IQ's of Commenters on Beyond Highbrow

TRASH writes:

Minorities cannot even construct a cerebral blog like Robert Lindsay’s and while most of his contributors probably have an IQ lower than his I would say most of us contributors are in the 120 range.

Surely there are some minorities who could write a blog like this or could at least write a brainy blog. Socially Extinct is a Mexican-American, a pretty full mestizo, and he is incredibly smart. I actually worry that he is a better writer than I am. And I also worry that he’s smarter than I am. Jayman is Black and has a very brainy blog. I dislike Abagond the antiracist Black, but that man is smart as Hell. There are some damn smart NAM’s out there, make no mistake about it. I believe there are 500,000 US Blacks with IQ’s above 125. With Hispanics, the number must be even higher. I am thinking 1.2 million? There may be 6 million Whites with IQ’s that high, but there are more White people. Keep that in mind. There are a lot of smart fuckers on here all right. I don’t know what their IQ’s are, but I know they are smart as Hell. The few IQ scores we have of frequent recent commenters: 124 118 123 115 112 So the median IQ is 118, or let’s call it 120. That is the top 1 Some of you slackers have not turned in your scores yet, so you need to get to it. Alpha hates the idea of IQ, and I believe, like Tulio, she doesn’t think hers is all that high, but Alpha is wicked smart. I know this because I have access to her locked personal blog. Every time I go over there, I almost get knocked on my ass by her brains or genius or whatever it is. Some others are insecure about their scores. Matt with IQ of apparently 115 seems to worry that it is too low, but the funny thing is that Matt seems like one of the most wickedly smart commenters on here. Tulio has confessed that he feels stupid and thinks he has a low IQ at 124, but he’s in the 93nd percentile for Chrissake, and right now, Tulio has probably the highest IQ of any of the regular commenters. The performance of Matt shows us that we should not place too much faith in a simple number or score. Matt’s performance shows us that if you have an IQ in the 80th percentile, you can probably do all sorts of things, and further you can seem wickedly smart. I am wondering if guys like Matt and Tulio are high verbal and lower in mathematics, which might explain their “performance above IQ.” Jim Flynn wrote a whole book on “Performance Above IQ” where he showed that Chinese-Americans and Japanese-Americans were performing at jobs and showed a job performance that was 10-20 points above their actual IQ’s. So maybe it is not just IQ, but it is also what you do with it and what else (extra-IQ factors) that you can bring to the table that will “raise” your IQ effectively or de facto if not in realis. Realis is your number. De facto is your actual performance in the real world. At the end of the day, only de facto is what matters, let’s face it. Performance is everything, potential is nice, but it’s talking the talk whereas performance is walking the walk. So it looks like the average commenter is in the 118, which means they are in the top 1 We do have some higher IQ commenters on here, but they don’t comment all that much. I used to have some lower IQ commenters on here, and some of them were damn good. One has a 94 IQ, but he understood well and made some damn good comments, however lately he says that he can’t understand what I am talking about. I am actually trying to write this stuff so that the majority of the population can understand it. Yes, there is all sorts of higher level stuff running all through my posts, but it’s not necessary to know all of that stuff. Those are references to movies, TV shows, famous remarks, nicknames, music lyrics, books, lines from books, famous people of all sorts, on and on. I litter my stuff with all sorts of winking references. I don’t expect you to get all of them because that’s not my intent, but I expect if you find some of that stuff, you may enjoy a bit of a slow, nodding, knowing and loving smile. Sort of like a secret language. Those references are scattered through there more as a big game than anything else. I am just playing games with words and screwing around, and if anyone gets it, great, but if they don’t, so what? Sort of like those Easter eggs that some software used to have in them. I am not trying to show that I am smarter than anyone or especially my commenters, more like how I said, it is all sort of a big game where I am playing around with words and ideas, sort of like a big subtle brainy joke.

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107 thoughts on “IQ's of Commenters on Beyond Highbrow”

  1. With so many high IQ NAMS, again, the racist stuff is just silly and outdated for our time period. At the very least we can say that generalizations will hurt many people’s feelings and be unjust, simply cause we often cannot tell who is dumb and who isn’t.

    1. And of course NAMS wearing hip hop clothes etc.. are ones that we know are at risk for being targeted as being an example of a negative stereotype.

        1. Jason, I’ve wondered about this for a while… Why do you turn what is basically a single post into two or three (or more) posts? I often like what you have to say, and I’m not trying to rag on you, but I’ve noticed this.

  2. Black or Jewish or Scots-American like Jason I would say most people who can digest and respond to Robert Lindsay’s blog have an IQ above 100.
    It is hard to find an opinion post that does not make sense or contain some grain of truth.

  3. I score high on strictly verbal tests, or sections of tests that are strictly verbal. Like on the verbal section of the old school SAT, I scored 760. As you guess, the math was basically slightly above what you get for signing your name.

  4. I’d peg most of the regulars at about 115.
    If there is any major deficiency in thinking, it gets called out, both SJW leaners and racist nutcases.

  5. The problem is that some of the overtly, overtly tribalists, are statistically unlikely to have IQs that high. I’m not mentioning names, although some are smart. This is based on the comprehensive study done by Rushton’s friend. It’s a fact.
    I might say the same if a bunch of ghetto Blacks started saying anti-racist stuff incoherently, but they haven’t 🙂

    1. Go to Abagond’s blog and say that again with a straight face.
      Not anti-racist, anti-white. That’s the ultimate proof of the meme.

  6. “Alpha hates the idea of IQ…”
    Not really. 🙂 Alpha has no strong feelings about that idea one way or the other.

