When You Bet on the Body, You Bet on a Losing Horse

Most younger women seem to think that I am not attractive at all. That’s the message I seem to get from them all day long every single day. Compared to younger men, I suppose I do not come across well.
I was supposedly very goodlooking as a young man. I assume so because I heard this constantly.  I even had 2-3 offers to be a male model, all around age 24 which is when I assume I looked my best. I was also quite thin at that age, all the way down to 150-165. Do they want male models thin like they want female models?
I applied at one agency. They told me I was goodlooking enough but they were not sure if I could handle the rest of the job because modeling is more than just being goodlooking.  I turned down the modeling jobs because I was afraid of all the gay men. I was having way too much hassle with gay men at that point in my life anyway. Actually they were turning my life into something resembling a nightmare that would never end. Every day I got up and it was here we go again.
People think most male models are gay, but it’s not true. Actually most of them are straight. I know a man who was a male model and he told me that 1/3 of male modes are gay, another 1/3 are regular guys with a wife or girlfriend and another 1/3 are trying to screw every woman on Earth. He also told me that all straight male models have to fight off gay men all the time, “like mosquitoes in Siberia” is how he described it to me. This suggests that gay men do no go after men that they think are gay like everyone thinks. Instead I assume that they simply have no idea at all who is gay and who isn’t and instead they simply go after any goodlooking man. Their gaydar is a pitiful joke.
As a young man I had girls and women after me all the time. Unfortunately I also had men after me all the time too! Now why this is, I have no idea, but I have been gaybait since my teens. Maybe someone can tell me why this is.
It felt pretty good to be the hot guy that everyone wanted or at least liked to look at. But looks don’t last. Now matter how handsome or beautiful you are, there will come a day when your looks are shot all to Hell. I suppose I am approaching that point. My looks are pretty much history I suppose. It is a natural process but it is hard to take. It’s like going from the handsomest man on Earth to the ugliest man on Earth. It’s a pretty serious blow especially if you have some egotism going on, which of course I do.
The Buddhists say, “When you bet on the body, you bet on a losing horse.” Yep.

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10 thoughts on “When You Bet on the Body, You Bet on a Losing Horse”

  1. GAY STATE GIRL’S answer is that lesbians will perform oral sex anywhere on any female who they believe is willing to allow them to do so even in a public toilet.
    So if you are not with a family or man at the moment in some public place or social setting they will try their luck.
    Straight women who are too busy for a relationship at that moment might-in the minds of a Dyke-be willing to let a lesbian perform oral sex on them.
    Gays and lesbians have high sex drives and their sexual activity is impersonal/trivial for the most part. They assume straight people who tend to behave differently from a bio-sociological approach will possess the same trivial/impersonal behavioral traits.

    1. Most of the beautiful women I have known have told me that they have had lesbians after them forever. I don’t think they go for a woman because she looks dykey. They just go for any woman, especially goodlooking women. One beautiful gf I had said lesbians were always going on about how beautiful she was and propositioning her.
      I don’t think gay men have the faintest idea who is gay and who is not. I would hate to be a gay man. I mean imagine that only 3% of the men out there are actually available to you. How the Hell are you supposed to figure out who they are? So I guess they just go after any goodlooking man since they can’t tell who’s gay and who’s straight anyway. The idea that gay men only go after men who they think are gay too is bull. If they only go after men who they think are gay, how come they wouldn’t leave me and my friends alone?
      I knew a male model, and he told me that all male models had gay men after them constantly and some were even starting to get homophobic about it. They would say things like, “I’m going to hit the next gay guy who comes after me.” The basic attitude of straight male models was something like, “Gay men are a plague to be avoided at all costs.” If they swarm on male models like Alaskan mosquitoes then that shows that they will just go after anyone, gaydar be damned. That also shows that they will go after any goodlooking guy no matter how he acts.

    2. I have known a lot of gay and bisexual men and my friends have too. Our general impression is that most gay and bi men seem to think that all straight men are “convertible.” Not that they can turn us gay but more like that they can convert us to homosexual activity. They are correct that most of us are capable of such things, but a lot of straight men are pretty much unconvertible. I have heard quite a few straight men say, “I would rather get shot in the head that have gay sex.” or “I would rather have cancer. Cancer is better than having gay sex.” Guys like that are unconvertible.
      Incidentally, gay and bi men will go to great lengths to try to convert or recruit you into homosexual sex. They have a million tricks up their sleeves too. They carry around this little black bag full of tricks and scams that they use to try to seduce straight men. I have heard them all. They will literally try ANYTHING.
      They won’t give up either. They are like a dog with a bone. They just won’t let go. Very annoying.

      1. I guess that would explain why college campuses are so annoyingly homophobic. My brother went to one with a lot of gays back in the early 90s and he just couldn’t stop with the homophobic bigotry when he was home. Now he’s cooled off and only hates punk gays, but he was die hard “I hate gays. Gays are an abomination.” back in college. Note, now his venom has turned to blacks, since he lives in a black neighborhood.

  2. Gays and lesbians’ lives revolve around random sexual pickups. It gives them a reason to live.
    It’s pretty demented and sad that a Dyke’s romantic life revolves around performing oral sex in a female public toilet somewhere.
    But that is what it is.

  3. College campuses are the places gays were most safe in the early 1990’s. Or at least accepted.
    Gays want to initiate straight men into gay sex for some reason although gay cruising areas are well-known.
    Gay men have to take the risk of some wildly homophobic violent reaction every time want sex-though straight males experience this from women sometimes as well.
    College campuses are slightly more secure and safe than city streets.

    1. Gay men have to take the risk of some wildly homophobic violent reaction every time want sex-though straight males experience this from women sometimes as well.

      You mean when we go after women, we have to take the risk of some wildly violent reaction?
      Yes, women flip if you go after them sexually. They go nuts sometimes. I have had it happen to me.

  4. This article hit me like a ton of bricks, because last night I came across an epiphany.
    I was at the gym working out, and quit in the middle of a routine and left the place. I said to myself: “What the fuck am I doing here? Why am I killing myself lighting weights?” There’s two reasons.
    It’s convenient. The gym is right across the street from my house.
    I took up weight lifting as a form of exercise, because of a bad knee, which prevented me from doing once enjoyable activities.
    Then I got caught up in the trap. I started lifting and did see results, albeit small, and I wanted to build a great body. But not once it was ever enjoyable. That’s my main reason for stopping.
    Attracting women. I always captured their attention when I was a fat whale at 198 lbs(fat for me) or scrawny 6 foot 130 lb 20 year old. Body or no body, I got women. The secret? A beautiful face, plus personality. That pretty much will do it. But I’m on borrowed time. Why bother killing myself through weight training when I already have the winning formula. I don’t need any more enhancements.
    Before I left the gym, I was just sitting on a machine staring at the other men, straight and gays, (the latter look at me a lot, and are very obvious) going through agony through such joyless routines. I couldn’t help but think, despite their developed physiques, I’m still better looking than everyone in the room. At least that’s how I feel.
    Make no mistake about it. Men lift weights, because they want to look good, and attract women. Saying otherwise is a lie. Go to a bodybuilding forum.
    The thing with bodybuilding, unless you do it for years, consistently, the muscle mass you accumulate will fade rapidly once you stop. I realized this was a mugs game, a losing game for me.

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