Will the Term Alt-Right Catch On?

My answer on Quora. This Alt Right thing is not going away. If anything, it will only get stronger, but it will also form new wings. There will probably also be efforts by some of the (((usual parties))) to splinter the movement and take it in some much more moderate directions.
Brietbart is run by a gay named (((Milo))). That’s not very Alt Right. Another site is called Rebel Media and it is out of Canada. It is also run by a fellow named (((Ezra Levant))) and one of its leading stars is a stunning young Danish blond named (((Lauren Southern))) who is not quite completely Aryan. This is the channel where Gavin McGuiness is making his big name. It bills itself as the Alt Right without the racism and anti-Semitism. Problem is you take the racism and anti-Semitism out of the Alt Right and what’s left?
(((These people))) will try to grab hold of the Alt Right and change in directions that are at the very least not so dangerous to their own kind. in other words, (((these folks))) are trying to grab the Alt Right to splinter it off and take out a lot of the anti-Semitism. That’s the project. But the Jews always do this sort of thing. There’s nothing new here.
It’s catching on big time. Do a web search on it. The cat’s out of the bag now. They have been trying to keep this thing out of the news but the world caught on. Now that people are talking about it, the term will not go away. In fact, more and more people will learn about it and you will hear it discussed more and more. The Alt Right is a very real thing and folks ought to be learn about it as it is a frightening movement.

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50 thoughts on “Will the Term Alt-Right Catch On?”

  1. Ultimately…..
    the “Alt-Right”, “Alt-Reich”, “Aut-Right” or whatever you want to call them…
    has one issue;
    they haven’t jacked off in a long time

    1. “…they haven’t jacked off in a long time.”
      Maybe they get enough pussy that they don’t need to.

  2. Why is it so frightening?
    You just admitted AmRen was all fact-based, so what’s so “evil” about that?
    Is reality racist?
    Is reality homophobic?

    1. I am not sure if Amren cares about homosexuals. I am a friend of Jared’s but I do not support his project or magazine at all. It’s not all fact-based. Further, just because something is true doesn’t mean you have to talk about it. Amren is biased because it only shows bad things about non-Whites and good things about Whites.
      Look if I started a website and printed nothing but nasty and heinous Black crimes against Whites, that would be true, right? Technically true, but distorted, but Black on White homicide is something like 2.5% of all homicides. Black on White violent crime is close to the same – 3%. Most crime is within the race. Blacks commit almost all of their crime against their own kind. They massively underselect us by 90% compared to our rate in the population. They massively overselect themselves by maybe 500-600 percent. In other words, they go massively out of their way to prey on their own kind and massively out of their way to not prey on us.
      So in a way, I would be lying, you see, because I would be implying that Black on White crime is a much bigger deal than it is.
      I want nothing to do with Amren. A lot of shit is true, but so what? I do not agree with their whole take on the race issue and I do not particularly hate Black people or Mexicans. I simply do not care about them much one way or the other. I am not interested in a site like Amren that promotes racial hatred which I want nothing to do with. Also I disagree with White nationalism, getting rid of civil rights laws and all the other White Supremacist bullshit.

      1. “…Black on White homicide is something like 2.5% of all homicides. Black on White violent crime is close to the same – 3%…”
        You’re using dishonest language by saying the 2.5% and 3% values are equal. They are not. There’s a;most 10 times more Whites than Blacks. If Whites killed Blacks at and equal rate per population they would really be howling and Blacks would be dropping like flies form Whites killing them.
        “…I do not particularly hate Black people or Mexicans. I simply do not care about them much one way or the other…”
        This is also dishonest as you pretend the only criteria for wanting to disassociate and/or control NAMS is hatred. Anyone with any common sense and especially a graph or two of the crime rates knows that hanging out with NAMS is likely to get you robbed if lucky and killed if not. Yet people making decisions on this basis are unfairly labeled as “haters”. What you’ve said is dishonest and the same old tripe that the Jews blare at Whites night and day. As for you not caring about them well you would if you lived in certain areas of the country. You would care about them taking your life a great deal. As they control more and more areas more and more areas will be off limits to you. Drastically limiting your freedom of movement and how and where you can live your life.
        If ALL White racism is hatred for other races then why is there not the same hatred for Asians? You know the answer they’re not dragging children off raping them for days, killing them and feeding them to alligators. People making rational decisions to stay alive shouldn’t be called haters.

