Why We Need an Alternative Left

Because of morons like this.
This site is so nuts and cracked that I actually thought that Alt Righters had created this as some sort of an off the charts parody of the Cultural Left. Those commenters can’t possibly be real! Those posts cannot possibly be real! No way is that About page real! Then it sunk in. It’s all real as Hell. The About page is real. The Why page is real. All the posts are real. All the commenters and comments are real. Worse still, this is the modern day socialist Left. After all, they want their future lunatic perverted freak society to be socialist. That’s after we get rid of gender, ok? You guys still believe in gender? How quaint! Get with the program! Silly goose, you know there is no such thing as gender!
Then I thought about it a little bit more and it really hit me. This site is not even radical at all. It is actually the Left in the US. It is worse than that. It is the Democratic Party, for Chrissake. It is even so much worse than that. This is actually turning into the normative hegemonic culture of the US and the rest of the West. It was then that I realized how insane we have already become. Quit worrying that society’s going to go nuts. We have already gone nuts. We have met the enemy, and he is us.
This is the Left nowadays. Culturally, it is even worse as this is the Democratic Party and frankly this is the modern hegemonic culture – the modern hegemonic culture is simply the Cultural Left in virtually all of its craziness. In fact, if you look at the Cultural Left freakshow and then look at the Democratic Party and modern hegemonic culture, honestly, you cannot find much of a difference. Even the most radical and extreme Cultural Leftists seem to have a serious voice in the Democratic Party and the hegemonic culture. In other words, the most insane of the already insane Cultural Left freakoids, perverts and nuts are already mainstreamed in the Democratic Party and the US hegemonic culture.
There is not a whole lot left for them to do. Screaming that all men need to go out and fuck a guy? The Cultural Left is already doing that. Read hip articles on Slate and Alternet about “getting in touch with your bisexual side.” Apparently this bisexual side is something that all men have (a Cultural Left lie) and of course it is something we all need to get in touch with otherwise we are not groovy and hip and right on and cool and all that.
Hectoring people to go to an orgy right this minute? Already happening. Lots of articles on Slate and Alternet about how all you uptight sexual slackers need to get out there and do a 3-way right this minute. 2 guys and a girl? 2 girls and a guy? No matter! Well if it’s 2 guys, should you suck the guy’s cock? That would be even better! The more gay you are, the more Cultural Left you are! Let’s hear it for cocksucking men! May we pray for a world where all men are not afraid to suck a dick!
Haranguing men about how they need to live as a woman for at least a week to see what it feels like? Not there yet, but we are getting there.
You will know we are really going bonkers when K-12 schools have classes like Homosexuality 100 teaching all kids who cool it is to get in touch with their gay side. In college, we could have Gay Studies 101, with field trips to gay bars, gay backrooms and gay bathhouses (participation encouraged!). We will have Gender Studies 100 in K-12 where all children will be asked to think through very carefully whether they are really a man or a woman no matter what their stupid genitals tell them. Hey boys! You want to be a girl, go ahead! It’s so cool and groovy and hip for boys to turn into girls! It’s even more boss to get your dick chopped off!  It’s evil anyway, unless you are sticking it in other men. Just ask any feminist!
When we have mandatory indoctrination of children and citizens into homosexuality and transsexualism and every other perversion known to mankind, you will know we have truly arrived. As I type these words, I realize you are thinking I am nuts, but I swear to God, if we keep going on this insane as bonkers perverted freakshow weirdo route, I can actually see that coming.

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61 thoughts on “Why We Need an Alternative Left”

  1. Sounds like the nuttyness in the Roman Empire at the end.
    Robert, if you’ve ever wondered what a civilisation looks like when it declines, you can experience it first hand right this minutes.
    In a thousand years time, people will study history, and be wondering how it was that a rich, technically advanced civilisation just slowly fell apart. They won’t understand or comprehend the mentality, and they’ll be debating furiously as to how it could have happened.
    I’m coming to believe this is how Western Civilisation dies. I mean, how do we get out of this crazyness? Just when you think you’ve left one set of nutty beliefs behind, they come out with something even grander.

