India Is the Sewer of the Planet

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  • We all hear the news stories about the prevalence of rape, repeated rape, gang rape, rape victims being raped at the hospital they’re going to after being raped, and being raped by the police they’re reporting the crimes to. I know that it’s inevitably been inflated, exaggerated, and exacerbated by the media, but give me a break! Does this really happy half as often anywhere else? One never hears about it. Ever. This is sounding more and more like a cultural behavioral trend. Everywhere has them; here in America, they involve wearing your pants around your knees. It’s repulsive, but not exactly on the same level. The latest cases I’ve heard of involved a 6-year-old repeat victim who was ordered to marry her rapist’s son (and was raped during the negotiation, again) and a series of western women who were staying at classy, four- and five-star hotels, who were assaulted by the hotel owners.
  • India is extending traditionally human rights to intelligent animals. These animals, female animals included, are getting more by way of protection than human women are.
  • India uses a caste system that is thousands of years old. Other cultures abandoned this caste system… thousands of years ago. It is a far more extreme version of the classes of society that we see in the west, one that tramples over the very notion of “human rights” by setting people up as being unalterably “inferior.” During World War II, the officials of Germany’s Third Reich repeatedly expressed their admiration for India’s methods of categorizing people, to the point where it was theorized that their own genetically superior ancestors might have originally come from India.
  • India practices arranged marriages, as well as child marriage. This happens even in their most well-developed, technologically advanced, and financially endowed regions.
  • They drink from, bathe in, pump industrial waste into, and deposit dead bodies in the same river. It is considered “holy” due to reasons of its having been vitally important to the isolated settlements from which Indian civilization grew… thousands of years ago, again. This is how every civilization on Earth started. This river is a cesspool–literally, not to mention a mortuary.
  • Indian festivals involve celebrations such as blasting brightly colored dyes into the air, which then rain down on the celebrants, leaving a throng of tie-dyed people… fun times, except for the fact that they use hardcore industrial-level chemicals in the dyes. Maybe they’re immune to that, after bathing in the Ganges?
  • Hindu is heavily divided into sects. Among them are sects which believe that the world is going to be destroyed by fire, and practice rituals intended to bring about said end with all haste; call me weird, but apocalyptic “we’ll be better off when we walk the golden world as God’s chosen after everybody else burns” type cults are behind the evil of most western fiction for a reason. They’re… well, evil, generally speaking. There’s at least one Hindu sect which practices cannibalism; they will literally raid the corpses that are dumped into the Ganges. Another sect practices necrophilia.

I’m told that there is a beautiful, advanced culture in India. I do see that there once was, when everybody on Earth acted like this… y’know, thousands of years ago, and we have to evaluate people based on what else they did. I don’t see that level of sophistication as existing now. If it’s out there, and I’m just missing it, or somehow overlooking it, I’d really appreciate some sign of its still being viable. Right now, this once-regal civilization is looking more and more like a disgusting, disease-ridden corpse of a once-grand civilization.

This post was followed endless long posts by Indians denying everything stated in this post. There is no more caste system in India! Who knew? You can go to jail for caste discrimination. Sheesh, caste discrimination happens billions of times every single day in India. Who ever goes to jail for this. Name one India who was ever arrested, convicted or imprisoned for caste discrimination in India. One. Name one. One, one, one, one. There are no rapes in India. There are only very few. This is all India-haters making up lies. Hindu sects? Well I am a Hindu and I never heard of them. Suffice to say that if there were sects of Americans raiding cemeteries for corpses to consume like so many Hindus do, there would be an uproar and the people doing that would be arrested. We would probably start having armed security guards at cemeteries to stop the raiding. A sect practicing open necrophilia? Pretty sure that is illegal in the US. Any sect doing so would find themselves in hot water awful quick. You cannot even legally possess a corpse in the US, much less fuck it like so many Hindus do. A US artist came under a deep investigation recently for having several corpses in his studio which he was using for art projects, which I am sure the Cultural Left was ecstatic about. He was told to get rid of the damn bodies or else. Although I am quite sure that once people find out that corpse eating and obviously corpse fucking is just another cool, groovy, hip sexual fetish, the Cultural Left will be on it like flies to shit (analogy intentional). You see, the underlying mindset of the Cultural Left is “if it’s sexual, it’s good.” Of course this somehow does not apply to normative male heterosexuality, since it’s all rape according to the feminists who have taken over the Cultural Left. Oh and don’t forget that men who get erections when looking at teenage girls are evil pedophile scum who need to be executed right now.

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25 thoughts on “India Is the Sewer of the Planet”

  1. Indians are the biggest hypocrites on earth. They can’t handle even the slightest criticism and yet they are the most judgemental people of all. I’ve just come to the conclusion that indians are subhumans who can never evolve or change.

    1. What’s an Indian going to do? Bellow at you as you walk past them? They are easily ignored. None of them in North America will resort to violence.
      Don’t talk to them. In India it works.
      This is a result of insecurity issues and most lower to middle-castes harbor these.
      A white has to do what a Brahman or Parsis does and simply not engage with them. Ignore them.
      By and large they are not strong or aggressive so most of them can only bellow anyhow.

      1. So you’re familiar with this system and know how to treat the lower castes of India then? i.e. don’t talk to them, ignore them etc.
        I believe that the post is exactly about the evil, heinous attitudes and mindsets like yours.

