What Is the Problem with South Asian Indians in America?

A commenter asks what is the problem with Indians in the US? The main problem is they are bringing their sewage culture over here to the US and infecting our country with it.
Indians are insanely nepotistic. America is supposed to be all about getting away from Old World nepotism. Indians hire, fire, promote and demote based on caste, family and tribe. The rich ones are no different, in fact, they are even more nepotistic.
This is especially true in the IT industry. Indians come into the IT industry and get promoted to manager. Soon all or almost all of the White IT workers are fired after first being forced to train the people who replace them. Some of these fired workers will walk out into the parking lot about training their replacements and blow their brains out. Soon the shop fills up with body shop Indians working for insanely exploitative Indian body shops like Wilpro.
All of these are on phony, lying H1B visas that the media, the corporations and both political parties clamor frantically for based on a phony made up lie of an IT labor shortage.
All Indians or almost all Indians practice caste and they will defend it to the death. Nearly every Indian I have met in the US defended caste to the hilt. Mysteriously, they were all high caste Indians, but I am sure that had nothing to do with why they like caste. Indian casteism is not going away once they step on our shores. By importing Indians, the US is importing caste and casteism, one of the most evil systems known to man. It’s like importing a cancerous growth into the nation. Why should we do that? Don’t we have enough problems with racist crap as it is?
This is not a race thing. It’s a culture. I care nothing about Indians racially and I doubt if there is much wrong with the race in sociobiological terms. The only thing wrong with Indian people is Indian culture, which infects them nearly from birth.
I believe we should let Indians come to our country if they are willing to renounce the lousy aspects of Indian culture. In that case, if they wish to embrace our American experiment in openness and Western Enlightenment values, I call on these Indians to come join us and help us to build and create a better country.

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23 thoughts on “What Is the Problem with South Asian Indians in America?”

  1. The US manufacturing and tech industry will decline within the next 2-3 decades compared to its main competitors in Europe and North East Asia. Key industries are now too imbedded with elements that have serious consequences in the long run.

  2. India is rich. The next US President Donald Trump loves money, so is gonna love ’em some more Indians.
    You know what a “lakh” is, right? At current exchange rates, a lakh rupees is the equivalent of US$1496. So, “five lakhs” means around US$7500. That’s just for one night.
    These hotel suites are real places. I’ve been to one for a video shoot on behalf of a client.
    Feast your eyes.

    1. You’re stupid, ignorant, and xenophobic. I’m not saying ANY culture is perfect, but there are definitely large faults in our society as well. boi bai

    2. Hey slumdog….Your attitude is the problem with your country. You are “little” people, money minded…that is all you care about, no interest in arts, culture, curiosity of the stars. Just money and social show off. You people should be slaves of the planet.

      1. Darth, is it actually true what all of these Indian whitewashers are saying that there is no caste system in India anymore. They all say it is a thing of the past. Is that actually true. I know almost all the high caste Punjabis in my town vigorously defend the caste system because I have asked them.

      2. You wouldn’t think of calling me “slumdog” in person, not that I mind that term. Almost noone can insult me in my face.
        The above post was meant to be a satire. I’m not any more money-minded than your average American is.
        And for the record, I’m as far removed from Indian culture as possible, a de facto Westerner for all intents and purposes.

        1. No Brahman or Khatris or Parsis or Jain would say anything to your face. They have mastered the art of keeping their opinions to themselves and physically distancing themselves.
          Nor will they get into a Gora’s face about skin color or which civilization was greatest or any other insecure self-assertion.
          TATA is not going to bellow his national pride to Gora or preoccupy himself with Goras at all. As an example.

        2. You must be a macho Indian Muslim who uses his fists instead of his brain like a Brahman. That’s why they will always run your country.

  3. If India were rich the economy of UAE would shut down tomorrow from labor and rent shortages. Nobody would carrying boards on construction sites for 200 Rupee per day. Much less working as an engineer for 2000 Dirham per month.
    Parts of Andheri. Jo Jo. Maybe a neighborhood or two in Calcutta. Bangalore has benefited from foreign investment.
    India has a two-tier economy.
    Baniyas and Parsis and Khatris and MOST Brahman are on the top-tier (A few are rich).
    Having said that I was paid.