      2. It’s a much bigger deal than you claim, because Blacks commit 6-8X as much crime as whites do. We could either fight or run. We chose–historically–to run. We ran to the suburbs–the savages followed.
        Avoiding talking about it just allows the problem to go. You have to admit there’s a problem before you can treat it. It’s the first step in any multi-stetp process, right?
        And no, they do not go “massively out of their way to not prey on us”.
        Remember, they kidnapped and murdered a little white girl to steal her bike. They threw the body in the trash, in full view of their fellow Blacks. Why didn’t they call the cops?
        Even DOJ statistics say that they kill whites about the same rate as they kill each other. This is the Holder/Lynch DOJ, who would not want to show fellow Blacks in a bad light, right?
        And during riots, they go “massively out of their way” TO prey on whites and Asians, don’t they?
        I don’t “hate” Blacks or Mexicans, I just want to keep them and their violence away from us. They should have to earn their way into our good graces, not just demand it for existing.
        If they burn down their own shit, great, but why do we keep paying to rebuild them new homes instead of making them live in the ashes of their own creation, or worse, forcing formerly safe neighborhoods to accept these bad “new neighbors”?
        They burnt down the Baltimore CVS, let them go without Civilized World meds for awhile. That’s a clear signal they don’t want our medicine. Fine, be that way, right?

        1. “…burnt down the Baltimore CVS…”
          They burn down their houses and shops. Let them live in tents, poop in porta johns and shop in sheet metal commissaries.

        2. As has been established;
          Blacks commit 37% of the violent crime. They are 13% of the population.
          Only 7% of that 37% is against Whites (2.6%). Whites are 64%.
          Blacks would be expected to commit 64% of 13% against Whites; or 8.3%.

        3. “We ran to the suburbs–the savages followed.”
          As TRASH has established, they haven’t.
          You can’t just make shit up, Epgoon.
          That’s exactly what you’ve been doing.
          Black on White crime is disproportionately low…this is a FACT.

        4. I relish Jared Taylor being sent to the Ovens for being “Jew wed”….
          The irony is delicious.
          you play with fire long enough, you’re bound to get burned

        5. Barack,
          The actual proportion sett up aside, wouldn’t encounter rates be a factor that should be acknowledged? Would average Black actually encounter a White roughly 6/10 times?
          Second, while violent crime can be argued as “low”, technically Black Rob and rape those of other races somewhat more often. Organized hunting, Honestly not to me. I think it has more to do about resources, people of pretty much every other race having more stuff to steal compared to blacks themselves. When it comes to “niggers” they have little focus or solidarity to be constantly against whites in a formal enemy sense, more of a instinctual animalistic sense. If they did, They would’ve killed much closer compared to how much the Stole or Rape. The rape on fluctuates from majority black to majority non-black by the year from what I’ve read.
          Third, even if all of this considered is only a small percentage of whites, active IGNORANCE of these events, despite being more common than the often publicized White on Black crimes, is enough of a crime to justify some kind of concern among whites. When you get down to it there is the indefeatable argument of the disregard of these plights when the media transferring to the public cares about comparatively less.
          With that said, I have my issues. While I have mentioned it as variable, White Nationalism by and large and not just focusing on specific aspects hasn’t sucessfully separated itself from WS ideology. Granted, it would still look like that from the public’s point of view but then there’s more with the trap in regards of the variety.
          It’s not the variety itself, but the lack of organization with it compromising momentum of how forward it goes. It attracts the ethnocentric, the intellectually concerned, and everything inbetween. I’ve seen these people clash and it’s makes me think that this movement is going to need a spearhead to make any progress.
          Just looking at things on how they are, in making an impact I think something like the Alt Left has more of a chance in succeeding and actually progressing at least in America. Sure, the Alt Right GROWS but is that really progressing?
          It would depend, are you getting more Derbyshires or more Anglins identifying as Alt Right?

        6. Phil-
          Yes, it may be true that Blacks are in contact more with other Blacks, hence killing each other 89% of the time they kill anyone, but that defeats the ‘Blacks are moving into the suburbs to get us’ argument. They can’t have it both ways.
          And as for your opinion on “Nationalism” I assume you only entertain an Ethnoprovince?
          I mean, you don’t feel you should sent ‘back to Africa’, right?
          Not trying to be rude, I’m just genuinely curious.