    1. If someone survives to record it. If Western Civilization disappears why would science remain. China or some other future Superpower will have some science program devoted to studying failed Western Civilizations?

  2. What is coming is a massive demographic freeze. A small, successful white elite ruling over a Brazil of minorities. Generation X whites have reproduced late in life and few in number-Hipsters who would have been yesterday’s Slackers will not have any kids.
    Like the Amerindians in the Brazil the rural whites will be living in remote areas far from the urban shanties poor and without political representation.
    Between the extreme violence of inner-city ghettos and remote jungles where whites will live deep in the agricultural belt will gated communities.
    Australia will experience the same trend but the population change will be Polynesian, South East Asian, Lebanese (These folks also carry the specter of the Caliphate with them), Indian.

    1. I wish we could raise children in Puppy mills to meet the demographic challenge. People with desirable traits could be compensated for their reproductive material.

        Criollos ruling elite: Asian-Americans possibly. With a few old White families like Spanish money families of Mexico City.
        Mestizos: NAMS
        Indians: Rural whites living in remote places.

        1. The Criollos elite will be a mix of Jews, Arabs/Indians, Asians, and Gentile Whites. Perhaps even African immigrants will be in there, too.
          Mestizos: NAMs, lower Middle Class Whites in non-rural areas
          Indians: Rural Whites, and perhaps a few rural Blacks.
          Sounds about right.

        2. There are exceptions to the Latin American Caste system.
          My Step-Grandfather’s dad was Chollo-ish (3/4 Indian, 1/4 Spanish), and born in 1906, yet he was a Petroleum Engineer for Exxon Mobile for like half a century.
          One of his sons became an accountant and his Grandson is an architecture professor.

        3. Although, the greatest test for whether overall IQ declines, is how far these Black and East Indians’ children’s IQ regress towards the mean, if at all.
          If they don’t, and additive heredity is bullshit, we’re in the clear (the dumber Immigrants often from Latin America will be canceled out for good by these smarter ones).
          If not, our IQ is really going to crash.

      2. BARACK The U.S. has a Hispanic caste system with Cuban descendants of Catalan Spanish whites at the top financially/racially. Andy Garcia and the Menendez brothers are examples. Remember that these folks were the children or grandchildren of recent Spanish immigrants to Cuba anyhow.
        Argentinians and Uruguayans of Italian descent are basically regarded as white as Anglos.
        Below them are the Castizos and Peninsulares of Northern Mexico in Texas or N.M. etc. These folks have been in the US Southwest a long time and some of them are 100% Andalusian Spanish or there is really a small amount of Amerindian blood in them like 12%. You’ll find them in the suburbs or the outer ring of the barrio. Middle-class, working-class.
        Central American and South Mexican Amerindians are the bottom caste. Illegal, Amerindian, primitive. Comprising most of the illegals.

        1. If I recall correctly the Menendez brothers were only half.
          The New Jersey Jubans are very well off, and they obviously were just upper middle class “YTs” to even the most STD (Socially transmitted disease) Nordicist, or Spatial retard.
          But Pit Bull is just a dumb Latrino.

        2. Argentinians are supposed to be very successful as well.
          I’ve never met a Dumb Bolivian/Peruvian/Incan. They have big brains from the cold up in the mountains, so they may not be dumb.

  3. Poor and disadvantaged of all backgrounds are already a puppy mill.
    A bad one where the puppies are abused and grown up to be snarling dangerous animals.

    1. Nah I was just being snarky.
      The puppy mill is those big gubmint skoolz but the kids get treated like royalty in them.

  4. GAY STATE GIRL The puppy mill is poor and the children grow into feral dangerous dogs as a result. Of all backgrounds.

  5. GAY STATE GIRL Imagine the puppy mill was run by neglectful owners practicing animal cruelty and you realize the junkyard of the future we will be living.