  7. I think Phil is the smartest regular commenter. He has a lot of verbal knowledge, understands concepts well, and has mentioned that he had enough qualifications in school to take “advanced Calculus”, he’s also both anti-ethnocentrist and anti-racist, and is only 17. Might have an IQ in the 130s?

    1. That’s gracious of you, but I figure myself in the mid 120s at best (perhaps higher by verbal alone?). I earned an SAT score that would place me at 118 approx., but I didn’t really study so I could’ve gotten a higher score.
      Though if we just going to consider performance separate for measure IQ, I suppose I would be “brilliant” in a sense. still, in many respects, I’m just as sloppy as I am insightful. By this I mean idleness, some occasions of foresight, outgoingness, etc.
      But a trait that makes me distinct though is getting the composure to know your opponent and when to pick battles. I use a civil approach at first with people, and see where it goes from there. Granted, it doesn’t always work like with Jason and Chinedu, but it has with EPAGH and to a degree Sam.
      At times it seems like I do it just to be everyone’s friend, but it’s really more that I hold a hierarchy of character over beliefs when distinguishing allies and enemies. This is taking in account that my beliefs alone, as unique as they are, weren’t going to get me far in communication. In principle it seems really basic but from what I’ve seen it’s something that many have a hard time to maintain, instead favoring to justify there own ethics. And granted, I don’t simply leave people’s beliefs criticized for the sake of association. The thing is I use constructive criticism that could give more mobility in expressing their beliefs to be more plausible, more as commentary that forceful challenging.
      I’m not perfect at this, but it’s a principle I keep in mind often.

      1. That’s certainly a decent approach.
        Part of the reason I can’t be nice and gentle with some of these hardcore WNs, is that’s what they say they want? Liberals are all weak and sissies, betraying their race, etc., so they want to act tough.
        The problem is when you do such to them it’s very different all of sudden.
        they can dish it out, but they can’t take it….

        1. I would imagine that they would see you as the enemy, defending a position opposite from their own and not showing much concern for their cause. That’ll do it.
          Hell, even when I didn’t believe in HBD, I wanted to use diplomacy with WNs. This spawns from me being probably about as “pro-white” the average black gets and being reared in acknowledging that lack of attaining a higher person in regards to responsibility and other virtues puts down blacks more than anything else, the difference then I thought it was predominately environmental in the conventional sense.
          This maybe an extreme example, but considering the stakes of how race politics actually work in real life, I have this sort of perspective when dealing with those of another thought process.

          BTW, while I wouldn’t quite call myself an ethnocentric, sadly I maybe closer to an apologist but I’m not even that since I don’t make excuses for deficiencies associated with blacks, in times of adversity I can be tribalistic but I wouldn’t let it corrupt my integrity.

        2. I think the fact that you are in a minority group with strong genetic significance would make anyone naturally feel more altruism, possibly just because there are so few in that group…….
          If you ‘go to the source’ with these WNs, their blogs, websites, etc. they either respond by making some insinuation that you are Jewish, or ignore you. It’s typically impossible to talk with them.

        3. Although of course not every group did everything equally… I find extreme racism/ethnocentrism to be silly because your race/ethnicity blinds you from seeing fact objectively.

        4. Of course for those reasons I’m selective with WNs in terms of talking to them. I mean, my prejudices aside, these people from a evolutionary point of view were basically meant to be my worst enemy. I don’t generalize this view, but it controls my expectations.

        5. Indeed.
          I want to bash my head against the wall when some of these extreme WNs use EGIs to justify what they want to do. The fact that we have these primitivies, and now know about them, is irrelevant, we shouldn’t act upon our knowledge! Only Ch!nks do that (sarcasm).
          These components of “HBD” are just as meaningful.

        6. AND;
          I am not “anti-White”….. I just think the level of insanity of the Alt-Reich has to be addressed;
          “people who live around (ghetto) Blacks always hate them”
          (Jason or I);
          “We have lived around Underclass Whites and it’s not fun”
          get it?
          It’s just making a completely valid equivalency, but their damn IQs are too low to comprehend it.
          The only decent rebuttal to it was that they’re still not quite as violent….

        7. AND;
          continuing to rant;
          It is sad to see these people be at least partially taken advantage of;
          how is the Khan dispute helping an unemployed W.V. White?
          I’m waiting…….
          Trump’s Polish illegals are okay because “they’re White”? So if a White guy took your job it’s different than if a MexicanT?”
          helping the working class, my foot.
          Trump is just another neo-reactionary conjob.

        8. While I’m a believer of intra racial altruism, while not monolithic, to be a fundamental appeal through biology, I honestly can tolerate only a few actions depending on the circumstances. I can get behind defensive by force, but only in extreme cases could I agree the unsettling alternative.
          Of course, outside of doing everything I can on the black end of things, I have no influence on that. The problem with arguing with their concrete thinking pattern is that, as things go, they aren’t that off the mark with their patterns at least concerning social disenfranchisement of whites relative to other races in terms identity politics.
          And from a greater point of view, what’s the significance? If I won arguing against them it would be moot considering the lack of influence they have in the first place. Similarly, if they one they would win it would be equally moot regarding there social mobility.