        7. Well, as for the “moving out of the neighborhood” deal, technically if it occurs at the rate you describe at first, Whites leave, yet blacks follow them then the rates would be roughly continuous rather than having an increased white component to murders. I honestly can’t say if that occurs, but I’m doubtful.
          As for “Back to Africa” depends who you’re talking about. In general, no. The ones who persistently misbehave, I have no preference as long as they are dealt with efficiently. Ideally compulsion. If that doesn’t work, otherwise….
          Ethnoprovince? Sure I wouldn’t mind that but really saying that seems patronizing me considering, well, it wouldn’t be MY decision hypothetically due to certain heritage issues obviously.

        8. The problem with back to Africa is would require basically shredding the 14th and 15th amendments entirely, and set a very dangerous precedent (even if only some are repatriated).
          Plus, the logistics are dreadful.
          Apparently some Blacks on blogs like this don’t mind having a “White only” region of the U.S.

        9. Well, to reiterate, I don’t agree with it on general terms. If, howver, it was used as a solution towards particular blacks then yes but I don’t particularly lean towards that solution.

        10. “…Black on White crime is disproportionately low…this is a FACT…”
          You people are Judophile complete lairs. Everything you say has some twisted malfeasance about it. I’ll not bother to prove your latest lie as I shut down every damn thing you’ve said factually. You just either lie about that or go to the next lie. Typical Jewish behavior. We will never have a decent country with Jews in it. We need to throw them out and ones that refuse top leave we gas them and burn them in ovens. When Jews collapse the US, economy, which you will, the large amount of Whites that know about you will come after you.
          When that happens you think homeland security will save you. It will not. There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin .
          months, Wisconsin ‘s hunters became the eighth largest army in the world. More men under arms than in Iran .More than in France and Germany combined. These men deployed to the woods of a single American state to hunt with firearms, and no one was killed. That number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of Pennsylvania and Michigan’s 700,000 hunters, all of whom have now returned home. Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia and it literally establishes the fact that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world. You can not take the territory of the US like you did in Russia. Any coming “out” to do so and you will be exterminated.
          @phil. None of the problems between Blacks and Whites will ever be solved if the Jews are here and involved. I’m a WN but I don’t want all Blacks to die. Some of the Niggers yes I want them to die but not all Blacks. With a severe clamp down on criminal behavior and concealed carry and no threat towards Whites that shoot feral Niggers then both Whites and Blacks could live peacefully. There’s a way to stop a large part of Black violent crime but it’s oppressive. Blacks on welfare must be moved to public housing where they can be watched. There should be strong obsessive supervision. Young Black kids don’t seem to respond the same as White kids to admonitions to behave. It seems the need very harsh and consistent threats for civilized behavior to take hold.
          What we have now is Blacks are just like wild tribes that form small groups and go about raiding people. EXACTLY like the Indian tribes in the US did. The young braves would go out and steal, rape and murder the Whites. You know how that worked out right? This is why the Indians were massacred. Whites got fed up. A good book on the subject is “Scalp Dance”. I also urge you to read http://www.jameslafond.com/
          He’s not racist but is very race realist. I suspect that if this keeps on that the result will be the same as what happened to the Indians. Right now with a few mortars and some drones Whites could start massacring Blacks every time one of their people was hurt with a small amount of risk of capture. If I can think of this then plenty of others can too. It will only take a few doing this and it will catch on. Blacks by being so ruthless are making it a fight back or die situation for Whites. I don’t particularly want that but if it happens I’m on the Whites side no matter what. There also should be segregation if someone wants it. Whites should not be forced to live in Black neighborhoods.
          Jews purposely inflame tensions between Whites and Blacks. (((George Soros))) emails were hacked and he is funding and radicalizing BLM. The Jew owned press is pushing BLM to focus on thugs that get shot and not valid cases that would cause Whites to demand police training reform like I would like. When in Atlanta a group got together to stop the Israeli’s from training police the Mayor was for it until the Jews got involved. Then the whole thing got canned. Israeli police training is a HUGE part of why so many people are being shot by police. Whites and Blacks.
          Barack Thatcher and Trash are highly likely to be paid Hasbara or just stupid Jewish kids that like to stir things up. A warning to both of you if you ever lose hold of this country all your post will be tracked to you.
          As for Blacks moving to the suburbs and fostering crime this has been proven by the Memphis Tenn, study tracing crime and finding to the surprise of the Leftist tracers that the huge majority of it was due to public housing being closed and the Niggers renting houses with section 8. Massive crime wave followed.

        11. I forgot, as for repatriating Blacks we could pay every Black who wanted to go back to Africa reparations all the rest could decide to become Americans and just shut the fuck up about slavery. No one alive is a slave or owned one. Mostly this is just about threatening Whites for money.

