The "They All Need to Get a Degree or Learn a Trade" Lie

Jason writes:

However, then again, you have the whole, “Well they should get an education or more job training” thing…Actually it isn’t hard to learn a trade.

Jason, you can’t say everyone has to go to college and get a degree or learn a trade. How many jobs are good-paying jobs. Would you not say that maybe 50% of the jobs in the US are pretty much low-paying jobs? Would that be about right to you? I mean after all, 45% of the population now is either poor or low income.
So look. Let’s follow your crazy ideas to their resolution. Let’s say 45% of jobs in the US are pretty low-paying jobs.
Now in JasonWorld, everyone miraculously goes to college and gets a degree or learns a trade somehow. Guess what?
45% of those people can’t get the good-paying job that that degree they got or trade they learned should have gotten them.
JasonWorld operates on the crazy notion that there can be a nation where all jobs are good-paying jobs. JasonWorld is sort of like Lake Woebegon where everyone is above average. Life is like a footrace. There’s 1,000 guys running in that footrace. Say a good finish is to finish in the top 50%. A bad finish is to finish in the bottom 50%. In JasonWorld, the Jasons would continue to insist that those finishing in the bottom 50% could finish in the top 50% if only they trained harder. They’re finishing poorly because they don’t try hard enough.
Bottom line is that JasonWorld is a place where if everyone just tries hard enough and gets the degree or skill, somehow everyone can become a winner. How can you have a society where everyone is a winner? How can you have a society where everyone has a good-paying job? You can’t.
That’s not possible. There will always be many low-paying jobs in the country no matter how educated or trained anyone gets.

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60 thoughts on “The "They All Need to Get a Degree or Learn a Trade" Lie”

  1. Good recent piece related to this topic:
    But a federal government jobs guarantee/”employer of last resort,” a la Minsky and Lerner, would tend to improve salaries across the board. So I don’t think it’s too much to imagine a society in which all jobs paid a genuinely living wage (however vague that description may be). Some jobs will still presumably be comparatively low wage, but that bottom could at least be raised.

    1. One way to by-pass all this BS is to have biz capital, and some knowledge of internet marketing. However, getting biz capital can be earned over time even from working at McDonalds.
      But then again, maybe everyone doesn’t have the brains for internet marketing. It’s easy to run stuff like that into the ground. A couple of thousand can easily be wasted say on, pay per click advertising.

      1. The best way to cut the BS is just to cut the BS and stop supporting these views by ensuring they dont go unchallenged.
        Thats the problem. Some wag says in the media that workers just need to upskill, and they are NOT CHALLENGED on the simple logical flaws inherit in their argument.
        Once the media might have done this, now they don’t. What makes me facepalm isnt that people say this shit, but they can say it in front of others, and no one picks up on the silliness of it all.

  2. I suppose it comes back to the notion that working class Whites failed, while working class non-Whites are victims. The notion is largely false.
    What I object to is the misdirect of blame, as always.
    As I said before, is Trump’s ‘retardities’ helping the working class unemployed White? Nope.
    The Khan family nonsense? Nope.
    etc., etc.
    The neo-reactionary cons are never endless….

    1. Getting rid of illegals will help Americans get the jobs back. Robert already posted twice there are no “Jobs Americans Won’t Do”, just jobs Americans CAN’T do at Third World wages!
      But yes, due to our culture of self-reliance, the idea is that whites who fail have failed ourselves, but nonwhites who fail, society somehow failed them.

      1. Deporting illegals will improve the economy BUT barrios are full of U.S. citizens whose families have been here 5 generations like European-Americans and these Spanish-speaking areas will be violent internal third worlds no matter how many illegal aliens are deported.

  3. In a sense the MEAN IQ of ghetto inhabitants ensures that they are victims.
    Many will be pregnant at 16. Many will be hooked on whatever drug is currently a fad-SPICE, FLAKKA, CRACK.
    Blue-collar jobs are disappearing that might once have done and as far as service-sector housekeeping jobs would evil capitalists prefer demure small brown women or large black surly ones.
    Poor whites have bad luck but also make bad choices.

