What Is the Essence of the Hillary/Alt-Right Conundrum?

My answer on Quora. An idiotic conservative Republican answers me. I do not mind conservative Republicans, but I would like an opposition party that makes some sort of sense. The problem I have with the Republicans and the wingnuts is that their message is so irrational. If we are going to have an opposition, it should at least make sense.

The Democraps hate women! Mention Lincoln again. The Libs are the real racists! LBJ quote! Mention Lincoln again. Hillary quotes! Robert Byrd over and over, did you know he’s KKK? Mention Lincoln again. The Blacks need to get off the Democratic Party plantation! Robert Byrd! Look at our screwed up cities, all run by Democraps! The Dems are the real racists! Benghazi! Whitewater!
Robert Byrd! Monica! BLM is a terrorist group! Mention Lincoln again. They’re gonna take away our guns! Robert Byrd! Social programs hurt Blacks, let’s get rid of all of them! Obama is a Kenyan! Obama, radical Muslim terrorist! Mention Lincoln again. Obama has declared war on Whites! Robert Byrd! Obama is dividing out country by race! Eric Holder! Mention Lincoln again. New Black Panthers in Philly! Robert Byrd! Fast and Furious! Voter fraud by the millions! Robert Byrd! Dems registering illegals to vote by the 100,000’s! Monica! Mention Lincoln again. 

It’s so insipid. It’s like the rantings of a retarded, psychotic six year old. I am serious. That’s about the idiot level that it’s on. The Alt Right are evil, but at least a lot of their wicked arguments are based on facts. Republican narratives are simply batshit loony. They’re also stupid as Hell. Really, the Republicans need to give up posing as anti-racists, feminists, gay rights activists and advocates for the poor. Everyone knows the Party is racist as Hell, very much anti-women, strongly anti-gay, and we all know how much they hate the poor. What’s with the charade? It’s so absurd. Do they think that anyone actually believes this BS?
These guys are fascists, almost all of them, either Trump-fascists or a far nastier variety. The non-fash are mostly MRA’s who hate feminism. Many of these also hate women. Homophobia is very big on the Alt Right. All of this is directly contrary to Hillary’s embrace of the Cultural Left, in particular feminism, immigrant rights and Blacks (BLM, etc.).
Here is the idiot Republican boilerplate comment that follows. I am printing it to show you as obtuse and asinine it is. Like I said, I would love to have a real opposition party that actually made sense. I mean I am sure their positions would suck, but at least they would have a logical narrative. The Republican narrative is simply straight up insane and dumber than a rock.

Where do you get your information Robert? Mrs. Bill Clinton is not a feminist. Women haters exist within every group. Milo, a spokesperson for the Alt-Right is GAY! Mrs. Bill Clinton does embrace the Cultural Left, which only reflects the Saul Alinsky philosophy of destruction, not construction. You have only to look at the morass in contemporary Chicago to see that. Immigration policy needs to be examined and improved. And that false woman looks down on all people, including BLM — with no exceptions.

Isn’t that retarded? Damn that is a stupid comment. Ever seen those trash mountains at the landfill. This is like a huge trash mountain of stupid that poured out of the landfill of some deranged brain, with bulldozers of logic hurrying over it trying in vain to make it make sense somehow amidst all the swirling stupid.

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38 thoughts on “What Is the Essence of the Hillary/Alt-Right Conundrum?”

  1. Maybe.
    The Alt-Right’s main idiocy comes in that they are not nationalists at all and don’t understand what “nationalist” means.
    They are also deluded into thinking that all non-Whites couldn’t even “be here” prior to 1965, they’ll say “Obama shouldn’t be here”, yet his dad came in 1960, prior to the act. They also likewise seem to think “to circumvent” means to change.
    They think the Ancient Egyptians were Europeans, etc., etc.

    1. This is the problem I have with them. The Alt-Right represents a positive move away from the Cuckservatism and obeiscance to the investor class, however it’s rejected one false promise and moved to nothing. It offers nothing.
      What would an Alt-Right run country look like? It would be based purely on reactionary ideas.
      They could have reach some level of enlightenment, realized that nationalism is about having a state which exists by and for a people, for their benefit and to enrich their lives and experience and then worked towards promoting this message. However, they discovered nothing. They went straight to attacking SJW’s and Cultural Leftism without offering anything to replace it. There is no intellectual or philosophical basis behind their position, which is perhaps why so many disparate reactionaries can unite under the same umbrella.

