LBJ on Blacks

I’ll have these niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years. – Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Yeah, he actually said that. That’s actually pretty funny. I laughed when I read that. Oh, LBJ. He certainly had a way with words, didn’t he? He did pass the Civil Rights Act though, right? Oh well, God bless him. Nobody’s perfect.

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141 thoughts on “LBJ on Blacks”

  1. Jackie Kennedy was sure that LBJ was behind JFK assassination, LBJ was part of a bizarre Christian-Zionist cult called Christdelphian, the reason Keenedy was killed was because he was against Israel nuclear weapons.
    The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was also a LBJ plan together with the Israelis.

    1. Well, Truman did some Civil Rights legislation and desegregated the Armed Forces, but he was just another douchebag racist listening to private conversation. Also, the Klan helped him out in his early career.

        1. Nixon had mixed feelings. If you listen to the tapes, he was ahead of his time, in that he was more of an HBDer than a “racist”.
          ‘Blacks are creative, good at poetry, and such, as well as athletic, but can’t make it in the rigorous disciplines and govern their countries’………
          another line attributable to him was ‘40% of people in Michigan are OKAY with Roe v. Wade and abortion. Part of it is that the know it’s going to be lots of little Black bastards in Detroit getting aborted’….
          was he saying that seriously, or was he basically paraphrasing what the people thought/ almost making fun of them?
          I guess we’ll never know.

        2. He was against abortion EXCEPT in black / white unions, even though US blacks were already a mixed race and even more so now. I guess he was a product of his day and age, but at least he had some sympathy for them, though being too dumb to see the were already mixed.

    1. Trump with White people………?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
      He’s been working with the National Hispanic Advisory Board to refine his immigration plan……………….
      and has been talking about how great the Obama deportations have been……
      afterwhich he goes home to all 9 of his Jewish grandchildren (this is NOT) an exaggeration.

        1. Ok.
          It’s that people ignore Trump’s issues, Cognitive dissonance I suppose.
          Hillary certainly was a fraud. She campaigned for Goldwater in 1964 while Bernie was registering Blacks to vote/being arrested for it, in Mississippi.
          He is a Jew afterall 😉

    2. when everybody worships blacks “but only because of the votes” than blacks get still worshipped. When I give you a take, and only do it so that you like me, than you still can eat the cake, does´t matter if I gave it out of true friendship or because of rather selfish reasons.
      Apart from by worshipping black Hillary does not try to get black votes, which she has anyway and which are numerical not that important anyway, but rather the votes of white antiracist, which means the white majority.

      1. I agree to a certain degree. I do not worship blacks and I dont like HITl-ary lol. She will become president and we will be doomed. Mark my words. She is corrupt and will do all she can to take our freedom away from us

        1. of course she will follow an anti-freedom agenda within the USA. But the really dangerous thing is what she can do in foreign policy. She is very hawkish, very neocon, much more than Obama. Maybe she wants ground troops in Syria fighting for IS against Russia, or maybe she wants a confrontation with Russia in Eastern Europe. Also she might try to confront China. With her there is a real danger of ww III. Do you remember the picture of this secret command room in the White House which shows Obama and other top administration officers seeing live the video of the Bin Laden shooting? Hillary, being the only woman in the room made the natural reaction of the hand above her mouth, she was shocked of the violence. And thats the problem. Hillary wants to prove everybody she is as manly as her husband or something like that and thats why she might do really dangerous things.

  2. I’ve been watching the PBS documentary about him.
    LBJ was quite a complex character. He was a was a master politician with his finger to the wind at all times, but I think the War on Poverty was something that came from his heart and had a lot to do with his own background in East Texas.
    His mother had an enormous influence on him and pressured him to succeed. She was intelligent and educated but married a man from a rural and very poor part of Texas.
    After Kennedy died, LBJ was suddenly able to put his ideas into action, some of which JFK had attempted, but had not been able to bring to fruition. This included the Civil Rights Act. Actually the War on Poverty was not aimed at Blacks in particular, but originally created to help the rural poor who in the sixties were living without electricity.
    The Kennedys had treated him like absolute trash and he never forgot it.
    He was determined to not just continue Kennedy’s legacy but to out-do him.
    He hated the war in Vietnam (according to the PBS presentation) because it was getting in the way of other things he wanted to accomplish. He believed that escalating ‘Jack’s war ‘ was the only way to end it , which turned out to be his (and our) undoing.

  3. I read that he would have people brought to meet with him while he was shitting so he could dominate them. Years before “Road to Wellville”?