        12. To Sam,
          Basically continuous compulsion. I’ll read the link you gave. In turn, I have one that outlines some of my ideas.
          I won’t lie, I’ve often heard of theories, if not outright assertions, of inflaming. I thought it was somewhat irrelevant because I’ve perceived it as mostly a natural reaction. I guess I must reconsider
          Your take on what will follow was pretty much one of my biggest fears concerning American Blacks when I became more aware of race politics.
          Immense Observation I would agree with. I maight highlight your points in a future article in September.

        13. @phil. I’m lost. I linked to http://www.jameslafond.com/
          because of all the post he has under “harm City” (tag grouping) of how Blacks in the area he lives operate. They get two, but usually three or four Blacks and attack Whites and everyone else around them. Their behavior is so similar to the Indian attacks on the frontier is amazing. Blacks in the ghetto live just like hunter gathers. They have food they get from the EBT card. Just like gathering it up but anything they want extra they have to work REAL HARD for or they have to take it from someone else. They do just like hunter gathers have for all history and frequently just take from someone else.
          The reason I stressed that James is not a racist is…first he’s not… second he is a race realist so some of what he says would be determined to be racist. He’s a stick fighter and teaches stick fighting, boxing and basically any kind of combat equally to Whites, Blacks, etc. He’s mostly a writer who chooses to write about violence. He lives in the hood, to my great consternation, to write about violence because there’s lots of it where he’s at and it’s dirt cheap to live there.
          Here’s where I’m lost,”…I won’t lie, I’ve often heard of theories, if not outright assertions, of inflaming…”. I have no idea what this refers too and when you add the link to “fantis negro”…well now I’m completely befuddled.
          Something James talks about is the Indians never ever punished their children. They didn’t hit them or discipline them. Now that White people did is seen as a great crime but these same undisciplined Indians went on to horribly torture, rape, murder Whites, In the most horrid manner you could even begin to think of. Torture was entertainment for them. This all came back to haunt the Indians. After a group of wild teenagers had tortured and killed a group of a hundred settlers or so. Stole all the Women and children. Raped all the Women and bashed the babies heads against trees as they couldn’t work and the Whites found out about this. They went nuts. They would band together a group of White Men with lots of supplies and run them down until they found them and kill everyone. Everyone. This happened over and over and didn’t change for decade after decade. Eventually Whites had enough and slaughtered the buffalo so they wouldn’t have anything to eat and continuously ran them down until they killed or captured all of them and after that the Indians were done.
          White people are very slow to anger compared to a lot of other races but if we finally make up our minds that there’s no changing the situation no matter what we do and that it’s either us or them. Them better watch out as we will organize and be ruthlessly efficient in ending the threat. If you read books about war you will hear frequently about “the Western way of war” and it means we tend to go all out and ruthlessly pursue war to it’s conclusion. If we keep going I can see something happening just exactly like in this book.
          It’s not a bad read it’s the book McVeigh read over and over.

    1. Yes, they despise anyone who is more successful than them.
      And that’s why they loot and burn their betters’ shops over a thug getting a well-deserved beatdown, right?

      1. The CVS was Black owned (proprietor) and operated…
        as most places in Baltimore area.
        I can recall going into a Burger King there this summer and there is one White guy on staff out of about 10.
        They seem to get those more Blue-Collar jobs.
        There was one Black patron and two East Indian patrons, when I came in.
        I was definitely thinking ‘muh greater Caucasian family’! At that time…

  3. My God psychosis is strong with these WNs….
    ‘Whites are being murdered by Blacks in the streets, in nice Upper Class White neighborhoods’
    ‘I non-stop rant about Savages, but I’m not a racist’
    ‘Coloreds’ burned a CVS down’ (comment chimpout session commences)
    Jesus the Jew fuckin’ Christ….

    1. Egyptians were white….
      JOOOS are responsible for the rates teen pregnancy and illegitimacy among poor rural whites….
      Nordics created the Empires of Greece and Rome (Go down to a Gyro sandwich stand and look at a Greek owner. They are not “Nordics”)…
      Of course there are some valid points. Immigration is not a good thing for any country.

      1. Egyptians were white….


        Nordics created the Empires of Greece and Rome (Go down to a Gyro sandwich stand and look at a Greek owner. They are not “Nordics”)…

        Bullshit. Source? Stop stealing other’s history. You damn Nordicists are just like Afrocentrists. Two sides of the same coin.

