McWorld Is Here; What about McRace?

Cranial studies show that Black skulls became much Whiter-looking after the Civil War. Some of this change was environmental, but most of it was genetic. Not all can be chalked up to ingress with Whites. Apparently Blacks were preferentially selecting Blacks with more progressive features, as these features are more attractive.
White skulls have also gotten much more progressive since the Revolution. In fact, modern White and Black skulls look more like each other than either does to their own ancestors! In other words, modern White skulls look more like modern Blacks than they resemble our own pre-Revolutionary White ancestors! And modern Black skulls look more like modern Whites than they resemble their own pre-Revolutionary Black ancestors.
Both races seem to be converging into a more progressive, less archaic phenotype at the same time as Black and White phenotypes appear to be converging. It is as moderns are merging into sort of a common race in the same way that we are merging into one global culture.
Life is always interesting.

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43 thoughts on “McWorld Is Here; What about McRace?”

  1. So is there dark sarcasm in this piece? No offense. Since anti-globalists hate globalism, then they hate mixed race also. However, this mixed raced stuff came about as no global agenda, but was simply the result of unions after the Civil War.
    Lately the only black/white unions you would see would be black guys who are into white women. They’re not being fed propoganda, but simply like white women. They would have done white women back in the 50s.
    Also, note a lot of this stuff is biased. So many people hate black/white unions, but brag on Amerindian ancestery. So I see a lot of racism as not anti-global, but it’s just anti-black, and maybe anti-Asian sometimes. For some reason those races are seen as weird to certain racist white Americans.

    1. McWorld is bullshit, cause mulatto kids are always black, they’re never a seperate group that is black and white. They grow up black, talk black etc… So what are these KKK anti-globalists etc.. talking about ?? This so called threat to genetic biodiversity they say.
      Also, again, how much of the US population is going mulatto. How much of the world is going mulattto? Not much, so where is the threat. Even the mixed stuff in Latin America happened in the 15th to 18th centuries. It’s not gonig on now, it’s already done. Paranoia of globalism, in the sense of race, is totally based on lies. it’s just a bunch of BS that racist dads invented to scare their daughters into marry other white people.

    2. It’s not race mixing. Both races, Black and White, are selecting for more progressive features now possibly due to arranged marriages disappearing and people marrying for love and attraction. When people start marrying for love, they will select based on attraction whereas with arranged marriages there is not a lot of selection based on attraction going on. Everyone just gets stuck with whoever.

      1. So which is better in your opinion? However, that’s not why race mixing is going on. Most whites date for attraction, yet still end up going with whites. It’s all about the numbers, and the WN paranoia isn’t justified. It’s just white nationalists being punks.

  2. How long until China accepts enough immigrants so that it is racially no longer East Asian, or East Asia overall for that matter?
    How long until sub-saharan Africa becomes a mulltiracial melting pot? How long till India changes it racial make up significantly enough so that the people there now are a minority amonst “New Indians” and the dark skinned Caucasians are a minority?
    Or Indonesia? Or Phillipines? Or Sri Lanka?
    I dont see ANY non-White country making any rapid progress towards a McRace. Sure, you can argue some are mixtures of regional ethnic groups, but these aren’t exactly clamboring to expand it dramatically.
    Fiji may be an exception, and its not because the choose to become majority Indian. Israel is trying desperately to avoid becoming non-Jewish. They aren’t all that tolerant of others.
    It’s ONLY the White countries which are changing rapidly like this (ostensibly voluntary). There are no non-white countries engaging in this social experiment. More telling, there are White anti-racists suggesting they do.
    It’s only White countries where are supposed to become melting pots. Japan can remain more homogenous that Germany was during Hitlers time, and the anti-racists won’t say boo about it being a problem.
    Only White countries need diversity. Non White ones are already “diverse”.
    The idea of a one-race world is a lie. A sham. It’s not happening. China will be homogenously Chinese at the end of the 21st Century. As will Japan, Korea. Nigeria will be as black then as it is now. South Africa will be more and more a black country.
    The other races aren’t going to disappear. It’s only the White nations and the White race where this is happening. The “McRace” is essentially replacing ONE race, while leaving all the others. It means that Whites are replaced, everyone else stays.
    Everyone else is allowed to stay. Everyone else can remain as they are, and not be ‘racist’.
    This is an insidious and dangerously false idea that needs to die.
    On a side note, I think this puts to bed the neo-Nazi idea that Southern Europeans were blonde-haired blue eyed Aryans who then mixed with blacks, as there is no record of two distinct races living side by side for centuries, as exists in the USA and Brazil.