  6. I don’t think of that blog as socialist, but as parasitist. It’s the wishful thinking of persons who have never used any tool heavier than a pencil.

  7. For the Alt-Left to go anywhere, Robert, it needs to be crafted so as to be friendly to people of color (or at least not anathema). I think your conception of an Alt-Left has real potential, with a core of ideas that can develop into a mass-based movement, as opposed to merely an intellectual exercise on a blog. However, for this to be possible, I really believe that the race-realism aspect has to be downplayed or at least softened. People like Rabbit are interesting, but association with people like them will consign this movement permanently to the fringe. This country is 36% non-White, and there is no going back on this (and no need, either {remember, Detroit was just fine before “we” decided it was dandy to become a post-industrial wasteland of a nation}). But we can be a movement that holds individuals and communities accountable for positive change.
    I propose constructing an Alt-Left “platform” of policy positions around which a new Alt-Left movement can rally, and, perhaps, change the Democratic party. Let’s begin this process today, Robert. Yourself, and your community of readers.

    1. I agree. Other than perhaps in crafting an immigration policy, the whole “race realist” talk does nothing except alienate NAMs.
      And if Rabbit is a “White Nationalism” we have to reject that.
      “Nationalism” is an inherently ridiculous ideology, one thinks ‘his people’ need protection and are the most awesome because of primitive Feelings they have, not because of rational fact based discourse.

      1. It is ok for the Alt Left to reject ethnic nationalism as it is one of the most poisonous ideologies out there. But civic nationalism is just fine and the Alt Left is very much a nationalist movement. Some wings are ethnic nationalist, but the others need to be at least civic nationalist. If we abandon nationalism, how are we different from the Democratic Party?

        1. I can agree with that.
          There are raw economic reasons to engage in civic nationalism, or really protectionism. But I just find “Nationalism” especially, Ethno Nationalism, to be mind numbingly stupid for the reasons I outlined above.

    2. There are already a couple of wings out there that do not care much about race realism and are not pro White identity in much of any way. They see the White identity stuff as another Identity Politics movement.
      As far as I am concerned, the race realism stuff has to stay in, in my wing anyway.
      The cool thing about this movement as to me it is sort of everyone go form your own wing.
      Further, if you junk the race realism and want left economics, then what is it about SJW’s that you object to? In other to be Alt Left, you have to support Left economics and you have to oppose the Cultural Left in some way. That’s what it is all about. How do you fit into that?
      There are already a few non Whites on the Alt Left, but it’s mostly White people.

      1. Long story short (off to bed soon), I want left economics combined with economic nationalism (think FDR and Lincoln), AND sanity on cultural and social issues. I don’t disagree with you on SJW’s and feminist wack jobs.

        1. Great. Write up a platform and submit to me. You sound like you are in line with the Alternative Left and Alt Left groups on Facebook though. You might want to check them out. Especially Ryan England’s wing.

        2. Ryan’s wing doesn’t want to deal with race realism. They just say there’s no point in talking about that, so let’s not talk about it. They don’t deny that there may very well be some truth there.
          There is at least one more wing I know of that wants nothing to do with race realism at all because they are not even sure it is true. And they want nothing to do with White identity stuff either.

    3. Well Rabbit is a wing of the Alt Left. He is one of the founders of it. But there are other wings that want nothing to do with White nationalism. It’s sort of a big tent thing.
      I have no illusions about changing the Democratic Party. I want to be an insurgency. This will be a Long March or it will be nothing.

      1. Bernie Sanders nearly beat Killary. His campaign virtually revolved on rolling back so-called “free trade” agreements, rebuilding this nation’s industrial base, and reinstating Glass-Steagal — all hugely anathema to the feudalistic Wall Street establishment that controls both parties. The Democratic Party is ripe for change.

        1. Sure but the Alt Left has to be different from the Bernie folks. Otherwise let’s just pack it up and go join the Bernie people. I have a feeling that the Alt Left as it is now would be no ok with a Hell of a lot of Bernie people. SJW’s all over that crowd.