  4. Acquiring a four-year degree from a run-of-the-mill university in North America is really no guarantee of anything these days.

    1. It depends on the subject. For instance an associates in math or chemistry could land you a tutoring job. An associates in being radiology technician could easily land employment. On the other hand, a doctorate in philosophy is better than a bachelors, but even there is a massive competition.

  5. Isn’t it ironic that the flag that some of these poor whites love, the Confederate flag, is basically a symbol of a place that used low wage slave labor. In fact a lot of opposition to slavery wasn’t about compassion, but rather fear, sort of the same thing we see now with Mexicans.

    1. Well, do they really expect minimum wage jobs to be increased to the level of a doctor or auto mechanics job. Considering they won’t and really should not, shouldn’t people shoot for above average?

    2. don’t mind me, but Where did Jason say that?
      He said a “trade”, and yes, maybe the economy only lends itself to x number of people getting into trade school, IDK.
      But it’s a stretch to attribute to him “they all need to get above average jobs”

      1. Trade school jobs are not always above average. I mean, they are not nuclear physics employment, yet they do allow one to live without a lot of struggle.

        1. The thing is, that the SD of IQs are getting larger in the U.S., with both smarter and dumber immigrants coming here.
          It seems like the lower-IQ groups are taking the blue collar jobs, and lower standards for everybody because they are okay with being treated like shit, while higher-IQ groups dominant White collar fields.
          Whites are stuck in an uncomfortable middle position, especially when they are poor and already not socially mobile.

  6. I’ve tutored math. It didn’t pay well. This is a good time to ask Jason, “Are you making good money? Do you like your job?”

    1. You might be sort of right. A wise person would go into the medical profession (radiology or something similar), but I don’t fit with the medical profession. I don’t get along with people well.
      I think there are plenty of jobs out there that pay well and are a fit for someone, They just have to go do it.

  7. If the elites bring jobs back to the USA, then costs for goods will skyrocket, making it more difficult for poor Americans to buy cheap goods as they can now. So that’s that’s something to think about.

    1. The cost for goods is already skyrocketing, from fuel to food to EpiPens.
      At least if the jobs come back, Americans will have money to pay for it.

  8. JASON Y For the benefit of somebody who dropped out of 8th grade in 1990 and is now 40 years old with 3 kids technology and globalization are not going to reverse themselves to give him a living wage.
    Not going to happen.

    1. No, sad to say not even Trump will be able to accomplish it. Perhaps a person like that could save up money for a business by working at a minimum wage job. That’s about all he can do.

      1. Trump’s speech the other day began with; ‘I was just fucking with y’all niggas’
        He’s going back on deportations… LOL!

    2. To Trash:
      JASON Y For the benefit of somebody who dropped out of 8th grade in 1990 and is now 40 years old with 3 kids technology and globalization are not going to reverse themselves to give him a living wage.
      Not going to happen.

      Your example is fairly extreme, but even so not true in Australia, especially if they are diligent and have half a brain. What’s happening in the US is that even people with four year degrees are not finding work with a living wage.

      1. In the 20th Century so many English and then Italian, Greek and Eastern European poor (Followed by Lebanese, Sudanese, Asians) poor have immigrated to Australia because that is the beauty of the country: a relatively high-standard of living for everyone except for aboriginals happily drinking themselves to death in Alice Springs or wherever.
        I’m not sure if it will stay that way but at the moment it is one of the best places in the Western World to live.

