The Cultural Left's Main Hangup: Normal Male Heterosexuality

The Cultural Left is pretty weird. Normative male heterosexuality is attacked as pedophilia, rape, sexual harassment and all sorts of insane nonsense.
This is due to the feminist influence influence in the Cultural Left. Modern feminism is quite clear. Modern feminism is based on rage and hatred towards men, which most women harbor in some degree. Most feminist icons were lesbians, most hated heterosexual sex and many said that heterosexual sex was evil and it was all rape. Many to most feminist icons were mentally ill lesbians whose hatred for men was so extreme that it could logically be considered a mental illness as much as an Alt Righter’s anti-Semitism could be.
Via sexual harassment, bullshit rape culture, insane consent decrees mandating explicit verbalized consent for each physical sexual act and the pathologization and criminalization of normal heterosexual male attraction for teenage girls, it’s clear what modern feminism is all about: it’s a war on heterosexual men. It’s war on normative male heterosexuality. We fuck women, and that really pisses them off because they say every time we fuck a woman, it is rape. We look at women, and that infuriates them as every time we do that it is objectification. We ask women for their numbers and out on dates, and this enrages them because every time we do this, we are sexually harassing them.
What is odd is that if you think about it, gay men and lesbians are given carte blanche by feminists to do whatever they want sexually! Have you ever noticed this? Want to go to bathhouses and get fucked up the ass by AIDS-infested cocks 1,000 times a year? Knock yourself out. But please know that the feminists will cheer you on every step of the way because feminists have never criticized even 1% of gay male sexuality. It’s all groovy and wonderful and cool because they are gay and there is no one feminists love more than gay people. Feminists hate straight men, not gay men. Really the only men that feminists love are gay men for reasons that you need to inform me about as I am mystified.
Feminists love lesbians! Feminists love dykes! Feminism is not the movement for the liberation of women because otherwise it would not be so dyke-infested. If feminism was a normal liberation movement for women, no more than 2% of feminists would be dykes. No more than 2% of feminist speech and tracts would be about lesbianism. As you well know, it is far more than that.
One of my mother’s best friends, who is sadly dying as I write this, was one of the founders of California NOW or National Organization of Women. She attended the founding meetings in Laguna Beach. She told us often that she was the only straight woman there and that the lesbian would not quit hitting on her. So you can see that right from the starts, California NOW at least was dyked to the hilt.
One wonders why feminism is so dyke-infested. It all becomes clear when one realizes that feminism is a hate movement against men, just as the Alt Right is a hate movement against non-Whites and Jews. It’s all about hating men. Many women are attracted to it because although they are not man-haters, many normal women do harbor some anger and rage at men, just as many normal men harbor some anger and rage towards women.
It is normal to feel this way, but this opposite sex hatred should not be cultivated, which is exactly what the Feminist Cancer does. Any woman is a feminist to the degree that she hates and harbors anger and rage towards men. I have observed this in my life. The more obviously pissed off a woman is at men, the more feminist she is. The more a woman likes or loves me, the more she hates feminists and says they need to go to Hell.
Lesbianism is very highly correlated with hatred towards men. Lesbians and hating men go together like peanut butter and jelly. Many lesbians are lesbian feminists, who are women who hate men so much that they have deliberately turned into lesbians as an expression of their profound Nazi-like hatred of us men. So once we factor in the hypothesis that feminism is a Hate Movement against men like the Alt Right is a hate movement against non-Whites and Jews, it all starts to make sense. The only logical reason that feminism is so insanely dyke-infested is due to the man-hating ideology which attracts man-haters, many of whom are lesbians.
It goes to say that lesbos can do whatever they want sexually before lesbian bed death sets in which is about two months after the moving vans leave I assume. Lesbians, like their gay male pets, can do know wrong. Gay men fuck boys like rednecks flock to NASCAR races? Not a problem. Feminism is silent on the gay male boyfucking epidemic because it is so heavily approved of in gay male culture. I guess gay men can fuck all the boys they want to, right feminists?
Gay men cannot be criticized for this or for anything really because in the Feminist Pantheon, gay men are icons, Gods to be worshiped at the Feminist Altar. After all, what more glorious act for a man to do than renounce pussy-fucking (rape of women de facto) and just fuck men for life. Also dyke-infested feminism needs to support gay men in order to be consistent. This is not lost on them.

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0 thoughts on “The Cultural Left's Main Hangup: Normal Male Heterosexuality”

  1. To the extent that men who are Gay cannot reproduce this is rather a good thing.
    Gay Males are largely incredibly debauched. Their lifestyles are using or selling club drugs, having sex and fetishistic behavior.

  2. I’m not sure it is true any longer that feminists idolize or even like gay men, if it ever was. A lot of gay guys are not on board with the 144 flavors of gender fluidity and other cultural left insanity. Also, as (in many cases) white cis males, gay guys are regarded by the cultural left freakshow as being near the top of the privilege pile. So they are expected to put up with things like having their pride parades hijacked by BLM and other hate-filled crazies without complaint. If they do complain, they are just being s**tlords. I’m just waiting for the internal contradictions in this whole thing to explode all over the place.

  3. Gay men really have little physical impact on society. They never reproduce so they require no welfare check. Many are immoral but no children grow to be feral and neglected under their care. They want no children. Often they contract a life-threatening disease and die young.

  4. Half a century ago, there was an often repeated experiment with rats. A small group was put in a large cage and left alone. They were fed adequately no matter how many there were so they overpopulated the cage. There were homosexual behavior, heterosexual rape, pedophilic rape, neglect and killing of infants and gang violence for the hell of it. These continued until there was a population crash. Then they acted like wild rats, virtuously by rat standards.

      1. The basic problem is that there are too many of us too close together. It’s plain that open borders enthusiasm just makes it worse. Science fiction is full of solutions to this sort of problem but, like most biological problems, it is self-limiting, if we let it be. Every bit of semen that goes somewhere other than a fertile womb eases the population pressure. Every killing of a human is a partial solution.
        Ugly, isn’t it?!
        For a start, let’s close the borders. Whenever someone wants to import people who will supposedly help pay for all the old White and Black people, tell them how full of shit they are. A mass of young Latinos and young Muslims are not going to vote to take good care of these old people who are none of theirs.

  5. Cultural women who lesbians often have an oversexed lifestyles. There is the dyke “husband” who straps the dildo on as well as the bi-sexual stripper mistress who lets the lesbian lick her vagina. And many lovers in between.
    It is not as if they do not have a sex drive.
    It is harder for a man to want to receive a penis in the rectum or fall in love with a hairy anus of another male. If they are not born gay they cannot become lesbians because they were molested as children or date-raped.

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