        9. On ,Barack Thatcher, phil said,”…I would imagine that they would see you as the enemy…”
          No. I see you as a brain washed foolish person who thinks he has knowledge but is only parroting what his equally brain washed Jewified teachers tell him to say. Who is willing to throw his own under the bus to gain social approval from a Jewified false narrative. Of course you could just be another of the Hasbara Jews that seem to pop up here frequently.
          I am not “anti-White”….. I just think the level of insanity of the Alt-Reich has to be addressed…”
          You’re preener who preens about and tells everyone how those “lower” class Whites are so dumb, so stupid that they don’t use your brilliant “multi-regressions” so they can’t tell who the good Blacks are like your munificent self. So perfect, so good, so enlightened you are.
          Here’s a nice scenario you can run your “multi-regressions” on. Let’s say you live in a area that has break bone fever(Dengue fever) and you hate it. As you should but in another area they have Ebola. By your reasoning you are all for the Ebola and discount break bone fever as being much worse. You’re a pinhead.

          phil,”…these people from a evolutionary point of view were basically meant to be my worst enemy…”
          I was MADE this way. It was learned behavior. I was one the people who agreed with affirmative action, civil rights yet all it got White people was hatred and loads of violence directed towards them. You may not believe it or understand but I’m flexible if one behavior doesn’t work I’ll try something else. If working to give Blacks a boost doesn’t work then if it takes the boot to keep them off my neck then so be it. If they mind their own I’ll mind mine and we’ll call it even. I don’t think it will work out that way though. I could live with phil. No problem. I could respectful of him and he of me and we would live our lives in harmony but there’s too many Blacks creating too much havoc for me and if it’s to be them or me then I pick me and whatever grief befalls them then oh well. The idea that skin color is what drives WN is stupid. I dislike Blacks not because they’re Black but because they’re violent, thieving, murderers. Their skin color is just an easy way to pick them out of a crowd.

        10. It is true that some ghetto blacks are impossible to be around as are some white druggies, but it’s only those sub-groups of larger groups that people cannot co-exist with. Racists from any group make the mistake of making a generalization of all based on some. Even as Sam says, that 40 percent of blacks are worthless, well that leaves 60 percent who are decent.

        11. This what I am. Vox Day has nailed it down extremely well. When I read this I immediately identified with wholeheartedly. My only beef is I’m a a Catharist if I have to choose as the Jews can all burn in hell.

          What the Alt Right is
          In the interest of developing a core Alt Right philosophy upon which others can build.
          The Alt Right is of the political right in both the American and the European sense of the term. Socialists are not Alt Right. Progressives are not Alt Right. Liberals are not Alt Right. Communists, Marxists, Marxians, cultural Marxists, and neocons are not Alt Right.
          The Alt Right is an ALTERNATIVE to the mainstream conservative movement in the USA that is nominally encapsulated by Russel Kirk’s 10 Conservative Principles, but in reality has devolved towards progressivism. It is also an alternative to libertarianism.
          The Alt Right is not a defensive attitude and rejects the concept of noble and principled defeat. It is a forward-thinking philosophy of offense, in every sense of that term. The Alt Right believes in victory through persistence and remaining in harmony with science, reality, cultural tradition, and the lessons of history.
          The Alt Right believes Western civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement and supports its three foundational pillars: Christianity, the European nations, and the Rule of Law.
          The Alt Right is openly and avowedly nationalist. It supports all nationalisms and the right of all nations to exist, homogeneous and unadulterated by foreign invasion and immigration.
          The Alt Right is anti-globalist. It opposes all groups who work for globalist ideals or globalist objectives.
          The Alt Right is anti-equalitarian. It rejects the idea of equality for the same reason it rejects the ideas of unicorns and leprechauns, noting that human equality does not exist in any observable scientific, legal, material, intellectual, sexual, or spiritual form.
          The Alt Right is scientodific. It presumptively accepts the current conclusions of the scientific method (scientody), while understanding a) these conclusions are liable to future revision, b) that scientistry is susceptible to corruption, and c) that the so-called scientific consensus is not based on scientody, but democracy, and is therefore intrinsically unscientific.
          The Alt Right believes identity > culture > politics.
          The Alt Right is opposed to the rule or domination of any native ethnic group by another, particularly in the sovereign homelands of the dominated peoples. The Alt Right is opposed to any non-native ethnic group obtaining excessive influence in any society through nepotism, tribalism, or any other means.
          The Alt Right understands that diversity + proximity = war.
          The Alt Right doesn’t care what you think of it.
          The Alt Right rejects international free trade and the free movement of peoples that free trade requires. The benefits of intranational free trade is not evidence for the benefits of international free trade.
          The Alt Right believes we must secure the existence of white people and a future for white children.
          The Alt Right does not believe in the general supremacy of any race, nation, people, or sub-species. Every race, nation, people, and human sub-species has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and possesses the sovereign right to dwell unmolested in the native culture it prefers.
          The Alt Right is a philosophy that values peace among the various nations of the world and opposes wars to impose the values of one nation upon another as well as efforts to exterminate individual nations through war, genocide, immigration, or genetic assimilation.
          TL;DR: The Alt Right is a Western ideology that believes in science, history, reality, and the right of a genetic nation to exist and govern itself in its own interests.

        12. To Sam
          “No. I see you as a brain washed foolish person who thinks he has knowledge but is only parroting what his equally brain washed Jewified teachers tell him to say. Who is willing to throw his own under the bus to gain social approval from a Jewified false narrative. Of course you could just be another of the Hasbara Jews that seem to pop up here frequently.”
          While I may’ve been wrong about the “enemy” analysis, this borders along the same lack of warm feelings that I suspected.
          As for “learned behavior”, I can buy that with people who think like you and MANY more WNs, but by and large it could go either way Whites who somewhat border along the deeper end of tribalism may or may not have the same level of rationale.
          I may’ve been wrong when I said “worst” enemy, I should’ve said “natural”, referring to the innate nature of the repulsion. Keep in mind I don’t see those like you that way but I have came across the types that were likely not worth talking to for whatever reason.
          On top of that, I don’t hold authentic contempt for those types because given their sociological background in human evolution I simply don’t hold that high of a standard in interaction with people like me, I see it that they are best left alone.

