What is the Future of the Alt-Right/ Dark Enlightenment?

My Quora answer. At this point, it can only grow. No one in the movement is going to leave, and obviously quite a few are going to join. All of the people appalled by them were never going to sign up anyway. They have a lot of publicity now and they will only get bigger in the future. A couple of other comments follow.

The question seems to be worded as though those things were synonyms. They are not. The Dark Enlightenment (DE) is a scientific critique on the fundamental premises of The (so-called) Enlightenment: specifically that human liberty and equality are unalloyed goods. Since it is obvious that human (racial, sexual, religious and ethnic) equality is patently false, and that liberty is not an unalloyed good (e.g., offering fertile opportunities for the rapacious to profiteer off the poor impulse control or future time orientation of others), the DE is not going to go away. While politically inconvenient truths about matters may be suppressed for a time (cf. heliocentrism), it is expensive and indeed a sign of collapsing legitimacy. The “Alt-Right” has really come to mean the non-mainstream Dissident Right. It is a loose, often tumultuous, alliance of a wide variety of anti-progressive particularists—including paleoconservatives, paleolibertarians, neoreactionaries, anarcho-capitalists, separatists, southern nationalists, white nationalists, ethnic nationalists, identitarians, and even a few national socialists. It has no essential nature, therefore, to conform to, no central control, and cannot act in a coherent manner. Various arms of the Dissident Right have their own plans to create institutions, and propagate their ideas in various ways. Some seek power within the existing political structure. Others see themselves primarily as Samizdat organizers. If the progressive neoliberal establishment continues to collapse both the psycho-social and economic health of Western nations, dissident movements of all sorts may be expected to continue to attract followers, financial backing, and a modicum of power.

An excellent overview of the Dark Enlightenment, although I suspect he is whitewashing it. From what I know about the Dark Enlightenment as envisioned by Mencius Moldbug and Nick Land, British “accelerationist” British philosopher, it is not something I want anything to do with. In fact, it seems like my and hopefully most of your worst nightmare. I would say that if the Alt Left is about anything, it is about Enlightenment values, so this would right away put us at odds for opposing the Dark Enlightenment.

Dim obscurity. While a few events recently have brought them to the front, their ideology is toxic to the majority of people, and that will lead to them back to the fringe. There’s no real future, especially as more and more people learn that “alt-right” is largely a synonym for white supremacists and neo-Nazis. The new branding will not change the outcome. I expect they’ll remain a nuisance online. But any sort of intellectual or cultural influence? Extremely unlikely.

This fellow seems to feel that the Alt Right will become a collapsing star and black hole of hatred and nihilism after burning so bright after a brief flash in the spotlight and the camera clicks. I am not so sure about that. How many Alt Righters will say, “Whoa, this movement is neo-Nazi! I never knew that. I’m out of here!” About zero. Everyone involved in this movement knows exactly what it is all about and none of them are taking off. I assume that there are quite a few newbies out there who would love to sign up. They ain’t going away anytime soon I am afraid.

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25 thoughts on “What is the Future of the Alt-Right/ Dark Enlightenment?”

  1. They can grow, to perhaps a few percentage points of the population, but the problem is, that yes, the majority of the population will not accept them at all.
    If worst comes to worst, they may be persecuted under President Clinton, investigated, etc.
    GSG always talks about them ‘endangering their futures’ (Jobs, academics, etc.), and it’s correct. The retards that are openly Alt-Reich are going to have repercussions.

      1. Egah- I didn’t say that I agreed with it.
        I just said it was natural selection.
        You’re the social darwinist, not me.