  4. Lyndon Johnson also called back jet fighters going to protect the electronic listening ship Liberty while the Israelis were machine gunning the ship and it’s lifeboats. He called the planes back twice. Not just once.
    “…The attack lasted more than two hours, deliberately killing 34 Americans and wounding at least 171 others. Over 821 rocket, cannon and machine gun holes were inflicted. When the Liberty stubbornly remained afloat despite her damage, Israeli forces machine-gunned her life rafts, firefighters, stretcher bearers, and sent troops carrying helicopters to finish the job, no survivors were to be taken…”
    Here’s what Jack Ruby said about Johnson.
    Jack Ruby about the conspiracy to kill JFK
    Johnson was a piece of shit and the beginning of a quick spiral downward for the USA. After this point the deep State rapidly gained control.

        1. and of course….. Rubenstein (real name, btw) was just around to make Goyishe Oswald look guilty, to deflect that Rafael Cruzmann Sr. is a crypto Sephardi Jew through his mother.

  5. Kennedy stepped on everybody’s toes. The mob helped get him elected by cooking the books and then his brother went after them. They didn’t like that. He fired the head of the CIA and told him he was going to throw the CIA asunder. He told the Jews they were busted and couldn’t have nukes and he was heavy handed about it. BIG ONE, he said fuck the FED and was taking away the FED’s money creation. Starting by printing silver certificates. That one thing was enough to get him killed. Johnson canceled this first day in office. Remember Lincoln, greenbacks, shot by a Jew. Pres. Jackson, damn the banks, shot at by a man claiming he was paid to do so.
    Kennedy was a Northeastern, rich spoiled kid who thought everyone should do what he said and fuck everyone else. Not that he wasn’t right but his way of going about it left much to desired.
    Johnson was probably a Mariano (((Jew))). Look at this picture of Golda Meir and President Johnson.
    There’s actually better pictures but I couldn’t find it. Now today since the Jews took over anthropology we’re not supposed to notice head shapes and facial features because, they don’t mean anything,..wink…wink, but tell me they aren’t kissin cousins.

    1. Stop that ! JFK was probably the most Zionist American president of all times, in the worst sense of the word (he was among others responsible for Henry Kissinger’s ascendency). Through his father’s family he was known to be a Catholic (although mostly in the shady, Mafia-like sense of the word), but through his mother he was a full-fledged member of the Bronfman clan, one of the staunchest pillars of the Zionist underworld, that is less known but far more determinant as regards his decisions. JFK just promised too many things to too many shady interests in the same time, and among them to too many Zionist factions, including Meyer Lansky’s. His lifestyle was an utter disaster and the establishment, probably through LBJ’s agency in person, judged he was just more useful immortalized as a dead imaginary hero for America and Israel than as the real Nero-style scoundrel and would-be emperor he threatened to be exposed as with the moral scandals passing. The very same kind of decision was taken a little later by the same persons as regards MLK, another arch-Zionist scoundrel having nothing in mind but a sexual revenge over White girls while holding a humanistic homily. Read ” The Beast a a Saint”.

      1. Typical Jewish behavior. Let’s see, Jews kill someone and the person they killed they say,”THEY’RE A SCOUNDREL”!!! “Why it’s their fault”. “They should have let us have what we wanted”. “Why he signed his own death warrant”. The Jews are justified.
        The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

        1. I have Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry and did you know who FOUNDED THE NAACP?????? JEWS!! They have donated so much money to good causes. Not every Jew is bad just like every white or black person is bad. I wish people would stop judging. It’s not our job to judge but to Love ALL regardless.

        2. Sue- Sam acknowledges Jews helping the NAACP. He just thinks that’s a very bad thing.
          I for one love you guys, with the exception of the whole modern Palestinian thing!

      1. Yeah I goofed that. There’s actually a much better one somewhere but I couldn’t find it and I stuck that one in only recognizing I goofed too late.

        1. Sue, if you are a Jew, and you are a good person, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You should be proud of yourself. A lot of Jews are very good people. I have known quite a few Jews who were very good people. They were friends of my father’s.
          I guess the problem is that a lot of Jews act pretty lousy, but that doesn’t concern you here.

          1. Thanks for the compliment but I am not a Jew lol just have Jewish ancestry…but I know what you are talking about. There are some really greedy Jews that are not true to their heritage and dont take their religion seriously. They are called hypocrites lol and we have them in every church …I agree Jason, and I understand Trash. Barack I wonder where my Iberian comes from? I am 4% Iberian according to Ancestry. I wonder if it came from my French ancestors? I love the hooked nose…they call those noses ROMAN noses and they are BEAUTIFUL. My husband who is Sicilian has one,