        13. Robert-
          I don’t follow…………..?

          What Barack? You mean to tell me you don’t know what it means when I put three parentheses on either side of your name like this?
          (((Barack Thatcher)))

        14. To Rob:
          What Barack? You mean to tell me you don’t know what it means when I put three parentheses on either side of your name like this?
          (((Barack Thatcher)))

          I didn’t know until I looked it up:

          Presumably you are being ironic as William is not a Jew but has only recently played one on your blog, not sure why he’s so obsessed with Alt-Right (or for that matter who he considers the Alt-Right) as they have so little traction and influence beyond a few websites. Youth perhaps? If anything American public policy is moving ever faster against the collective desires of the Alt-Right. Welcome to the United States of Goldman Sachs.

      2. For Chrissake Phil, why don’t you take an IQ test? I think if you convert my SAT into IQ, my IQ is a lot higher than what you might infer from my SAT.
        You are a high school student, right? You are in luck. By law, they have to test you. Really they have already tested you anyway, so you can just ask for your score. Or you can just ask to be tested. They have a school psychologist there who is licensed to give the tests. It’s a good opportunity because outside of school, it might cost you $200 to get tested.

        1. I actually remembered your advice and I was actually considering getting one this year, I could probably talk to my counselor latter today.

        2. Lol, if you convert my PSAT to an IQ score, it’s a lot higher than my estimated IQ score from a test. That being said, the PSAT has math, WAIS doesn’t have any subtest of quantitative reasoning.

      3. IQ is “just” average cognitive capabilities. It wouldn’t be inconceivable for you to have gifted level, maybe even genius level IQ in a particular category.
        Correlation with IQ and SAT scores isn’t strong enough to be conclusive. My brother is gifted, yet scored only a little above average. Don’t sell yourself short.

        1. To Joe, nice to hear from you again.
          I do figure that I may’ve scored lower than I should’ve but I don;t want to come off arrogant. I have nothing against high IQ people talking about their IQs, I personally make it a point to use intelligence rather than just claiming it (Chinedu from awhile back explains why I feel urged to do it).

      4. Well, you can only derive a reasonable IQ out of the SAT if you didn’t study. If you studied, the IQ score would be farther away from your real IQ.

    2. I think Phil is the smartest regular commenter. He has a lot of verbal knowledge, understands concepts well, and has mentioned that he had enough qualifications in school to take “advanced Calculus”, he’s also both anti-ethnocentrist and anti-racist, and is only 17. Might have an IQ in the 130s?

      Iv’e often wondered if low math and science ability is really about IQ or more about laziness. You learn via doing problems.

      1. Well laziness, a genetic linked personality trait like many others, does interfere with learning ability to a degree but there’s also IQ which correlates with the level of brain complexity that determines to what degree can you learn something.
        Another factor, brain processing, is a trait of how fast you can pick up information and apply something, having a correlation of .4 I believe to IQ. This is a non specialized ability, being distributed throughout the brain but I think could vary between verbal and mathematical ability.
        So you can’t be monolithic with issues that people have with learning ability, simply narrowing it down to laziness alone.

        1. I may’ve made a mistake, whether the .4 refers to reaction time and processing or processing with IQ. Either way I believe the relation is at least moderate between both comparisons.

      2. Math and science cannot be applied in daily situations as verbal abilities can. One theory to the high verbal abilities of Jews is that their existence in medieval Europe was that of traders and scholars as oppose to sailors or farmers.
        This is why the allegation that JOOS were the sailboat captains who brought Africans to the Americas is pure rubbish. Ninety percent of all Jews arrived in the North America after the Civil War.

  8. As a Chinese,I feel we have much to learn from the ‘liberal’ jews:
    1)Be PC
    2)Keep low profile if necessary
    So I must admit I’ve low IQ,probably around 85

    1. That’s what the Chinese overseas merchants do in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia and YOU CAN’T BE CHINESE if you do that.

    2. If you do not know that Chinese do exactly that in the Philippines or the rest of Southeast Asia you are not Chinese.

  9. I would be interested to know, what Robert, or anybody else thinks about the IQ of Donald Trump.
    There is no considerable discussion that his election success is due to charisma and the fact that he can relate to the average person because he is intellectually the average person. It’s now well established his “money making” abilities or “business acumen” is a hoax (non-liquid assets inflation adjusted, he’s lost money)……
    I personally think his IQ is around 115, based on the fact that he probably did have to do a little research (people with IQs under 110 very rarely do such on their own), and has not completely imploded, yet.
    Estimates have ranged between 94 and 156*
    *Although this was because he went to Wharton. So if he graduated with no honors, the average IQ of a Wharton Grad is 170? :). #dawnofthebraindead

    1. “…non-liquid assets inflation adjusted, he’s lost money…”
      Lie. He started with a million. He wouldn’t be able to buy his apartment in NY for a million therefore you lie. You’re a liar. You can’t even tell the truth on the simplest of things. I’ve changed my valuation of you, you’ve got to be a Jew. They can’t help themselves they lie constantly even when they have to they lie. Like you just did. Jew.

    2. If I had to guess, I’d say Trump may be between 105-115. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was 110 or below though. Usually very smart people tend to be intellectual and see nuance. I’ve seen nothing that would indicate he has any intellectual curiosity to speak of. He frequently engages in tautology, speaking to his audience at the level of 8th grade teacher. There really isn’t much to him other than his alpha personality. Like Bush Jr. he’ll have to be handheld by his brain trusts and stick to reading teleprompters to avoid going off the rails.
      Even if he does have an IQ above 115, his EQ would be in the gutter. He has the emotional intelligence of a grade schooler.

      1. A lot of WNs have a low EQ, a 10 year old morality, so that’s not surprising. Mocking the disabled, saying very rude remarks, racist remarks would all be marks of an immature young person. However, it does make for good comedy. 😆
        The commentator santo-culto liking Trump is not surprising.
        Yeah, even the high IQs, EQ might go down when drunk or in a private moment with friends, but otherwise the high iQ seem smart and somewhat sensitive.