  4. My son doesn’t even know which caste he belongs to. He never even asked me about it. Most of his friends don’t know their caste either. They come from different linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds and get along just fine. Even Hindu hardliners do not officially support the caste system as of date
    Sujay Rao Mandavilli

  5. Dubai construction workers hauling boards and mixing cement will not be Brahman or Parsis.
    There might be a racial element here: Sikhs are good at fighting and war like their Soviet ancestors.
    Gujarati people are really great business people.

  6. We’ve even had a President from the lowermost caste. We’ve had a Sikh Prime Minster, A Muslim President, and the head of the Congress party is a Catholic
    Sujay Rao Mandavilli

  7. …You’ve even had an Italian for president. But Italians and Punjabi people are almost genetically identical.
    One crore says the nationalist who harasses a Gora tourist or business visitor about what a great superior culture is not a Brahman or Parsis.
    They will be sitting in their offices as CEO’s. Catholics are important politically because Portugal owned Goa until almost 1970.
    I’ve lived in an out of India for year and years. My specific occupation and activities will remain anonymous.

  8. its true that India’s problem is cultural but its not true that every Indian defends caste system. In India, I met many people who don’t. Casteism is defended by those people who are already on top cause it further satisfies their ego that they are better than others (poor, illiterate majority basically).
    Also, new generation gives hardly any shit about caste. Most of the people you might have talked to probably belonged to 50-60s generation and frankly speaking the worst generation of India. Many Indians who visit or migrate to other countries and cultures usually change for the better or at least some of their thoughts and beliefs are shaken to the core. Well, as far as I have observed India’s cultural problems are also because of its women who do not want to educate themselves or be independent, are controlling, dominating and gender biased. Women/mothers are the biggest reason many intercaste marriages never become a reality, so many lovers had to part due to women. And intercaste marriages is the quickest solution to caste problem.

  9. Actually the US, especially the southern states, was based on caste. America as a whole is still based on caste to some degree, despite claims that there is real social mobility.
    Other parts of the world practice caste just as strongly but sugarcoat the word with names like class. For instance, the lower, middle, upper class.
    Also, the thing with nepotism is a strong argument against WNs as the fantasy world they dream of is just as injust as an affrimative action one. The difference being now the injustice lies in families practicing nepotism. But nepotism is never considered wrong, only as the American right to do what you want with your own money.

    1. frankly speaking, 99.99% people including Indians do not even know what was the basis of caste system and what exactly it was. Over the time, it became a political tool to rule over people. Caste could never unite Hindus that’s why they could never stand up against muslim and british invasions. But stereotyping all Indians that they are casteist is wrong. First reason is that it is too diverse, many religions and tribes. Second reason is a large percentage of Indians you might meet belong to a low caste and they know how it feels to be discriminated. So they won’t support caste system either.

    2. JASON Y White immigrants from Europe to the Northern states can often rise out of wretched poverty and even some blacks-Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor eulogies reflect this-but this is less true in the South or the Southwest of the U.S.
      Being the child of poor Italian immigrants in New York seems to be less of a handicap than being the child of poor Southern whites.
      I’m not sure why.

      1. The sun belt has been booming for half a century. I don’t know where your getting your info from.
        Of course, there are certain sub-groups who live in trailers or government housing in the south. I cannot really say how they go to where they are, but they are kept there by a cycle of drug and/or alcohol abuse which eats up all thier money. However, as Robert pointed out, the life of these people, as it is with the counterparts in the Phillippines, Africa, or Latin America is so depressing that the only escape is a vice.

        1. Sorry for double post, but one thing that could be hurting them a lot is anti-smoking taxes. Since our government is a nanny state viscously persecuting smokers (which is bad except in the case of smoking around kids, which they cannot control anyway), the money of trailer dwellers / government housing people could be rough as tobacco taxes would be draining out all their cash, and tobacco is incredibly addictive.

  10. As someone who worked in an IT company which all the senior managers were Indians. I witness first hand, the unfair bias discrimination Indian IT managers do to minorities and non Indian workers.
    There was a Vietnamese Australian who has worked for the company for over 10 years, and did not get a promotion because the Indian manager hired a new Indian team leader in.
    There was a Mexican IT expert who left Australia and went back to South America after 2 months of seeing the racism.
    There were the Filipinos and Chinese who were overlooked for promotions despite of their hard work, years of service to the company and their qualifications. Just so The Indian manager can hire more of their fellow Indians in manages.
    They were systematically mistreating workers. so they could say they couldn’t find local workers and use work visa to get more Indians into the country.
    I myself suffered the bullying and discrimination on a daily basis just as the other non Indian workers.

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