        1. Exactly, hence why he included this
          “JOOOS are responsible for the rates teen pregnancy and illegitimacy among poor rural whites….Of course there are some valid points. Immigration is not a good thing for any country.”
          Trash did say idiot stuff with Southern Italians, but he has written thoroughly he wasn’t for Nordicism.

  4. The brilliant YouTubber Sargon of Akkad described the alt-right as being a kind of mirror image of the social justice warriors. As long as the SJWs demonize white males, a place will exist for those who take the opposite view, and advocate for white males. That’s what the alt-right is. It is the shadow of contemporary progressive politics. It is everyone some or another feminist columnist or social justice blogger hand-waved as racist, misogynist or homophobic – accurately or not. All of the people the “inclusive” left has opted not to include. The future of the alt-right is entirely up to the liberals and the progressives now. Less smugness and self righteousness among the HuffPo crowd, and the alt-right will be confined to the margins.

  5. Phil-
    It would make sense that robbery is more acute.
    I recall a Tyler Perry line where this young Black guy in debt $600 k, robs Madea.
    The Cop asks “how many old Black ladies were you planning to rob”
    He replies; “600k”
    If I recall correctly, Murder is the biggest “Black crime” (Blacks commit 53% of them here), whereas with Murder and Robbery are less acutely Black perpetrated.
    Although that’s not saying much, for Blacks are overrepresented in all crime but public drunkeness.

        1. and the 89% figure is overall.
          Murder, which is less Black on White is legally considered the worst, of course.

        2. True, I’m just speaking in proportions on top of encounter rates. Going back to that argument do we know a true “legit” theoretical ocurrence using that as a factor?
          Then you would compare that to actual rates of Black to White/Nonblack crime. And to your point general prevalence should be kept in mind.

        3. “Choice of Victim”? Well, Mostly White from what I would judge. I have also read from a Derbyshire response to a Tom Wise article “Nazis can’t do Math”, he brought up that most whites that kill Blacks were Police officers, so that would eliminate Blacks as an average white offender Target (Average- non police officer) .
          By default I would see Hispanics as the next one by technicality, but I’m unaware pf the stats for those. As usual, likely Miniscule.

    1. Not in white collar crime. Barring counterfeiting, of course.
      The crimes of the ghetto are spontaneous, ill-planned, petty, face-to-face on the street incidents. Stolen cars, hold-ups, robberies, drug burns.
      Our jails reflect this.

    2. A sophisticated commercial burglary is a sophisticated crime: When an art museum is robbed the perpetrator is probably not a NAM.
      When whites commit a murder/robbery it is usually drug people robbing other drug people. Not always of course.
      White crime has been diminishing over the years. Fewer whites try to hold up a gas station now than they would have 20 years ago.

