My Experience with Caste in America

Vid writes:

Frankly speaking, 99.9

Well, here we have Punjabis, and almost 10 I met several Gujaratis. They are very uppity and keep to themselves and seem to think they are better than other people. I mentioned caste to three of them even saying they were from a merchant caste, and I got these very weird vibes from them like I had just divulged this diabolical little secret they were hiding. Casteist people almost seem Satanic to me. It is as if they know what they are doing is evil, but they don’t care. They are worshipping evil = caste.

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46 thoughts on “My Experience with Caste in America”

  1. Certain families are in the USA, not East Indian but regular Americans, are divided into uppity and so, so and poorer groups. The poorer groups might live in a trailer, are more likely to smoke cigarettes and do drugs.
    So the question is, “Why criticize India, when people in the USA divide themselves harshly by caste, simply cause those who don’t do illegal drugs, smoke cigarettes, or are involved in a rough culture, cannot mesh well health worshipping Yuppie types? Conflict in inevitable.
    Have you ever been around real Yuppies or whatever they’re called? Well, for one thing, they’re incredibly bossy and preachy. They try to parent even other adults like they’re not of sound mind when they are. They’re into overkill on parenting, not even letting kids drink soda or play video games, also controlling all their time so that the kids cannot even breathe. 😆

    1. Not sure about cigarettes but Brahmans will not chew “Pan” beetle nut in the road. Some higher-caste Indians drink in clubs or snort the occasional line of cocaine but they will not be dead drunk in public.

    2. True that tobacco use in the last two decades has become a social indicator. Into the 90’s people from all walks of life smoked cigarettes but it has now become associated with the low-class.
      On the other hand smoking marijuana seems to be a middle-class phenomenon.
      It is more acceptable in the house of Yuppie to light up a joint than a Marlboro.

    3. Uuum….Jason? Why are you comparing American Basic socio-economics behavior with caste?
      I find it so Ironic when you go on about discrimination on behalf of WNs, accuse me of being one in disguise and misinterpreting Sams beliefs with Blacks constantly yet when a form of horrible discrimination within India is called out, you somehow try to defend it? Funnily enough you do call out rednecks and asians, yet for some reason with indians you make some sort of excuse.
      Have you ever had experience with them?
      Division based on SES cultural trends is one thing that can be argued to be in some way universal, but to the same magnitude of consequences as India or other parts of south asia?
      That’s sort of laughable considering the proletarian influence of America that Robert has actually mentioned is now getting disasterous. It’s authenticity can be argued but still.
      “Why do you think I called for an Alternative Left? The Alt Left would be for generally progressive people who do not see themselves as philosophical conservatives, dislike rightwing economics and are not social conservatives. Yet they would nevertheless oppose, among other things, bringing in millions of impoverished and ill-educated peasants and proletarians from the 3rd Word who bring with them a philosophy of instant gratification due to lower IQ’s, child molestation, gangs and general cultural decline. Right now, the only folks opposing this are reactionary scum. An Alt Left would put an end to that.”

      1. I’m not defending East Indian caste by a long shot, just saying that certain elements of that evil caste system are present in most places worldwide. Perhaps though East Indians have taken it to the extreme, much as the Jim Crow South or Aparthied South Africa did.

        1. Sorry for double post, but another interesting thing to note is that WNs want a world where inequality is the basis of society,. Well, look at India, and you can see that place is horrible mainly cause it’s following the WN advice on how a society should be.

        2. And…? Just because those are present that doesn’t make caste undistinguished in that regard.
          Also, Jim crow and Apartheid end WITH moral backing from the populace.
          Indian caste discrimantion is ILLEGAL yet is still rampant.

        3. Also Jason are you SURE that’s a representative beliefs of “WNs” or is that a strawman?
          As far I know WNs either want there own areas or their own nation. Hell, they ARGUE for racial homogenity to prevent stuff like this.
          In basic terms, “You niggers and nigger lovers think we are oppressing you? Find, tun things by yourself so you can be every bit as rich as us.”
          When it comes to equality in regards to class typically complain more about how whites are to blame for other’s failures than actually wanting to keep them down.

