California: How Illegal Aliens Ruin Everything

TRASH writes:

ROBERT I’m lower-middle class myself and no genius (I did graduate from college but not a good one) but how can Inca primitives from the jungles of South America steal the job of any able-bodied American who can read and write in English?
This is not a rhetorical question.
What is an Inca with 2nd grade education and no ability to speak English able to do better than a person born in the United States that somebody might actually hire them for?

They can’t do anything better except pick crops and yes they are better at that. They’re not better at anything else and in fact, in general, they are inferior workers. Illegal roofers do poor work. Illegal construction workers do notoriously poor work. A lot of the contracting work done here in California in recent decades is shoddy and has to be redone pretty quickly whereas before it lasted a long time. It’s not lasting long and falling apart because it’s done by illegals.
Low wage labor – you pay the illegals way less than you would pay the Whites.
Illegals do not complain. They put up with any shit and abuse you dole out to them.
Illegals are working in a lot of good-paying jobs now like roofing, painting, construction, carpentry, welding, drywalling. Who cares if a Mexican could take it over? These jobs paid working class Whites very good money.
The contractors who hire Whites all go out of business because they cannot compete with all the contractors hiring illegals. Most of the people who hire illegals are rich. Landlords hire illegals. My landlord hired illegals to do the roofing on my apartment complex. He was rich. The people who own contracting jobs as painters, construction or landscaping make damn good money. Many live in nice two story houses.
The dirty little secret here in California is that if you want to get rich, go into contracting and hire all illegals. That’s the way to get rich. I had friends who businesses like painting and they could not compete with the guys who hired illegals. My friend paid his painters $25/hour. The competition was all hiring illegals at $7/hour. This whole scam is just a way for White men to get rich hiring low wage labor and getting rid of all the high paid Whites. That’s all it is.
Most jobs do not require a whole lot of brains or skill and sure they could be replaced by some wetback.
I worked in a White town where Whites were janitors, trash collectors, landscapers, construction workers, painters, drywallers, roofers, dishwashers, waiters, maids, on and on. There is no job that was too lousy for a White person.
Now when the illegals come in somehow they tend to fill up all of those jobs that were formerly filled by White Americans. Whether this is because they work under the table or are more docile I have no idea. I know they do not work any harder than Whites.
It doesn’t really matter if a Mexican took your job. That’s one less job for a White person. A lot of White people work at low-paying, low-skilled jobs but that is just fine. Mexicans come in and wipe out all of those jobs and now all those Whites are out of work. Mexicans do way more than work in the fields. They have taken over a lot of fields, especially construction.
Construction used to be all White and all union and you made very good money in a union. The illegals came in and all of the unions were wiped out and all of the Whites were replaced by illegals. I know drywallers who would be making $45/hour in constant dollars today. Now that same job is done by an illegal for $10/hour with no benefits, no union and you can abuse him as much as you like.
There is a lot of unemployment around here. Just think if we got rid of all these illegal alien scums in my town. Just think how many jobs that would open up for Americans of all colors – Whites, Hispanic Americans, Asians, Blacks. All of those real Americans could move in and take all of those jobs that the illegals had. Think how many jobs would open up! Wouldn’t it be great?

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55 thoughts on “California: How Illegal Aliens Ruin Everything”

  1. Time to take the contractors out and shoot them…. It’s sort of like what George Carlin said about bankers. Kill the bankers and you’ve killed the drug dealers.

    1. To Jason Y:
      Time to take the contractors out and shoot them….
      No, you apparently didn’t comprehend what Robert wrote – Contractors are reacting to public policy established by politicians basically endorsing and enabling illegal immigration. In the past almost all construction in California was performed by legal residents. If your competition hires illegal labor at substantially lower costs then you are forced to do the same or go out of business. I know two contractors who were basically forced to do the same thing – to their credit they pay their guys higher wages than the going rate but lower than legal labor.

  2. The critical juncture I can never understand in this narrative: all the illegals are kicked out. No more bottom-dwelling scumsuckers to bring down wages.
    Will unemployed Americans care about $45/hr if they haven’t worked for 6 months?

    1. To Socially Extinct:
      Will unemployed Americans care about $45/hr if they haven’t worked for 6 months?
      This unemployed (for 9 months) IT worker would happily take $45 /hr when not long ago he was making $65/hr.

