Is Alt-Left an Operative Concept in US Politics in a Similar Sense of Alt-Right?

My Quora answer.
There is indeed an Alt Left movement but as John Doe alludes to below, it is quite small. In fact, it is much smaller than the Alt Right. The Alt Left could possibly be seen as “the left wing of the Alt Right.” The original Alt Leftists were Leftists and progressives on the Alt Right who felt very uncomfortable and out of place there for many reasons, mostly because in many ways, these people are Leftwingers, despite their presence on the Alt Right. They finally broke away from the Alt Right and formed an Alt Left.
The Alt Left has been described in many ways. “It’s the Alt Right, except they like Mao more than they like Hitler,” is not a bad description. Other descriptions are the place where Pat Buchanan meets Ralph Nader, the place where Mussolini was when he abandoned Marxism and before he adopted fascism. The Alt Left is where the Left and Right meet at the bottom of the circle if you envision politics as circular instead of linear.
Most Alt Lefties supported Bernie Sanders, but Sanders would probably not like the Alt Left much. Now most of them will vote for Hillary even though they hate her. A few are voting for Trump.
The Alt Left has all sorts of wings but some commonalities seem to be a negative view of the Cultural Left ranging from annoyance to contempt alongside explicitly leftwing economics. So they are Left on economics, but somewhat Right on culture.
Really though the Alt Left is to the right of the Cultural Left who they think has gone too far but they are to the left of the Social Conservatives who they think are crazy. A good way to look at them might be to think of the Left as it was from WW2 until the 1960’s Counterculture – the Old Left. They are conservative Leftists, sort of like how a lot of the Communist countries used to be.
Here are two posts, one a post and one a site, from some of the earliest Alt Leftists. The first is a manifesto and the second is one of the biggest Alt Left websites. There are also some Alt Left groups on Facebook now.
Dealbreakers: What the Alternative Left Is Not

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0 thoughts on “Is Alt-Left an Operative Concept in US Politics in a Similar Sense of Alt-Right?”

  1. I believe the word “Alt-Left” is a banner with a few rather sensible folk rallied around it waiting for others to join them.

    1. I said the same about the Alt-Right a few months ago.
      But to some, the right or the left are just “enemies” that have to be defeated, no matter how unpalatable the means.
      People who view the right as “enemies” will vote Hillary, despite her being arguably insane (In the sense of trying the same thing over and over, or because of her mounting health problems), and being booted from the Watergate investigation due to ETHICAL CONCERNS!

      1. The Right is the enemy, at least in the US. There is no American conservative that I could ever vote for. Everyone on the US Right is automatically an enemy. The only rightwingers I could support are people like Marie Le Pen.
        Hillary has a nasty personality but she is much more healthy psychologically than Mr. Trump who is quite a case. And I work in mental health.

        1. What makes the right the “enemy”? And how could Hillary be more healthy psychologically? She cares nothing for the truth, nothing for Americans, nothing for America, only what enriches herself!
          Look at what left-wing policies have led to, from PC bullshit and men in women’s bathrooms without taking a good beating on up to riots and burning in the streets.
          And it only happens when a left-winger is in power, doesn’t it? NO riots under either Bush, one under Clinton…How many under the Bum?
          At some point, you either wait for the enemy to kill you, or you pick up a weapon and fight back, more dignified than dying with your hands in the air whining, “But I Support Affirmative Action!”, right?
          I repeat: The Left–not the right–are actually raping, robbing, and murdering like fictional Orcs. Are the Left, then, a more substantial enemy, or do you want to pretend these rioters are not REALLY part of the Left? If so, how do you disavow them?

        2. I’m a “counselor” and I counsel people, all of whom have mental disorders, for the most part anxiety disorders. I just can’t call myself terms like therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, LCSW, MSW, etc. You need a degree, credential and license to call yourself any of those things. There are a lot of unlicensed counselors out there. A lot of the Christian counselors for instance are like that. We work in mental health too.
          I’ve been studying psychology and mental illness for 40 years now. I know a crazy when I see one.
          Mr. Trump is a very bad case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. And that is all I am going to say about him.

        3. So does the Bum and so does Hillary, for that matter.
          How can anyone sane say “We’re Stronger Together”–and try to include enemies, who not only won’t make us stronger, but actually try to kill us?
          More importantly, though, Hillary has announced that she’s going to run a lot of plays that were already run or already failed, whether here or in other countries.
          Einstein himself declared insanity to be trying the same things and expecting different results, right?

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