India's Other Biggest Problem: Underemployment and Unemployment

Lin writes:

Their biggest problem other than the caste system is unemployment. Public shitting, rapes, riots…are things they used to and really no big deal. While it’s not unusual, employment is understated in many countries, US included. It is grossly understated in Bharat due to lack of both administrative means and political will. I read their official unemployment is something like 3% only. The real unemployment/underemployment could range from 20% to 50%.

  • The majority of ’employed’ survive hand-to-mouth and don’t have year round income.
  • Only a small %, can’t remember the exact number, say 6%, are in the ‘organized sectors’. Seems ‘organized’ means the employers registered with the gov. for revenue-taxation accounting purpose. Say a McDonald’s burger flipper belongs to the organized sector. The rest mostly are casual laborers, street vendors…snake charmers…
  • The ‘made-in-India’ campaign to repeat the E-Asian experience of cheap labor manufacture for exports came too late. Even poor 3rd World China is investing big on robotics. Increasingly, hi-tech robots will be used to make ‘low-tech’ products like shoes, and I suspect apparel making will be included soon. Robots will be their competitors, not workers in other 3rd World countries.

See here and here.

I think Lin is onto something here. Anyone else care to chime in?

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82 thoughts on “India's Other Biggest Problem: Underemployment and Unemployment”

  1. Yes, Lin is correct. Only 6 to 7 percent Indians are employed in the “organized” sector and subject to taxation. These are the high wage earners.
    Most businesses in India thrive on nepotism, corruption and tax evasion. They try to pay as little tax as possible.
    The vast majority of Indians earn a pittance. Most would be lucky to make 10,000 rupees a month (US$140) or even half of that amount. Think of brick kiln laborers, agricultural workers, casual restaurant workers, low wage industrial workers and small-time shopkeepers. Very few have health insurance, access to government pensions or any kind of social security. India has no social security to speak of in the first place, as the rich pay as little income tax as possible. All the tax money that the State collects, is used to pay the salaries of Federal and state government employees, and military spending. India’s defense budgets are very high for a poor, developing country.
    Western nations, mainly the US, UK and France along with Russia, are ahead in queue to exploit India’s fascination with arms. Tens of billions of dollars of tax revenue is wasted in purchasing obsolete and overpriced submarines, fighter aircraft and other useless equipment to line the pockets of US corporations like Bombardier, Rockwell Collins or Sagem (France). This is because the top bosses who govern India are corrupt as hell. It’s so easy for an executive of Rockwell Collins to bribe Indian government officials so that India purchases yet another F-16 for a billion dollars.

    1. If Indians could not export a labor force to other countries or attract foreign investment then India might be even worse off. Bangalore has been transformed completely.
      Arab Oil Money offsets this to a degree because the Indian labor force in the Arab Gulf generates billions in remissions.
      LULU Hypermarket is an example of how Indians have developed a secondary economy in the Arab Gulf.
      Jains and some Gujarati have taken it one step further to become Arab citizens and open up businesses.

      1. Jain and Gujaratis becoming citizens in arab states? Well it is important to note those jains and gujaratis only stay in arab countries and still hold indian citizenship.Gulf states does not grant citizenship to outsiders

    2. At the bottom of military expenditure is geography. India has been at war with China and Pakistan and Bangladesh and peacekeepers in Sri Lanka (War between ancient Bengali majority vs Tamil settler minority).
      British can be blamed for this to some degree.
      Lower-caste people survive from an under-the-table economy that circulates billions.

      1. British can be blamed for this??
        Partition? Thaks to Gandhi-Nehru. Kasmir issue ? thanks to Nehru. Bangladesh? Thanks to Indira Gandhi.

        1. Churchill can be blamed to some extent for the Partition. But of course Ghandhi wanted him out fast and economically Britain wanted out fast.
          Kashmir was going to be an issue because of Pakistan not India. Nehru himself was a Kashmir Brahman so of course his own perspective was subjective. Americans idiotically sided with Pakistan when it became an issue in the 70’s because India flirting with Russia briefly.
          Well, we all know what happened to Indira don’t we?
          Sri Lanka is basically an ancient North vs. South divide transplanted to an island-Bengali (Singhalese) vs. Tamil settlers who migrated more recently.