        2. “…cant we all just get along for goodness sakes?…”
          That’s a good question. Why can’t the Jews stop propaganda that’s anti-White? It’s a continuous cataclysm of noise. Why do the Jews say things like,”..I’m in porn because I hate Christians”? Why did the Jews destroy the World Trade Center on 9-11 plunging us into seemingly endless wars for the Jews? Why did the Jews push for decades to overturn the racial composition of the USA? Why do the Jews call anyone names. fire and persecute anyone who disagrees with them? Why do Jews say things like, “Whites are the cancer of the planet”?
          I say we can’t get along because the same reasons that the Jews have been thrown out of every single country they’ve ever been to in any numbers in all of known history. They’re a tribe of psychopaths with a religion that’s psychopathic. What other religion says that they are the only humans and all other people are animals? What other religion says that their “heaven” is that every one on the planet will be their slaves and they will own every thing they have? A psychopathic religion for a psychopathic people.
          If Jews want to get along they’re going about it in a very strange manner.

    2. No.
      de Nugent did research and claimed Johnson was 1/4 Ashkenazi (German) through his maternal Grandmother. I believe her parents came from Frederick, MD. to Texas.
      He claimed Lady Bird Johnso was a Mariano.

    3. “…Stop that !…”
      Every single thing I said was true. Even your Jew websites admit Kennedy was stopping the Jews from getting nukes.
      And when did being pro-zionist help anyone from being betrayed by the Jews? The Jews always betray EVERYONE, EVERY TIME. Always!
      The Jews attacked hotels in Egypt with Americans in it. The Jews attacked the US ship Liberty. The Jews sold the whole mass of naval intelligence related to nuclear detection, what spies we had in the USSR and a vast amount of other intelligence costing the USA hundreds of billions of dollars and the lives of people working with us (Pollard). The Jews blew up Americans in Berlin and blamed it on Qaddafi. The Jews sold all the aircraft data that the Americans paid for (Lavi) to China. The Jews sold the patriot missile data to China. I would be willing to bet any amount of money all the stealth fighter data that ended up in came from the Jews. And worst of all the Jews are responsible for 9-11, millions of deaths and the bankrupting of the US.
      The Jews betray everyone. They are tribe of psychopaths. They are the worst race of people who ever existed on the face of planet Earth.

      1. “They are the worst race of people who ever existed on the face of planet Earth.”
        No , that would have been the Cagots. In addition to having invisible leprosy, they were also rumored to be aliens from outer space.
        They were brainy enough to be carpenters and masons and skillful healers so their European neighbors kept them around because they were useful.

          1. Jews are not the chosen people…the bible is a book of myths., NO ONE is chosen lol We are ALL equal in God’s eyes 🙂

      2. What the fuck do you think the Muslims are doing now? They are trying to kill us and take over the world so for fuck’s sake stop blaming the Jews for everything. The Muslim terrorists are more of a threat then Jews. I mean come on. They are killing people left and right in every country. They will cut your damn head off if you dont covert to their religion and if you betray them. You cannot blame the whole fucking Jewish race. There are good Jews and there are bad Jews just like Muslims. There are good Muslims and there are bad Muslims. There are good people and there are bad people. Stop blaming the whole race.

        1. The Jews are responsible for bringing Muslims to the USA and Europe. The Jews are responsible for the present wars in the middle East visa 9-11 which they did. The Jewish race separates those who are Jews and those who are not I find myself fully on the correct side of history in doing the same.

        2. The muslim terrorists weren’t even a problem before 90s. They did all their shits within their homeland. It was directed towards the west, only after the countless jew wars under yeltsin/bush/clinton

        3. SUE PERNA I would be very surprised if Muslims have the military strength, Navy or numbers to invade America or take over the world.
          Nor do I believe that Jews on Long Island or Lower East Side will suddenly break out AR-15 rifles and beginning killing Irish-Catholic girls because they are blonde or old Italian-American women at Mass out of a hatred for non-Jews.
          I’m sorry, but I do not buy this.
          Half the Irish-Catholic women I know are married to Jewish men.
          It’s just so paranoiac

        4. I just love how most Americans are frothing at the mouth morons who think of “Muslims” or “Moslems” as some kind of grand unified race or ethnic group of people. They are about as united as a room full of feral cats.
          Cute theory though, but about as far from reality as the Flat Earth theory, or the belief Hillary and Huma aren’t doing the “dirty scissors” every night.

  6. Minorities cannot even construct a cerebral blog like Robert Lindsay’s and while most of his contributors probably have an IQ lower than his I would say most of us contributors are in the 120 range.

  7. LBJ did a lot of good and was probably a good person, but he whole Vietnam fiasco pretty much destroyed his image for many people. Actually, he was a liberal idealist, teaching Mexican kids as a youngster. Now, how racist is that? Unless of course, he just did it for the money.
    Yeah, he did say the n word occasionaly cause that’s the redneck culture in Texas, but it might have been parrot talk, as maybe his deeper feelings were hidden, as being sensitive and loving black people aren’t cool in the south, especially at that time.