    1. To Barack Thatcher:
      GSG always talks about them ‘endangering their futures’ (Jobs, academics, etc.), and it’s correct. The retards that are openly Alt-Reich are going to have repercussions.
      One doesn’t have to be Alt-Right to lose one’s job in academia by uttering thoughts against mainstream (heavily cultural left) ideology:
      Quite frankly I think Rob is quite brave to publish under his real name. Any number of his blog posts would likely interfere with future employment in his field (Linguistics) or even as a teacher in high school.
      Anonymity is probably the best choice for anyone on the left, right, or center who questions mainstream opinion on race, genetics, gender identity, equality, etc. unless you are independently wealthy. (Even then a person in a position of authority could royally screw someone as it’s not that hard to hack into someone’s personal computer and deposit kiddie porn) That’s why I told Phil, young as he is, to remove his photo after he made his point. Even your opinions Barack/William (according certain behavior and intelligence to one’s genetic background) may be subject to future public vilification and censure.

      1. Yes, that’s true.
        Although the censorship might not be as extreme as someone one Occidental Dissent.
        I was mainly referring to “Government Watchlists”. Do they care about this blog?
        Probably not.
        But you better believe they are watching the Neo-Nazi/Alt-Reich ones, even Breitbart.

        1. To Barack Thatcher:
          I was mainly referring to “Government Watchlists”. Do they care about this blog?
          Probably not.

          I am sure Stormfront and other equally noxious sites are being monitored by some governmental authority. I doubt that’s the case (at least at an official level) for Breitbart but in the end it doesn’t matter.
          Someone SJW or just some with an axe to grind takes a current snapshot of Rob’s blog and saves it. Three years later he gets a job offer at a University and happily accepts and updates his LinkedIn page. One month after he has accepted the job, his immediate boss, the dean, the president of University along with the heads of various student government and various identity groups (Gay, African American etc..) are notified that a racist, sexist, homophobe is in their midst and should be terminated.
          This teacher was fired for unknown comments such as http://triblive.com/news/ericheyl/3615512-74/francis-teacher-wehrer or sometimes just by publicly admitting they don’t like their job whereas Universities tend to be more tolerant but not too much more:

        2. Yeah, it is scary, TJF.
          Rushton would have had to have been tenured prior to starting his research, in the modern day (at a University).

        3. Yes I have even been interviewed by the FBI about Islamic terrorism (bin Laden case) and I asked them if they knew about my website and they said, “What website?” I told them and they said, “We have never heard of your website.” So apparently the FBI could give a flying fuck about this site.
          They were mostly worried whether I was a Muslim or not. I told them I wasn’t and that I was a religion hating Commie instead and they laughed and said, “Oh well…” If you are a White US convert to Islam, I would watch it. I would not want to be interviewed by the FBI if I were a convert.

        4. It is worse than that. I was even on the mailing list for Centcom in the Pentagon when we were in Iraq! Yep the Pentagon was sending me hard to get reports every single day. They were called Iraqi Incident Reports and they were reports of all attacks in Iraq involving US troops I think. Those reports were hard to get and even a lot of journalists had no access to them. But I sort of sneaked my way onto the list somehow. I am good at that. I can talk my way into offices or to talk to people on the phone. I have talked to some really high up people that way. There is an art to that.

        5. I really don’t see why this blog would be too offensive to too many people.
          But surely it is.
          The issue with censorship is, as I’ve said before, these retards will literally try to talk to Liberals about the “beaner birthrate” (exact words).
          What the fuck do they expect?

      2. My site has not interfered with my ability to work in academia as an independent scholar. I sit on the peer review board of an academic journal and I have articles int the pipeline at academic journals and in an academic book. There is a guy who is sort of my mentor who discovered me so to speak and I asked him about my Internet blogs and he said, “What Internet blogs?” I told him and his attitude was, “We don’t give a flying fuck what you write.” Linguistics doesn’t really care about any other fields you might be writing stuff in. Now if I was trying to publish in psychology or sociology perhaps it might be another matter but not in linguistics. Linguists pretty much do not care about anything outside of Linguistics.
        However, I have had to temper my blog posts somewhat due to my academic writing. I am writing a lot in Turkology right now, so I do not want to say much bad stuff about Turkey or Turkish people. I am afraid it will not look good.

  2. The Dark Enlightenment certainly describes it and it’s fuled by conservative hatred from the midwest and Northeast. At least Christianity added a level of humanity and sane thinking in the conservative thinking coming from the southern states.