        2. Muslims and Hindus hate each other. They always have. Pakistan and India, and Bangledesh being seperate was inevitable, and of course, a great idea.

      2. Whatever british did, it was correct. No one really wanted to be part of these fascist hindutva movement. Nehru was absolutely right when he said hinduism would smash countries into pieces. We are seeing the results today.

      3. India is a statist country, othewise, how can they crush N E separatism? Unfortunately, there has been no movement to crush imperialism of hindutva from gujrat,rajasthan and other such villages etc.

  2. Brahmans do not have 5 children. Or Gujarati Khatris. Or Parsis.
    Much of the problem is population and resource management (In addition to corruption). There’s just 5 x too many people for the available public funds even if they were not stolen by the ministers.

    1. That’s why I believe Indian needs a Hitler. anyway, I know what Brahmins are and how they kept other castes away from studying for centuries and how they have been treating Dalits, worse than animals. In my opinion, Brahmins are just like the jews who want everything for themselves and despise everybody else esp Dalits. And scientifically and genetically speaking, there is no difference in the genetic makeup of brahmins and dalits. It’s not “scientifically” proven.

      1. Upper caste Hindus have more ANI
        “We analyze 25 diverse groups to provide strong evidence for two ancient populations, genetically divergent, that are ancestral to most Indians today. One, the “Ancestral North Indians” (ANI), is genetically close to Middle Easterners, Central Asians, and Europeans, while the other, the “Ancestral South Indians” (ASI), is as distinct from ANI and East Asians as they are from each other. By introducing methods that can estimate ancestry without accurate ancestral populations, we show that ANI ancestry ranges from 39-71% in India, and is higher in traditionally upper caste and Indo-European speakers. Groups with only ASI ancestry may no longer exist in mainland India. However, the Andamanese are an ASI-related group without ANI ancestry, showing that the peopling of the islands must have occurred before ANI-ASI gene flow on the mainland. Allele frequency differences between groups in India are larger than in Europe, reflecting strong founder effects whose signatures have been maintained for thousands of years due to endogamy. We therefore predict that there will be an excess of recessive diseases in India, different in each group, which should be possible to screen and map genetically.”
        “We compared our autosomal estimates of ANI ancestry to Y chromosome and mtDNA haplogroup frequencies. Y chromosome analysis has shown that traditionally upper caste and Indo-European speaking groups have elevated frequencies of alleles that are also common in West Eurasians5,6. However, mtDNA analysis shows elevated frequencies of haplogroups common in West Eurasians only in northwest India7,8,43. Comparing the autosomal estimates of ANI ancestry to the frequencies of haplogroups characteristic of West Eurasians, we find a significant correlation on the Y chromosome (P=0.04) and a more marginal correlation in mtDNA (P=0.08) (Table S6 and Figure S7). The stronger gradient in males, replicating previous reports, could reflect either male gene flow from groups with more ANI relatedness into ones with less, or female gene flow in the reverse direction. However, extensive female gene flow in India would be expected to homogenize ANI ancestry on the autosomes just as in mtDNA, which we do not observe. Supporting the view of little female ANI ancestry in India, Kivisild et al.44 reported that mtDNA ‘haplogroup U’ splits into two deep clades. ‘U2i’ accounts for 77% of copies in India but ~0% in Europe, and ‘U2e’ accounts for 0% of all copies in India but ~10% in Europe. The split is ~50,000 years old, indicating low female gene flow between Europe and India since that time.”
        Now it is clear. Aryans raped local women to create most Indians. India is ancient Brazil/Mexico. Aryans were the Spanish (but more closer to today’s Slavic-Baltic populations) and the ASI were the native Americans and Africans of India. ‘White’ Brazillians and ‘White’ Mexicans even if not pure Whites like most American Whites are the elites, the Brahmins, Kshatriya etc…of Latin America
        History repeats itself.

        1. As a white male I find it embarrassing the degree to which Caucasians from Spain (Latin America/Philippines) to Russia/Eastern Europe (India) ran around forcing themselves on local indigenous women.
          India’s problems and Latin America’s problems are all a result of an ancient white caste system with a bottom caste of pure indigenous and a huge mixed population feeding off the crumbs of a small pale elite.
          White men can be blamed for heedlessly impregnating local women and leaving behind a neglected population of orphans to be pushed around by priests and governors.

