Robert Stark interviews Tila Tequila

Look, Robert Stark is one of my best friends in the whole world, and I really do mean that, but this interview…I don’t know what to say…well, it’s the silliest one he has ever done. It’s not his fault actually because the person he interviewed here is a Certified Idiot. Yes, she is beautiful and a hottie and bla bla bla all that, but she is also an idiot. A real, true blue, dyed in the wool idiot. I do not mean to insult her intelligence as some have done. She is 3/4 Vietnamese and 1/4 White from good stock on both sides, so that leaves one with at least a 100 IQ. I did not get the impression listening to this interview that she is unintelligent. Actually, for someone with a reputation for being a slut airhead, I thought she was rather smart comparatively. Viets are smart. They are about as smart as Whites (Viet IQ = 99, White IQ = 100), but they seem to achieve even more, which I do not understand. Perhaps this is down to extra-IQ factors that I discussed before. Instead of being unintelligent, she is merely a fool. A nut. A kook. A whackjob. You get the picture. Go the SPLC site and read about all of her insane transformations down throughout the years – her most recent one being a Vietnamese Hitler-loving Nazi (no, I am serious). The one thing I get out of all of this nonsense is that she is some publicity loving celebrity who learned in Hollywood that all publicity is good publicity (not really true by the way) and is now trolling the world based on this noble concept. Either that or she actually is nuts. Or she is just another crazy broad in the MRA sense that “all bitches are crazy.” Or…or…or…I think maybe this is all just a big troll, but she is too dumb to figure that out. Anyway, intentional or not, it’s a great troll. Good job Tia! You are tied with the Donald in the Trolling IRL category. Yay! So I offer this interview. Nothing in this interview makes much sense, but then it is just some ditzy airhead broad anyway. She used to be a totally stoned-out Hollywood whore who even made porno flicks. Yep, she made a great lesbian porn flick with two very hot porn stars, and all you perverts (males) on here really need to go search for that and go watch it right this minute. That’s an order! Just make sure you are somewhere where you can whip it out while you watch it because you may have to. It’s hot! Tia is a hot lesbian porn star! Yay! A typically perpetually confused modern woman, Tia has trendily changed her sexual orientation all over the place down through the years for no particular reason except I guess to be groovy. She came out as “lesbian” or something a few years ago, but she has always loved the cock, so that’s a lie. Now she’s a Mom, off drugs and done slutting around on the Cock Carousel or Pussy Carousel or whatever, had a baby with some White dude, and she’s a nice, conservative Mom, I kid you not. No really. A nice girl you want to bring home to Mom. Against porn and slutting and doping and all that degenerate stuff. Yet another reformed sinner that found redemption, except this time in the Alt Right instead of Our Lord. The silliest part of this whole interview which takes up most of it is that Tia Tequila, who is not even White is actually a gook, is all down with White nationalism or White supremacism or whatever the Alt Right does. So she’s a Viet Nazi. Actually a Viet Nazi who is psychotic and harbors the delusion that she is White. I knew Asian girls had an inferiority complex, but come on. She goes on through most of this interview talking about being White, the White race, White genocide, bla, bla, all the White nationalist talking points. Tia the White nationalist! Except for that one trivial thing, you know, her not being White and all that. But no matter, hand wave. She thinks she’s White, so she’s White. I think I’m a giraffe, so tomorrow I will start eating leaves off trees. I hope they don’t arrest me. Preposterously, the interviewers, apparently entranced by the pussy, go along with this facade of Gook as White Woman. Look Tila, I love Viet women, I really do. But they ain’t White, ok? I have no idea why she is doing this. The whole Alt Right is going along with this silliness. “Yes!” they scream with their dicks in their hands, “Tila is White!” I think the only reason they say this is because they are caught in a perpetual masturbatory trance about this bimbo, but hey. Any real White nationalists know that’s she’s obviously a gook, yeah, a hot one, but a gook fish-head nonetheless. Gooks are pretty cute, but they ain’t White. If you let the gooks identify as White, your White genocide with happen faster than a bullet train, as most White guys will trade in your typical BPD/NPD/ASPD White woman for a Dragon Lady/China faster than a Manhattan minute. So I guess these Alt Right guys are cool with a White/Asian super-race extincting the White race? I would be, as the Asians would improve the stock, but it does run into the usual genocide question. I asked Robert about this ridiculous interview, and he told me that Tila says her skin is White so she says she is White. Sorry, homegirl, that line don’t play with the Nazis. They ain’t fooled by such sophistry. Gooks are as much of a treat to the integrity of the White race as Mestizos or Blacks or whoever. Probably worse due to the White man’s tendency towards Rice King transformation. Anyway, for your entertainment, the most preposterous interview Robert ever did with his silliest guest ever. Tia Tequila, Presente!