  8. What’s the use of being voted for when you are dead? Unless of course your career is a saint’s to be voted for on altars when in Paradise, but LBJ had little use for that.

  9. Ted Cruz is a Jew.
    Ted Cruz’s dad is also a Jew.
    Ted Cruz’s dad killed JFK.
    Jews killed JFK.
    LBJ became President.
    LBJ was a Jew.
    LBJ helped Golda Meir.

    1. A Jew to some racist redneck is any white who is liberal. Why would the Jews kill JFK? Didn’t the Jews oppose the war in Vietnam, yet it anti-commmunist nutcases, who were usually over the top racist, who wanted the holy war in the area of the world?

    2. Why all of this hate against Jews??? Did you not forget that 6 million innocent Jews got slaughtered in WW 2 just for being a Jew?? You dont see them complaining or pointing fingers today do you? In fact a lot of them are successful. Its time to stop judging and forgive your fellow man.

      1. “…6 million innocent Jews got slaughtered in WW 2 just for being a Jew…”
        That’s incorrect. It’s a lie. The Holahoax is a lie.

  10. SAM J Screw hicks with their stupid wars and lunatic religions and third-world subtropical border states who are so unskilled that primitive Indian tribes from Central America actually threaten to take some job pushing a cart around that teenagers do in the rest of the Developed World but grown white men have to support a family on minimum wage doing.
    Asians and Jews care about some arid desert in South Texas where cannibals run around waving a chainsaw so they won’t take your job because they would rather be software engineers in San Francisco or work in the New York garment district.
    Blacks are not going to threaten your backwoods dirt-road zip codes because they’d rather live in a crack house downtown that is somewhere near civilization.
    Every president from the South from LBJ to Bush has plunged the American public into some pointless war that the rest of the Western World did not give two shits about and then the next President from Chicago or California had to extract the country from.
    You are right to surmise that Italian-Americans from the Northeast or Koreans from L.A. or Canadians do not give your feelings or opinions much weight because many of you are uneducated, unworldly, untraveled etc.
    Nobody is going to “invade” your part of the world. It offers no industry, no wealth, nothing.

    1. “…You are right to surmise that Italian-Americans from the Northeast or Koreans from L.A. or Canadians do not give your feelings or opinions much weight because many of you are uneducated, unworldly, untraveled etc.
      Nobody is going to “invade” your part of the world. It offers no industry, no wealth, nothing…”
      Blah, blah, blah…everyone is ignorant but the Jews and the group they’re pushing this week before they stab them in the back like they do everyone. The Jews are so superior then let them take them. Move them to Israel.

    2. “…hicks with their stupid wars and lunatic religions…”
      The only wars we’re fighting are Jew wars.

  11. SAM J Who cares how people pine barrens down South or arid border deserts feel anyhow-they have little money, little industry, little sophistication, little to add to the growth of the economy or the culture or anything else.
    Mexicans who cannot speak English are threatening to take your job? It must be quite menial and minimum wage. Are you actually trying to support a family mowing lawns or pushing a cart around when you are 35-45 years old?
    You fight African bums on the street down there? Up North we just ignore them and let them burn down their crack-houses and weave beauty parlors. Our ancestors arrived after them and after the Civil War so we do not care about their problems.
    Italians who immigrated to the Northeast and Jews to New York and Polish-Americans to Chicago or Detroit and Koreans to California have all surpassed your particular ethnic group scholastically and financially.
    Not that you know much about Boston, New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco.
    You have kids and leave school so young that most of you are stuck within the same 40 mile radius that you were born.
    Oh, you’re kids never have any fighting chance in life because you were 18 or 20 and so immature when you had them. We Northern liberals keep the wiener wrapped long enough to attend college and get a decent job which is why our kids are themselves enjoy a higher standard of living.
    Most of you struggle with some social pathology or another-meth or pills or alcoholism or unemployment or teen pregnancy.
    SAM J is the type who talks at great length about Jews and Asians but I doubt if he meets few in his everyday life. Asians and Jews do not live South of Chicago. Why would they? What money or industry is there?
    We Northern whites can afford to live somewhere that African people cannot because they are trapped in the ghetto. So we do not care about them or want to fight them on the street. They can riot for a week, burn down their own neighborhoods.

    1. Actually the Sun Belt has been booming since the 1970s and most white southerners do not share Sam’s extremist views.
      Also lots of Asians and Jews live in Atlanta. Lots of Asians live in southern cities, even small ones, where universities are present.
      As for West Virginia, Trash’s home place, it has been on the decline due to a falling coal industry, but Appalachia has never been an area to attract industry except for my home city of Kingsport and a few other places.