  6. Robert,
    what is your opinion on this comment by this guy. This guy Jack Marshall is some ethics expert.His take on black crime was very interesting
    quoting him
    “The crime statistics for the black community in the United States are indeed horrendous, and they reflect terribly on the entrenched black culture, family structure, and leadership, as well as the nation itself. Using those statistics to make the simpleminded argument that there is something inherently wrong with an entire race is no more nor less than simple-minded, as well as hateful, and again, it’s ironic, since attitudes like yours and your fellow white supremacists have contributed greatly to the difficulties faced by blacks in America from the beginning.
    The reasons for the predominance of crime is no mystery—it has been well studied, and I was thoroughly depressed by them way back in college, when I took the superb and objective course by Prof. Thomas Pettigrew of Harvard about the shattered black culture here and its chances for recovery. The course was not optimistic, but the causes of the tragic state of blacks in the US had nothing to do with the idiotic claim that they are somehow innately inferior or evil, but rather the destruction of the black family structure, the conundrum of successful blacks leaving the black community, where they would be the natural role models and leaders, for success in the larger culture; educational apartheid that has made blacks the primary victims of the US education system’s collapse; drugs and gang activity, which is rooted in class and poverty, not race; crippling social programs like welfare and others, which have perverse incentives that make it beneficial not to work and to game the system; corruption among black politicians on the national and local level, seeded by the historically predictable phenomenon of an underclass’s leaders getting the tools of owner without proper training or preparation and seeing it as an “they got theirs, now its out turn” opportunity; the natural but self-destructive tendency to believe racism is the cause of all failures and criticism, making many members of the black community unable to distinguish between their own deficits—that could be addressed and eliminated by diligence and self-criticism—and intractible handicaps imposed on them; and on, and on, and on.
    Decades ago I couldn’t see how the cultural, social, historical and attitudinal impediments to black success in America was going to improve, and indeed, along with Pettigrew, thought it was more likely that they would get worse. Certainly many of the handicaps have worsened, like fatherless black household, incarceration rates, and exploitation by the political process, and others. Against all odds, however, progress is being made, or was, until the combination of the 2008 crash and the economy-strangling policies in response to it stopped the economic progress of blacks in the US cold, and actually reversed it.
    Scientific, social science and historical evidence, as well as unbiased coherent reasoning shows that any any racial or ethnic group, subjected to the conditions that blacks have been subjected to in the US, would lag dramatically in progress on all fronts, would be afflicted with cynicism, despair, anger and paranoia, and would display the patterns and tendencies we see in black America today. Your conclusion, in addition to contributing to the problem, is ignorant, negligent, and gratuitously cruel, not to say moronic. It greatly contributes to the very conditions you misinterpret to make your own group and mediocre existence within it seem superior—-choosing another group to denigrate is a classic tactic of the self-esteem and accomplishment-challenged. Your conduct is simply organized bullying.
    The fact that using any group generalization to make judgments about individual members is unfair, illogical and wrong is well-understood, demonstrably true, and intuitively obvious to the ethical and intelligent. Even if your assumptions about blacks as a group were correct, and they are not, it would not justify the relentless contempt for all members of the group regardless of character, potential and achievement. A good person is a good person, a smart person is smart person, and it is those and other qualities and achievements that every human being has the right to be judged upon, not some arbitrary, and in the case of race, increasingly vague and indefinable gross generalization, that is a lazy alternative to knowledge.
    I’ve read your nauseating and sad websites and others of the Chimpmania contagion. Substitute “nigger” for Jew and they are indistinguishable from Nazi screeds; both philosophically and culturally, they are the same. You have blood on your hands, for you carry the ideological poison of all genocidal movements, and the hate you tenderly cultivate harms all races here and elsewhere. It is profoundly un-American, rejecting the ideals that have made the nation great, and you are bitter embarrassment to the rest of us….you know, the fair, the giving, the caring, the decent, the rational, the helpful, the thoughtful, the sane.
    Since bigotry is irrational, there is no point at all in debating it, or trying to change the mind of a bigot. If you and yours had your way, the U.S would have never experienced the benefits bestowed by the thousands upon thousands of talented, brilliant, and unique individuals with dark skin, whose contribution as Americans have made life better for everyone, including, unfortunately, you. There are too many to list, and there are more coming. They have given us so much, and made this a better country: you contribute nothing, and spread lies and hate that can only make us a worse one.”
    I agree with it mostly except group generalizing which is not possible. People always tend to see in group which is only fair

    1. “…The fact that using any group generalization to make judgments about individual members is unfair, illogical and wrong is well-understood, demonstrably true, and intuitively obvious to the ethical and intelligent…”
      Well that’s a fine attitude to have in an all White town or all White campus but if you keep that attitude in the hood you’re likely to be killed. As Mike Tyson says, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face”.
      “…I’ve read your nauseating and sad websites and others of the Chimpmania contagion. Substitute “nigger” for Jew and they are indistinguishable from Nazi screeds…”
      And they were both right. The Jews were a parasitical tribe of psychopaths and Negros on average tend to be dangerous feral people.
      “…you carry the ideological poison of all genocidal movements…”
      Like the Jews killing 60 million people in Russia?
      “…Since bigotry is irrational…”
      You people keep saying the same stupid shit over and over again. Read what I said about the hood. Repeat until the stupidly washes from your brain.
      “…If you and yours had your way, the U.S would have never experienced the benefits bestowed by the thousands upon thousands of talented, brilliant, and unique individuals with dark skin, whose contribution as Americans have made life better for everyone, including, unfortunately, you. There are too many to list, and there are more coming. They have given us so much, and made this a better country…”
      What a huge pile of shit you are pushing there. Let me ask you if we’re supposed to give Negros forty acres and a mule then what do we give to the mules? The oxen?
      “…generalizing which is not possible…”
      You’re a huge dumbass for saying that. Mindless herbivore braying about.

      1. Canada and Australia and NZ are not lacking because they never experienced these benefits. Arguably their living standards are higher, their streets safer.
        Cannot quite agree that the cultural mosaic has contributed that much to the developed world standards of North America.

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