      1. After 9 months most people will accept much lower than that to work in their chosen profession. That is the joy of “independent contractors” and raw capitalism.
        Ironically it is the less skilled tradesman-plumbers, electricians-who can continue to hold sway with unions.
        If your job can be done via the internet by an Indian in India for $7 a day you have no bargaining leverage.

        1. To Trash:
          If your job can be done via the internet by an Indian in India for $7 a day you have no bargaining leverage.
          No – it certainly would not be $7 a day nor even $7 /hr. What is affecting me is the large supply of H1B, H2B, L1 and other visa schemes where the workers (quasi indentured servants) are being paid 20% to 50% less than American born workers. I am fine with a few high end people coming into the country (say 10,000 PhDs in rare fields) but the majority of labor (per the H1B filings) are entry to mid level workers imported by body shops such as Wipro and HCL America.

        2. & besides, that $7 sure buys you far more stuff in India than it would in such places as LA or Manhattan, which are ultra pricey places to live, even by American standards. Hell, it’s even far cheaper to live in Mumbai on $7 than it would be in Omaha, the city I’m currently living homelessly.

        3. If there was some foreign planet and they offered jobs to white Americans, and the white people knew they could earn double or triple working for companies from the foreign planet (as either guest workers or some kind of outsourcing internet work), as opposed to working for American companies, then who in the hell would refuse it?

  3. The illegal construction workers never bother me when I walk by. There was always a fear factor of deportation to keep them in line.

    1. Did you walk by or swish by? I can’t imagine a group of street laborers not acknowledging the presence of a female within 200 feet. Those dudes are so externally focused. I guess it comes with the territory.

    2. “…The illegal construction workers never bother me when I walk by…”
      Thank God for that. You should give Trump your phone number so he can put it on the “hot dial” for immigration policy prescriptions.

      1. He’s softening his policy ideas on immigration. Correctly predicting you mofos will still vote for him.

    3. BAHAHAHAH!!!
      I never thought of that, but you got a point. I’ve never seen a Mexican gardener howl or whistle at a woman walking by…They are too afraid of catching the attention of La Migra!

      1. I see illegal gardeners and construction workers all the time whistle and grab their own crotches to try to “impress” women that walk by.
        No fear of La Migra anymore, else the whole “Make America Mexico Again” would be something I made up.

        1. I wouldn’t know, I don’t live in Israel.
          But Israel has their own group of violent illegals, called HAMAS, IIRC.
          They can’t make them citizens, because that would mean they’d be outnumbered in their own country–democracy works against the responsible–and they can’t just kill them off, because the terrorists have proven adept at manipulating public opinion. BUT unlike us, every time the illegals hit them, they hit back, HARD!

  4. If illegals are so much favoured in a country over many years, that must be by design.
    I’d say it tells us that who is at the helm, the ruling class, have become illegal as well.
    Don’t you think?

    1. The problem is not only illegals but U.S. citizens who are residents of barrios. They have been in the Southwest border states as legal citizens for generations.
      Doesn’t make the barrio look like Maine.

  5. Like I said, I’ve always had some Alt-Left sympathies, especially with regards to Whiteness, and the White working class being shitted on by the mainstream left.
    But Goddamn, it’s getting tougher and tougher to like these people.

    1. To Barack Thatcher:
      But Goddamn, it’s getting tougher and tougher to like these people.
      Working class whites..? Why is it getting tougher and tougher to like these people…?

    1. From the Taki article:
      Has anybody angrily confronted Edward James Olmos (who was born in East L.A.) about how he has a “responsibility” to go down to Boyle Heights and lecture his fellow Mexican Angelenos about the evils of racism?
      Olmos is actually not all that popular with the local La Raza pseudo communists types in Los Angeles. You will for instance, never hear him interviewed on Pacifica Radio and the likes. Even though he is a big time activists going back to the 1960’s. He has said things that go against the official extreme leftest obsession with blaming everything on “race.”
      That, and the Admiral probably has more important things to do. 😀