        2. Btw, I am not denying race realism. I tend to find your writings on the subject to be endlessly fascinating, even if I don’t always agree with you. As for my own opinion, I am either a soft-HBD’er or a hard-environmentalist.
          But as far as building a movement that could potentially have some real pull, I just don’t think it’s constructive — and, most likely, the opposite.
          I’ll work on the platform, but give me time.

        3. Bernie is nuts on the SJW shit. No doubt. Otherwise, he would have roped in a large number of Trump supporters, and cast that witch aside.

        4. I also think a full purging of neoconservatives, as well as other species of Israel-firster, from our foreign policy and defense establishments is essential. I, however, have nothing against Jews as an ethnic or religious group.

    4. I agree. Sometimes it’s the way you say things as much as it is the content of what you say. I’m a race realist, but even I feel myself recoiling at some of these race realist blogs. It’s hard line to draw. When I look at group differences, I examine this with the cool detachment of a scientist trying to figure out why one species of birds sings one way while another sings a different way. I don’t have any emotion invested in it. It’s just biological science to me and nothing more. But so many of these race realists have a very palpable hostility toward NAMs, and HBD is yet another weapon to use to beat over the head of groups they don’t like.
      I’m not sure if it’ll ever be possible to discuss race realism in a way that doesn’t attract the hardball racists. I realize also that some minorities, blacks especially will simply NEVER accept anything that would imply that some groups have an inherited disadvantage in some ways, no matter how softly it is put. Especially so if it is coming from whites who they don’t trust anyway.
      I really wish there was a way to discuss race realism without the inevitable hostility that typically follows. An understanding of race realism would completely change the way we view immigration, social spending, education spending, city planning, demographic change, so many things. That’s why the left fears it so.

  8. Part of the reason I like this site’s Racial views, is that I don’t get the impression Lindstein or any of his readers are fire breathing racists just putting up a civilized front to justify their racism.
    On basically any other HBD acknowledging blog, this is not the case.
    They are highly irrational and just repeat mantras. Any time you question their mantras of ‘2+2=5’ you either get called names, ignored, or worse.
    We need to be realistic that 98% of “Race realists” are moronic POS’s.
    Higher numbers for White Nationalists.

    1. I don’t know if you know what being on the Left is like, but I have been a man of the Left most of my life. On the Left, any racism is just poison. You are just not allowed to feel that way. That ideology gets under your skin after a while. And even though I acknowledge that a lot of the stuff the WN’s and Alt Righters say is true, I am sort of phobic about being racist myself due to this fact. I just do not like to feel racist. It feels bad. It makes me feel terrible, like I am a bad person. I will go to all sorts of weird lengths to avoid feeling that way.
      So that is what you see on this site is me trying to write about this stuff without succumbing to racism. I have to check myself a lot and it’s a good thing Alpha is on here because she sort of sits on my shoulders and a lot of stuff I write, I am thinking, “What would Alpha think of this?” So Alpha is sort of invisibly editing a lot of my stuff.
      In the end it’s a good thing because she makes this a better blog and she makes me a better person. It sounds shitty but sometimes we need others to keep us in line. Girlfriends tell me about some horrible behavior that they hate, and I will say, “Warn me if I ever start acting that way.” They say, “Why would you?” And I say, “Well I am not all good. I have a part of me that is pretty bad.”
      But Tulio sort of sits on my shoulder too.
      I have Black readers on here who I like, and I would feel bad about pissing them off racially. I have already done so, and it did not feel good.

    2. When I write racist stuff (and I have), I feel bad. I also wonder what my Black readers would feel. There is a lot of self-censorship on this site, but that is a good thing. Life is all about self-censorship anyway. That’s the definition of Civilization.

      1. that’s awesome.
        And the last two lines, AMEN.
        The Alt-Right spews rhetoric that is the anti-thesis of Western Civilization. They think all that matters is genes (or what they make up to be genes), but not culture.
        It’s not good, to say the least.