      1. Sorry for double post. I confused Trash with Barack Thatcher, who lives in West Virginia. My bad. Trash lives in Canada. (not putting down Canadians – a play on words)

    2. I will have you know. I live in Texas and I have met and hired SO many HARD WORKING honest to goodness Mexicans here. They are FAR from lazy and they are not out to steal your job…give me a break! Mexicans are one of the hardest working races I have met

    3. Mexicans who cannot speak English are threatening to take your job? It must be quite menial and minimum wage. Are you actually trying to support a family mowing lawns or pushing a cart around when you are 35-45 years old?

      Look TRASH, I will not allow you to do this. You cannot put down working class Whites for having a “lousy job.” We are socialists here, and as socialists, we do not believe there is any such thing as a lousy or menial job. All jobs are dignified, and for the most part, we support the working class.
      If you don’t stop attacking working class Whites on here TRASH, I am going to ban you, ok?
      Please stop, as I really do not want to have to ban you.

      1. Sadly Robert, his views are in-line with many middle to upper class white Americans nowadays…Any lower class white adult working two minimum wage jobs just to survive is some kind freakish loser. Obviously, since they are not in a white collar salaried job, they just need to die off and be replaced by illegals who clearly will work harder and or just better people.
        This is the actual attitude I have encountered in middle “America” amongst both white people on the left and right, and it is goddamn sickening. Americans don’t give a shit about their own people!

        1. CYRUS If Russians were flocking in illegally or Hungarians and taking native jobs that’s one thing.
          I do not believe that the current immigrants will assimilate into Western Civilization with the exception of white Cubans.
          They’re Indians. Of course our Indians also complained of illegal immigration.

        2. CYRUS I do not believe Amerindian primitives from the jungles of Central America are “better” than Caucasians.
          North America does not need one immigrant, really.

      1. Well, let’s see Alaska has a huge drug problem and that’s interesting. Progresive Vermont has a big problem. We shouldn’t be surprised Colorado or Washington State does with legalized weed.
        Yeah there is a big problem with drugs in the south even though some states light colored. There is a pain pill epidemic in Appalachia for instance.

      2. Here’s another good link that shows all types of drugs including tobacco and alcohol.
        I actually thought you might be right about the meth but NO you pervert Jew you’re not even right about that. The North is so full of meth labs you can’t throw a stick without hitting one. Massive meth labs and deaths everywhere and that doesn’t even begin to talk about the huge Heroin epidemic. You people in the North are fucked up. Drugged out meth heads. You are so completely ignorant. Getting advice from you is like getting medical advice from used car salesmen. I’m laughing hysterically at your complete stupidity.
        Every thing you say is lie. You are a lying worthless person. Never believe the Jews. If you people reading this don’t get it now you’ll never get. The Jews are liars.

        1. Once again Sam shows his goyishe inferiority……
          Jewson has tricked you.
          IF their is a drug problem in places like Vermont, Washington State, but not ‘Bama, Tennessee, then it means WHITES are the ones having it!

        2. You are of course a fool too as you and I both know that however bad the White problem is minorities numbers are much higher. You should change your name to Thwacker and flog yourself for your stupidity.

        3. All men are perverts. Give me a break. Who are we kidding here? I mean unless your speaking of St. Paul or something.

        4. SAM J Agreed, African-Americans love rock cocaine and Asians love their heroin which augments the percentages.
          Seattle and Vancouver are going to have problems with heroin and heroin-dealing Asian cartels.

      3. What’s even worse we have massive amounts of minorities in the South that substantially raise the level of drug abuse and push our drug abuse statistics up, just as they push our IQ statistics down. You don’t have that excuse so the problem in the North is vastly worse than even the statistics show. Look at this map of minorities and then the drug use map.
        You people in the North are completely fucked and you are the biggest liar on planet Earth. The Jews are going to have to get a better quality Hasbara as I keep crushing them. If the Jews are so brilliant why are they so stupid and ignorant?

        1. Once again IF the South has more minorities than the North, but the North has more drug use, then it leads to the logical conclusions that Minorities use it less (it’s the only independent variable). Goddamn, you really might as well be false opposition at this point.

        2. Sam’s stuff only leads to the conclusion drug abuse is hurting whites and blacks equally, but it does say Northern whites are hurt more than southern whites.