  6. Just saw Ann Coulter on the idiot box. I rarely watch the Jewtube but it was on so I listened. She points out the cost very simply. They don’t pay any taxes but sales taxes. If they have one kid the cost are $12,000 dollars to the tax payer not counting food stamps, health care or any of the other cost. They would have to make well over 120,000 a year to pay enough sales taxes so we could break even. Ann Coulter points out that what if instead of importing 40 million more people we had taken the same resources spent on illegals and immigrants and spent it instead on increasing the lives and welfare of Blacks? Where would they be now. I might not even be bitching about Blacks if this had happened., The whole dysfunction that has become Blacks may have never happened or at least it would be much, much less. Whatever you think about Coulter she will hammer you into the ground with the right numbers. She knows the statistics.
    Stuff I remembered. In California numerous emergency rooms have closed down due to illegals and immigrants not paying any of the medical cost. These hospitals were built by local governments to take care of the poor people of the state. Local Rotary clubs, Civitan, Shriners, etc. White poor people now get nothing because of the overload of services.
    The Jews make out like bandits and the average person gets the bill. Immigrants cost the country money but make big profits for a few.

    1. Coulter’s figuring of 30 million illegal immigrants being here was sheer and utter mathematical nonsense. X/year were coming across 10 years ago, and rates of change CANT change, so their must be y number now. She failed Algebra II (no offense to Robert 😉)

      1. She’s a neocon who outlived her usefulness and is now psychopathically trying to get revenge. I don’t pretend that has any bearing on her arguments themselves but that’s the truth

      2. “…30 million illegal immigrants being here was sheer and utter mathematical nonsense…”
        This number comes from the number of illegal social security numbers at the IRS from people working. Since a lot of them work for cash this is a conservative number. The actual number is probably worse.
        “…She’s a neocon who outlived her usefulness…”
        She is not and has never been a neocon. You people just blurt out continuous lies. Look at the notes in her books. She does serious research. Her numbers are multiple sourced. She was a research type lawyer before she got in the book writing pundit business.

    2. The “idiot box” is what your 5’5″ Jewish father stands on to lead the family in Sabbath rituals around the dinner table. Or Mickey Kaus and Mann Coulter.

    3. Ann Coulter points out that what if instead of importing 40 million more people we had taken the same resources spent on illegals and immigrants and spent it instead on increasing the lives and welfare of Blacks? Where would they be now. I might not even be bitching about Blacks if this had happened., The whole dysfunction that has become Blacks may have never happened or at least it would be much, much less. Whatever you think about Coulter she will hammer you into the ground with the right numbers. She knows the statistics.

      Good point Sam. I never have agreed with illegal immigration, as our nation doesn’t have the resources to give welfare to them, and what we can give them drains money from welfare recipients who are US citizens.

      1. Ah, I would not have known that from your postings.
        You seemed to give the illegals a pass for their behavior and blame everyone BUT the illegals for the economic, social, and cultural devastation the illegals wreak. From contractors to bankers and even the citizens who get displaced by the illegals!
        You even keep repeating the claim that somehow the whites’ lives would magically get better if they just wasted their money on job training for a job they can’t get anyways anymore!

      2. To Jason Y:
        Good point Sam. I never have agreed with illegal immigration, as our nation doesn’t have the resources to give welfare to them, and what we can give them drains money from welfare recipients who are US citizens.
        Or heaven forbid – jobs would become more plentiful and wages could go up high enough that there would be a strong incentive to exit welfare.

        1. Third-generation US Amerindian Mestizos in the barrio do not seem to integrated as well as German-born Fred Trump’s son.
          If deporting them was the only problem with integrating Mestizos and those that were citizens would have grandchildren who were functioning like first-generation Swedish-American or even Korean-Americans we would be lucky.

        2. To Trash:
          Third-generation US Amerindian Mestizos in the barrio do not seem to integrated as well as German-born Fred Trump’s son.
          I’ve met second (and even some first) generation US Mestizos who seem highly integrated into US society and some who are not, Of course anyone born in the US can not be deported so that’s a moot issue but I am sure integration would happen much quicker if we stopped the mass importation of cheap Latino labor.

