy-niggers 😆 Nothing boils up the blood of a soccer hooligan more than the sight of a young American on their land getting all kinds of attention.

  15. “Heck, Chinese don’t even like other Asians. They don’t even like non-Han Asiatics who are their fellow citizens in China. I have had them tell me that Chinese means “Han.” Anyone in China who is not Han is “not Chinese.” ”
    The most interesting thing about ethnic differences within China I witnessed was when I was standing in a elevator in China. There was also a women with caucasoid facial features and a head scarf and a typical western / chinese family with a HAPA kid. The women smiled and said “wo shi Xianjiang ren” to the kid, which means “I am a Xinjiang person”, so she was a uighur person. She was obviously assuming that the kid recognized her as some kind of foreigner because of her non east asian face and it was like she wanted to explain her existence, almost apologize for it. Also she seemed to see the HAPA kid as member of the (Han) “in-group”, yet unaware of the existence of Uighur people. Like a little prince travelling around in his land and meeting his subjects for the first time. It is difficult to put it in words how strange this appeared to me. Very subservient.
    This fits not into the stories one hears about uighur riots and pogroms and into muslim behavior in general. Maybe this uighur woman was just an exception.

    1. There is no pan-Asia movement just like there was no pan-American Indian movement (which somewhat lead to their downfall), yet WNs think there is a pan-White movement, but there is none there either, nor ever will be (take centuries old fighting between the English and the French as an example)

      1. yet I have the impression that white exchange students in Asia pretty fast find some kind of team spirit, while Asian exchange students in western countries rather stay in there own national groups. This could of course have to do something with language barrier. English is lingua franca for westerners but there is no real lingua franca for Asian students, especially since Asian students tend to be not really good in English, and very seldom Asians seem to be able to speak another Asian languages

        1. White expats don’t bond as much as you think. Especially they didn’t bond with Americans during the Bush years. No, it was a situation where Americans were the enemy.

    2. Under the totalitatarianism of China there is little space for dissidence. Pornography can get you 10 years.
      Han Chinese are essentially like locusts.

      1. Rule by Chinese over the USA would be like some bondage / BDSM comic that most people would laugh at. However, it would be no joke.

  16. PP claims there is a Rushton pattern of Racism;
    Blacks, being the oldest and most diverse, hence are less genetically related and least racist, Caucasians in the middle, and Mongoloids, the most.

    1. NE Asian immigration policies are obviously more restrictive than that of Majority-White countries, but they are nowhere near the “Ethnostates” the WNos claim.
      Small minorities of other races do live in NE Asian countries.

      1. Nigerians live in Seoul and they annoy Koreans who are incredibly prejudiced against them. You can especially find them near the tourist district (The little New York City) called Itaewon.

        1. James Taylor – Jared Taylor – Similar name but so opposing in views. It’s my neo-Nazi cousin, the one that went bad.

        2. Jared Taylor’s family lived in Japan, and they’re all niggers.🙂

          Well, your typical WN would claim that the US has a total right to do what the want in Northeast Asia and the ungrateful gooks should worship US soldiers and idolize them. Because the white man is always right..

        3. Koreans are regard NAMS as savages and whites as inferior. More or less.

          blah blah blah, but can’t do anything about it. All they do is run their pussy lips.

        4. I hate Jared Taylor.
          He’s so polished, that’s what makes him dangerous.
          A snake.
          He’s smart enough to present himself well, but he’s not that smart; he still engages in the incoherent rhetoric that plagues the Alt-Reich.

        5. He talks about Ethnostates and everybody being left alone, yet supports White rule in Africa and spends his time in Japan.
          Maybe he’s just a liar, and knows his followers are too thick to see the irony, but if he doesn’t, then just like them, he is a moron.

        6. I joined in the trolling of his facebook page, a few months ago.
          It was awesome.
          The supporting White rule in Africa was a major topic.
          He’s no more of a “nationalist” than Ghengis Khan……
          ‘tards gonna tard’

      2. Japan has always had them because the Ainu lived in Japan before the Japanese got there.
        I’d say they are barely tolerated.
        The exception are the Manchurian Chinese who achieved some degree of influence in China.

        1. Note how WNs worship Japan, and then look at how most other Asians see Japan. You can conclude therefore, that a US nation-state run by WNs would be hated. We’d all turn into a bunch of snobby racist, bastards, similar to Japanese people.

        2. I agree with Jason.
          Although I marvel at how cars that seem to be the most cost beneficial these days, all come from the former Fascist nations of Germany and Japan.
          Industry was forced to happen due to outside prerogatives, a government ‘draft’ of such, so to speak, and they’ve kept it going to today.

  17. Keep, in mind the Asians have Spatial IQs higher than us, but verbal lower.
    Racism against less powerful races, has a moderately strong link to lower intellects, according to Rushton’s Japanese Scientist friend and PP.
    But it’s all verbal.
    Someone can have a Spatial IQ of 180 but be a verbal retard, and hence would be prone to be an anti-Black racist.
    That may be the case with Asians.
    I said it.
    Even Jason agrees.
    But WNs overexaggerate, as always.