        3. SAM I’m sure you have not been as far as Seattle or Vancouver because those are such snowy cold places but they also have huge Asian populations of heroin addicts/dealers because it is the gateway to the Golden triangle from Asia.
          I’m not a Jew what does Hasbara mean>

  12. JASON
    That’s true, Florida and Texas attract people from around the world. Especially Miami. They cannot be accused of not being cosmopolitan.
    I’m always perplexed at whites in the South who are so obsessed with Jews. Or blacks. We actually just ignore them in the Northern States and let them downtown in squalor. They do not concern us.
    I live in Asia now as an adult but I was born on the Canadian border in Detroit and like many Yankees spent some formative years in Ontario.
    People in the South do not realize that the Midwest and Canada are quite interchangeable.

    1. Rednecks do pose a problem in smaller towns. They fill Facebook with annoying redneck stuff, including posts where they declare themselves to be a man, as if you need to say that. 😆 They also make fun of people they don’t like, mainly liberals during face to face encounters or via face to face passive aggression.
      Generally they only bother those who make a huge stir in the opposite direction, but that shouldn’t be a problem, as there is supposed to be free speech. In a sense I agree with Sam that people of different political ideas cannot live in the same area, cause there is too much harassment.
      I don’t know how these jerk-offs treat mulatto people, as there are many in my area. I do know they sometimes bully weaker blacks (weak cause the rednecks are pussies) and weaker mulattoes. It seems like though, at least at the older age as opposed to when these rednecks are in grade school, they seem to target liberals more.

      1. Still I’d rather live around rednecks than ghetto Blacks, or blue collar Blacks in general. Some of this is not ‘Blacks make everything shitty’ but that you will be harassed for being White if you are a minority in a Black majority area.

        1. I wouldn’t because everything would be cool, until, they found out your liberal, than the rednecks would start making fun of you, and I mean harshly.

        2. maybe….
          I think you have to come from ‘the right place’ so to speak.
          Just don’t talk about foreign policy stuff, talk about how Liberal Economic ideas’ ‘are to help them’ type deal and they’ll be surprisingly warm to it.
          Tell the Blacks you frequent a blog that believes they have lower IQ….what would the reaction be?

        3. Speaking of that, I’ve often wondered what they would react to a “Christian Arab” “I’m an Arab but I hate Muslims because they persecuted my family”……..
          Mann Coulter was giving air time to token ‘found Christ’ Muslims, but only briefly. It’s just a hypothetical.

  13. In the North most whites who have bad encounters in the ghettos are mixed up in the drug trade and get “jacked” trying to by wholesale to retail in the suburbs.
    Or they are trying to pick up a prostitute and are robbed with their pants down.
    Truthfully crack cocaine is so popular with them that they do not have the money or time to do much of anything else. They cannot afford to fill their cars with gasoline and drive into suburbs to terrorize whites.
    Also Northern suburbs are filled with tough Irish and Italian-American fighters.
    A great many minorities came North from Mississippi and these particular ones were rather troublesome.
    But once more, they lack the funds to do much but sit in the projects.

    1. The minorities who came north were improving, as Detroit and other places provided good paying jobs. However, with the rise of globalization they were thrown into the trash. Of course, the solution would involve the blacks (who moved north) getting an education, but that’s a tough thing for many of them, due to various factors, not all genetic.
      However, a good deal of blacks in the north and south are not poor and live decent lives.

    How are Mexicans going to arrive in Little Rock en mass not speaking English very well and convince employers to fire their workers to re-hire some Indian from the jungles of Southern Mexico?
    Bank employees and salespeople will be fired to make way for non-English speakers?
    Why is it that rednecks-but not Italian-Americans from the Northeast or Polish-Americans from Chicago-feel so victimized and marginalized by other races?
    New York is heavily Jewish but Irish-Americans do not feel that they are being economically exploited by them.
    Nor on the West Coast do Korean-Americans feel particular afraid that Mexicans are going to “steal their jobs”.

    1. I think Irish-Americans have risen to the middle class, and of course Koreans are middle class. The whole vicitimization thing seems to be a poor white phenomenon. A lot of these poor whites have had rough lives and some are emotionally unstable, so they turn to racism.

    2. Trash again filled with delusions. The Italian-Americans, Polish-Americans, Irish-Americans and Korean-Americans hate the Jews also. Everyone hates the psychopathic Jews.
      Israel’s first president, Chaim Weizmann, wrote in his memoirs:
      “Whenever the quantity of Jews in any country reaches the saturation point, that country reacts against them. [This] reaction…cannot be looked upon as anti-Semitism in the ordinary or vulgar sense of that word; it is a universal social and economic concomitant of Jewish immigration, and we cannot shake it off. — Chaim Weizmann, Trial and Error (1949). Quoted in Albert S. Lindemann’s The Jew Accused, 1991 (p. 277).
      “It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.” — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter 11
      “A good time for the Jews is not a good time for mankind. The blessing of the Jews is a curse for others. The regimes that are “good for Jews” are rarely good for anybody else.” — Israel Shamir
      “Any people who have been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong”-Henry Kissinger
      You’re hated every where you go because you suck. Psychopaths suck. You’re psychopathic religion sucks.

