How the H-1B Job Scam Works

The H-1B scam is a scab-hiring scam engaged in by all US IT corporations, both parties of Congress almost bar not one Congressman, and the entire US media with no exceptions designed to create a fake IT job shortage in order to fire US workers and hire phony Indian “guest workers” at 6 This is how the phony scam works. A job is advertised. They interview a number of Americans for the job. All of them are mysteriously not hired. Then the company puts in an H1B application, lying and saying that they could not find an American to do the job. Then they import the lousy H1B worker who performs poorly and is paid 4 In fact, many White IT workers have left the Industry after being fired and replaced by Indians or having been driven out by Indians. Many White IT workers have given up on the industry and retired or gone into other fields. Others move around all the time from job to job. At many shops most to all of the American IT workers are fired by the new Indian manager. The new Indian manager comes in and replaces all the Whites with Indians from his caste, extended family, tribe or ethnic group. Whites working with Indians in IT report appalling behavior by high caste Indians in the industry. Casteism is rife among these high caste Indians and seriously disturbs many IT projects. Indians refuse to work with or deliberately sabotage the work of the other castes in the workplace. Many of these Indians are Indian nationalist Hindutavadis who have an extreme hatred of Whites, Westerners and Christianity. White IT workers have to listen to their hate-filled rants all day long. At one shop, an Indian IT worker kept threatening to dose the White workers’ drinks with HIV. Nothing happened to him. Usually nobody does anything to the Indians because the managers are Indians too. Quality of work usually falls off greatly because almost all Hindu 1B’s are lousy workers. Nearly all or all of them have phony degrees saying things like “Masters in Computer Science.” Supposedly this means an MA in Comp Sci, a highly prized degree in the US. In reality, India is full of phony, crooked, lying schools that are little more than sleazy degree mills. You enroll in the “nationally accredited  world-renowned Indian Computer University” with no background in IT whatsoever, take six months of Introduction to Computer Science courses, and you get a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Pitiful. And the worst is that all of the US IT executive scum know full well that 9 The Hindu 1B thing has been a huge flop. Indians are notoriously lousy cut and paste coders, and most of them could not code their way out of a paper bag. The mangled, barely readable, never commented spaghetti code produced by Indians often doesn’t work or barely works at all. Typically it has to be sent to another IT shop full of American coders who have to spend a lot of time to fix it up and get it up to par. So apparently this wicked scam is not even saving much money. Many IT professionals say that the quality of computer code produced has declined markedly precisely in line with mass offshoring of IT jobs to Indian “programmers” in India and the replacement of quality American IT people with Hindu 1B scabs. Yet no one wants to stop the Hindu 1B fake guest worker scam. Both parties are 10 I am wondering if Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump mentioned anything about Hindu 1B’s. I think Bernie mentioned it early in the campaign before he went full Cultural Left retard, but whether he still holds to that position is uncertain. After all, Hindu 1B’s are these glorious things called immigrants. Immigrants, our new Gods. Immigrants, these special workers that we worship over and above all other workers, especially American workers, who all need to be replaced by these glorious holies called immigrants. I remember Counterpunch ran one article against Hindu 1B’s, and ultra Leftist (((Louis Proyect))) otherwise known as “Lou the Jew,” flipped out and wrote a piece having hysterics about Counterpunch’s “racism” for daring to attack these holy immigrant scabs. For Proyect, I suppose there’s no limit to the number of American workers who can be replaced by immigrants. I suppose he would just as soon replace every one of us with an immigrant.

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  1. U.S. vs CANADA An Indian Migration Study
    The United States has seen very little street crime as a result of Indian immigrants besides domestic disturbance calls and the odd wife-killing.
    Canada is a different matter.
    Into the 1970’s Canada did not have ghettos. These began with the immigration into Ontario and Vancouver of Indians and Sri Lankans.
    The pattern is similar to that of Latinos into the U.S. The first generation was raised in poverty in the tropics and an apartment in Ontario or Vancouver with a running toilet is an improvement.
    But the second-generation is raised on the streets of Canadian cities in the white “skid row” areas or rundown districts. They form gangs, sell drugs, carry out shootings and crime-related activity.
    Today, Indo-Canadian neighborhoods are dirty and tough. Hong Kong Chinese have arguably improved property values and brought foreign investment into Vancouver.
    Indo-Canadians have brought poverty, violence and gangs.
    It is no great surprise that Indians are hostile to whites in the workplace or, given a chance would fire them.
    My experience with higher-caste Indians has been that they are too arrogant and self-centered to devote much time to Hindu Nationalism. That is personal however.
    Canada at the moment like the UK has a far worse situation on the streets than the United States and certain Indo-Canadian areas could be considered “no-go”.

    1. The free market never lies. Property values dictate the quality of the neighborhood. Usually property values go hand in hand with the quality of schools, crime rate and cultural practices in the neighborhood.
      Gentrification only moves the “no-go” areas outward.

  2. They only send back the telemarketing and call center jobs cause customers complain they cannot understand the foreign accents.

  3. Sorry for doublepost, but isn’t it ironic WNs praise India as an expression of racial darwinism in action, yet even the highest castes are such poor workers and sleazy.

  4. Yeah I think you are right about this. I don’t know if you are speaking from personal experience Robert?
    I used to live in Chicagoland in the one of northwest suburbs. There is ALOT of Indians living there. One time I was at a Capital One building (not sure if it’s the headquarter) attending an extracurricular event for middle school kids learning programming. I was struck by the number of Indians who actually worked there. They had a few white males here and there.
    The funny thing was that these white males that were hired were really beta types, very meek acting toward their Indian supervisors. That was the impression I got…

  5. Ann Coulter has written a fantastic chapter dedicated to this issue in her book “Adios America”. I read that excerpt and heard the audiobook part. As usual the “desi H1B patriots” where left comments such as “woman, get your facts straight”, “what a buch of fake info” etc. Indians leave India for a white country because they are tired of their shitty homeland and then have audacity to call whites racist. What a hypocrisy.

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