Repost: The Moriori and the Dangers of Pacifism

Repost from the old site. This is a popular post for some time on this site. I like this post a lot, as it shows the sheer folly and suicidal insanity of a philosophy of pure pacifism. At some point, you either wait for the enemy to come out and murder you, or you pick up a weapon so you can at least take some of them out in the process. It’s better than being murdered with your hands in the air. At least fighting back offers a dignified death.
The saga of Moriori is instructive.
The Maori have long been known as ferocious headhunters and cannibals who had one of the cruelest and evillest cultures on Earth. The Moriori seem to be a Maori split dating back to about 1500 or so when they left New Zealand and colonized the Chatham Islands. The Chatham Islands are small, very cold and isolated, and there is not a lot of food other than from the sea.
Moriori legend has it that initially, widespread tribal warfare, headhunting and cannibalism was practiced as the normative cruel Moriori culture. On such a small island, this savagery was disastrous, and soon the population plummeted to near-extinction. A leader arose among the Moriori, Nunuku-whenua, who preached a new doctrine of extreme pacifism, Nunuku’s Law. Nunuku’s Law was strictly adhered to 300 years.
Fighting was allowed between males, but it had to be conducted with each armed with a stick the width of a finger. At the first sign of blood, the duel was called off, and the dispute was considered settled. Homicide, rape and other crimes were reportedly rare to absent among the Moriori for centuries.
In 1835, the Chatham Islands were invaded by Maori warriors, who promptly proceeded to slaughter, cannibalize and enslave the Moriori. When the fighting began, the Moriori gathered for a meeting to decide whether or not to fight the invaders. Many young men argued for fighting back, but the elders decided that Nunuku’s Law could not be violated for any reason. The Moriori ran away and hid and were found and dealt with by the Maori.
From 1835-1862, the population declined from 1,600 to 100. Those not murdered and eaten were enslaved. Moriori slaves were forbidden to marry each other, and Moriori women were forced to marry Maori men. It was a true genocide.  Tommy Solomon, the last pure Moriori, died in 1933.

Tommy Solomon on his yearly visit to Christchurch. He was definitely a big fellow! He married a Maori woman, so his descendants are technically not pure Moriori.

Although popular myth says the Moriori were exterminated by the Maori, several thousand mixed-race Moriori still exist today. The Moriori language is extinct, but efforts are being made to raise it from the dead.
Rightwingers have used this episode to exemplify the folly of pacifism.
The saga of the Moriori gives the lie to the notion that race is destiny, at least among Polynesians.
It is commonly thought that Polynesians selected for extreme aggression on their long sea voyages to colonize distant islands. Food may have run low on these voyages, and the survivors may have killed others and cannibalized them to survive. Perhaps the biggest and strongest were the ones most likely to survive the voyages, and this explains the huge size of Polynesians, probably the largest race on Earth, and possibly their high levels aggression and outrageous cruelty.
In modern Westernized societies, Polynesians characteristically become an Underclass with high crime, violence, gang membership and general pathology. In traditional societies, they often do well.
Whatever Polynesian genes look like, the saga of the Moriori shows that they are not doomed to high crime rates or Underclass pathology.
Genetics is the clay, culture is the sculptor.

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36 thoughts on “Repost: The Moriori and the Dangers of Pacifism”

  1. The thing is though is that you would need a “Nunuku” to be well received amongst a people to change the path of violence if you want change.
    Also, while creating new practices would be beneficial, you would also need to execute criminals as well, those who have genes that restrict them from fully adapting as others.
    I think that along the line of adaptability you have a variety of types that can general be described as those that would make them the most successful, the least successful, those that can adapt to multiple environment (molding fodder) and some variants inbetween.

  2. I would expect some kind of extreme compulsion was used to condition them to non-violence. I’m guessing expulsion like the Amish. You can’t do that today. I believe that if young Black Men were given some kind of strong compulsion to be non-violent when younger they wouldn’t have near the violence that they do now. Instead they are either let off or they are put in jail with essentially their peer group with no behavior change or a change to the worse. By the time they get to 18 they’ve had no restraint and they eventually end up doing serious time.

    1. OK, no argument here, but also note that young black men that mean are only 20 to 40 percent of all black people.

  3. We see that in the case of the genocided group here that ALL of them were bad compared to blacks of whom SOME (20 to 40 percent) are bad.

    1. Think about what you’re saying Jason. That 40% of “bad” ones would be Sam’s estimate…of US Blacks.
      So you’re comparing a group that lived in a primal wilderness lifestyle to another that, albeit obstacles, had opportunity in a superpower of a nation in terms of resources and admixed to boot.
      Exactly how would your commentary fair when comparing groups of Africans in a similar format?
      Granted, yes, you could find your “Moriori” equivalent Blacks in Africa, but by what standards would you place this scenerio of Polynesian subgroups over a black subgroup that’s quite worst or unique to them? Keep my second point in mind towards your response to that question.
      If you want an example of Blacks in the same position as the bad guy, say no more, Bantu-Pygmies relations in central Africa. Sure, though dwindling, they aren’t extinct on a pure level like the Moiroi. But keep in mind, the latter merely populated a Island while the former populated about a third of the continent. Probably a bit more if you include other African Capoid populations.

