Robert Stark Interviews Rabbit about Hillary's Speech & the Alternative Left

Superb interview. Rabbit talks about me a lot on here and he says that we pretty much agree on most things, and the only areas that we disagree on are solutions for the problems that we have identified. I would actually agree with Rabbit here. I do agree with about everything he says, but I don’t see eye to eye with him on what if anything to do about it. Although even there we share common interests such as ending illegal immigration, restricting legal immigration, etc.
Rabbit’s traffic definitely went through the roof after Hitlery’s speech about the Alt Right. The Alt Right has been going berserk over all the publicity, although frankly, most people who never heard of them before are going to be more appalled than enthralled by this group.
My mother had never heard of them before, and I discussed it with her. She said they were White Supremacists, and her attitude was screw them. Like many Whites, she despises what she calls White Supremacists. She does not like White nationalists either. She says those are just White Supremacists. About their White state, she laughs at them and asks, “Why don’t they just move to Iceland or Idaho?”
What is interesting is that my mother is also a Liberal Race Realist from way back. She has long believed in differences between the races, especially in intelligence.
It was something that she long suspected, but I converted her and her boss, a PhD Hispanic Clinical Psychologist, to actual race realism via a fine article by Roger Pearson in the late 1980’s. The psychologist said he had always suspected this was true as he had been observing exactly these differences in intelligence for decades, as he did IQ testing (he tested me in 1987).
He also felt that intelligence might be more inborn that anything else. He said he always thought that smarter people just studied more, but he used to ask high IQ Asians, etc. how much they studied, assuming they would say all the time, and he was stunned when they laughed at him and said we never study, maybe one day before the test. Then he had lower IQ people who studied all the time and got poor grades. It didn’t add up.
My Mom keeps these views pretty much to herself, but she is not stupid. She has a ~145 IQ around my score, and she is not dense to the world around her. I told her how the HBD’ers were part of the Alt Right, and she said, “You know that stuff should not be about Left or Right.” But she didn’t think much of the rest of the Alt Right, and she was shocked that I had spent a lot of time over there. I submit that there are an awful lot more soft Liberal Race Realists out there than one might think.
Because the speech was about the Alt Right, a lot of folks started thinking, “Hey, what about the Alt Left?,” so they ended up at Rabbit’s site.
However, the Alt Left meme was quickly grabbed and destroyed by utterly moronic and insipid mainstream conservatism in the US which decided improbably that the mainstream Left and the Democratic Party were the actual Alt Left. Well if that were true, there would be no need for us to make an Alt Left eh? As the Alt Left is against most everything the supposedly Alt Left Democratic Party and Left is for. These pundits went on and on about how SJWish and socialism are examples of the Alt Left, but that makes no sense as socialism has been around longer than most trees and the real Alt Left is reaction against the Cultural Left.
So the Cultural Left or “Alt Left” is just the Left nowadays, and increasingly it is also the Democratic Party. And what’s so Alt about socialism? The Left has been socialist since the term was invented in the French Parliament. This characterization is insipid as usual for mainstream conservatism, where nearly everything they say is retarded or asinine in some way. Well, they can go around to all of the Cultural Left and socialist Left and ask them if they are the “Alt Left.” See what they say. I am sure that these people do not wish to be characterized this way, and they would probably take offense.
The term is in safe hands.
A few scattered pieces here and there discussed the real Alt Left as founded by people like Rabbit and me, there was not much talk going on. The general perception was that this was some very odd but tiny movement on Left that no one could make much sense of.
So while Rabbit got a ton of traffic out of this, mostly what happened was that a truly retarded and false narrative of the Alt Left was created by cuckservative pinheads, which served only to confuse matters and no doubt will never catch on with any sensible political observers.
This matter confirms my opinion that while the Alt Right is evil, I don’t think they are retarded. Their discourse is at least coherent and rational. It’s just wrong, morally.
Mainstream Republican conservatism as usual constructs yet another puerile narrative that doesn’t even make sense. So the Alt Right is evil but rational while the cuckservatives are mostly just Down’s Syndrome nutcases. They’re almost too crazy to even be evil. Is a ranting nut on the street evil foremost, or is he just nuts? Mostly he’s just nuts. That guy with the headphones jabbering away at the sky is modern WND/Breitbart/Free Republic/Republican Party conservatism – the ravings of idiots and fools rather than menacing hardheaded thugs.
Anyway, take a listen.

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Topics include:
Hillary Clinton’s speech against the Alt Right
Donald Trump’s response to the speech, that there’s no altright or altleft,”  just “common sense.”
This comment led to a massive inquiry into the Alt Left and resulted in massive traffic for Rabbit’s AltLeft blog.
AltLeft in the National News
How mainstream journalists often fail to do research on the topic they are covering.
How mainstream conservatives are now saying Hillary Clinton is behind the Alt Left.
Conservative trolls on Twitter accusing Rabbit of being part of Clinton’s campaign.
Many people are also claiming the Alt Left is Bernie Sanders’ and Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s.
How the Alt Left is a movement started by blogger Robert Lindsay for liberals who oppose political correctness.
Rabbit’s Alt Left Manifesto.
Third Positionists, Rabbit views them as potential allies but is also in conflict with them over their opposition to his interest in futurism, modern art, and his socially liberal views.
Is there room for a chic, left-wing, futurist variety of “soft fascism?”
How political labels such as Left and Right have become obsolete.
Rabbit’s plans for his blog to focus more on culture instead of politics
The Vaporwave themed Neonopolis in Las Vegas.
Conceptual ideas for self contained autonomous futurist societies.
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  1. There are some similarities with Bernie’s supporters to the Alt-Left, in that they oppose illegal immigration and are overwhelmingly White, as Robert’s post about his Quora answer indicated.
    Let’s not start an ‘insufficient purity test’ right away.
    We need to be more all econompassing like Robert Lindsay and Ryan England.
    But yeah, Jill Stein, BLM, aren’t alt-Left

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