      1. Could it be that the moral decline of a nation, not looking at it from a WN standard of moral decline, but one from say the traditional religious right, would be the free choice of the people, not the forceful will of the Jews, whom have less power than you think.
        Ulitmately, people want to be free. That’s why there is moral decline. Freedom is proportional to sin.

      2. Degeneracy is in their blood , it’s in their thoughts, they are full of shit and expect their host to be full of shit. The origin of modern weird porn fetishes can be very traced back right up to their holy Talmud. ofcourse the sort of activities one could expect from dirty, perverted snivelling rats who get their ideas from that dirty book. The doomsday is not so far, if these spawns of satans are allowed to go far.

        1. Weird porn fetishes are simply a porn addict’s way of getting a bigger rush, as they have a rougher time getting the same dopamine level. I mean I remember a time, maybe when I was 15, when just a porn mag with a naked woman would drive me insane. Now I have to watch weird Japanese porn just to get the same feeling (Hey no Jews in Japan BTW).
          How do Jews have anything to do with this at all?

        2. @Tony Swagger
          I’ve read that it’s a great article. The Jews are so awful I predict guerilla war against them eventually. It would easy to push them out with hit and run tactics. The new drones would especially effective. Drones provides target recognition and combined with spigot mortars would be extremely effective from a distance. Spigot mortars can be silenced and produce little to no back blast.

          Another great advantage to Spigot Mortars is the warhead can be much larger than the tube. This provides a large warhead with a small portable tube for firing. The reason they don’t use these is they cost a little more and the military buys mortars by the truck loads. Here’s a modern version with stealthy firing.
          Fly-K mortar systems

        3. It could be Jews are using porn as a weapon, but nonetheless, that doesn’t get the buyers off the hook for buying it. How sissy it is to say that white men are so weak that they cannot accept real responsiblity for their actions ??
          Is this supposed to a victimization thing, like say a factory poisons the local water ?? Note, it’s just a bunch of horny guys getting their kicks with internet porn.

  15. JASON Y Jews are not the reason poor whites lead a “rough life”.
    Poor whites lead a “rough life” because growing up their home life was unstable and possibly their parents were irresponsible.
    Let’s face it, poor whites as teenagers make terrible decisions. Terrible. The girls often become promiscuous and the boys become involved in drugs/alcohol at 14 or 15. Often, they become runaways. There is physical or sexual abuse, bad step-dads and all the rest of it.
    They show little interest in school in any event and barely graduate high school or obtain a GED.
    Despite all this, they have sex passionately and constantly and soon have children at an early age.
    Dad ALWAYS gets discouraged and bored so he takes off to sew wild oats. Who wants to be a father at 19. Mom always ends up stuck in a cycle of poorly-paid jobs and single with kids.
    “Rough life?” Let’s face it Jason, we’ve both known some poor whites as youngsters and the decisions they make between 12 and 22 ensure a really “rough life”.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean brother. I have those in my family and It would have been better off, if they had never had kids. Plus the cycle repeats and the kids have a rough time being more than their parents.

    2. Lest we forget my Irish ancestors had a rough go of it also when they came here…so did my husband’s Italian ancestors. They were also targets of racism not just black people and Jews

      1. Most of the White people that founded this country came as slaves so I’m hardly inclined to cry for the Jews because people knew they were evil and didn’t wan them near them or in their clubs.

        1. Are you referring to the English indentured servants? Because few of the founders had that blood. They were the elites.

      1. Sorry, Sam is actually right here. The north has it’s share of meth and pain pills, and might be worse than the south, even though there IS a big pain pill problem in Appalachia.
        Also, the north is equal or maybe even more racist than the south.

        1. Jewson- Yes. But it does not appear to be Jewish regions. Lots of Jews in Vermont and Washington state? Vermont is rural, Jews don’t like, etc.

        2. There isn’t much difference between southern poor whites and say those in Vermont or Ohio, or Colorado. They’re all the same, except southern whites might like the rebel flag more etc….

        3. Maybe… I think the Midwest, Appalachia and the South might be the same. But NE poor Whites are very different than SE poor Whites. Just watch Jersey shore 😃

  16. JAPANESE DOUBLE-STANDARD PORN The woman’s pubic area is pixeled-out during a 400 man Bukkake or as two males are violently assaulting her.