        4. phil- true Nationalism would really not necessitate a label of “White” or “Black” or “Asian”, because each group would automatically be entitled to it’s own.
          When you add a label, it becomes ‘only we get nationalism’, while everybody else has to deal with us, which is called SUPREMACISM.
          Most WNs are not really Nationalists, but Supremacists.
          If you support White rule in non-White countries, or vice-versa, you are not a Nationalists.
          I’ll give Sam credit that he has not done this, and actually seems to be a genuine nationalist, but the others have not.

      2. Sorry for triple post:

        “Why do you think I called for an Alternative Left? The Alt Left would be for generally progressive people who do not see themselves as philosophical conservatives, dislike rightwing economics and are not social conservatives. Yet they would nevertheless oppose, among other things, bringing in millions of impoverished and ill-educated peasants and proletarians from the 3rd Word who bring with them a philosophy of instant gratification due to lower IQ’s, child molestation, gangs and general cultural decline. Right now, the only folks opposing this are reactionary scum. An Alt Left would put an end to that.”

        Note in the home country of Honduras or wherever, nobody does jack shit to help them. So, no wonder the low IQ exists and is creating all those social problems you speak of.

        1. Well the low IQ would exist regardless. The point is that they are coming in and causing problems and it’s seen as racist to point it out or take action against it.
          True, though, it wouldn’t be as bad if things were actually managed in the home country.

  2. ROBERT Keeping to yourself is the successful strategy in India. Gujarati people (Including Jains) understand that money is the only language that says anything in India.
    As a result other Indians will not attempt to start a conflict or confrontation with them because higher-castes will simply ignore them or move around them the way you move around a drunk. It’s a strategy that has allowed the non-violent to rise to the top of the Indian caste system.
    To some degree emotional intelligence is a factor in the Indian Caste system. Gujarati Khatris, Brahmans and Parsis.
    The U.S. caste system forming has the same features: NAMS are generally of a distinct appearance and have no recourse but violence or confrontation. They are not, as a general rule, as academically successful.
    An Asian-American Korean male with a Tae Kwan Do black-belt does not fight every NAM who slights his ancestry in LA because privately he knows the NAM is f*cked anyhow-penniless, non-existent family structure, drug-addiction, disease. So he does not interact.
    Southern Whites are different. They are more concerned with establishing their status to the NAM through violence if necessary. The Northern white simply moves around them.

  3. Gujaratis are Hindus. They are called Gujarati because they live in the state of Gujarat. Sikhism came out of Hinduism. Although Guru Nanak who started Sikhism wasn’t a believer in caste but his parents were of merchant caste. Lately whoever converted to Sikhism to escape from Hinduism were identified with their castes. Even Indian Muslims also believe in caste. Can you believe that? Caste is evil and it is different from racism and sexism. A black man became the president of the USA but a chamar man/woman will never be made the president/prime minister of India. Currently, the situation of India is no better than an animal farm. You know some animals are more equal than others.

  4. Gujarati are from a peninsula near the Gulf Arab states and rose to prominence through trade. They take their ancient ancestry from Georgia in Russia (According to historical speculations) and Gujji is a Sanskrit adaptation of Georgia.
    Parsis might also have some Gujji blood in them but deny it and like to think of themselves as pure Iranian (To Goras, privately that is).
    Gujjis seem to produce more of the merchant castes: Jains, Khatris, Sindh. I think this because they traded early with Arabs.