        1. And to you, culture and genetics are completely separate, right?
          So why didn’t Liberia flourish? Their Constitution is a direct copy of America’s Constitution. Same culture should have same results, right?
          What Went Wrong?
          Maybe it was because the people trying to enact this had very limited self-censorship, and then they got overthrown by absolute savages with NO self-censorship?

        2. epgoon-
          When Whites are around disorder can happen.
          Salem Witch trials, the end of the 3rd Reich, etc.
          You know what I am saying, you just don’t like it.
          Quit being purposefully obtuse.

        3. Our “disorder” though, is in the service of enforcing order.
          Weeding out the heretics and witches (Which some people say none were actually burned) is forced homogenization of society.
          And depending which side you favor, WWII was either Germany trying to self-homogenize and self-repair, or the rest of the Civilized World putting Germany back “In Their Place”™. Although seeing what happened to UK and even US, some have said they wished the Nazis had won, just to avoid going through this shit.
          Isn’t that what this article was about?
          Now tell me, which NAM countries are flourishing, as opposed to Asian or white countries? Even countries that were started by whites but taken over by NAM have become violent shitholes. Is it “racist” to point this out, or a Cassandra warning for our own future, if whites lose control of America?

        4. Not all violence is savagery.
          The only thing that stops savages with guns is Men with guns.
          Is it that hard to understand?
          Since you’re bringing up examples of whites causing chaos, why not the Civil War?

    3. Just because something is true, you don’t have to talk about it. A lot of the facts that the racists say are true, yes, but why should I talk about that? Also why should I hate people based on those facts. Yep, Blacks commit a ton of crime. So this means Alpha will steal from me? Tulio will hold me up with a gun? Phil will murder me to steal my wallet? See what I mean. I don’t feel like hating Blacks per se based on some statistic.
      As I said just because something is true, you do not have to talk about it. You know what? I took some very interesting shits the other day. I can tell you very many interesting facts about those shits. As shits go, they were pretty fascinating. I can even supply photos. I assure you that everything I tell you about those shits is 100% true. So sure it is a fact that I took shits with these awesome characteristics yesterday and I could talk about those truths, but why the Hell should I?
      Just because something is true, it doesn’t mean you have to talk about it. A lot of ugly stuff is true. So what? What the Hell you want to talk about that for?

      1. As a black person who has taken a liking for the Alt-Right, and then being both a race realist and a conservative, it’s sometimes hard not to look at most blacks with disdain – If that hasn’t already been obvious.
        I know it’s wrong; I know it’s a reaction to a problem I haven’t fully absorbed and analyzed – I stop because I hate being reactionary.

        1. This isn’t that uncommon, more individualistic blacks to some degree not favoring the crowd that much.
          Even with me it’s selective. The thing is though I realized I’ve shared flaws with them, arguably certain ones to a greater extent than average, so I can understand impulses and SOME of their actions.
          So no matter how bad I feel when I think about the obstacles to communicate with them, I can’t fee; honest a picture myself on a pesdestal over all of them by default. I overall consider the 60% “good” (same estimate) my equals or superiors prior to actually knowing them.

        2. There is no reason to hate ‘most Black’.
          IF, by alt-right definition, they are all low-IQ morons (hence can’t control themselves) how can we look down upon them for something that is inherent?
          One extreme case would be comparing a ghetto Black to a creature that bites you (a dog), do you hate the dog?
          Not that ghetto Blacks are “Dogs”.
          you can’t Whitewash bigotry
          when you try to, you look moronic.

        3. The ones that can’t control themselves, need to be controlled. Morality is enforced from the outside, as it was written on another page in this site.

        4. but rationally you can not hold it against said ‘person that needs control’. It’s illogical. It’s a logical fallacy. It’s simply doesn’t make sense.