        1. JASON That is true. It is why many dabble in drugs as teenagers, engage in pointless fights with NAMS who will be in prison or dead soon enough anyhow, do not achieve what they could achieve scholastically, impregnate a woman young and do not take fatherhood seriously.
          They then grasp some awareness at age 30 and blame the JOOOS for controlling their thoughts telepathically through media subliminal messaging who certainly are not living off their tax money.
          But it is their inherent lack of EQ that undermines their potential in life.

      2. I basically agree about Trump. I think his IQ at least has to be somewhere above 100, just enough so that he can understand and manipulate the 100- herd. I think he’s the alpha schoolyard “cool” kid who never grew up. So all the kids who also never grew up from the days when they were smitten with/trying to impress the schoolyard alpha are the ones voting for him or idolizing him, IMO. But when he has to deal with the folks who did grow up, he makes mistake after mistake, as seen in the last few weeks.

        1. He engages in the best tautologies. His tautologies are so great, you have no idea.

          That’s hard to do. You try it. Lie down on the floor and curl yourself up so you are like a snake eating its tail? Pretty hard to do huh? Told you it takes some skill.

      3. I don’t profess the ability to provide an accurate estimate of his cognitive ability, but he is brilliant enough pique and maintain the interest of his followers, and that’s not something not every cosmopolitan billionaire can acomplish.

        1. GAY STATE GIRL He’s a landlord not a surgeon or media baron like Murdoch.
          So he interacts with his tenants and with the public to a greater extent-or did in the earlier phases of his ascent-to a degree that most Billionaire would not.
          Therefore he would not be as removed from reality as Michael Jackson in an oxygen tank.

        1. I disagree Robert. There’s this chart which showed that there were people of average IQ (107-110), who were medical professionals.

  10. I got a composite score of 112. But my verbal comprehension was 130. I’m betting I could bring the whole score up next time I test.

  11. Why thank you for the “kind” words, Robert Lindsay.
    Any intelligence I have worth a damn is consistently undercut by my terrible social skills and interpersonal apathy. I deal with lots and lots and lots of people who are really of pretty average smarts, but their ability to bullshit and schmooze launches them well ahead of any standing I could every hope for. In fact, the examination of such has become a little cathartic game I play with myself (in my mind only, of course).

    1. Sadly, yes, in modern society, it becomes a “game” of WHOM you know, not WHAT you know. Old 80s jokes that bullshit will get you to the top but can’t keep you there don’t seem to work anymore.
      So what do people with brilliant minds but who can’t lie to save their lives do? It’s not as funny as Jim Carrey made it out to be.

  12. SOCIALLY EXTINCT There is a great deal of variation in the IQ and behavior of various Amerindian tribes of Mexico with Mayans being quite intelligent and Aztecs being rather bellicose and warlike.
    Northern Mexicans are basically Italian-Americans.

      1. Monterrey is the Whitest part of Mexico. Congratulations! That’s mighty White of you David!
        Zacatecas on the other hand is probably the most mestizo part of Mexico. There are almost no Whites or Indians there.

        1. Funny, my maternal side is from Monterrey. They are very quiet, sorta proper, ultra restrained and methodical; my dad’s side is the one that comes from Zacatecas. They are louder, crazier, more typically “Mexican” and they look darker and Indian. Most amusing is that my father’s DNA profile showed he had like 10% British genetics.

      2. SOCIALLY EXTINCT Why do you look Italian-American Sicilian or Greek. Were your ancestors from Spain. You are not particularly Amerindian of appearance.

        1. Because Mexico. No one ever just looks, or is, “Mexican.” Being Mexican means being a conglomeration of all sorts of races. Mexico is very genetically diverse. I had a DNA profile done last year.
          According to its results I am approximately composed of the following:
          46% Native American
          19% Iberian
          18% Italian/Greek
          4% African
          8% Northern & Western European
          3% Asian
          The rest is trace.
          In other words, typically Mexican.

  13. Trump’s father LIED to his Jewish tenants about being German-born and claimed to be Swedish-American (I’m German myself and find this amusing) so Trump was never Jewish.
    I’d put his IQ at 120-130. He’s a typical bright German-American with a skew towards practical and applied intelligence which high, high IQ people lose because their mental tendencies drift toward extreme abstractions.

  14. I’ve tested three times between 135 and 140 (PS I used to post here as Horatio). The first test I did when I was 16, the most recent about 10 years ago. I’m quite surprised at the consistency of the results.
    I also did one as part of a recruitment process. I didn’t get a numerical figure, but I figured from where I sat on the graph it was close to the other tests.
    I’m still not entirely sure what a high IQ really means. I have a friend who told me what he tested at, which was the same as mine and if you looked at his lifestyle, his wealth and social life, you would struggle to see how someone with a score like that would seem to live in such an austere manner. I guess he just isn’t driven.
    At first I thought he was pulling my leg, but then I realised he got things quickly. Whether its new concepts or word play or subtle, dry jokes. Things that would go sailing over other peoples head, he would get. Every time. I realised then that he was telling the truth. No matter how clever, obtuse or cryptic I made the joke or snide remark, he got it. I can’t say I’ve met many , if any, other people whom I can verbally spar like that with.

    1. IQ can basically be narrowed down to mental complexity, which correlates but doesn’t mean mentally efficient in the context of success.
      To be successful you would need to pass certain thresholds regarding IQ and personality alike.
      For example, for all I know I may be “gifted” but my laziness prohibits me in certain regards such as focusing and foresight. Granted, I sort of “fight it” with my comprehension ability to get through things but it’s an obstactle nonetheless.
      Personality could either be separate from IQ functions or connected to them, so a correlation between certain traits could vary between natural intertwined development or for selection based on the structure of the environment.