        2. No your wrong. The Phillippines and Indonesia are a pure race, yet it’s the same thing as in Latin America.
          Also, the new mixed raced populations in India and Latin America might have it bad off, but I bet if no white had ever banged their ancestors, the situation would be much worse.

        3. You’re right here, Jason Y, if not for the little white man Aryan genes, this degenerate toxic Australoid group would have gone extinct. They are ugly as apes. Even apes have some redeeming qualities inside them. But these Australoid Dravidians are totally useless. A shit stain on the human kind.
          They brag about how they created Indus valley civilization, hahaha for a group that doesn’t know how to clean their poop, would they have created anything functioning in the society? They are more deluded than Afrocentrists. The caste system is an excuse they continuously have for all their failures. This shit caste system is probably the only contribution to the world by the Aryan Dravidian Australoid hodgepodge of a the group called Indians.

        4. Beauty is subjective with Dravidians, as with anyone else. However, possibly the Dravidian IQ and other things was massively helped out by breeding with the Indo-Aryan invaders.

        1. Well everybody was mixed to start with. And Manusmriti was a total shit, not sure exactly who created it and why. But treating women, Dalits like shit, started with it. And now thanks to non-mixing, most of the Indians are like ugly dimwits. Churchill himself despised Indians but his arguments against Indians were logical. Basically, everyone is trying to be “more” white.

      2. ‘Brahmins’ != ‘Brahmans’. There is a difference between these two words. The fomer is a highest caste based on profession, which were mostly administrative tasks, similar to civil services. The later was a superior race, which ruled and created majestic things. Hitler referred to the later ones.
        Many of these so called brahmins themselves are living in delusions that they are vedic, where as, in reality, they are not.

        1. Mr. Rao, could you throw light on the majestic things created by the Brahmans?
          I’ve met more than a few Hindus for whom Hitler seems to have validated Hindu cosmology. Hitler also believed in useless concepts pushed by the incurable beta male, Nietzsche, and other such comic book esoteric Eastern voodoo.
          It doesn’t matter if Brahmins think they are Vedic. They are unimportant on the whole in a modern world, and they should have lost relevance a few centuries ago.

      1. You’ll know a Brahman immediately by his behavior. I would tell other Goras to imitate him when they are in India. Maintain a distance. Keep personal opinions to oneself. Avoid street fights or getting drunk in low bars.

        1. They do all shit but get away easily just by saying that they are brahmins. They rape and murder too. But you won’t know because most of it is blamed on low caste people who are always their scapegoat. Abroad they try to be like aristocrat white because they associate themselves more with white ancestry. They are backstabbers and liars but outside they will talk sweetly to you. And they know in any shit they will be out easily coz their caste people are sitting on top. It’s always like that and will be like that till they are extinct.

        2. You will know a ‘brahmin’ immediately, not ‘brahman’. Brahmans are extinct. Brahmins are still there, with their so called superior culture of living in poverty, or working in veddoid/australoid factories as clerks.

  3. In other countries Brahman children do not form street gangs as Bangladeshi or Punjabi Muslims do. You won’t see them in UK prisons filling up space for selling drugs or shooting somebody in drive-by.
    They will not attempt to “groom” young white girls or engage in violent crime. Compare Freddie Mercury to the average Bengali teenager in a bad London neighborhood with a gun his pocket and a nose full drugs.
    Brahmans in North America or Dubai will live well, have white-collar jobs. They act, well, sort of like white people.
    Now your other Indians will form ghettos and fund Sikh or Tamil Separatist terrorism in India. They will congregate in neighborhoods in poverty and their children will have typical urban social problems-gang activity, drugs, even pimping.

  4. With robots taking jobs, the poor in the third world will have no way to survive at all and will have to die of starvation.

    1. JASON This might possibility might be on the horizon. Globalization has saved many developing countries from starvation but the motivation is not lifting a country out of poverty but paying 14 years old kids a low-wage to make Nike shoes at less cost to the corporation.
      When the human labor becomes irrelevant it is not clear who is going to purchase these goods and thereby keep the economy going.

      1. One consequence of robots will be massive unrest as there won’t be no jobs for much of the population in the third world. Perhaps a ripe time for Trump to take the gloves off and show his really evil side.