  9. JASON The factory owner who lives in the French Riviera is not going to dismantle his factory in China for the sake of poorer Americans.
    Enough whites like your brother are employed in professions that cannot be shipped to Chinese peasants for $2 an hour or performed by Inca primitives who were living in a jungle a month previously that the economy will not sink.
    But sadly the 40 year old man in Kansas who dropped out of the 9th grade in 1990 is not going to find a decent wage or any wage at all.
    Jewish-American dentists and Korean-American property developers simply will not care any more than they care about American Indian reservations.
    Your average Swedish-American businessman in North Dakota is not very far from sky-high unemployment and social pathology on the nearest Reservation. Ask him if he is overly concerned.
    That’s how most Americans will feel about the vast swathes of unemployed rural whites in prairie towns or pine barrens in the South.
    No interest at all.

    1. The wise thing to do, even for a fast food worker, is to save for the future somehow. Save for a business, put some money aside for education.

  10. JASON Macbeth Example
    In the Philippines I met a homeless American named Clinton Macbeth who slept in hammocks on the beach. There were times when he did not eat for three days and Filipino thugs beat him up once. I asked his story:
    He explained that he graduated Connnecticut high school but was something of a 70’s stoner, joined the army for 3 years, became a steel worker in his twenties but was eventually laid off from his Connecticut steel mill. His wife divorced him and kept his modest condominium-he was briefly jailed for stalking her. He managed to do some short-term contracting work in Iraq and went to the Philippines but the money ran out after 4 years. Now 55 years old with a high school education, he simply had no qualifications.
    I asked him why he stayed on the streets of the Philippines.
    “Warmer than Connecticut park, boss.”
    If you are an average Caucasian male with perhaps a lower-average IQ of 100 or so with a high school education you are simply going to have a poor standard of living in the early 21st century.
    Retraining not only takes intelligence but also school funds.

    1. Going to the 3rd world without cash is dangerous cause you have no weapons and no money to offer to locals.
      Yeah retirement is a big thing. You need about 2 thousand or more a year, even in the Phillippines, and about 200,000 in all to last maybe until your 100, if you make it that long.

  11. $2000 a year in the Philippines? That’s a stretch. I’d say $400 a month because I once co-owned a bar there.

    1. You might have to spend 500 to 1,500 to make allies among the locals, either outright paying them, or giving them jobs. It’s just the way it is.

  12. Come on man, the Beatles and the hippies were right. “All You Need is Love” 😆 You don’t need money to survive.

  13. You meet some homeless Westerners in Asia from time to time who are unable to teach English or find another foreigner who will hire them to tend his bar.
    It’s the same old story: he buys a house in his girlfriend’s name with his life savings and she kicks him out on the street. He is 60 and she 28 with a tough 30 year old boyfriend. He has no legal recourse, no remaining savings and roams the streets.
    Asian police departments express exasperation at Embassies unwilling to deport these people to their home countries.
    There was one U.S. citizen who married a Korean while serving in the army there and subsequently split with her who ended up sleeping in a Seoul terminal for three years.
    In the Philippines or Thailand you won’t last long. One Ambassador who helped send one American retiree home said he would not have lived another week.

    1. I met a homeless white drunk in South Korea, but it’s easy to be a bum in South Korea. South Korea isn’t third world. The Phillippines, on the other hand, is a place where a poor white man cannot survive, unless he is Rambo like on the newest Rambo movie in 2008.

      1. Seoul winters look quite chilly. I’ve never been North of Hong Kong personally but I know Koreans in the Philippines who fly South to escape them.

        1. No it’s easy to survive in South Korea because you can walk places, there is so much public transportation, food is cheap, it’s very safe, and they have Gosheewans which are basically dorm rooms that anyone can rent for a small price. You can also stay in the spas overnight for a dollar or two.

    2. Sorry for double post, but in response to your story, I’d say never trust a woman that much, especially a mail order bride. Keep at least half your income for yourself and don’t let her have access to it. Do not buy a dream home unless it’s totally or at least half in your name.

      1. No foreigner can own property in the Philippines. You have to purchase it in a Filipino’s name and they own it, full-stop.

        1. In that case you better just buy her a house there in her name, but make sure half of your money isn’t tied up in property, and is in your name. You know, just in case you get stabbed in the back.