      1. Phil, I sometimes think laziness is nothing more than a perpetual low-energy state. I don’t think its a character flaw per se. It’s a disposition. I’m lazy too. I mean even when I’m not being lazy I’m lazy. I have to drag myself to the gym for example. And when I’m at the gym I don’t want to do anything. Or have to mentally beat back my urge to find an excuse to leave so I can go home and surf the web in my cozy chair. I don’t get “the pump” everyone else gets from hitting the gym. I push myself to do it anyway because I don’t want to get fat. But I realize that I just don’t have a lot of energy and that’s what causes my laziness. It could also just be the effects of aging now that I’m 40. But then I’ve always been something of a low energy guy. Not that talkative and very introverted.

        1. Laziness seems to be the main enemy in a university or when trying to expand a business or do a project. I think IQ is massively exxagerated.

        2. I can relate very much to that actually, especially with it being not quite a flaw but more of an obsactle.
          It’s that kind of mental “training” that makes me as “smart” as I appear to be. Due to that, i’m very familiar with how human instincts work on due to self analyzing.

      2. But then, you could argue that an intelligent wise person realises that success and climbing the corporate ladder and all that faff is pontless social status bullshit and that the tradeoff for percieved quality of life isnt worth the effort.
        You can say intelligence helps you make money, but you can also say that intelligence may not require making money.
        You need to be smart to make money, but so you have to make money to be “smart”?
        Is it smart to bust yourself to be a winner, considering mathematically not everyone can win?

        1. The true sign of intelligence is choosing the path you desire for yourself, ie, recognizing it objectively as beneficial to you. And you only.
          If you want to be part of the corporate rat race and make a million dollars per year, great for you if you accomplish that. I have nothing against materialism. I do have something against people bent on living out the dreams and goals that have been pounded into their head by external forces.

      3. You are submitting to the definition of “success” of society.
        If you are “lazy” (as per your words), there is many chances living the way you have felt until now has been the greatest success for you.
        It’s what makes you feel best, live at peace with you best. That is success. The non-illusory flavour of it, at least.

        1. Well by successful I don’t mean satisfied. While I often don’t have alot of anxiety compared to other people, I still have responsibilities to maintain a comfortable position.
          I don’t let myself think that I want to have standards simply because society says so. While they change from time to time regarding where I want to be in the future, they are still my own.
          Regardless of how I feel satisfied for the moment, that’s not always the case with Lazy people (at least not all), for at some point they would want standards but will struggle to achieve them. With a higher IQ it helps in regard to comprehending the consequences of my actions.

  15. Unless your IQ is below a certain number-100-you have more or less the same potential in life as anybody else. Trump earns a great deal more money and wields more respect that a NASA engineer with an IQ of 180.
    Below IQ 100 you make stupid mistakes-having unplanned pregnancies, taking pointless risks, not grasping consequential theories in everyday life and getting addicted to drugs.
    But between say 100 and 140 you have about the same shot at earning power as anyone else.

    1. A lot of it charisma, which is actuallynegatively linked to verbal IQs.
      That and Verbal IQ.
      Asians are looked upon badly in the media, the men as effiminate, short and weird, and they are grossly underrepresented.
      Because they are not charismatic and have spatial>verbal.

    2. This is a really fanciful concoction.
      First you liken “success in life” to “earning potential,” on which I, summoning up all my scarce kindness, will comment that it is utterly objectionable.
      Second, money-earning potential isn’t in the slightest equal for people with IQ 100 to 140. It may look like that because many other mental skills come into play, first of all EQ, the ability to navigate society and set up advantageous social relationships.
      Another useful trait can be cool-mindedness. And many others.
      But all other things equal, there’s no doubt higher IQ will mean more money earned, as long as that is the main life purpose of the people involved.

  16. Maybe…
    I’m mistaken about these WNs,
    it could be that they just don’t give a fuck.
    I.E. I’m talking about “non-Liquid assets” above, and Sam starts talking about cash. He doesn’t know what “non-Liquid assets” means, yet he feels the need to chime in as if he does, while not having done any research.

    1. You know why Obama always says “the Notion…uh…that I am,uh….a Muslim Communist…uh, is absurd”….
      is because “Notions” are just “notions!

  17. I’m flattered that Robert would think I might have the highest IQ of the “regulars” here, but I don’t believe that is the case. Phil I’m pretty sure is quite a bit smarter than me. Especially when you factor in that he’s a teenager. He might be the 140s, at the least. I hope he goes on to do something great with it.
    Also there is a Jamaican blogger that called himself xenocrates. He was one of my favorite bloggers. I don’t recall what his IQ is, but I remember it being higher than Robert’s. Unfortunately he suddenly disappeared. He stopped writing, stopped updating his twitter and didn’t respond to emails. I hope nothing bad happened to him.

    1. Thanks tulio.
      I guess verbally I could be advance. A commenter on PumpkinPerson commented on verbal IQs of different races, blacks at 85 would average a 92 IQ according to him, which makes sense.
      I haven’t really familiarize myself with IQ formulas, so they don;t seem complex. Based on my first time IQ being 118, I would guess my verbal IQ could be in the 125-130 range, but I’m not sure whether the verbal separation would work based a certain percentage of my whole IQ or of a standard deviation.
      If SD, then at about 118 it would be 125 verbally based of the ration for blacks (US). If by whole IQ then about 127.5

  18. I’m a strange 147. I lack all the communication skills I see on here, and I can’t spell very good. But I can put a car together in my head. Every nut and bolt. I can do an entire wiring diagram in my head. Simple things escape me. I would have no problem fabricating space craft from technical diagrams.