        1. MARA
          Ah, Yep. Say as little as possible and keep a distance. If they are in some sort of official capacity and being keep a distance. Don’t engage with them. Smile and keep walking.
          Avoid expressing any personal feelings or negative remarks. Yes and know will suffice for your interactions.
          Stay away from large crowds of them where there is alcohol involved and you are the only Gora (White).
          Parsis have been doing this for 1,000 years in India and its been quite a good solution.
          You will get nothing out of interacting with them.
          Heinous isn’t it?
          Brahman running India, more or less, feel the same way.

        2. MARA
          Oh if its employment or a business and one of them shouts at you pull aside your nearest higher-caste Desi friendly associate to smooth things over.
          In the event you are a Desi girl your answer is the lower and lower-middle caste Hindus males puff themselves around Goras. Baniyas, Syrian Christians and Parasis know who has the power in India and feel no need to express their emotional insecurity to strange Goras.
          Brahman, Khatris and Parsis do it every day and its worked for 1,000 years.

    2. I find that people like you are arrogant and narcissistic and think that you and your race are the best in the world. Well, let me tell you something, it’s not. Your race is exactly like all others, you are equal to all other humans, no matter their race, religion, or gender. In fact, your ideology matches those of white nationalists and nazi germans and that I will not stand for.

    I’ve visited and these sections are the lower-caste districts. Brahman, Parsi and Khatris (Merchant class) live at about the standard of a lower-middle class or lower class white in Mississippi. Two-bedroom, 1 toilet apartment or villa.
    To be accurate, about 40% of Indians live as that article depicts and 40% have amenities you would see in a poor rural white area and 20% live in luxury in Andheri.

    Brahman and Parsi (Iranian Indians) have it pretty good there. They are not living like this. I’ve been there. I know this to be fact.

  4. I’ve worked with quite a few Indians (thanks PM John Howard for opening Australias borders to India).
    At least I got to learn a lot about Indian culture, and I can’t disagree with your position Robert.
    As for the caste system, one co-worker told me it still exists. He can go and look up what caste someone is. It’s still practiced to a degree, though unofficially. It’s not gone. Not at all.
    I’ve also seen some pretty extreme racism from Indians, towards other Indians!
    And the arrogance, oh boy, the arrogance.

    A white simply cannot engage with Indians. If they shout or attempt to engage in a dispute with you over something, you ignore them.
    If Indians possessed the capacity or inclination to physical violence we would be in trouble.
    But mostly they simply bellow at you.

  6. Caste-system is racially-based so it will never completely be eradicated.
    When dealing with the lower-to-middle caste Indians who will work as office drones in Western countries in some tech capacity or finance or even in convenience stores it is best to behave as Brahman do.
    Talk to them as little as possible and be aloof.
    Indians will attempt to engage verbally and not physically. They can be ignored.

  7. One nurse wipes her bottom with her hand and the other is Filipino former bar girl who paid for her training with sex acts.

  8. There are no rapes in India. There are only very few. This is all India-haters making up lies. Hindu sects? Well I am a Hindu and I never heard of them.
    Sorry, I lost you there. Robert Lindsay is a Hindu?

    1. Jaipur 5? Even a Gora remembers that. Goris getting raped in Goa. You cannot throw a stick on a beach in Goa without hitting some poor English Gori heroin addict being gang-raped.
      I think the Goan Minister of Tourism’s SON was involved in a gang bang and drowning of one girl.

    2. Hindu sects? There are Christian sects but no Hindu ones in India. Hinduism has not worked out so well for South Indians so some of them converted.

  9. Apparently the Indian Culture minister warned foreign female tourists ‘not to wear skirts’ while visiting.
    My East-Indian relations by marriage had very male-centric Households, even when living in South Africa, but if the women got a job here she had more freedom.
    As for nepotism, my dad, an honorary East Indian because of his former Wife (lots of his work buds were East Indian) has said there is nepotism among the actual immigrants however, the second generation guys and gals’ actually have massive identity problems and aren’t the nepotistic.

    1. Second-generation vary from country to country. You’ll see more gang activity and crime in Canada, for some reason. In the U.S. you will see none.
      This might be because most of the emigres to Canada are macho Sikhs while the U.S. IT industry attracts white-collar workers.

  10. Their biggest problem other than the caste system is unemployment. Public shitting, rapes, riots…are things they used to and really no big deal. While it’s not unusual, employment is understated in many countries, US included. It is grossly understated in Bharat due to lack of both administrative means and political will. I read their official umemployment is something like 3% only. The real unemployment/under-employment could range from 20% to 50%.
    –The majority of ’employed’ survive hand-to-mouth and don’t have year round income.
    –Only a small %, can’t remember the exact number, say 6%, are in the ‘organized sectors’. Seems ‘organised’ means the employers registered with the gov. for revenue-taxation accounting purpose. Say a McDonald burger flipper belongs to the organized sector. The rest mostly are casual laborers, street vendors…snake charmers…
    –The ‘make-in-India’ campaign to repeat the E-Asian experience of cheap labor manufacture for exports came too LATE. Even poor 3rd world China is investing big on robotics. Increasingly, hi-tech robots will be used to make ‘lo-tech’ products like shoes, and I suspect apparel making will be included soon. Robots will be their competitors, not workers in other 3rd world countries.

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