      1. However, they discovered nothing. They went straight to attacking SJW’s and Cultural Leftism without offering anything to replace it. There is no intellectual or philosophical basis behind their position, which is perhaps why so many disparate reactionaries can unite under the same umbrella.
        That’s true. I think the problem is that the “Alt-Right” is very fractured, and no unity can be made because it’s members are such morons (as I referenced above).
        For instance, Andrew Anglin(Nazi) probably is revered in some corners of the Alt-Right, yet in others Ron Unz (Jewish).
        Some are non-racist (Alex Jones and blogger Judgy Bitch), some want to repatriate Blacks back to Africa.
        Sam and Tony want to ‘gas the Jews’, yet Egah considers them his White brothers.
        How can any of these coalesce?

        1. SAM & TONY would feel differently about illegal immigrants if thousands of Scots or Welsh from their ancestral towns showed up in their city. I’m quite sure of it. Vinnie Terranova is going to feel differently about his cousin slipping into “da Neighawhood” to work “Unda da table”.

        2. It is a case of people united by shared hatreds, and little more. Pro-Whites make this mistake all the time. They open their arms to anyone who bags Jews, hates Muzzies or is sympathetic to the swastica. Its reasoned that anyone who ostensibly displays stereotypical pro-white tropes is a nationalist and an ally, even if they never say anything which indicated they have a nationalist POV.
          The Alt-Left IMO holds a more coherent nationalist message then the Alt-Right, in that there is a recognition the state apparatus should serve the welfare of us all. The Alt-right is a confused mix, and Libertarianism or Anarcho-Capitalism is wholly incompatible with maintaining national welfare.

  2. BARACK Idiotic Delusions
    Chinese-Americans in California and the Pacific arrived in 1900 – 1920 about the same time as the last wave of European immigrants to the North/Northeast (Italians, Eastern Europeans, Germans).
    They might have arrived slightly earlier even than the last great wave of Germans, Finns and Scandinavians into the Northern Midwest.
    Asian-Americans would probably not cross the street to urinate on an African or European-American on fire. But let’s be accurate.
    Modern Day Egyptians are Arabs. Why wouldn’t they have been Arab when the Pyramids were built? Alexandria in the far North probably has some minute Greek admixture but Egyptians were never white. Not that crudely-built tombs in the desert demonstrate the same level of civilization as Rome’s historical legacy.

    1. God forbid you fucking say any of that. If you do, you’re just a Jew.
      They’re fucking children and should be treated as such.

      1. If JOOS really control the lives of rural whites who live in Kansas or somewhere to such a degree as they allege they must be quite foolish.

  3. According to Roger Stone Hillary called Jesse Jackson the N-word in between her anti-Semitic tirades and calling hits on opponents.

    1. I would not be surprised if Hillary had a few bad experiences with both groups along the way.
      Why wouldn’t she?

      1. Well, she went out of her way to use the phrase “It Takes a Village” (she claimed it was Yoruba), and Blacks really loved Bill. I’m skeptical if she’s prejuidiced against them. And Obama’s Black support in 2008 is exaggerated, according to PP Obama was losing Black women nationally prior to the Oprah endorsement (they saw him as an oddball foreigner).
        As for Jews, there is Monica, of course, but she also apparently won the NY Jewish vote over Bernie in 2016. And I’m sure Jews preferred her over Obama in 2008, generally speaking.

    If I pointed a gun at a black man and demanded he smile while telling him to stare at a huge white penis in an African girl’s anus he might do so under duress but his feelings would probably not be genuine.
    We cannot always state how we feel.
    Asian-Americans quietly feel that JOOS and Anglo Americans are inferior, I am sure. They might have a point, too.
    We call that cognitive dissonance.

    1. …………………..
      Yes, they surely do…
      But as I’ve said before, Alt-Reichers live at the zoo…it’s like monkeys.