    1. very true, although lots of the Midwest objects to this, as well.
      Middle America, the churchgoers in Oklahoma and Texas, hate this.
      Utah was demoted from “Solid Republican” to “leans Republican” because Mormons hate Trump so much.

      1. Apparently, again, contrary to how the liberal media portrays the south, the south isn’t alt-right country. The alt-right sickens them as much as it does NAMS, and southerners are not blind to the fact the alt-right likes Trump, and that Trump is obviously anti-relgious, vile, and rude in some ways.

        1. Sorry for double post, but I think the biggest thing against Trump is the “wuss” factor. He just seems like a spoiled rich guy who picks on handicapped people. Who in the hell, except the alt-right would love someone like that?

      1. TL;DR: The Alt Right is a Western ideology that believes in science, history, reality, and the right of a genetic nation to exist and govern itself in its own interests.

        Ha. Haha. Hahaha. When half of them are Nordicists and push old and outdated myths, how can you say you believe in science, history and reality? Hilarious!
        Not to mention Vox day is an idiot who thinks that MENA immigration has dropped French IQ. Not even close. God these people can’t get nay dumber.
        Seriously, who lets their politics guide what science they read or what they’d accept? It’s mind bogglingly idiotic. If you’re looking for something, you’re going to find it. Never fails.

  3. The fact that the alt-right is a loose confederation doesn’t mean they can’t be galvanized or mobilized around a single issue. Immigration is obviously their strongest suit, since even a lot of mainstream conservatives and dissident leftists don’t like it.
    It’s a little to harsh to claim, as someone on MSNBC did, that they’re all childless young men masturbating to anime in the basement all day, but I don’t think the alt-right types mostly are having children, so Mormons or “Cuckservatives” etc. will probably have more influence in the future (the future belongs to whoever shows up).
    I think the “Benedict Option” as forwarded by the conservative Rod Dreher will probably be more fruitful and practical for those on the dissident right. http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/benedict-option-faq/

  4. I’ve been expecting the alt-right for many years now.
    White Nationalism was too rigid, to niche, to far out. They believed that there would be some kind of mass awakening and that Whites would suddenly wake up and bring about “Der Tag” when they storm institutions and take back their country.
    The problem was, that White Nationalism remained fringe, unpalatable, while the issues which were causing issues for Whites were mounting. That is, the demand for that kind of movement was increasing, the viability of White Nationalism remained low, and the delusions of White Nationalists, that more mainstream, ordinary whites would join them remained.
    So what has happened is that the more radical “mainstream Right” have gone off on their own. The Alt-Right developed in parallel, and has left the older, traditional “White Nationalists” in the wilderness, where they have always been. The Whites who weren’t aligned with White Nationalism have ridden a wave, and the White Nationalists, looking for some kind of day of the rope, have completely missed this. So they are moving to the Alt-Right, and more moderate Right wingers are moving to the Alt-Right.

  5. I suspect the popular culture in the west has been preparing for an Alt. Right movement; a good example is the Lord of the Rings books/movies:
    1)Its well known that LOTR is a favorite of the white racists. Its just all out racial war romanticized. The good guys are always white. Why the Orcs are bad guys? Seems the only superficial reason is their dietary preference of ‘man flesh’. That’s a not too subtle slander against arabs,jews,E.asians, hindus…
    2)There seems to be some PC content thrown in:
    The males of the elves,said to be the ‘fairest’ race among all the Middle Earthlings,were apparently faggots. Well they were supposed to be immortal but yet few in numbers. Your guess is as good as mine. The horny Elvish princess Arwen even need to subside herself to seek romance with the mortal Aragon. Same with the orcs; ever seen a female orcs in the LOTR movies? Just what kind of metaphor was their craving for ‘man flesh’?
    Why Gandalf was fond of the hobbits? Well he was a faggot pedophiles and the hobbits were child size.
    Ghimli the dwarf said that both male and female dwarves sported facial hair and were indistinguishable from one another to non-dwarves.Facial hair is a gender characteristic and that implies same gender; like a fag refers to his ‘husband’.

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