  7. I often agree with David Cole, but I doubt he has ever picked up a tool in his life. As a drunken Jew, by his own admission, some things just go over his head. Mexicans as workers are variable: some are real assbusters, some will start playing hide-and-seek in the middle of a digging project and there goes the whole crew. Yes, really.
    Before there had been years of blaming everything on Whites, Blacks took more responsibility for themselves. They worked, most of them, most of the time. They did many of the shitty jobs now being done by illegals. If the illegals left, employers would have to raise wages for the jobs they’re doing until Americans were willing to do them.
    A friend was telling me about working for a Hindu motel owner, It seems he was called on to redo some bathroom counters. The people before him had cut the holes to fit the sinks in so badly one could see the holes. The Hindu would only pay minimum wage. My friend took the job because he’s a guy who doesn’t know what to do with leisure.

  8. David Cole exemplifies the “master race” and every wino in Queens New York boozing on his stoop belongs to a shadowy cabal that gives two shits about people in Kansas or wherever.
    You are one sad rural European-American if you actually buy this or have to engage in fights with African bums smoking baking soda concoctions who advance the opinion that the savannas of their own ancestors were superior to your ancestral homelands.
    It is all the fault of somebody like Seinfeld who has never left his ratty New York neighborhood in his entire life and would not care to.
    These folks are crazed. Crazed.
    At the bottom of their resentment is probably an IQ variation within Caucasian groups of 15 point. Around or below 100 you are going to do the sort of stupid things that hicks do: get pulled over drunk driving with some meth in your car or impregnate some girl you don’t even like when your 18 and horny that slaps you with alimony you don’t want to pay for the next 18 years.
    No quarrel that “Jerry” or “Saul” slurping fortified wine on Coney Island beaches or losing their money in Atlantic City PROBABLY have an IQ of 115 or so which just slightly improves their chances in life.

    1. Really you worthless Jew. The Jews own all the major media, all the major newspapers, all the major magazines, all the major book publishing, all the major radio stations, all the major cable systems, control most of the political financing, a huge over representation on the Supreme court, a huge over representation on the national courts, their home country collects tribute from the US, they control most of the major banks and financial institutions but you say they don’t do anything. They don’t do nuffin. They sound like Negros. If things are fucked up in this country they are responsible. They run this country.

      1. SAM J True that rural European-Americans whose zip codes are nestled deep in the weeds or pine barrens will not own be heavily involved in the production of print or electronic media….They’re not heavily involved in the production of anything except babies at a too-young age and brawls outside “Sports Bars” watching athletic Africans with bigger penises than their on their bar televisions on the same stools supporting their ass 5 time a week.
        They could not even maintain their 1990’s hold over the methamphetamine supply that ravaged the rural U.S. interior and Mexicans have stolen those production jobs too.
        Apart from running up a high bill to pay for a Jet Ski on a credit card they have very little notion of financial institutions or major banks.
        I’m not sure that Asian-Americans on the West Coast or Cubans in Miami believe one group is “running things”.
        But everybody knows it is not somebody living close enough to backwater for weeping willow trees to clog up his septic tank.

      2. How could hicks deep in the rural interior of the country own major media, publishing or anything else? They’re all busy sitting on a stool at the only Sport’s bar in the county or getting their $20 lap dance at the strip joint on the edge of town if they worked OT that week from some skinny tweaked-out blonde whose 20 with three mixed-kids from the African crack dealer who pimps her out from the motel that looks like the one in Tobe Hooper’s film EATEN ALIVE about the hick who feeds his guests to crocodiles.
        Supreme Court representation? Why doesn’t that takes a law degree? Maybe a single qualified lawyer lives in a single 50 mile county in the sticks. Political financing? Keep listening to politicians who espouse “family values” and you buy that garbage.

  9. ILLEGAL CALIFORNIA IMMIGRATION QUESTION Why do neighborhoods like East Los begin to resemble third-world countries when European-Americans withdraw from them is the question. So Europeans and Africans are driven out of the labor market by Latinos…why then do those regions begin to become dilapidated and run-down?
    Specifically what is it about the behavioral traits or psychology of the Mestizo that leads to a second-world appearance of Spanish-speaking districts.
    Many Koreans arrive in LA but Koreatown does not look like Tijuana.