    1. Trash I agree!! with both comments. My husband might be mistaken for a Mexican or Middle Easterner. He might have some Middle Eastern roots actually because he is Sicilian so the Arabs ruled Sicily at one time…He traced his father’s Italian ancestors back to Spain! ..and yes he does have a passport lol We need to learn Spanish here. There is such a language barrier here lol

  17. SUE You’re husband is probably MISTAKE FOR A MEXICAN if he is Italian-American and lives in Texas. Not many Italian-Americans down there and most Anglo-Saxons in the South cannot differentiate between a Mexican and an American of Sicilian descent with a tan.
    Irish-Catholics are just practical-minded. This is why they have risen out of poverty in 3 or 4 generations. You’re grandparents were probably wretchedly poor. Your parents better off and you, if you are an Irish-Catholic girl, are the first generation to have gone to college in your family.
    So it took about 50 years overall for Irish emigres to rise into the middle class.

  18. SUE Is your husband ever mistaken for Mexican. An Italian-American is slightly swarthy and there are not many down in Texas. With a suntan he should have his passport to prove he’s a U.S. citizen

    1. Many North Iberian-Amerindian hybrids/Criollos types (like myself), look Italian because the skin is darker from the Amerindian, and we get hooked Italian noses from that as well.
      I’ve been told I look Italian, more specifically, South Italian.
      My dad is 1/2 North Iberian, 1/2 South, and my mom is 7/8 Anglo and 1/8 German.

  19. SUE Into the 1950’s Irish-Catholics were poor in the United States. “Ryan’s Hope” was a soap opera about an Irish-American family who owned a bar in New York that was fairly accurate about the struggles of Irish-Catholics in the United States.

    1. Americans inherited that British hatred of the irish, since America came Britain. Also, as with the Mexicans now, the Irish of the past were assumed to not be very smart, hence many felt racism towards them was justified. Nobody saw anything wrong with them being almost at the same caste level as blacks.

  20. I agree Jason and Trash., My husband , (to Barack) has that hooked nose that you talk about …its called a Roman nose lol and I think they are beautiful! Thanks for the compliment but I am not a Jew..I have Jewish ancestry…but I know what you are talking about. There are some Greedy Jews but we have hypocrites in every race and church lol

    1. I have no issue with Jews. I just believe that the right-wing party of Israel is borderline genocidal with the Palestinians and needs to be replaced by leftists, who will free Palestine (hopefully they’ll then throw out Hamas, and Israel won’t be attacked).
      I am not insanely pro-Muslim, either, I have Christian Syrians and Lebanese in my family.
      I have distant Jewish roots; Mostly Sephardic (maybe up to 3%?) and some Ashkenazi (barely anything).

      1. Jews do not care much about Irish in Northern Ireland, why does anyone care what they do in their little strip of desert. Who wants to move there? Middle Eastern tribes killing one another is tragic but its been going on since ancient times.
        Who gives two craps?

        1. No.
          I like your comments, Trash but that’s incorrect.
          The region of Palestine was ruled over for most of post-biblical history by either the Byzantines or Ottomans, they weren’t just ‘savages killing each other’.
          It’s an Ameriprole zombie lie.

          1. I have to say this black people (and other minorities) but Hilary does NOT care about you..for that matter she does not care about anyone except for herself and the reason she panders to the minorities is because of the VOTES, nothing else. That is so sad. I wish we had someone running for office that really cared about the minorities because damn it ALL lives matter and every life is sacred. Peace and Love to ALL

        2. Assuming that he actually isn’t a closet White Nationalist, Trump might do some good for Blacks, at least urban ones.
          Gary Johnson quashing the war on drugs would also help Blacks and “Hispanics”.
          Bernie was an old warrior for civil rights.
          Hillary flirted with the movement but was never as involved as Bernie.

        1. My son is Native American and black and my best friend is half black and half white (bi racial). She has been abused by so many racists that it makes me sick.

        2. As one HBDer counseling struggling Black HBDers said;
          “Anybody who presumes to know anything about your intelligence or character solely based on race, probably has less intelligence and character than you”

    1. I am glad the Alt-Reich (except Mann Coulter) is stayed away from religion, in some ways.
      Maybe they’re “smrt” enough to know rants about “God hates MexicanTs”, looks ridiculous.

  21. I have to say this black people (and other minorities) but Hilary does NOT care about you..for that matter she does not care about anyone except for herself and the reason she panders to the minorities is because of the VOTES, nothing else. That is so sad. I wish we had someone running for office that really cared about the minorities because damn it ALL lives matter and every life is sacred. Peace and Love to ALL

    1. I have heard that Bernie Sanders is for civil rights and wanted to do a lot of good for black people. I don’t know how much good Trump will do for minorities. Although Hilary doesnt really care about minorities I think she will do more than Trump so that she does not lose her place in the white house lol

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