Robert Stark interviews Tila Tequila×475.jpg               Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Goldstein talk to Tila Tequila Topics include: How Tila was the first person to catapult social media into what it is today. How Tila became disillusioned with the degeneracy and emptiness of Hollywood. Tila’s response to people who say she is a hypocrite for speaking out against degeneracy. Blackmail, character assassinations, and censorship in Hollywood. Drug addiction. Meditation and spirituality. Conspiracy Theories & The Green Pill. How Tila was the first celebrity to openly endorse Donald Trump. The Japanese Vaporwave Donald Trump Commercial. How Tila’s views have evolved and her interest in the Alt-Right. How Tila’s original fans have reacted to her views and her new fans on the Alt-Right. How becoming a mother has changed her outlook on life. How Tila’s Normie friends have reacted to her views. Trolling and Meme Culture. Tila’s upcoming appearance at the National Policy Institute in D.C.
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31 thoughts on “Robert Stark interviews Tila Tequila”

  1. Not just Tila, there are lot of people who are in disguise as alt reichers with shady intentions. For them, alt right, whitenationalism is a joke. Most of the people fail to get if it is a parody or real. How could a 3/4 Vietnamese even could be a part of wn. Any idiot who falls for her baiting must be expunged from the alt righters. I have seen daily stormer idiots insanely worship this chink whore, I doubt even if anglin is for real or nott. Iam all for these creatures to go for their own ethnic nationalism. If a chinker or a nigger is so passionate about protecting their race from outsiders let them do it in Asia or Africa. Most of wns want that. They would even want that. But then, these illegal Hispanics, chinker or some negros wanting to be a part of alt right can only be seen as duplicitous and allowing them to run wild freely in the cause cam only be diabolical for the movement.

  2. Go the SPLC site and read about all of her insane transformations down throughout the years – her most recent one being a Vietnamese Hitler-loving Nazi (no, I am serious).
    Does she live in Australia? I probably know her.
    I used to be buddies with an Australia-based Vietnamese girl a long time ago. We met on the Nazi dating site called “Stormfront”. That was a phase in my life when I was heavily into girls with Oriental features, and would often travel to Thailand. This Viet girl was a staunch believer in racial purity (of Oriental people), enjoyed stereotyping all blacks as criminals, saw a correlation between melanin content in skin and laziness, and a whole bunch of Stormfront nonsense. She used to be a hot favorite with male posters on Stormfront, including Don Black and David Duke, perhaps. She had a weird fascination with STERILIZATION and claimed to have undergone a clitorectormy.
    She was definitely cute though but crazy as hell!!

    1. and not to discount the potential validity of the melanin theory…
      David Duke may have been found of her because he spent time teaching English in Cambodia in his youth.

  3. John Holmes was proof that any idiot can have their pants removed in front of the camera and become a star. He at least had something to qualify himself for fame as oppose to most females who got famous nude.
    Tila Tequila was discovered hanging around a shopping mall at 19 unemployed and uneducated by a pornographer who convinced her to participate in nude magazine shoots.
    By then she had miscarried a baby as teen runaway, was a drug addict at 16 who was shot in a drive-by shooting by a Vietnamese gang.
    She did a few failed TV pilots but was never even as popular as Coffee Shop supporting actor in FRIENDS.
    She’s best know for a sex tape.

  4. OH MY, Tina did a few low-end sex tapes and some walk-on roles in failed sitcoms (She was not even as famous as a bit actor in FRIENDS). She was never as famous even as Peter North.
    Next we should listen to Peter North weigh in about politics and high-culture because he shoots “big loads” and did some gay-for-pay porn.
    TT Boy should express his opinion about Putin.
    While were at James Deen, who evidently is actually a rapist, will solve our illegal immigration problem.
    She’s a flash in the pain nude model from those days before the cell phone and internet porn when a nobody like John Holmes (Well, he had something) or Ronnie J could pull their underwear off and become famous for no apparent reason.
    Like most pornographers she was unemployed and had a drug history when she was discovered by porn magazine scout.
    I’m sure her opinion is a great deal of weight.

  5. People getting into rice king relationships are not threatening the white race, no more than black guys chasing chubby white women.
    The WNs and other bigots are just being assholes. Hypocrites too, as in my hometown many are mixed with Amerindian blood, yet they harshly cut down interracial marriage, often the ones between so called “Gooks” and “Gook lovers” even worse.
    Again also, many dumb Americans have watched too many Rambo films and they actually think Asians (northeast or southeast) are the enemy.
    Again let’s look at numbers. How many whites are dating Asians? Is it enough to constitute a threat? Same goes with black guys dating a chubby girl that no white guy wants.

    1. In parts of the country with a large Asian population such as San Francisco and Seattle, it’s quite a few white guys with Asian women. Very common. Obviously not out in E. Tennessee where you live as there aren’t many Asians around. But I guarantee you many of those white guys would jump at the chance to date a petite, well-aging Asian woman over a typical lardass southern white woman.