        5. I don’t know about that, rabid animals usually get “destroyed” or “put down”. I don’t know if that counts as “holding it against them”, but they ARE destroyed when they attack humans.
          Why aren’t rioting savages treated similarly?
          And also, your screed smacks of double-talk.
          If they’re animals, then sure they “Don’t Know Any Better”, but we can kill them like any other animals.
          If they’re humans, and we can’t slaughter them like rabid animals even when they act the part, then yes, we need to “hold it against them” either in a court of law, or the increasing contingent that decide to go Trial By Combat instead, and have a Showdown with the cop.
          Which is it?

      2. Your shits though, won’t leave your toilet bowl, and rampage through human neighborhoods, looting and burning like fictional Orcs. You flush, and that’s it. Out of Sight, Out of Mind, right?
        Even if they did, we could put them down, from flamethrowers to something Boring But Practical like running them over with a car.
        You yourself wrote about Blacks doing that, but I haven’t seen any articles by you or anyone else about us putting the thugs down as they deserve.
        I haven’t even heard anything about Asian storekeepers with illegal full-auto weapons! Why is that?
        Is it racist, not only to fight back, but to say these behaviors–and the people that commit them–are a problem?
        If you don’t talk about a problem–or even admit it IS a problem, it’ll never get fixed. Instead, as a country, if not a culture, we took the opposite tactic and pathologized talking about the problem, let alone solving it.
        Same thing as we’ve done with queers, legitimizing the aberrant behavior and pathologizing the normal behavior, but with a far more violent possibility. And it is getting more frequent and more common as it doesn’t get punished!

  9. And the immigration thing is a massive headache.
    The “demographics are destiny” line has a lot of truth to it.
    We have been lucky so far that the lower average IQed Hispanics were canceled about by highly selected East Indians and Blacks, as well as overall smarter NE Asians.
    The question is whether additive heredity is true or not, and does that mean the Black and East Indian Children will have IQs that crash towards the mean.
    If not, we should be in the clear IQ-wise, and can be free to select smart ones from third world countries as long as the economics are solid, with lack of revenue from unemployed people, with more population, etc).
    The Economic Concerns seem to stem from H1B, as far as legal immigrants go (Legal Hispanics, NE Asians, etc. aren’t ganging up in one profession causing mass unemployment of native-born Americans).

  10. I’m really starting to get a headache with Egah;
    Whites always have the right genetics for good culture?
    I mean Whites can’t have low-impulse control mobs, like at Black Friday?
    The Salem Witch trial was the fault of ‘savages’?
    is he serious or just being purposefully obtuse?

  11. when people with ‘good genetics’,(and alt-reichers don’t have it, btw) purposefully act against them, then culture declines.
    Is it really that hard to understand?

    1. Actually, it’s when you start allowing bad things and calling perversion a freedom.
      Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying civilization.
      Look at South Africa. They had a great civilization going, and they were forced by the outside world to be more tolerant/”democratic” with savages who wanted to rape and murder them. Basically, the entire “tolerant” world forced them to hand over control of their country to the savages.
      What happened?
      South Africa during Apartheid = 170 murders per year
      South Africa NOW (after Apartheid) = 24,206 murders per year
      Savages cannot maintain order, whether they want to or not.
      Was that intentional sabotage on the rest of the world’s part, or did someone really think they’d be happier/better off with the savages out of control, or worse, with the savages holding the reins of power, rather than their civilized hosts?
      The good has to control/dominate the bad or the bad WILL control/dominate–and MURDER–the good.
      Is it really that hard to understand?
      That is what the Alt-Right wants, to maintain order and civilization.
      Why do you see the Alt-Right as antithetic to civilization, rather than the savages who prove over and over they will destroy it if given a chance, and everyone BUT the Alt-Right seems to want to give the savages exactly that chance. “Maybe THIS time they’ll behave”–I’ve actually heard that as one of the excuses.
      Trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results is Einstein’s definition of insanity.

  12. You missed one, Robert.
    The claims (Increasingly common now) that whites need to spend time as some other race so we can feel how “oppressive” our system is to nonwhites.
    Except of course, that they confuse punishment with oppression. They never consider that the purpose of a nation is to defend self from non-self and they might be doing something that needs to be defended against!

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