    Pioneered by two Irish immigrant brothers and a Czech (Ray Kroc) McDonald’s was mixed common-denominator junk food from the start.
    McDonald’s Food lacks the cultural uniqueness, ambiance or palette of an Italian-owned family restaurant or Chinese take-out. It is non-distinct fast food garbage that you can take no pride in having consumed. (“Let’s go to a nice place, honey!)
    Violence and gang activity mostly occur in McDonald’s (Robberies occur in KFC in NAM areas since they do so much business). When you hear of a junkie OD in a female restroom or one male shooting another in a restaurant parking lot it will be McDonald’s.
    This then, is the future we can expect.

    1. Again another racist anology. Comparing mixed race to trash (not the name but real trash). It’s sort of like how santo-culto was falsely claiming most mixed raced people were ugly.
      Note, that Trash (the commenter) is married or is dating a northeast Asian. Hmmm ????

      1. In society which mixed race is better-off? The Eurasian or the NAM mixed ancestry.
        Take a Korean male and a white female (Or vice versa). Both parents will not have criminal records, drug habits, will have some sort of job, will provide a stable family life for the child, raise this child in a safe environment, possibly be strict disciplinarians who encourage frugality and education. It will go to college.
        A NAM father will shaft the white female who is usually poor, uneducated, often mixed up in drugs or petty criminal activity. Soon he forgets her and she must raise the child alone without financial support. Her parents are poor whites from a previous generation who disapprove of a NAM baby and feel shamed at their daughter’s promiscuity. Child will grow up poor and with less stability.

        1. True, but that’s not why you were condeming Nam-White mxed people. You were saying they were boring, common, worthless, perhaps ugly. In other words, negative, but not because the kids would grow up in a bad enviornment, which by the way, would also be their fate born into certain families of ALL (pure) poor whites.

        2. Sorry for double post, but not everyone in the culture disapproves of dating NAMS. Sure there will always be racist grandpas and the like, but to say there is enough of them to make a race-,mixer’s life hell is an understatement.
          You see mixed couples all the time everywhere, even in the south. It’s not a big deal. Nobody cares.

      2. The vast majority of mixed children who are poor, at risk and require gov assistance are the children of a poor drug-addicted white female who was mixed up with NAMS on the fringes of the criminal underworld.
        No white male wants to marry a female who is now overweight and has children by a NAM through some brief tryst.
        She is often abandoned by the NAM who simply wanted to get his rocks off and has moved on to a new, skinny female.
        Eurasian children will probably have two parents.

  4. Again let’s look at real numbers before we listen to our “funny” hilbilly racist grandpa (don’t mean you Robert). How many so called Asians are dating whites? How many blacks are dating whites?
    Is it also true that due to our shallow culture certain groups (the disabled, non-conformists, the over-weight, midgets) might be more attracted to other race due to rejection? How many nerds in the class get to date the prom queen? Seems like jocks seem to monopolize them.

      The poor white female often finds a single male who in addition to servicing her gets his kicks molesting her children.
      Or sometimes the poor white female simply has casual lovers, who also impregnate her.
      From this example, the poor white becomes sexually active at an early age. Girls 14, boys 16 tops.
      Note that the male is predatory in his sexuality, often. He will be 21 and seducing or impregnating 14-17 year old females.
      In any event, his reproductive strategy is similar to that of a NAM. Another words he provides his children with little and cannot do so anyhow because he is casually employed in addition to being in and out of jail.

      1. Yeah, but a lot of the problem is chicks are attracted to bad boys. It’s a primal thing. These women are asking for poverty etc.. cause they always hang with a bad crowd. What can be done for them? Unless they’re taught good values from a young age, they could drift off into this trashy world of instability.

        1. True. Poor white bad boys get laid a great deal. They seem to have a variety of women at their disposal.
          Same for NAMS who stand back smugly at the sight of a cat fight.

  5. JASON Regrettably it is true that poor white males are often no greater at providing for their children than a NAM.
    They produce a great deal of them, too. It is the white jobless meth addict jailbird who has four children or six.
    Poor white males and NAMS have this in common: they are wonderful at producing children with poor, unskilled females.
    Actually, I would not extend this to rural whites. Rural whites have a fairly rigid family structure and most are employed.

    1. Again is the WN obsession with genetics when really it’s bad crowds which are the downfall of so many people. If one hangs with a bad crowd, then they become like them.

      1. What happened to your relentless excusing of bad crowds because of their environment, neglecting intentionally that they changed the environment to That?

