When Your Girlfriend is 30 Years Younger Than You Are: Problems of Attraction

dat writes:

I think it’s fine if 2 consenting adults want to be in a relationship regardless of age, but there is a certain point where it’s just awkward…when it’s a man above 60 trying to date women 18-25, that’s kind of odd.
I feel like only a woman with very little future prospects would fall into that type of situation. When I was 18 or 22, I felt like I had a bright future ahead, why would I want to be with an old fogie who already lived most of his life?
If I were uneducated and had no path in life, perhaps I would have tried to go that route in hopes of gaining a future of financial stability out of him…hopefully I would inherit the bank. If he didn’t own a home or have money, no way in hell I would have been seen with him.
My point is, the only woman who does that is one who is not confident in her ability to build her own financial stability and wealth. All this stuff goes out the window after 30 or 40. At that point date whatever age person you want, you’ve lived, you’ve worked, you probably know where you are in life.
For men, it makes them feel good about themselves when they are with a younger woman. It makes them feel younger and more desirable. It also gives them a hard-on, which apparently is the main goal of men.
Plus, it’s easier to control younger women. Less experience, less hard headed, less confidence, less financial stability, less income. It’s easy to get them trapped, get them in a comfortable place away from their families and become their source of income…

I am 58 years old. In the last few years, I have had relationships with a few young women aged 26-29. All of them had serious older man fetishes. Two of them were hot, and the other was not. One was a model! However, there were some pretty serious problems with these relationships, in particular due to attraction. A couple of them started off the relationship by saying how hot and sexy I was and what a great body I had.
A 55 year old man with a great body wtf? Then after a while they started telling me that they were not attracted to me, often because I reminded them of their fathers. This has never happened to me in my entire life. No woman has ever told me she was attracted to me and then changed her mind I decided I was undesirable. Once a woman thinks you’re sexy, it’s for life. Women don’t decide you are goodlooking and then change their minds about it.
But maybe with middle aged men it is different, as for a female to get attracted to us in the first place is not that easy. The truth is that it is almost impossible for a man my age to get a younger woman, especially one in her 20’s. It’s even hard to get a woman in her 30’s. It’s even not that easy to get a woman in her 40’s! I have dated a few women in recent years who were in their 40’s, but they were in their late 40’s.
If you are my age and you are somehow able to get a much younger woman even in her 30’s but especially in her 20’s, you are kicking ass. Everybody thinks this is an easy thing to do, but it is not easy at all. 99% of the young women I meet act like they want nothing to do with me sexually. The basic message is that I don’t turn them on. I guess they think I am unattractive or ugly. One can hardly blame them.

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10 thoughts on “When Your Girlfriend is 30 Years Younger Than You Are: Problems of Attraction”

  1. Long-term it has a nice effect on women because their earliest exposures to adult sex are with a gentle and experienced partner.
    17 years old chicks whose experiences are with callow and uncaring 21 year old punks have to learn to like sex over a longer period of time than the young girl who has a mind-blowing orgasm the first time a much older man initiates her into sexual activity.
    She also develops a healthier attitude towards sex and relationships that benefit men who mount her at a later age in her adult life.
    Also, she will learn from a patient and providing partner the fine art of performing oral sex on men-she will learn to associate it with positive things rather than high-school gossip and derision.
    All in all a 60 year old man who introduces the young adult woman-no younger than 18-to oral and vaginal sex is doing a favor for mankind.

    1. I still got looks fairly regularly from young women at age 50. At least way more than now. From age 50-58, that whole paradigm collapsed, and now I can barely get them to give me the time of day or acknowledge my presence.

      1. So you can have sex unprotected as straight man & be relatively safe?
        Just read your other posts & wondering,
        What is risk really?

        1. I have friends who fuck a lot of whores. I don’t really do it myself, but I have done it a handful of times.
          If you fuck whores and street whores, for sure you can catch things. Especially street whores because they are dirty as Hell. The Black street whores are the dirtiest of all. Apparently they have no idea what a doctor’s office is because I guess they have never been to one. However, call girls should be a lot cleaner. The cleanest of all are Oriental massage parlor girls. Not sure how they do it, but they keep themselves very clean somehow.
          If you fuck non-prostitutes, you probably won’t catch anything, although technically you can. If you fuck 100 females, even 100 non-prostitutes, you are almost assured of having to pay a visit to the doctor’s at least once if not more often. All these guys think they want to fuck 100 chicks, but once you do it, you realize there are problems with everything.
          There is definitely a downside to being a manwhore!

  2. Anybody who would have unprotected vaginal sex with street prostitutes in this day in age might as well play Russian Roulette.
    As for non-prostitutes, genital warts and chlamydia are the diseases that women seemed to pass around, not HIV.
    You won’t die from genital warts but it has to be burned off your penis like any other wart which is not a nice experience.
    Going out on the street to pick up street prostitutes is dangerous.

  3. Recriminations for being busted down in a U.S. red light area with a prostitutes or being robbed by her and her pimp for crack to smoke are so horrendous these days-public humiliation, jail, $1000 fines that you are better off flying to the Philippines or Thailand for two weeks where the girls are $20 a throw as oppose to $600.
    Southeast Asian economies are 10%-20% dependent on sex tourism and this is a direct result of North American prohibitive measures.
    Push-pull factor of the most basic sort like the old In and Out.

  4. What possibilities are there for love….truely love
    can it happen? Wud the woman reciprocate n appreciate love?

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