In Praise of Older Women

Women around age 45-50 are damn good in bed. I know you might think they are ugly, but I have been training myself to get used to them, and from my perspective, I thought some of them were even beautiful and a few looked fantastic even with their clothes off. Honestly, if a woman is hot, keeps herself thin, doesn’t have kids and takes care of herself, even by age 50, a lot of them look damn good with their clothes off. But then I am acclimated to such things.
As I said, they are great in bed though. The reason is simple By the time a woman reaches 45-50, assuming she has had a lot of sex, she has probably accumulated a lot of kinks in her time.
Yes, as women age, they tend to get kinkier and kinkier and more and more perverted. I assume that they are simply accumulating kinks and perversions as they age. A lot of women this age have tried just about everything sexual, and I do mean everything. There are not a whole lot of things they haven’t done, either experimentally or otherwise.
Furthermore, for some reason, women that age take pride in the sexual skills, often bragging about how good they are at this or that perverted, kinky sex act. I am not sure what is going on here. Some of them told me that they had been practicing these techniques for many years, so maybe once again it is down to the skill of the experienced. Perhaps they are aware that their looks are fading and they are ramping up the kinks and perversions to try to keep men interested. With a lot of them, I get the feeling that they are trying to outwhore each other with kinks and perversions.
Of course, I fully support this trend.

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0 thoughts on “In Praise of Older Women”

  1. If she pleases you, and you get to know a woman and have pleasant banter wit her, she will appear better looking to you over time.

  2. Biology seems to have intended young women to be more frigid at the height of their sexual marketing power because they can accumulate more favors by providing less sex to the highest bidder when 18 or 22.
    Therefore under 25 the female is going to be far less liberal with her favors than the 40 year old.

    1. I agree, it’s just the sexual marketplace at work. After all, isn’t the complaint of middle age men that their wife doesn’t want to have enough sex? So maybe it’s that single cougars are more motivated due to their lower status in the sexual marketplace. Young and pretty women have all the attention in the world regardless. They don’t have to make any effort whatsoever to satisfy men, as men bend over backwards trying to keep any pretty young thing happy.

  3. Older women have a certain sweetness about them that’s unique. Older women would be just another fetish or one fetish on combo with many others.
    Honestly, Iv’e seen a few even 50 + women who are hot.

  4. “Furthermore, for some reason, women that age take pride in the sexual skills, often bragging about how good they are at this or that perverted, kinky sex act. I am not sure what is going on here.”
    You seriously cannot?
    Their ego demands compensation for the irksome feeling of vanished beauty.
    They want to have personality, now. To be… the best, whereas they were/wanted to be the best looking. And to stun the man; to feed their ego, as well as to increase chances they’ll be able to keep him around themselves.
    Alongside that, their actually more mature personality and deeper mind reflects on their sexual conduct — just like, to mention another one, it reflects on their dressing style.

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