        1. JASON If you noticed, Scots people are not climbing over their own pets to get to places like Tennessee or Welsh to South Carolina the way they use to. Standards of living have risen there, and fallen in the States.
          How many Europeans still believe America is the land of endless opportunity? We still saw a few Germans or Italians into the late 70’s but Polish aren’t immigrating to Chicago or Milwaukee….
          America is not as attractive to the rest of the world as it was when European came here and the third world would rather enjoy more liberal welfare benefits in Northwest Europe.
          Latin Americans cannot afford to go anywhere else. Do Chinese REALLY want to stand outside Day Labor? Koreans?
          Sure, these folks will work for a few years in North America but want to return home eventually. Seoul is not as bad off as Detroit.

        1. Call centers, in India’s case. Truth is that Indians do the most brutal jobs that North Americans just do not want to do. Data entry, Call Centers etc.

    2. JASON I agree and the measure of a society will be how well human beings behave with absolutely nothing to do on welfare all day because not everyone will have a 150 IQ.
      Even women wishing to engage in that profitable form of labor known as prostitution will have to compete with interactive masturbation tools.
      Cops will still be necessary to police bored, restless, unemployed vast swathes of humanity with no work.
      But robotics will be a huge change in the developing world and rising SUPERPOWERS like China will no longer have to rely on master-slave economic relationships with Sam Walton or for that matter will be able to rely on them
      Trade will have less value.

      1. The poor would have to die or return to the countryside, but there is only so much land. Possibly all this stuff could possibly be the “end times” stuff we read about in Revelation.

        1. The third world poor will go to Western Europe and North America and Australia/ New Zealand after robotics takes off. Soon these places also become like Brazil. Then maybe they will invade/migrate to Eastern Europe including Russia as well as East Asia. Soon they will become Brazil too. The whole world will be a India/ Sudan/ Brazil slum with the 5% elites (new Brahmins) served by their robot slaves while the rest of humanity lives in a Dharavi (biggest slum in Bombay) like flavella. Some thing like the movie District 9 alien slums. Maybe like Elysium the neo – Brahmins will move to space stations. That is the future of the world.

    3. Good! The sooner the less evolved races go extinct, the better, as ongoing issues concerning global over-population, coupled with their on-going immigration into 1st world white nations, which they bring with them nothing but negatives such as crime, lower IQ levels, limited capability to function in an post industrial society, tendency to have 3 or more children, as opposed to 1-3 children for the typical white family, when combined altogether to participate in take-down ( over-consumption) of natural resources in a high-income society & all around lower social capital, can only bring total disaster for humanity, & perhaps in the end, earth’s ecology as well.

  5. Sorry for double post. Actually in the Phillippines and possibly India, McDonalds is an upscale restaurant and working there is an upscale job. Not like in the US where the food isn’t considered fine dining, and the job is a slave job.

  6. JASON You make a good point. A Filipino or Indian or Italian restaurant that would be gourmet in America at $50 a place is not considered as upscale as fast food in those countries.
    McDonald’s was once a middle-class gathering place in America but in bad neighborhoods I would avoid one.

    1. Well, yeah of course. However, your going to attract the poor cause that’s all they can afford, and the workers will also be poor. However, the poor won’t hurt you, at least if your not in their family, where I live, but in a gangbanger neighborhood they could.

      1. Sorry for double post:
        The poor unstable whites work via a family. That’s why they don’t seem as violent as NAMS. The poor whites are more likely to rob family members, to do identity theft to family members etc… while a NAM might just go stick up a gas station.

  7. JASON I was wondering how poor whites feed a crippling drug addiction without committing many crimes. The odd burglary or receiving stolen property or shoplift but for the most part they seem to be able to pay some kind of rent and still have a $200 a day habit.

    1. The odds are they are commiting crime, but often it’s overcharging family members for bad work, using kids as extortion devices (Oh, I love the cute kids, so I have do whatever I can to please the drug addicted parents.), using welfare to have more kids to get more money, identity theft, stealing checks etc…

      1. However, they will deny they are doing these things. In fact they try to come across as a “friend of the family”.
        However, with some of them it’s obvious the government gives them enough cash to survive for a month, yet they’re always weasling out more money, borrowing more money etc.. So of course, it’s going to drugs, but they will deny they even do drugs most of the time. Or at least they present an illusion that they’re paying for the drugs, without manipulating non-druggies to get it.
        In my own family, the drug addicts could never pay back all the money they took. So in this case, is it no wonder some non-druggies in my family are snobs, maybe even on par with high caste Indians?