      1. Which, it’s just it. Trump is saying what ‘everyone thinks’, but the world doesn’t work like that!
        Hillary indeed does have self control.

  5. Again we see that southerners, who didn’t support Trump (and may only support him as a lesser of two evils) are not the homophobic, racist monsters who kick people in wheelchairs.
    So southerners are a bit conservative in thinking, but the Catholic conservatives and Neo-Nazis of the Northeast and Rust Belt are the mean ones.

  6. It’s impossible to have a better world without better men making up that world. When people speak of love and brotherhood, they are mouthing unrealistic, even exploitative, platitudes because they are just acting good as opposed to being good.
    You need a complete do-over. A total personality transformation. You must turn over a new leaf and become “born again.” The do-gooder does very little good because he sees the problem as being outside himself. In actuality, the problem is inside the person. But people fail to see this so they are continually conned. Hope springs eternal.
    The media, political, and educational systems are from the devil. That’s all there is to it. God intervenes ENOUGH to keep society going. That’s our only hope.

      1. SAM J Who disagrees with any of the above statements?
        Nobody wants a 6’2 grown man in a dress like Bruce Jenner using a woman’s toilet with little girls (4./7.)
        Chinatown’s Asians do not want NAMS in their neighborhood more than a Klavern of KKK (6.)
        Foreign elites purchasing elections-we Americans are supposed to be doing that in Philippines or Latin American-so North America is definitely going downhill if developing countries are doing this TO US.
        Outsourcing? Indian engineers will work for $20 per day. Nobody is going to profit off that…on the other hand working at call center was a shitty job.

        1. the whole “homogeneity” and “true diversity” is highly ambiguous, though.
          How specifically does the Alt-Right wish to achieve that?
          and, yes, TRASH is correct that the “Aut-Right” does not have a monopoly on some of this.

        2. Trash, alt reichers have little homogeneity between them. The folks there have little common between them. Most of the timw they fight among themselves most of the time. Have you ever seen any alt site like occidentaldissent? Check the comments sections. It’s always like south vs north, Jew vs Philo Semites, mindless flame wars, nonsense like italians are non white, overt personal attacks. They are obsessed into these silly fights. Most of them login to these sites just to pick a fight. It’s funny these people come up with such images.

    If illegal immigrants from Scotland and Wales suddenly began flowing into the South from the same places that White Southerners trace their own ancestors would the feeling about illegal immigrants be different?
    Italians, for example, just kind of wash up in Italian-American neighborhoods much of the time. Nobody complains much.
    Same with Chinese in Chinatown.

  8. JONATHON I’m curious about their perspectives not defending opposite positions:
    Thousands of Scots and Welsh and Northern England suddenly begin pouring into the South of the United States. Would White Southerners want feel as strongly about illegal immigration.
    Just an example.

    1. “Hell, even legal Mexicans are pushing for Trump because they finally get that illegals will steal/are stealing from them too. And/or because they realize the Third World Express’s first stop is their neighborhood.”
      The real reason people are voting for Trump;
      At the rate the U.S. is going to look like a right-wing Latin American country at the rate we are going. The immigration of these Mestizos causes divides, and fractures the proles. Trump supporters can sense they are going to be the ones who have to deal with these immigrants, not the elites, and that their lifestyle, and theirs only, is going to decline.

      1. Perhaps legal Mexicans would fall into this category.
        But I wouldn’t get my hopes up.
        Plus, Trump has been hemming and hawing about this whole thing recently.

      2. If I didn’t have to live in the aftermath, I would have to laugh at these wealthy Hollywood stars and millionaire athletes. They want to discuss problems in the world..but it’s not a world that they live in. That’s right, the elites tell us how wonderful the invaders are–protected from the scum by Gaps, Gates, and Goons.
        These people are well to do. They live in nice, big homes in mostly safe (white) neighborhoods with security. They don’t live in the ghettos of Baltimore or on the south side of Chicago.
        The rest of us have to deal with their ruining of the neighborhood, commission of crime, and outright REFUSAL–not failure–to learn our language, let alone our laws.
        If they really want to do something, then they need to go to these places and start with the people in those neighborhoods. Preach to them about accountability and being personally responsible (like the rest of us). Maybe they or their bodyguards would catch a bullet or two and MAYBE they’d change tunes from personal experience? Or maybe they’d make excuses as long as they survived, no harm no foul?
        They never want to go to the problem (the illegal/Black neighborhoods).
        They always want to start with whites (or cops)…as the problem.
        Their rhetoric starts riots, making us even MORE want to avoid or punish the lesser cultures!