    1. Maybe South Korea is a better country than Mexico, so when they reenact it here, it looks like Seoul, not Tijuana?

  10. SAM J
    Those whose septic tanks are clog with weeping willow tree roots somewhere in the boonies are not running anything, true enough.
    They own the stools that support that butts in the Sport’s Bars where they watch the Negros they dislike running up and down some field or court 5 days a week. They wear the jackets of sports teams that are filled with Africans.
    Really all they produce is children now that their own kangaroo cops have stamped out local meth labs and Mexicans have stolen that job too.
    Hefner owns playboy and this is the magazine they peruse most often while an Italian-American named Guccione owns Penthouse that they beat off to because their 20 year old wife is already fat and dumpy from a second unplanned pregnancy.
    Credit card companies OWN THEM. Banks OWN them.
    They cannot afford to live or even travel to D.C. or Manhattan so of course they have no participation in print media or politics.
    Usually they vote for a politician who speaks of “family values” because he wants them to remain pregnant and barefoot.
    Asian-Americans on the West Coast and Italian-Americans on the East do not like their food, their music, their culture.
    So alas they are like Amerindians on reservations.

    1. Really? Could have fooled me. One of best friends is an Italian-American married to a Japanese. He likes country music more than I do.

    2. As I’ve proved time and time again most everything you say is bullshit and lies. You have very little grasp on the reality of the US. You’re what is referred to as a cloud person but, to your own admission, you’re not wealthy enough to actually live on the cloud or near the cloud people you just pretend you are one.

  11. I have no idea what a cloud person is but it is true I am far from wealthy.
    What your definition of “US reality” is: being cut in front of in a Day Labor temp work line by an Amerindian primitive from some jungle (I’m not holding the most prestigious position in the world however) or fighting crackheads from the ghetto or caring whether they burn down their graffiti-scrawled old buildings down does not interest most of the planet earth.
    You’ve probably never spent time in a large city long enough to have any interaction with JOOOS you believe are running the country (Tell this to the Mexican Mayor of LA!) and no minority would ever see your part of the world besides looking down from a plane.
    I’m not in your country anyhow but you are right that nobody gives a bloody single crap about any of the things that concern backwater types like yourself in some interior of the U.S. no black or Hispanic or Mudslim would defecate in.
    You’d be surprised how little the things that matter to you: silly wars, lunatic religions, family-values eroded because so-called Christians cannot stop banging their penises against their laptop at the sight of cheap porn.

    1. The problem is, the crackheads from the ghetto don’t burn down their OWN buildings, they burn down and loot the property of their betters!
      Why bother making a store when it will get wiped out by robbery and arson?
      But the problem is, we keep getting our resources tapped to rebuild for them. They never have to learn and get better because they never have the consequences. Something like a brat that keeps breaking its toys because its parents always buy new ones to replace them.
      Where do you live, anyways, that you are so isolated from the squalor and violence brought by the Third World you champion for?
      How did you NOT hear about the LA riots or the Hispanic thugs in LA throwing garbage at our Olympic athletes?
      Your isolation from world affairs would be enviable, if it weren’t so ridiculous!

      1. EPGAH
        SAM J NAMS won’t venture into rural areas.
        I do not live in North America any longer but NAMS will not venture far outside their zip code in dense enough numbers to constitute an outlying threat. This simply requires an organizational commitment far beyond their strategic capacity.

        1. You seem like a type of person who would cheer over a carnage. If you’d love to live in a squalor, go ahead and live with those chumps. Do not advocate others to follow your insanity.
          “zip code in dense enough numbers to constitute an outlying ”
          Tell that when savages you champion for, burn down your cities.

    NAMS do not interfere when Vinnie slaps Guida in public or one Guido shoots another over a loan-shark issue.
    NAMS avoid Little Italy districts in general. They like Pizza but do not show up alone to huge Italian festivals/parades.
    NAMS do not tear their hair out over on “Soprano family” wasting “Corleone family” over gang territory. They accept that Dagos will waste one another over dirty mob business and that is that.
    NAMS avoid calling Italians “Dagos” NAMS will fight Italians in a ring for 1,000,000 like Apollo Creed did.
    NAMS have no interest in arguing the validity of Roman civilizations. It makes no difference to them.
    See my point.

  13. Has anyone seen that Twilight Zone episode where these aliens come to the Earth, solve all it’s problems, feed everyone, and also offer a visitation program where the Earthlings can visit thier planet.
    The catch is that once they visit the alien planet, the Earthlings are eaten !!! 😆

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