        1. Meth can actually make you more productive for a short period of time (3 months) before it fries your brain.
          How can anybody on Oxy do anything really? You are asleep all the time?

        2. I have no idea why people would want to hang out with crowds which eventually lead them to meth and pain pills. Truly, this must be demon possession.

  8. JASON They seem to be able to survive into middle-age doing this as oppose to going to jail or morgue at 20.
    A NAM is dead or in jail in the drug/crime world by the age of 30. But white addicts seem to be able to live to be 50 years old.

    1. True, meanwhile they had a left a life of scamming non-druggies out of everything they have. And the white druggie lives to an old age, yet has nothing to show for it. They still rent from people. They’re still poor.

  9. Caste system seems to pop up anywhere whites breed with non-whites. The offspring often have more money, assuming they didn’t breed with non-whites and leave. The offspring might end up being better educated and owning everything, hence getting massive resentment from the locals.
    This one island I was at in the Pacfiic Islands, had one despised family. They owned everything and were mixed with white. Possibly they were smarter and had better values than the locals due to a mix of cultural and genetic influences.

  10. JASON Philippines has 50 Spanish families that own everything. If you watched Filipino television or politicians you would think you were in Mexico.

  11. How come noone else is putting any light on what is going on India? Everyone else just turns a blind eye to it. strange. keep up the good work robert. People need to know that india is suffering in many different ways, and that we can do more than we’re doing, to help.

    1. India doesn’t produce terrorism, except against it’s own people (via caste oppression), that is. On the other hand, Muslims are terrorizing the west, India etc… so they get a lot of negative coverage.
      Note, back in the day the Jim Crow South and Aparthied South Africa got negative coverage, but mainly cause those were western or western influenced areas and Jewish groups wanted to use those things to get even with whites, even though it is true segregation etc.. are wrong.

      1. JASON Y It was Jesse Jackson, who despises JOOS, and other NAM leaders who led the campaign to sanction against South Africa.

  12. Robert, here’s some very interesting data for your next blog. Care to weigh in on the not-so-surprising results.
    While United States and India have the highest number of programmers registered on this website, they still rank a dismal 28th and 31st respectively in overall programming scores out of 100 (that too, based on sheer numbers). The Chinese are no.1, just closely followed by Russia. Poland is no.3.
    The underlying conclusion is that the average programmer from the United States or India is mediocre compared to the real geniuses in Eastern Europe and China.

  13. SHI The strength of India is not its skill-set but the India’s ability to export foreign workers to other labor markets-Dubai to Australia to U.S.
    80% of them will work for a few years in the U.S. and then leave anyhow.

  14. U.S. has been fortunate not to receive too many Indians who are not white-collar workers like the U.K. or Canada.
    Besides the occasional Muslim Indian Gujarati doctor very few will show up in the U.S. because they are generally to backward and poor to have skill-set that qualifies for a work-visa. No London Brick Lane with its child grooming pimps, criminals and drug addict populations exists in the U.S.
    This is why the U.S. does not have street gangs, neighborhoods full of drugs and chaos or outright riots of the Milwaukee sort which erupt in Birmingham England from time to time.
    Formerly pleasant Canadian neighborhoods like Brampton have sunk into violence, overcrowding, drugs, gangs, pollution in single generations.

  15. Lin is not onto anything of particular interest. Lin is just parroting what he’s heard or read about India, neither of which is enough to explain the “big” problems of India. India’s biggest problem after caste, is immigration.
    Low wages and low productivity in India is a bigger problem than unemployment. The lack of basic skill level to do jobs, means that nearly anyone can find a job, just about anywhere. Add caste nepotism, and middle class / income women quitting careers, and there are quite a lot of open positions up for grabs. The trouble is the Indian obsession with white collar IT / consultant work (owing to their status / dowry obsession) which is why most jobs are taken up on a temporary position and often with no productivity from a youngster. Even children of farmers are leaving the safety of their homes to become “big” in the cities. There are not enough of these jobs for everyone.
    Robotics in production on a major scale is long way away. The desired time frame to realize “Make in India” for electronic products is 2020. By then most production firms won’t even have switched to software based automation, they wouldn’t even have a clue how to implement robotics. The medium / small firms, would easily require over a decade to catch on.