      3. What do you mean right-wing Latin American country, anyways?
        Don’t you have to have at least 5 Revolutions to qualify as a Latin American country? Right-wing doesn’t riot, which is why there’s no white equivalent of Milwaukee.
        If they were really right-wing, they would’ve crushed these scum by now, but America keeps pushing them to “understand” and “negotiate with” the criminal fuckups. We need a word higher than Epic to say how badly that has failed. Or we could ask the Olympic kayaker who rammed into a couch and lost the race due to savage interference…Or the ones who got robbed?
        The elites, BTW, take helicopters now because the savages make the streets unsafe.

      4. Garbage in, Garbage Out, let’s keep America NOT looking like a Latin American country.
        You don’t comprehend my point.
        It’s back to the “Mestizos is dum and rooined Laten America” line.
        A major part of the issues are the far right policies enacted by the mostly White elite.

      5. That’s not to say you aren’t partially correct..
        there would be a decline if this was not the case, but it would not be as drastic as a decline.
        The main objection to Hispanics, is not necessarily low-impulse control crime, but an acceptance of poverty (#thirdworldlifestyles) and organized crime, as has been established on this blog.

    1. Yes, but my point is, that the only difference between your Bizarro World scenario and reality is that the invaders couldn’t call us “racist” for wanting to keep that shit in their own countries–or at least not wanting it in ours! Much like Honduran illegals in Mexico can’t bitch that Mexico is “racist” for keeping their violence and poverty out with that wall MEXICO built at the American taxpayers’ expense?
      TLDR: You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay HERE, if we didn’t invite you, and you cause us harm by remaining.
      And actually, Hillary DOES want that, she has promised to let more illegals stay, more terrorist rapefugees in, and basically open America’s doors to the shit of the world.

      1. Obviously there can be racial themes, if Mexicans are like Mestizos and Hondurans are full blooded ‘injuns’ ‘.
        or the Dominican Mulattoes and Black Haitians.
        Once again Egah shows he doesn’t know any background info on Hispanics and his comments on such should be taken with a grain of salt.

        1. and this is pat of my objection to the Alt-Right.
          They have no qualms about not knowing what the hell they are talking about, at all

        2. Well, show me the headlines where Hondurans bitch about Mexico’s immigration policies being “racist” and use that as a “reason” they should be allowed to stay in Mexico…Then show me Mexico putting up with that shit as much as America does.
          I didn’t say there weren’t racial themes, I said they weren’t CALLED RACIST, let alone allow foreign criminals to stay to avoid being called racist.
          You might even say that Mexico doesn’t want THEIR country overrun by poor, violent foreign scum, and doesn’t have any qualms about booting or shooting the scum (Or letting them ride the rails right into America).
          But then they call us “racist” when WE don’t want THEIR poor, violent scum! We’re “racist”, but we don’t even shoot them, we send them back home ALIVE–whereupon they promptly try to re-invade!

  9. Part of the problem with the ‘dum Lieberals sensor us prode Whites” is that they obviously can’t manage a civil conservation.
    I shit you not, I’ve seen these guys talk about the “beaner birthrate”, get called on it by liberals, and then say “dum cucks is doing sensorship”.
    You don’t get to casually say “Beaner”, it’s just an expectation.

    1. It doesn’t take long after meeting these people to see and hear that kind of language, and far, far worse.
      Im summary, the Alt-Right seems more about people who believe it is their God given right to be an ass and the betas and cucks position in life is to accept it and shut up. Its kind of a modern barbarianism.

  10. I agree with this. Even if Australia adopted a “White Australia” immigration policy this afternoon, I would STILL be against immigration at the current levels. I would turn back English, Germans, Greeks, we just cant handle properly the population increase.
    Pushing your children out of a job and home affordability, just because you believe is some White homeland to be open to all Whites is crazy.

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