      1. Good post Phil, I wish if blacks would have atleast 10% intelligence of what you have then there would be no necessity for arguments on black pathologies. You’re way too smart for 17

        1. To Tony.
          Thank you. Though believe it or not, that good “60%” have some things that I lack, and in order to actually use them, I would advocate compulsion methods like Sam explained.
          So probably in September, I’ll go into the mechanics of a theoretically successful “black uplift” in a new article.

  4. The violence in the Islands may parallel the violence in inner cities among Africans and Amazon tribes in the Amazon. In the Amazon everybody says they want to live in small tribes of fifty, (I think this numbers right but not positive), or so people. The reason they don’t is the larger tribes raid your small village with larger numbers and enslave you or kill you. Universally the guy who runs these larger tribes is a huge, controlling, violent asshole who everyone hates. The problem is though if you leave you die and he’s so violent and ruthless that it’s difficult to get rid of him. He uses the few violent tribesmen who want power to subjugate the rest to his control. So here we have an ever escalating path of violence. Once one group bands together in a larger tribe everyone else has to too and then the head assholes are going to constantly be fighting to jostle for more power. Vicious cycle.
    I think the exact same thing happens in the inner city. The gangs prey on everyone so the only way to keep from being preyed upon is to join a gang and the leaders of gangs being predatory are constantly testing all the gangs around them leading to a constant level of violence.
    This idea about violence among groups I got from reading an anthropologists that really broke down this interaction. Unlike most anthropologist who just say they were violent he broke down the exact reasons why. Very bright guy and excellent work. I can’t remember his name but his ideas were so original and matter of fact that I don’t think I’ll ever forget his ideas.

    1. I wish I could remember. I read it and then forgot but that idea stayed with me. Let’s see if this rings a bell. He was also distributing vaccines and I think machetes and one of the dick head tribal leaders took all his medical supplies. I believe that was where he explained the how’s and why’s of bigger tribes with dick heads running them.
      I’ve read so much stuff over the years I frequently forget most of it until I see a sentence or two that triggers a memory of something I read.

    1. Zimmerman was just a niggger……………………………….
      his G-grandfather was Blacks as the night itself…..
      just like you

      1. He still got jumped by a thug and shot the thug rather than let himself be “Just Another Victim”.
        Are you one of those who considers it “nobler” somehow to get killed by a thug rather than save yourself and kill the thug?

        1. Look at what happened to him. This is exactly what I talked about earlier that the state would persecute you if you defend yourself. This behavior by the state is much more prevalent in areas where Blacks or other races have stronger legislative or executive control. This is why treating “minorities” equally is a complete failure strategy for Whites if they don’t wish to be persecuted. Tulio goes on about the persecution of Blacks by Whites and how he feels persecuted but holy shit Whites are FAR more easy going on other races than the other races are on Whites. You go into a majority Black inner city neighborhood and there’s an extreme likely hood that you will be killed. The odds that you will be badly beaten at the level of requiring hospital care is close to 100%. If Blacks go into a majority White neighborhood there may be a higher likelihood of them being stopped and questioned and maybe arrested but not killed. They won’t care at all about any calls to social justice or fairness. They’ll laugh in your face and tell you,”We got the power now”. Now if your White and have some kind of death wish then by all means keep after the holy grail of “equality”.
          The basic point people should take from this is being dead is worse than having people call you racist. No matter how much you want races to be equal and get along it won’t happen because other races look after their own first and if Whites don’t do the same we will be losers. Whites are like the Eloi and unless they wish up they will be finished.

      2. I believe it was you that said you didn’t believe Sharia Law could stop them from being violent. Well guess what? Violence aimed at the violent ones stops them from being violent.
        Cull the bad, save the good, right?

  5. The most compelling evidence to me is that of the Nigerians- the North being just a bunch of bumpkins, really only getting trouble from Muslim extremists, while the South has a bunch of shifty people.
    They’re genetically close and geographically close, yet are so very different.

    1. You mean the only country in the world with an Internet scam named after it, and now diversifying into maritime piracy? THAT Nigeria?

    2. Actually Barrack Nigeria actually isn;t that genetically close.
      The North is predominately Sudanid (West African Savannah Black) from Chad with some Berber Blood (10%) that mixed with some local Sudanids. During the Middle ages to 17th-18 centuries.
      The South is a mixture between Local Sudanids and Paleonegrids (Older, “Jungle” Blacks).
      Major differences are that Sudanids have elongated heads with long limbs and a short torso. Paleonegrids have shorter, rounder heads with short limbs and long torsos. They are also a little hairier.