  16. A few points:
    Unemployment could be:
    1)Mainly demographic/economic structural: Mismatch demand-supply and not enough resources nor infrastructure building: The problems china once faced;
    2)Cultural:” Indian obsession with white collar IT / consultant work ” should be rephrased as “Brahmin aversion to physical labour and reluntance to create factory jobs for the low castes other than sewage diving or domestic servants”
    Migration could be:
    1)A solution for certain regions or countries to solve unemployment problem.
    2)Natural process of urbanization.
    China tried to solve unemployment by enforceing birth control, attracting cheap labour manufacture for export, massive infrastructure building. “cheap labour manufacture for export” didn’t include the massive steel and cement industry built to make railways, highways, powerplants and towns(from clusters of villages).
    In the indian case, I think migration is an outcome of unemployment rather a more fundamental problem.
    I got my india-related infos from many sources, including a relative who went there for business once a while. I’m a long time observer of india.To me,india is an amazingly elitist country with much disconnects between the ‘have’ and ‘havenot’. Even the early indian communists were just left-leaning coffee shop euro-centric Brahmins and were hardly pro poor
    Robotisation could be coming faster than you thought:

        1. Technology changes, business does not. Which is why they do not care. No interest in an hourly wage for a Jain or Baniya.

    1. //Brahmin aversion to physical labour and reluntance to create factory jobs for the low castes other than sewage diving or domestic servants”//
      not brahmin aversion, it was jaded mindset of these people, as ‘brahmin’ was a highest ranked profession in indian/hindu society. And everyone wanted to get this coveted profession, those who left out, became dalits etc.

    2. Typo:” I think migration is an outcome of unemployment rather a more fundamental problem” replaced by
      ” I think migration is an outcome of unemployment rather than a more fundamental problem”

    Brahmin kids are not roaming the streets in gangs like Muslim Indians/Pakistanis in England or Sikhs and Tamils in Canada.
    So if they have lost their “religious relevance” this is not relevant because somehow they have adapted into the acceptable Western mode of behavior with a greater ease than macho Sikhs or Muslims or Tamils from Sri Lanka.
    They always have money in the West, have a visa, have a white-collar job.
    Lower-caste Indians meanwhile are still mired in Western poverty with their kids on drugs in bad neighborhoods of London or Vancouver and so on.
    Brahmins are not a social problem in the West.
    Parsees do better in the West because they are not “real Desis”.
    That answers your questions about caste and how Goras perceive. Brahmin look and act a little “Whiter” than the rest of you.

      It would help if you point out what exactly you’re responding to, I’m not really sure what the context of that post pointing me out is. Look, if you are convinced you are part of dem deutschen aryischen Volk, then so be it man. Brahmins aren’t relevant. This is a fact.
      This has nothing to with religious ‘relevance’. They’ve contributed nothing major to science and nothing to tech, what kind of academic class is this? They can’t play sport, and sedentary activity and vegetarianism are promoted as virtues. This is nonsense. If this is Western mode of behavior, what does it matter? It IS nonsense.
      To me there is no fundamental difference between an average modern lower caste, an average modern Muslim and an average Brahmin (historical or modern). They are both contributing nothing. As a group, Brahmins don’t deserve to be hated or praised, simply ignored. If they would like to be ignored after migrating to the West, what can stop them?

      1. S26 I have nothing to do with some prehistoric Arab cattle-drivers that became known as Aryans from Afghanistan.
        Violence, “man”. Brahmin, Parsee, Khatris and Jains will not commit acts of violence in the West because they are not macho or physically aggressive like lower to middle-lower caste Indians which is why U.S. has no Indian crime but Canada and Britain have “no-go” areas of lower-caste Indians and Muslims whose kids form gangs, get into drugs and steal, pimp or prostitute.
        I do not work in IT or for Indians and Brahmin might resume treating employees like serfs with a Green card but on the street they are not dangerous to Goras.
        I’m not scared walking past some Khatris or Brahmins in New Jersey or a California suburb….You could not pay me to walk through Brick Lane or Bradford in the UK or Brampton, Ontario.
        Brahmin and Khatris arrive with more money/education and are able to operate some low-level business/white-collar job while in UK or Canada lower-caste Hindus cannot and Muslims in U.K. (I’m going to lump Pakistanis) cannot. So their kids get involved in gangs, drugs and petty-corner-cutting frauds that transform their areas into “no-go” areas. Dubai and the Middle East get prostitution, which Brahmin or Parsee or Khatris women are not in need of doing.
        Nationalist Indians who are obsessed with Goras are a pain in the ass with their chest-thumping patriotism while upper-castes will not do this.