    1. There is also a claim that the Gujjars are descendants of Khazars who are related to Ashkenazis in Europe. Now I know Gujjars are not the same as Gujaratis but there could be a link. Once Islamic traveler said that the Khazars had a White light haired upper caste and a Indian looking lower caste. Maybe the upper caste went to Eastern Europe to become Ashkenazi and the low caste came to India to make Gujjars and Gujratis. Many Gujarati (not all, not even most) look like Jews and are basically Jews.
      On the Khazar thing
      The 10th-century Muslim geographer al-Iṣṭakhrī claimed that the White Khazars were strikingly handsome with reddish hair, white skin, and blue eyes, while the Black Khazars were swarthy, verging on deep black, as if they were “some kind of Indian”.[82] Many Turkic nations had a similar (political, not racial) division between a “white” ruling warrior caste and a “black” class of commoners; the consensus among mainstream scholars is that Istakhri was confused by the names given to the two groups.[83] However, Khazars are generally described by early Arab sources as having a white complexion, blue eyes, and reddish hair.[84][85] The name of the presumed founding Āshǐnà clan itself may reflect an etymology suggestive of a darkish colour.[86][87] The distinction appears to have survived the collapse of the Khazarian empire. Later Russian chronicles, commenting on the role of the Khazars in the magyarization of Hungary, refer to them as “White Oghurs” and Magyars as “Black Ogurs”.[88] Studies of the physical remains, such as skulls at Sarkel, have revealed a mixture of Slavic, other European, and a few Mongolian types.

      1. MALLA I think Gujarati people are more likely to have Arab blood in them because their peninsula sticks out furthest towards the Arab Gulf.
        Through trade they probably got a leg-up culturally as the merchants of India.

      2. Stop lying. Gujjars are a bunch of lowly, black, piece of shit rapists. They are considered subhuman by Kashmiris as well. A Gujjar woman was denied treatment by a Kashmiri doctor. He called her “dirty Gujjar” and kicked her out. The word Gujjar alone is like a slur synonymous with traitor, bandit, rapist, savage.

        They kidnapped and gang raped several Sikh women in 1984. Read about Chilla Village 1984 to get the horrifying details. They still commit an enormous number of gang rapes. Aryan my ass. Bunch of filthy black wannabe white illiterate, scumbag, filthy rapists they all are.

        This is what these subhuman scum do every day in India.

        This is all done by these jat/Gujjar subhuman, illiterate, savage scum and they have the nerve to spread lies online. These shitskins and coalskins wish they were white. Bunch of black rapists. They all need to be killed.

        1. Indian, you are posting too much. Either send me $10+ and carry on or cut down on how many lines you post a day.

    You can count on the Pitbull being violent and the Sikh is the Pit Bull of India, always reliable to show up for wars in any uniform.
    Parsis would be like a Husky with the wolf in them. They are essentially a foreign group of people in India from Iran. They look different, have Persian aloofness, are less friendly.
    Tamil Christians would be like a Golden Retriever. Docile and reliable.
    Cocker Spaniels are like South Indians. Bright at particular tasks but not a rugged species like a St Bernard.
    Brahman are like a show dog. Intelligent and well-poised but no good for guarding your house.

    1. hahaha ! I know sikhs who are complete pussies. Parsis are not even Indians so why are we even discussing about them. Tamils are docile !!??
      And I know Brahmins who are idiots as fuck. Nobody has a copyright of being intelligent or brave.

      1. Punjabi and Skihs are large, physically-speaking. I cite Parsis only because they have managed to succeed to some degree in India though not occupying a position in the caste system at all.
        Brahman idiots. Sure they exist. But like white idiots they sit in their parents house doing nothing and usually their parents have the resources to keep them fed and sheltered. Moreover they will not have children or as many children so no Brahman orphans roam around. It is lower-caste people that follow the philosophy that reproductive health is wealth and have five kids.

        1. Well, high population ratio is among low caste because most did not have access to healthcare. Many were shooed away even pregnant women. They could not abort female babies, obviously because they did not have access to healthcare. But the philosophy among all castes is same: more sons : more money. Also, muslims are responsible too.