    1. Whites used to be incredibly racist like Asians are now. Looking at them is just seeing a time machine.
      No, I don’t see Northeast Asia as an improvement, hence, when the philosophy professor asked me about Korea, I told the class publicly that the nation was too conservative. But I was probably misunderstood, probably came across as weird or a wimp.

      1. Sorry for double post. Lots of racist white college students in Tennessee, if you start saying anything anti-racist, they start making fun of you with “side of the mouth comments” (passive aggression). In a lot of ways Tennessee’s racists are similar to what you see in South Korea.

        1. Whites in the South have a long deep relationship with NAMS while the Italian-American in the North or Korean in LA simply has no interest in NAMS.

      2. They would not see American crime, racial conflict, teen pregnancy, rural poverty, protests, gaps between rich and poor or any other feature of life in the West to be an improvement either.
        Its probably a mutual feeling.
        North America has always been multi-cultural and the various groups have never had a choice but to live away from one another or keep to themselves in the suburbs, depending upon their money available.

  18. Actually in some areas, among some groups, whites are just as racist against blacks as they were in the 50s or 1850s, lol. It depends on where your at. However, where I live the real mean rednecks tend to be situated in these mountain valleys, and only occasionally come out of them to go to Wal-Mart or to go to work.
    In the cities and in the towns, the racism isn’t that bad and you see mixed raced kids all the time and mixed couples, and this is in Eastern Tennessee.

    1. If an Amerindian on a reservation expresses negative opinions about Columbus to what extent do Italian-Americans in Brooklyn care?

  19. JASON In all fairness NAMS are coldly indifferent to the sort of rural white poverty that you might see in towns where the mining industry has collapsed.
    They are also opportunistic and would never appear in a small white town anywhere.
    One aspect of WN’s is the opinion that NAMS would “take over” their particularly parts of the world. They wouldn’t. There is not enough money or industry to attract them and most of them do not like working with their hands.
    To them, the inner-city is glamorous with its gangs, drugs, dog fights, underground economy.
    There is no glamour to rural white poverty. It lacks the street carnival Rio attraction of the ghetto.

    1. That’s the crux of the issues.
      There simply are pure-White areas, large scale areas, in the U.S.
      the “nationalists” may not want it to be true, they may not like that it’s true, and they can kick and scream all they want, but it’s a fact.
      They’re all shitholes. They don’t attract NAMs, but on the flipside NAMs weren’t leaving because they stay behind more in situations like this (Detroit is 84% Black).
      So they were basically always pure White.
      Yet are shitholes.
      ‘tards gonna ‘tard.

      1. JOOS and NAMS really detest country living. So rednecks who fear that they will be corn-holed by NAMS while JOOS seek to destroy them are flattering themselves.
        Even Amerindians do not want to live there.

        1. RL said his mom’s view on the Alt-Reich and their “nationalism” was ‘just move to a pure-White state’.
          Just do it……
          the discourse on the subject of White Nationalism is like arguing with a “psychotic six year old”
          “Billy, there are plenty of pure-White places you can move to”
          “No, mommy, Niggers and Beaners and Gooks wll follow me”
          “Billy, that has not happened in the past and will not happen”….

  20. A crack-prostitute who sucked 20 peters a day would be disgusted at squatting over a portable toilet in the woods or other facets of country life.
    NAMS actually thing rural interior locations are backward, disgusting, dangerous and unsophisticated.
    Inner-city NAMS will not go into the “country” jungle because it is out of their element and they lack the numbers to fight their way out of a racial confrontation. They are outgunned, out-manned by tough rednecks who can live off the land.
    Rednecks dare not enter Detroit because NAMS outfight and outgun them their. Also they know how to survive on the street with or without welfare from the street economy: drugs, pimping, gambling, trading in stolen property, barber shops…in effect they can live off the land in the canyons of the inner-city while rednecks cannot.
    Physical geography becomes the defining factor: rural and poor white, inner-city and poor-Nam.
    They both share the inability to move to the suburbs because:
    A) They have kids when they are very young.
    B) They do not possess a skill that earns the wage that could cover the cost of life in the suburbs.
    C) They are uncomfortable outside their environment because they lack the ability to adapt.

    1. Where I was, Hispanics, as a whole (compromising of all races), vastly outperformed Whites in Secondary School.
      Higher IQ NAMs, like their parents, are attracted to the rural areas.
      They might think it’s a better environment
      Despite cr@ckers being morons (So their kids excel academically)…
      Good Jobs to commute to in D.C.
      a win-win-win

    1. Technically they are, as the article points out domestic issues at there native countries.
      One quote also mentioned how there was more opportunity in other countries like Bangladesh or Vietnam. Overall Asia still holds better prospects.

  21. By the prophet’s buttocks this is harsh on the Chinese. The Chinese are the one race who have been most positive to me. I have been beaten up by both blacks, whites (men and women) and a few mullatos and a Muslim but never a China man. I know this is a general post but u know personal life experience counts for a lot in forming an anxiety index. At this stage in my life white women are the most scary of all, for me that is. Others may have different experiences and views.

  22. Chinese are generally are not interested in fighting foreigners. I say generally only because every rule has at least two exceptions.
    Under a totalitarian state assaulting foreigners who have said or done nothing is a serious crime. They would do 5 or 6 years in a labor camp.

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