  14. Going without either money, survival skills, or weapons to southest Asia wouldn’t make you Rambo, but rather RAM-BLOW, as in rammed up the ass, giving blowjobs to survive. :lol; Assuming your not killed.

  15. In a country filled with reasonably attractive women I am not sure if a homeless middle-aged foreigner could get by giving blow jobs or even a foreign female.
    You sometimes are killed or beaten up by bored Filipinos. I’ve heard Koreans in Seoul bad neighborhoods will beat up foreigners or rob them but in general Korean criminals seem to have bigger things on their plate.

    1. Typically many WNs were poor at some point in their life, they lived among minorities, they had nothing to offer them, so the blacks kicked their ass, or heavily bullied them.
      Generally NAMS anywhere in the world can be the most awesome people, but it isn’t free. Your paying for the respect. If you were one of them you’d have it rough, and you especially would have it rough being a foriegner with nothing ot offer them.
      Look at the movie “The Last King of Scotland” where a young Scottish doctor is lured into Idi Amin’s circle due to a common hated of the English. But later he sees who Idi Amin really is, and is almost tortured to death by him.

  16. JASON Y What I love about the Rambo films is that he wanders around Thailand or Afghanistan with no money in a country were money is the only language they speak.
    Rambo IV was actually fairly accurate in its depiction of the character owning nothing and living in a hammock.

    1. The Rambo character had money though probably not like a tourist would and he was heavily armed and scary looking.
      On the other hand, and as depicted in the 2008 Rambo movie, average people like the Christian missionaries or say some tourist, they have to have some kind of bodyguard or tour guide, and certainly they shouldn’t go into a war zone at all.
      So the question in the movie was, “Will God protect the stupid? “

  17. Well, as Trash and I were saying in another thread, a certain group of macho rednecks are trying to throw pity parties, claiming to be the “persecuted working man”. But as we were saying, these guys spend their spare time partying or watching TV, so that’s why they cannot advance in life above minimum wage.

    1. NO!
      It’s not that “rednecks are to blame”, it’s that the rednecks are too retarded to figure out whom to blame (hint, not MexicanTs or Muslims)….
      THAT’S my objection often mistaken to be anti-redneck or anti-White.

      1. BARACK Retards figuring: sorry JASON but this is how it looks to me
        We will lower the taxes by “controlling NAMS” in the ghetto who live furthest from rednecks in the rural zip codes. This will be done by leaping out every time they smoke crack, or cockblocking them from having another baby or standing in the line of fire when they blow some other thug away (I do not personally believe that Sharia law could change this behavior).
        A sawed-off 12 gauge is not lethal enough for home defense, only a fully automatic will suffice therefore the banning of fully-auto leaves you helpless.
        Thousands of NAMS who would not step off the sidewalk will wage guerrilla war in the boonies with hicks.
        The best demographic solution is too have 7 white babies with as many different women possible to compete with minorities so that we are also all on welfare because we cannot support our children. Some whites are already trying it to their detriment and their example is one the nation should follow.
        Ole Hedgehog Ron J and Sarah Silver are secretly sending out thought-control-waves in their films and television that ONLY CONTROL THE MINDS OF GENTILES! What, don’t JOOOS also watch TV?
        They want to destroy Anglo-Saxons but NOT ARAB-AMERICAN COMMUNITIES?
        No quarrel about Illegal Immigration.

        1. Oh I see, basically adopt the NAM strategy of overpopulation to totally DESTROY everything, so NOBODY has anything. After that it’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Then we can see if these persecuted working people on Facebook are as tough as they say, or just lying.

        2. r-k selectivity is a nice theory, but in humans it does fit the Rushton stereotype of being ‘way oversimplified’. Culture, wealth, Standards of living, etc. have HUGE effects on it. Mexicans are stereotyped as having the most kids/parent, yet as Native Americans/mongoloids, they shouldn’t be biologically prone for such.
          At the turn of the century, apparently your average Japanese woman had more kids than your average African-American woman.