      2. It is not IQ it is public behavior. A Brahman will not get publicly drunk. He will not engage in verbal shouting matches on the street. He will not street fight in public.
        He rarely has time to hate or resent Goras like less-educated lower and middle-caste Indians for their skin color or their own Superpower status.
        He does not care how India measures up as a superpower to the West or what injustices English wreaked in India.
        All of these preoccupations with the West are lower to middle-caste preoccupations.
        In office buildings or Dubai 5 star hotels he will not bellow his Nationalistic Indian pride to German or English tourists or businessmen who know and care nothing about Indians.
        He might be an idiot but he has probably traveled, is well-educated, is refined.
        It is the lower and middle-caste India who is uncouth and unrefined like the poor rural white-measuring himself by his strong erection by the number of children he can produce in poverty, getting drunk at the cricket matches, secretly feeling some need to compare himself with Goras.

        1. Wow great generalisation. Brahmins backstab, they are the most insecure , jealous and fake people. I have seen uncouth Brahmins and not all brahmins are rich or white. Yes, they do try and be like white people all the time and associate themselves more with them than Indians because they think they are better than every other community. Since they want to be associated little with Indians, they have self-pride and not nationalistic pride. In all offices and organizations, Brahmins play with people, great at manipulation. Thats why they are on the top. They never let others unite, it will be a threat to them. Brahmins also commit crime like rape, murder but just like whites they get away easily. Brahmins talk sweetly on outside but are filled with poison inside. That’s why they are like jews and until they are extinct no good will ever come to India. They are only scared of muslims because deep down inside brahmins are pussies and will avoid fighting but not muslims. Brahmins care too much about skin color, and they are most worried when a low caste person is not dark. I guess you know nothing about Brahmins. Just random guesses and generalizations.

        1. He would not because the trash are other castes and poor that Brahman heap into the garbage can that is life outside rich suburbs like Andheri and tourist hubs like Goa.
          Here they will live in a one-room house and have a motorcycle far beyond the high walls of Andheri suburbs where Brahman, Baniya, Parsee and other important influential segments of Indian society live.
          Hindutvas are lower to lower middle-cast Indians who have never held a high position in a Dubai or visited Florida, Disney World on vacation.
          Brahman will never approach Goras they do not know to puff themselves up in act of self-assertion. The Parsee will not boast of India’s greatness.
          Only the insecure of lower-caste status do this.

  6. VID I don’t believe Brahman commit rape or violence, they dislike killing chickens.
    Yes, they do have too much self-pride to bellow their Nationalistic fervor at Goras or fight in public bars or booze at the cricket matches.
    I cannot speak about Muslim Indians because their areas are dangerous for Goras to venture into.

    1. TRASH, Brahmins commit rape.
      They aren’t big in physical violence, though are pretty good at the mental type. You’ll often see a Brahmin 40+ college professor or lecturer trying to impress young girls at the expense of lower caste students.
      Anyone informed in India doesn’t have nationalistic pride. How can the brahmins? They had a big part to play in the big mess of “glorious Bharat”. You will see much of their self-pride take a beating when they travel west. Just look at them sheepishly traveling the U-bahns in Munich. Even the refugee Tamils and the persistent Turks have more pride.

      1. Tamils and Turks create crime-filled ghettos of drugs and chaos and vice. Brahmans who live in the west do not do this. For one thing they are smarter.
        As for mental rape and manipulation, I cannot comment. Few want to have sex with a 35 year old Gora.

      2. S36 Well that’s what Gora’s love about them. They have more money and spend it too. We respect haughty arrogant upper-class people from anywhere.

        1. TRASH, very true.
          That’s one of the reasons for the new found Brahmin hatred of Arabs. They just can’t stand Europe bending over to the Arab money. They’re worried their upper class Brahmin suck up behavior will be replaced by upper class Sheikh snobbery in the migrant pecking order. Brahmins are the jealous type.

