Do Bernie Sanders' Supporters Sympathize with Some Alt-Left Ideas?

My answer on Quora. Bottom line is that I do not think Bernie would like us and I doubt if many of his supporters would either. They would probably call us the usual names. However, many Alt Leftists did support Sanders in the campaign. Sanders was probably the favorite candidate of the Alt Leftists. I do know some Alt Leftists who are supporting Trump, but those are the more White Identity oriented ones. Most on the Alt Left dislike Hillary. She is more or less the opposite of what we stand for.
Dealbreakers: What the Alternative Left Is Not
That is pretty much what the Alt-Left is. A lot of Alt Left types are for Bernie, but some others are for Trump. I would say that most were for Bernie. Now that Bernie is out, most will vote for Hillary, but most Alt-Left types despise Hillary who they call Hitlery.
I would say though that in general your average Sanders supporter would not think too much of the Alt Left as it is currently. The Alt Left is very small but so far, it is gotten only contempt and ridicule from the rest of the Left. Most of the Left calls Alt Lefties racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic fascists. Others simply think that the Alt Left is an example of how toxic Identity politics really is. Leftypol, often said to be an Alt Left group, despises the Alt Left who they call fascists.
There is indeed a wing of the Alt Left that could well be described as National Socialist. That would be something like “the left wing of the Alt Right.” But that is not most of the movement. Keep in mind that the Alt Left is a multi-tendency Big Tent movement with all sorts of wings. In fact, I have heard them say things like, “Everyone form your own wing.”
One description of the Alt Left was the place where Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan meet. Another description was Mussolini in the time after he abandoned Marxism and before he adopted fascism. Others have said Alt Lefties are conservative Leftists.
If one sees politics as a circle rather than a line, the Alt Left is the place where the Left and Right meet and the bottom of the circle.
However, one thing is quite clear and that is that the Alt Left is very much a leftwing movement. They are not on the Right at all. That is a complete misconception. I remember one Alt Rightist when shown an Alt Left piece said something like, “Ah, that’s just the Left. Nothing new there. Listen to how often they call names like racist, sexist, etc.” A respondent said, “Well, what do you expect? They ARE Leftists, you know.”
This is so true. At the end of the day no matter what you think of them, the Alt Left are Leftists.

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0 thoughts on “Do Bernie Sanders' Supporters Sympathize with Some Alt-Left Ideas?”

  1. Yes, of course they do.
    Also, a good percentage of Bernie supporters are not planning to march in lock-step to the polls, as some Democrats had predicted, to vote for Hillary.
    I’ve heard that as many as 50% are either not voting at all or voting for the Green party or writing in Bernie.
    Some are even voting for the Libertarian candidate, but that’s nuts.

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