    1. Well, actually in our age it’s the chatty high-IQ ones who are “strange”, while the techno ones are becoming the norm.
      You are the engineer type. There’s an enormous demand for your kind of skills, and that demand isn’t going to drop in the coming times. Your strong asset in respect with intelligence is spatial intelligence, which I call “practical intelligence”. It’s likely you find no pleasure in arts, chatting for the sake of chatting, and writing.
      I’d expect you to be an INTJ in the Myers-Briggs character taxonomy (you can take this excellent test to find out. Unlike INTP’s, who might look close to INTJ’s but could hardly be more far, INTJ’s boast a very high intelligence-to-income ration: they are second only to the extroverted who excel at managing people (CEO, high-range politicians). INTP’s are second but last in that ranking. They are good at imagining rather than doing. Bill Gates a famous INTJ, while Einstein is the most cited INTP.

  19. My global IQ, expressing g, is 126 (visuospatial 110, verbal 138). The average IQ where I was born and have lived is 92. This, coupled with the fact that there are no advanced courses at all at any school level — from primary to university — means that, practically, I self-taught from primary school to university, the latter included. To me, that was no school at all. But I wasn’t allowed to move to a place suiting me best, not even in my university years,n and hand to endure the education in the Land of Knowhere.
    All of you who have lived in 100-IQ countries couldn’t be more in error if you think the difference between schooling in 90-IQ and 100-IQ countries consists in only shorter programs and a little simplification, in other words some less quality and less quantity. No. As IQ goes below 100, the sense of duty of people, workers included thus teachers included, gets lax. There is no concept like respecting laws and doing your best for the good of the community and the whole country in 90-IQ nations. If people, public officers above all, behave, that is owing to fear of practical consequences, not for a sense of abiding law.
    Moreover, people of lower IQ are lazy (from my point of view, and the point of view of people with higher IQs, that is). People with a 1×0 IQ in a country which has an average IQ of 90 are less productive and eager to work productively and hard than people with the same IQ in a country of higher average IQ.
    Why? Because average IQ is what determines the zeitgeist, the atmosphere. And the atmosphere influences all people’s mind. Furthermore, very open-minded individuals who have ambitions and skills are very likely to take a plane and fly away from such places at the earliest opportunity, usually on graduating from high school. So the general laziness is more than the “genetic laziness” would be (the less lazy leave).
    The point is, political and societal structures vary from people to people, and, mostly but not uniquely, their suitability to one people or another is tightly IQ-linked.
    You don’t “export democracy” to Afghanistan. But if you ever managed to do it, it would be the ruin of Afghanistan. See Libya after the bottomlessly cowardly murder of Ghaddafi: that’s democracy, IQ-85 version. Endless tribal warfare. Same goes for laws. You don’t have, you will never have, laws and a judicial system fitting the need of regulating ghettos and hedge fund sharpers, all in one.
    The lower is the IQ of people, the higher the legal threat must be for their impulse to find effective containment. The higher, and quicker, more immediate. Easier to see. This blog has enlightened its readers on how blacks in Africa transgress and kill less than blacks in the USA. And I surmise the dictatorships places like Vietnam and Cambodia are under suit those people’s needs better than “freedom” as we see in the Philippines or in Thailand till not long ago.
    Democracy is a finding, a political edifice, of one of the races in the world, Western whites (from the beginning in classical Greece). It’s silly to absolutize it. It’s something much worse than silly to fancy about it serving <100-IQ peoples well.
    And this, all of this, is why all multiracialism (“multiculturalism”, says the label under which it is marketed) is a mindless utopian device resulting in nothing but multi-segregation. The “diverse” is, for plenty grounder evolutionary reasons, a source of stress. All the more when the diverse is fundamentally so.
    No, this is just a bunch of people who seek personal interests (from peer group validation to career boosting to presidency maintaining, whatever), supported by swarms of ungrown manbabies and signalchicks to whom no parent or other educator, nor a materially hardship-free life, have taught anything. Or maybe I am fully wrong, and the global village, a place full of green, where even flowers smile all day and so do to other people of all levels and sorts of intelligence temperamental and physical attributes and ethnic heritage, all on the backdrop of universal equality,
    is what lies behind the next few turns in history, awaiting.
    The myths of our age and IQ.
    I try to find fifteen minutes a day to come by this blog, not for the author’s IQ or the commenters’ average IQ. There is nothing especially intelligent to the writing of posts, from the formal linguistic aspect to the selection of subjects to the actual content. I could name a handful of other blogs that are superior as concerns linguistic quality of writing and insight on the subjects they treat.
    But the point is, why do I go to blogs? To learn? To understand? No. Whatever whoever can say, serious books are the only serious way to learning and understanding. I come here for the colloquial atmosphere, the humane qualities of the blog host. Because once he knows you aren’t a spammer, he lets you comment with ample freedom. Because not only he replies to many comments, but he does it in a peer-to-peer fashion, and no, it’s not the oily ceremonious affability that people feign for the sake of their own, personal interest. It’s genuine. This blog’s host is a humble person, and, as long as 140-IQ people are involved, that is rare.
    Yet more important, I have never seen him reply along the lines of “this is idiotic nonsense!” or “bullshit! Nothing you say makes any sense!!”. That is what midget spirits, tyrants in the making and prospective hegemons do. And the higher their IQ, the meatier their cultural certifications, the more they fall for that. This is why I can’t understand your fixation over IQ, Blog Host. You should never stop telling truth about IQ. If truth about race and IQ, gender and IQ is in the mix, better still. But obsessing over it is misleading, or should I say misled.
    You listen to Brahm’s Concerto for Piano n.2. What may the IQ of Brahms have been? From 150 to 160, reasonably. If IQ was so absolutely relevant as you seem to believe, how many people, from Japan to the People’s Republic, should have composed, be composing, be going to compose music like that? This could be said of so much of Germanic cultural production stretching across the 17th to the early 20th century. Of Italians in the Late Middle Ages to Renaissance centuries. What about Japanese art cinema? If it were about IQ, how many films on that level could we have? We don’t have them.
    I guess many of you may be missing a mention of Jews, let’s make it then. Jews are stunningly intelligent, but, although they politically and financially dominate the cinema scene, you aren’t going to get one film made by them that can stand comparison to Jp and Russian cinematic treasures. You don’t get Jewish poesy either. You don’t get great novels from them. Or tales. They aren’t prone to what we could define romantic sentiments, and emotions altogether.
    They are practical people. Look into their works on history, geography, political theory, political philosophy, sociology, theory of journalism, and you’ll find a mine of intelligence at its best. They are attention-seekers and belligerent people, also. See how prominent they are in comic acting. And their great pianists and violinists, with the exception of Schnabel, the others are all dominators of their instrument. From my point of view, they rape the piano and the violin, but most people love that exhibitory show of force and command you see in Jewish great performers.
    The fabulous Don Quixote couldn’t have been written by a non-Spaniard. No German could have composed Verdi’s airs, and no Italian could have composed Wagner’s. Both genetic and environmental factors (that take little time to become genetic factors, it should be noted. Even the single organism’s DNA changes during its life) play a huge role. So do individual ones.
    Like Arthur Jensen and Linda Gottfredsson have extensively argued, IQ, and what it serves as a proxy for, general intelligence g, are very meaningful measurements of brain power. They size, with excellent approximation, something we could see as computational power, or operational speed of the brain. This is an essential characteristic, but one characteristic. Vast is what remains unexplored. It seems like, aside from inferiority-complexed or hypocritically-signalling IQ-deniers and IQ-down-waterers, we have the IQ cultists. They are wrong too.
    It’s pathetic to see the adjective “stupid” matched with the concept of low IQ. They have nothing to do with one another. And anybody with a Twitter account who follows the up people should know that.
    Anybody keeping an eye on academia should, as well. Remember the MIT philosophess who risked collapse over Larry Summer’s statement of the obvious on male-female IQ diversity?
    Stupidity is synonym with vanity and unwisdom. Vanity and unwisdom develop much more easily in people who lead a trouble-less, societal-reward-rich life. If you have a very high IQ, the chances the life you lead be abundant with societal rewards and lack trouble grow a lot. You find stupidity in high-IQ people more than in average-IQ people.