      3. Brahman also work for Arabs and ultimately Arabs do not differentiate between any caste at all. Arabs also brought Islam. Arabs also bankroll Pakistan’s terrorist attacks and Kashmir campaigns.
        A Muslim Indian criminal (Many of the criminal or shiftless type convert) or lower-caste chest-thumping Indian nationalists have no money. At best, they want a job and at worst they simply want to lead a criminal lifestyle in the West.
        The Brahman or Khatris wants to run a business and has brought a great deal of cash with them that will stay in the banks of Europe or America.
        They generally do not respect lower-class whites but keep silent.

        1. Brahman / Khatris have bought a combined wealth which is lower than what each single Sheikh contributes. They never seem to understand that’s the reason why European elitists are more open to the Sheikhs than their ass-kissery.
          I’m not surprised Brahmins despise lower-class whites. Their incurable caste / status obsession leads them to try their hardest to fit into elitist circles, and they copy the elitist whites who dislike working class whites (even more than they hate blacks sometimes). ‘Monkey see – Monkey do’ Brahmans simply think that’s the way to be.

        Brahman and Khatris you will find in the suburbs for the most part. Khatris will sometimes own a business in a business district. Whether because they share some distant, distant genetic link to Europeans or just tastes they blend easily into suburbs.
        South Indians of any caste will work in IT and are black so nobody really can identify their caste anyhow.
        Syrian Christians are different.
        Muslim Indians and lower-caste Indians in some countries drift into criminality more often. They will live in the heart of the city where their children get involved in gang activity, drugs and all the other things that come along with city streets.

          Brahmans you will find in the left wing. Heck, almost the entire left in India is Brahman. This could be due to obvious reasons. Brahmans have never had any agency, they’ve simply served as middle men / godmen under first the Kshatriyas, then the Muslims, and the British. They only analogue to that role, is to be the mediator between, classes, gender and caste in the modern world. The role of a marxist journalist / socialist politician therefore is taken up well.
          Also, they’ve never been productive. Veda quoting has no economic value in the modern world. They possibly want to push the socialist agenda to have the state fund them, to replace their traditional income sources, begging for alms, donations from feudal agents, etc. This is likely.
          The only Brahmans that remain in the right, are the actual religious pandits, who are now serving richer lower castes in their elaborate rituals honoring “Sanathan Dharma”. This way, their income is steady, even though they are non-productive.

        2. South Indian IT workers are over-represented in the right wing. They’ve almost taken over it. The North Indians has made a few attempts at Hindutva twitter / troll nationalism but have made no impacts other than a few “Modi is great” photoshop fails.
          The take over nationalism by the middle / lower southie and their fear of the Muslim gangs, means it’s most convenient to play neutral in the left, than to take sides on the right. They want to survive to the end, not win. That is the Brahman. They see cultural Marxism and Eurocentrism as greener pastures. Whenever you see the ahistorical “India is the best” buffoonery nowadays, be sure to expect a southie IT worker behind it.

  7. you are talking as if you met all the brahmins. I am Indian and have lived my all life in India and I know. Whatever shit they do they get away easily. They eat meat as well. Obviously not all. But then not all low caste people commit crime and eat meat. Deep down they are too coward to fight. Seriously why am I wasting my time here. You don’t know anything but keep on talking.

  8. Perhaps this true. A Gora who has hung around India a bit for some minor paycheck or traveled to a few beach resorts or hill stations is not qualified to re-write Indian history.

  9. Instead of changing their society, I suggest America should import all those lower caste people and feed them because, you know, the only thing keeping them from coming to you is that they lack the mean, the ticket to make such journey.

    1. Go over the border to Canada-a British commonwealth into which it was easier for Indians to immigrate-and you can see the result of this in the form of gangs, violence, rundown neighborhoods, under-the-table corner-cutting, drug abuse. The behavior of a New Jersey Khatris will seem saintly.
      Canada does not have the horrors of Bradford or Brick Lane in the UK because Pakistani Muslims and Bangladeshis did emigrate en mass but lower-caste Gujarati and Sikhs in Canada have not brought the level of improvement Chinese brought to Vancouver. Gang violence is common. Drugs and smuggling are frequent. Neighborhoods are dirty.
      Brahmans, IT workers and Gujarati Khatris have not exactly improved the U.S. but have not reconfigured it into a ghetto like Brampton, Ontario.