  6. Barack Thatcher,”…Zimmerman was just a niggger…”
    Zimmerman was most certainly NOT a Nigger. He guarded his community. Tried to help other Black kids stay on the straight path. I’m extremely critical of Blacks as a group but if more Blacks acted like Zimmerman then I wouldn’t have anything to criticize so I wouldn’t. The people who hate WN are constantly saying WN are stupid but most WN have a lot of interaction with minorities and we are just rationalist. If people with purple faces were causing all the crime that Blacks were we would be purple people haters.
    What happened to Whites in the past when they didn’t fight back.

    1. SAM J
      Where do White Nationalists have so much interaction with Cholos and Homies? In jail? Loitering in bad neighborhoods? Out at night prowling around following NAMS on the roads?
      Unless you are paid a decent salary to wear a gun and a badge why bother interacting with them at all? Isn’t some sort of employment available that does not put the WN in harm’s way?
      NAMS KNOW that us Northern “wops, bohunks, Krauts, Polaks and Jews” or Koreans mostly do not care about them and they behave accordingly-they do not care a whit about us unless we where a badge and pull them over.
      Taxes-wise nothing you do can improve the behavior of a NAM-are you going to cock-block to prevent prostitution or HIV rates? Plug your finger into his crack pipe?
      Why did Zimmerman actually follow some NAM around instead of watching him until he actually was in the commission of a crime?
      “What are you doing around here?” Did Zimmerman expect the NAM to give a full and honest explanation or simply tell him to f*ck off or hit him.
      What is the point in interacting with NAMS at all? Get your head banged into the pavement until you have to kill the NAM like Zimmerman did? Maybe have your European heritage insulted?

      1. “…Where do White Nationalists have so much interaction with Cholos and Homies?…”
        Well we know why you don’t interact with them. You run from them and they destroy all your housing.

        1. SAM J What you say is irrefutable fact. If you loiter in areas where they aggregate you will find trouble. It is best not to drive your car through said areas much less ride the bus.
          Engage with them? What for? Their lives are mostly pathetic anyhow and why care?

    2. SAM J Zimmerman was the son of an immigrant German Jew who picked up a Peruvian Mestizo wife while working in abroad!
      Nothing African about him. He looks like what he was-a cross between a swarthy Levantine and an Amerindian.
      “Guarding the community” well I guess that is admirable but you may face a life-threatening situation for your unpaid trouble loitering around in the dark following NAM youths who are high.
      “Stay on a straight path” It’s admirable to offer scholarships and rec to underprivileged children…beyond that are you going to plug your finger into the crack pipes? Cock-block prostitution?

    3. SAM J North vs South White Nationalism
      We Yanks are whites who have a specific European culture. We are Slavs, Poles, Germans, Italians, Scandinavians. Amerindians from Mexico and Africa can buy our Pizza, drink our German beers and sausages, or simply tell us to F*ck off…we don’t care what they think about our ancient civilizations or customs or our culture. We don’t give two shits if they force their women to peddle ass or smoke bicarbonate baking soda all day.
      Asian minorities follow our Northern immigrant model. Perhaps they privately regard Occidentals as inferior and NAMS as barbarians (Even if some neolithic link between Amerindians and Asia supposedly existed). We don’t care and they don’t care that we don’t care.
      I’m not sure why you Colonial Scots/Celts want to intervene with NAMS. They’ve been here 400 years and their Savanna thinking will never change.

  7. Specifically Zimmerman’s father was a German JOOO who married a Peruvian Hispanic while working overseas.
    DNA wise he is Levant Caucasian (Know where the Levant is?) and Amerindian with presumably some Spanish blood on his Mestizo mother’s side. He is neither black nor “white”.
    White Nationalists need to be specific about the biological classification of the Homo Sapiens they discuss (Not that most of them know what country in Europe their own ancestors arrived from).

    Don’t loiter in NAM areas or try to be a hero. Let cops get paid to do a job.
    Don’t expect them to be able learn from European civilization at all or to give a shit about it. We Northern Yankees know they don’t.
    Don’t buy drugs or loiter or solicit for hookers in NAM neighborhoods.
    Wear your Scots Tartar colors instead of Confederate Flags because its an equal statement of cultural pride that NAMS won’t take offense at but other Europeans recognize.
    Don’t worry too much that they will aggregate in numbers in rural areas. They detest the woods, lakes, trees, outdoors. They cannot hunt, fish or live off the land in any form or fashion.