        3. Right good point (in reference to Japanese women having a lot of kids at the turn of the century). It is the raising standard of living that ALWAYS seems to create families with fewer kids.

        4. Wow, Jason, you’re actually admitting that overpopulation and totally destroying everything is the reason NAMs are so poor?

        5. The thing is, Japanese adapted to the modern world, and have fewer children, they only have as many children as they can afford.
          Mexicans have as many children as EVERYONE ELSE can afford!
          Now that modern medicine has made childbirth NOT Russian Roulette and food is plentiful, they no longer need to breed spares in case Lord Darwin claims some of the extras. Why haven’t they cut back their Baby Factory Production Quotas too? The only threat they have is each other, basically!

      2. Just for shits&giggles, whose fault is it when hordes of Moslems rape their benefactors’ kids instead of leaving them to die at their fellow savages’ hands? Especially when they record it and give the victim’s father a copy of the video? That’s some serious depravity, right?
        Tell me whose fault that is other than the Moslems that committed such a beyond-the-pale EVIL act?

    2. Some are more mean-spirited as teens than others but they show little interest in applying themselves as teenagers. They are not willing to spend 5 years in school working bad jobs to get through college. Sometimes they are juvenile delinquents or savage bullies.
      They tend to have little respect for their parents as teens which is one reason why later in life they cannot go to their parents for anything.
      They are satisfied with their local status as youth and thus have no desire to leave their zip code. So if there is a downturn they will not move 40 miles or to another state even if an opportunity exist. They will stay where they are not moving through space or time. Eventually they become trapped.
      When they are 30 of course the dorks and dweebs and pussies have more opportunities and women are no longer attracted to their sports prowess.
      No crime any of this but why take it out it out on others?

      1. They are taking it out on everyone, every minute on the hour (via social media). More heavy rotation than Boston on Classic Rock 101.8

      2. In yours and Jason’s world, is moving a free action? Or some moving van lines I don’t know about that is run by UNICEF?

        1. EPGAH That’s what it comes down to: the educated will find $500 and a job 1,000 miles away.
          Rust bowl towns dwindle to the old, the uneducated, the single mothers, the poor, the junkies.
          Employed tax-payers, single males with no responsibilities, well-qualified white collar professionals “blow town”.
          Eventually it becomes like Flint where nobody even wants to pay their water bill.

        2. EPGAH Exactly, it costs $500. Greyhound bus stations will be the only thriving business as young people blow town with their diploma and their suitcase.
          Who stays in dying Rust Bowl towns? The elderly, the uneducated, the junkies, the poor single mothers, the criminals on probation or parole (Usually junkies).
          The young and bright…they winds of fortune sweep them far away.
          Finally tax payers disappear because nobody has a job except a few local cops and suddenly nobody wants to pay for the water bill like Flint.

        3. EPGAH It’s generally IQ and education-related. Those who have the initiative to leave will also have $500 to do so and a job somewhere OR they are young college graduates climbing on the greyhound with a suitcase and a diploma.
          Tax base then shrinks to the junkies on parole or probation who cannot leave, the uneducated, the poor single mothers, the elderly.
          Finally nobody wants to pay their water bills.

  18. Quote: “the crazy notion that there can be a nation where all jobs are good-paying jobs.”
    Actually, there was a nation where all jobs were good-paying jobs. That nation was called the Soviet Union. I think the situation in the Eastern Bloc was similar or the same. Often workers without a college* degree might earn more than educated people, particularly if workers were experienced (there were the skill grade system from 1 to 6, the higher the grade, the larger the salary).
    *The educational system in the USSR was different from the USA. Since 1930s there were free school education, every had to finish 8 (later 9) years at school, after there was a choice. The minority went to high school (years 9 and 10 [later 11]) and then went to university and studied then for 5 years (doctors studied 6 years). The absolute majority went to trade school, where they studied a working profession for 4 years and upon finishing they already got the 3rd skill-grade. As I said the latter option was usually more attractive, as the workers often got more money.

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