  10. It would be real shame to India btw.
    Only the upper caste people left to do the menial jobs others are doing for them.
    But looking at this “I know sikhs who are complete pussies. Parsis are not even Indians so why are we even discussing about them. Tamils are docile !!??”
    I think you are stepping in the land described by Arabs as “I against my Brother, me and my brother against my cousin, me and my brother and my cousin against the world.”
    You just can’t. Too many castes to abolish.

  11. It looks like we have found out via genetics when the rigid caste system was placed and laws of Manu written. Manu was a ancient Hindu sage whose story is similar to that of Noah. It is claimed that he is the father of mankind, hence the Hindu word for man is manushya, his works justify the caste system. On a different note, the ancient Germans also claimed that the first man on Earth was Manus. Hence the English word man and Hindi word manushya are so similar. Aryan connection.
    “When the caste die was cast
    G.S. Mudur
    New Delhi, Jan. 25: A genetic study has traced the emergence of a strict caste system in India to about 1,575 years ago, indicating that the Gupta dynasty imposed social strictures on populations that had until then mixed and mated largely unfettered.
    The study, by scientists at the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics at Kalyani in Bengal, has also shown that five ancestral populations — not two as inferred earlier — spawned the tapestry of India’s present-day population diversity.
    Earlier studies by Indian and US scientists had indicated that people across the country mated without concern for class, caste or ethnic barriers for over 2,000 years before the advent of the caste system.”
    My note: Indian subcontinent people are mora than just ANi and ASI there is some East Asian influence as well. This is obvious, India is a semi Caucasoid land bordering the Mongoloid world.
    “Their study shows that most populations on mainland India owe their ancestry to four groups: the ANI, the ASI and two others — an ancestral Tibeto-Burman (ATB) group, and an ancestral Austro-Asiatic (AAA) group.”
    “The genetic evidence also suggests that almost all upper-caste populations began to practise endogamy about 70 generations ago after a long period of unrestricted mixing.
    “The gene flow across these populations came to an abrupt end about 1,575 years ago, assuming an average of 22 years for each generation,” Majumder said.
    “We went back to history books and found that this period coincides with the reign of the Gupta emperors.”
    The scientists say their findings suggest that the Gupta rulers — possibly Chandragupta II or Kumaragupta I — used the state machinery of a developing political economy to enforce social and moral strictures leading to strict and widespread endogamy.
    “I don’t have a dispute with this suggestion,” said Shatrughna Sharan Singh, professor of ancient Indian history at Patna University.
    “An early version of the caste system may have emerged during the Vedic times, perhaps as far back as 1,200 BC, but it is possible that the caste system based on micro-division of labour consolidated itself during the reign of the Guptas.”
    The scientists say that endogamy wasn’t adopted quickly everywhere. “Low levels of gene flow continued to occur between certain populations. We can see signatures of such gene flow in present-day people,” Basu said.
    The study, for instance, suggests that across eastern and northeastern India, Bengal’s Brahmins continued to admix with Tibeto-Burman populations until the emergence of the Buddhist Pala dynasty in the eighth century.”
    “Majumder and his colleagues say their genetic study also suggests that the census counts of the Austro-Asiatic and Tibeto-Burman speakers in India are “gross underestimates” of the extent of the AAA and ATB genetic components in present-day populations.
    Many present-day Indians who speak Indo-European languages or even Dravidian languages may thus have genetic components they inherited from AAA or ATB groups.
    “Languages evolve much faster than genes,” Majumder said. “The evolution of language has masked the genetic backgrounds of some populations.”

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