  9. This is off topic but so wild it really freaked me out. Look at this video of Hillary giving a speech. Now you say what’s the big deal about that? Well towards the end a bunch of people are holding up iphones and…there’s no Hillary on them. Maybe it’s bullshit but it appears that the whole thing is green screen. The pictures on the iphones were blown up and Hillary is not there.
    Pause at 4:38, both phones show the same image of a different room.

    1. Electing Hillary in 2016 would have been like Nixon running in 1992-she’s a back number from the last decade of the 20th century.
      Her husband stumbled through a presidency filled with scandal.
      She’s just soooo 90’s like a Nirvana song.

  10. Polynesians had very violent cultures, but the funny thing is that their languages sound so light and playful, that you cannot take them seriously that they want to beat you up or eat you. On the other hand the language we hear today may be European-influenced and sound different. Maori sounds for example more aggressive and it is the least influenced. Maori though were on another level of violence and brutality. Other Polynesians had a more peaceful society, strengthened by harsh religious rules based on tapu, or what is forbidden. All large Polynesian societies had a form of a state, either a kingdom or a large chiefdom when Europeans arrived. Maori were the exception, they were still divided in many large tribes fighting each otehr as well as within themselves. Maybe the solution for peace is a very strong leader with a very strict society based on extremely oppressive versions of religion, like in Tonga for example. Something like the Arab system. On the other hand small Polynesian countries and territories like Tuvalu and Tokelau are more egalitarian and have negligible crime rates. Even from what I have read in Samoa it isn’t an extremely violent place. Most of the time people live peacefully. People may fight sometimes but homicide is rare. Gang violence was unknown until recently in Polynesian. At least in Tonga and Samoa, most gang criminals have returned from the mother of inequality, the Us. I don’t knwo if the problem would be the same if most of them migrated to Europe. Also cannibalism wasn’t a regular ocurrence in non-Maori Polynesia as thought. Most of their mythologies portray cannibals as tyrannical and oppressive rulers. Cannibalism may have been done only ritually sometimes, for example in human sacrifices. Polynesians besides fish had domestic animals with them, like chickens, dogs and pigs.
    Maori may have been violent, but they may have been the most intelligent. I don’t have any hard data for any of this, but Maori were the Polynesians who adopted writing most quickly, started writing their mythology on their own and were teaching writing between themselves. Also the Brittish were forced to treat them as equals and give them rights from the start. That hasn’t been done in any other neighboring Pacific territory. Maori, but also other Polynesians in general, were generally respected by Europeans and that is the reason they were influenced by them the most, as Europeans started sending missionaries to them from early on. Europeans did acknowledge that Polynesians were primitive because of necessity of living in small islands and they may have come from more advanced civilizations. We now know that they came from Asia. Also we know that in the past they have some more technology that they lost, like pottery which they forgot because there was no much suitable clay in the islands. Some 19th century pseudoscientific theories even tried to find connections between Polynesian and Indo-European, or then known as Aryan, languages.
    If you want a violent, aggressive, cannibalistic people from the Pacific go to the Melanesians. The fact they aren’t spoken off much reflects that. They were so isolated, that Europeans had trouble communicating with them. The average New Guinean highlander wouldn’t travel more than 16 km from his village from fear of being eaten by neighboring tribes. A lot of them come from ancient human lineages that contain the Aboriginals of Australia. New Guinea is the most inhospitable country for a foreigner to travel. Cannibalism was practiced until recently in some places there, and it may be practiced still now. They did also have pigs, but they for so many centuries didn’t exactly figure out how to keep them correctly and had many losses. Inter-tribal warfare still exists in some remote places. The city population is in fact poorer than the village population, because in the villages people have extended families to give food and care for them. In the city they don’t have the traditional support network, and so if they are jobless they create gangs that target richer New Guineans and Westerners. They can beat you up for a dollar. Women can prostitute themselves just for a peace of metal. Fortunately they are so isolated and backwards, that they are protected from AIDS. You can read plenty of blogs from people with experience living in New Guinea. Some still believe in cargo cults, where they believe that by the right magic they will have Western goods. Their logic is so warped, that they think Western innovations are in fact supplied by their ancestors, and that with the write magic they can take it back from the white people to themselves. Polynesians never believed such things. Their modern language is actually funny. Funny in the sense I laugh whenever I read it. It is a very simplified version of english called tok pisin. Tok pisin means literally talk pidgin. New Guinea and Solomon Islands are among the countries with highest sexual abuse rates for women.
    But there are gradations here. Not alll Melanesian places are so lawless and backwards. Fiji had for long contact with Polynesians and later with Indians, and although being described as savage cannibals at first contacts, today Fijians are a peaceful and literate people. New Caledonians were also fierce cannibals but nowadays they are different.
    Sorry for the long writings about Melanesians, but it bothers me when people insist on black Africans being the most violent race whereas that is not correct. I would prefer living in any African country rather than New Guinea.

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