The Pitiful Joke Called Gaydar

Actually, I think most gay men do not have the faintest idea who is gay and who is not. Their gaydar is one of the most pitiful cognitive devices devised by man. Bottom line is it’s a fraud. Idiotic gay men and their even  more stupid straight worshippers insist that gay men have perfect gaydar, but that is a comically idiotic statement. If it works so great, why were they always hitting on me and so many of my friends? Couldn’t they tell we were straight. I think we should resign gaydar to the realm of urban myth.

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0 thoughts on “The Pitiful Joke Called Gaydar”

  1. If gays possessed Gaydar then their would be less instances of gay-bashing when some enraged macho man felt his masculinity threatened by the casual offer of a blowjob in some park.
    Gays tend to believe everyone can be “turned” into a gay and are also aroused by straight males in gay sexual activity which is why “gay for pay” porn is so popular with the likes of Peter North being paid enormous amounts of money to be penetrated on camera.

  2. It’s a gay mind trick to convince desirable straight guys that they’re giving off gay vibes. It’s the gay equivalent of Game techniques like negging.

  3. While we are at “pitiful jokes”, today I was browsing Cornell university” saw a “test your IQ” link, clicked it eagerly, and… well, I leave that for you to find out. It embittered me while making me laugh a good laugh.
    The whole country is now a joke; of the pitiful kind.

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