      2. S26 QUESTION
        We never hear of “Brahmin street gangs” in Brampton, Ontario or Bradford or London, UK.
        These gangs will be the children of Muslims Indians and Pakistanis or lower-caste Hindus (Tamil and Bengali mostly) and Sikh-Canadians.
        Western-born children of Brahmin will not deal drugs, roam the streets in violent armed gangs, steal, pimp or prostitute.
        “No-go” areas in Canada and UK are created by lower-caste Hindus or Muslims.
        …So explain why? Which Indian can give me an explanation?
        Brahmin tyrants in the office place? Oh, I am sure there are a few but IT folks always leave anyhow eventually and go back to India.
        Why then are lower-caste Hindu/Sikh and Muslims in Canada and England turning those places into no-go areas of vice and gang activity and chaos.
        …Stupid and macho is the answer, I believe. Brahmin are neither. They are “fags”. Khatris are unpleasant money-minded little gutter merchants but unless you bone prostitutes in second-rate hotels you will never run into them. Parsee seem to be more like the Shahs of Sunset strip. They are Persian from the ground up. Jains too.

        1. ARYA PUTRA Übermüll.
          There are Brahmin gangrapists in North India. This is a fact. There are Brahmin molesters, including some of whom are school teachers in Southern India, this is a fact.
          What possibly prevents them from ganging up and forming drug peddling / hooligan mafias, is a question that only be answered by educated speculation. Educated speculation says too things about them.
          One, in glossy postmodern jargon, Brahmins never express themselves violently without the systematic oppression that supports them. Put simply, they prefer to have a backdrop of caste to be criminals, if they are.
          Second, they aren’t just “fags”, they are fags.
          If the West feels safe importing these most incapable of academic classes, then that’s their choice. If they want Brahmins to ejaculate their wealth in the West, the wealth looted of poor Indians, then that’s again the West’s problem. They will further bring in psycho-sexual degeneracy and religious pornography, that is lacking in Christian thought. This will bring true diversity to the West. They will silently offer to replace the Scientific method and hardware based engineering with cosmological mediation / masturbation and self-promoted software supremacy.
          They almost come off as Jews sometimes, Though, unlike Jews, Brahmins can’t do anything without having another caste do it for them.

  18. S26 We’d rather have “fags” than more violent, criminally-inclined, emotional and just plain dumber castes below them. It’s just a drag on Canadian or British police and social services.
    “Perversion” S26 there is enough perversion in the West not to worry about the Karma Sutra.
    Jews? Are you a low-caste Indian or a white redneck. Back with the Jews thing again.

  19. S26 Wealth looted from poor Indians?
    We don’t want poor Indians looting out wealth on welfare or social services or police calls so it is better to accept Khatris with the capital for cheap motel or Brahmin who spend $10,000 a week.
    U.K. now has disgusting ghettos because it imported poor Bengali and Muslim Punjabi people who riot and live in filth and squalor and are drug dealers.
    Sikhs are a little bit of an improvement but they still cause problems in Canada.
    Brahmin are not going to manipulate Korean-Americans, Jews or Hispanics. They are simply going to spend their money.
    That’s what we want them and the Khatris for.

  20. S26 In America Brahmin don’t steal. Lower-caste Hindus and Muslim Indians steal, form gangs, sell drugs, shoot somebody in a nightclub.
    “Fags” well yes they are not macho and that is good because less police attention in the West for pub brawls, wife-beating, street gangs and all the other “macho” things poor Indians do to prove their manhood to one another.
    Brahmin perversion? Show me a Brahmin hooker or porn star? Desi girls doing those things will be low-caste Hindus or a Muslim like Sahara Knite. Brahmin girls do not want to get “cut off” from Daddy’s money and 401K.
    Western countries do not run a Social Services outreach.
    Jews. Yes Brahmin like Jews keep their population down by not having to many children, get a good education, earn good money, and obey the laws.

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