        1. If your thinking such logic means I back segregation, then your mislead. The problem with white nationalists is they’re saying all blacks are thugs, all of them. However, if blacks aren’t thugs, then what justification is there for seperation?

  6. Also, again we have to look at real numbers cause not all blacks who date whites abandon them. Some are just small town Darrius Rucker blacks who like white women.

  7. True.
    But I am willing to speculate that the child or an Asian male and white female is better-off overall in stats than the child of a NAM and a white female.
    I’d further guess that if you examined the white females you would notice the one married to the Asian man was older, better-educated, and less likely to be a single mother.

    1. Yeah, but what can you do? The young girls are drawn to bad boys from an early age. The parents let them hang with certain families while growing up and those families are usually a terrible influence.
      Again, Robert wants to cut down Hindu caste, but a lot of it probably came from centuries of having to deal with unfair manipulation from certain people. Eventually at some point they decided we are not letting our kids hang with certain families cause those people cannot be trusted. It’s a proven fact they will infect our family and ruin it.

  8. McDonalds has awesome food. That’s why they’re rich. Let’s not listen to white nationalist arguments about globalism or liberal arguments on the evils of capitalism. Let’s face the facts: The food is cheap and good, that’s why they’re everywhere on the planet.

    1. He can protest any way he pleases within the bounds of the law and first amendment. I don’t watch sports so I’d never even heard of the guy until this controversy. Most black athletes would never do this. I think of some of the greatest performances of the national anthem by the likes of Whitney Houston and Jimmy Hendrix. I saw even Usain Bolt who isn’t even American showing his respect for the anthem:
      Stories like this make sensational headlines but ultimately this is unimportant news. To me it’s a joke that a guy that gets paid millions to throw a ball around and live a lifestyle of luxury and privilege is complaining about how oppressive the nation is. I guess all this has been lost on all the 99% of black athletes who do stand up for the anthem.

      1. Kaepernick is not an African immigrant of the best sort. He is a sad example of a typical NAM – European American hybrid personal history: NAM father unknown, white mother from the working-class and a shallow teenager (Polish immigrant in this case) who was impregnated as a teenager.

        1. Baloney, you didn’t even read his bio. Also, he overcame his terrible start and ultimately he did well, athletically, and academically.

      2. At first I was thinking that, but then I realize all the “players” and worthless ass blacks are standing up for the national anthem. While this idealist hero who is genuinely a good guy is not.

        1. What makes him “genuinely a good guy”?
          Bitching about “oppression” when he gets paid BILLIONS to play a damn game? If he’s so “oppressed”, he can give back his BILLIONS anytime!
          I’m still waiting for him to put his money where his mouth is, literally!
          That makes HIM the “worthless ass black”, doesn’t it?

  9. His mother was the daughter of Polish immigrants.
    If Charles Bronson and a NAM woman had a love child, this is how he might look.

    1. BTW, he’s not only an NFL player, but he’s one of the best ones as far as skill is concerned. All this coming from a guy with such a horrible background starting out, of which he had no control.

  10. There is a difference between the best and brightest of Africa immigrating voluntarily to the United States and the offspring of a NAM and a teenage Polish girl from the streets of Wisconsin.

    1. The kid they sired had a 4.0 GPA in high school, and probably did well in college. He isn’t a bad guy, not a player, yet conservatives are bashing him all to hell, possibly cause they see the tattoos which don’t reflect the real him, and of course his taboo sitting down at the national anthem (How dare he!)

  11. Americans used to have more sense about sports teams. Youth games are played by men in the twenties or thirties who would struggle to pass a basic geography test.
    Most of them rotate fairly quickly as sports is a young person’s profession and go on to little anyhow.
    When sports were the domain of Irish and Italian immigrant kids the star athlete would do a “Rocky Balboa” by retiring to the old neighborhood to open a gym or perhaps a restaurant.
    Today we read about them broke and addicted to crack cocaine five years later after a divorce.

  12. It isn’t Darrius Rucker, it’s Darrius fucker Him and his sly smile and baseball cap just can’t keep his dick out of white women.

  13. It is an unsaid social truth that white women who associate with NAMS usually have an unsavory lifestyle anyhow. They are the strippers, the coke whores, the groupies, the hustlers, hookers.
    Often they are raped or become drug addicts and removed from the overall white population to become mothers of babies who will be considered NAMS by society standards.

    1. That’s not always the case as some black guys chase chubby women who are farily clean drug-wise.. In other cases, there has been real relationships between stable blacks and thin (what society considers normal) females.

  14. …and you meet many honest and decent ones waiting for food stamps after the NAM has abandoned the family.
    Not always, of course. But often.

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