  20. As a nine year old, I was tested by a Florida Department of Education state psychologist. I either scored 128 or 132, so we will just shoot down the middle and say 130. The local rednecks thought I was mentally deficient, due to the fact that I was this goddamn foreign Californian reading Tom Clancy and Stephen King novels in the 3rd grade, while their own children were still stuck on Dick and Jane, and would be destined to as adults… 😀

  21. I was wondering if you guys could rank the Regulars from most Racially progressive to least;
    Alpha Unit
    Bay Area Guy
    Gay State Girl
    Jason Y
    Robert Lindsay
    Sam/Sam J.
    Tony Swagger
    i.e. who’s more cucked;
    Jason, Trash, or me?

  22. Just took the MENSA app test, and smack-dab, right on my average of 127. This is consistent with my scores from “close-to-real” online tests.
    Not official, but might as well just put me down for 127 lol.

  23. Robert even correctly guess my IQ as someone with a score of 105, perhaps being 115 if it wouldn’t for my disabilities, with ASS-burger/PDD-NOD, going by the previous DSM-4 definition, being the worst of them all.

    1. Considering your so disabled, no offense, then shouldn’t you be more kind to the downtrodden and misfits? I see a case of “Look who’s talking.” 😆

      1. But even those people look down upon me sometimes, as I happen to have far too many negative personality & character traits (e.g. sweet innocent,nice guy, stupidity) as it is, even if you were to take all away my disabilities, because my mother wasn’t exactly smart enough to abort me whenever she had the chance!

        1. “I happen to have far too many negative personality & character traits as it is, even if you were to take all away my disabilities, because my mother wasn’t exactly smart enough to abort me whenever she had the chance!”
          look…I don’t have it as tough as you, but I can tell you a few things about feeling helpless in trying to gain acceptance.
          Whenever I feel this way I eventually find myself in a cycle the next day with nothing different. I eventually understood that it better to just work through your flaws than let them become your life and making them define you.
          In other words, it’s not what people think of your flaws, it’s what you think of your flaws and how you;re going to live your life.
          I’m horribly anxious at times, but not what you have so I can’t promise too much on success will be, but the best thing you can do it take your energy to now yourself and just do everything you can.

        2. I forgot to add,
          Do everything you can to make yourself happy with some type of goal that doesn’t center around those who ridicule you over something outside of your control.

  24. I’d almost be 100% sure that my IQ is 122, but there’s one vocabulary word that I have a doubt on, I get anxious when I do processing speed tests, so I do them again (with less anxiety). I did that twice, got about the same score within each anxiety level (12 scaled score for very anxious, 13 scaled score for moderate, 13-14 for not anxious at all, very consistently too). I thought about a similarity item, got an answer, but I don’t know whether I should add in the extra scaled score point. My digit span was kind of fucked by practice, but it transferred to letters. But then, I did SAT practice tests, and then I was looking at the answers, memorized the letters in strings of 5-8 numbers, and used them to score the test. It was memorized in less than 8 seconds, and it was the same 4 letters, and some letters were used twice at times.
    So yeah, that’s my IQ. It’s probably 120-122,and I’m probably going extremely OCD on this stuff.

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