      1. But I guarantee you many of those white guys would jump at the chance to date a petite, well-aging Asian woman over a typical lardass southern white woman.

        OK, the rebel flag in the back of their truck people won’t like that one. Hey, I didn’t say it. 😆

      2. OK, the black guys on here take it as an insult that some are claiming they like (and not out of desperation) chubby women. But what’s wrong with that, when so many are hot?

  6. This woman is TransWhite and disagreeing with her is being transracist. It’s only a matter of time for the left to adopt these ideas.

  7. To Rob:
    Go the SPLC site and read about all of her insane ..
    I thought you were joking but you are right, the SPLC has not one but two articles about Tila Tequila. Clearly she’s a threat to humanity or perhaps it was a slow newsday for the SPLC. Jeesh.
    As for being a WN mascot, according to her Wikipedia page she’s dated a black guy and a Jewish woman in the last 5 years, so I don’t know what’s going on in her head. I would normally think elaborate troll but her antics have hurt her career so I think she has some form of mental illness – bipolar, schizophrenia..? Who knows.

      1. Tila Tequila…
        worse yet,
        she’s a be@ner loving g00k!

        These WNs need to be exterminated, at the very least spayed for the good of humanity.

        1. To Jason Y:
          These WNs need to be exterminated, at the very least spayed for the good of humanity.
          Too late, she’s reproduced.. and…. can someone of Asian descent really be a WN…? Reading through her history there is a claim that she suffered a brain aneurysm when she attempted suicide after her girlfriend died:

          She’s also claimed multiple personalities and borderline personality disorder. Previous to this she was bit of a bimbo but had dated black, Latino, Asian, and Jewish men and women and expressed no interest in WNs, Hitler, Flat Earth theories, or winged planets. She may have some sort of mental illness caused by brain damage,

    1. Hi Emily! Long time no see.
      I guess people are into altright because it’s the new forbidden fruit if you will.

  8. I’m not going to waste even one minute of my life listening to this interview with a nobody. But I did want to point out that Tila Tequila is a flat-earther. Which tells you everything you need to know about her. Btw, I’ve heard that flat-earthers have a presence(even if small) in the alt-right.–L9gB9flf–/t_xlarge_l/f_auto,fl_lossy,q_75/v1452252797/attachment/tila-tweets-shut-down.png

      1. I say any eugenics program should start with flat earthers, followed perhaps by people who believe Roman and Medieval history was a hoax dreamed up by space aliens and Jesuits (also a thing now).

        1. Yeah, flat earthers are going a bit too far out. I mean, how do they explain, the internet (based on sattelite communication), pictures of Earth, the moon, Newtonian Physics etc…

      1. Tila Tequila was never even as famous as Sheryl Moon Zombie. She’s a untalented never was who best known for displaying her not terribly impressive body in low-end porn tapes.
        Like Jenny McCarthy she was one of those flash-in-the-pan Playboy Models who was never able to parlay it into a sustainable career.
        Truthfully, I had never heard of the woman.

  9. Perhaps Tilia was bullied for being part-white by Asians. So this is her revenge. I could see that happening. Asians are very cruel to mixed raced people, especially Vietnamese, but it’s way worse if they are part black.
    The exception might be the Phillippines, but instead, I bet there the half white kids are the objects of incredible jealousy.

    1. There were a few pure Spanish Filipinos holding dual Spanish-Filipino citizenship and many mixed Filipinos.
      The average Filipino has something like 12% white admixture. That’s the equivalent of 1 great-grandparent.

  10. To Jason Y:
    Perhaps Tilia was bullied for being part-white by Asians. So this is her revenge. I could see that happening. Asians are very cruel to mixed raced people, especially Vietnamese..
    Looking at her younger photos she could easily have passed as fully Asian.
    The anti mixed attitude was again Amerasians, not against Viet/French mixes and although this attitude was common in Vietnam, it was not common in the West. Tila Tequila was born to refugee parents in Singapore who moved to the US when she was 1 year old so she never experienced the harshness of Vietnam or the anti race mixing attitudes nor to the best of my knowledge has she ever discussed such bullying when she was growing up. She has stated that in her teens she would identity sometimes as Asian, black, or Latino but not white, that’s a much more recent phenomenon. Believe or not when she was first becoming famous she had support among Viets, look at the comments at the link above.
    Her “Aryan” turn came after suicide attempts and a brain aneurysm.
    I think the possibility of her being mentally illness is rather high.

      1. Vietnamese kids are so cute, why are these rednecks so full of hate that they would kill them, spit on them, cut them to pieces and think it’s their duty as a soldier or former soldier?
        OK my Politically Correct rant for the day. 😆

  11. Probably because no matter how often the redneck shows up for wars or is taxed or feels ignored by his government the reality is that other groups succeed in America more rapidly.

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