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Ms: Same for niggardly or tar baby. You still have dindu, though.

Waiter: “These Blacks always leave niggardly tips!”
Boss: “Racist! You’re fired!”
Waiter: No! You don’t understand! Not niggerly tips, niggardly tips!
Boss: I’m calling the SPLC!
Waiter: “WTF did you flunk English 10?”
Interesting tidbit: The word “niggardly” apparently comes from the Old English word, nig, “stingy”, 1300, Middle English. Possibly borrowed from Scandinavian nygg, “stingy”, which may be from Old Norse nigla, “to make a fuss about small matters. -ard, Middle English “pejorative”. So nig + ard,  “stingy” + “lowlife”. Niggard, “stingy lowlife,” niggardly, “acting like a stingy lowlife, miserly, tight, cheap, stingy, etc.”
I didn’t know nig meant stingy. I always thought it meant something else.

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13 thoughts on “Racist Post of the Day”

  1. If anything I thought blacks have a reputation for being spendthrifts.
    But seriously, who in 2016 would even use the word niggardly. Forget the phonetic similarity to the n-word, it sounds like such an antiquated word that it has no business coming out of someone’s mouth in the 21st century. It would be like a teenager referring to someone as a curmudgeon. You’d probably have to do a double-take.

    1. In my business dealings every, “Black American,” I meet is smart, confident, capable, conservative, knowledgeable about their equipment and straight up honest.
      This may sound strange given my other posts but I see no difference in black man and white man other than a sense of entitlement that black man doesn’t seem to have because they work for theirs and they appear to work hard for it and respect what they got.
      Then again, I don’t live in the, “hood,” anymore so I ain’t got firsthand knowledge of what it is like in the lowest classes although I grew up that way and whites got it just as bad at the bottom as anyone else in America.

      1. Sad to say that where I live in East Tennessee, that a lot of people using the word nigger are either using it to make fun of people they see as wussy white types, or they really mean what they say (They’re really racist to the point.) Sometimes, the case is for both.
        I’m sure, given human nature, a lot of these right wing monsters also call real black people with black skin niggers.

        1. N gger is a badge of pride in Rap music and a derogatory statement. It’s fluid and white people are queuing off blacks representation of the meaning of the word in use.
          It is psychotic to see skin color as a character trait.
          I know plenty of, “white,” people that the world should be scared off because they ain’t right in any way.

      2. Thanks man! It’s nice to hear something nice about blacks from a non-black for a change. It’s very welcome.

  2. Some right wingers are using the word to make fun of the oversensitive wussy types, saying “Oh I said the nigger” 😆 , to get a reaction from them. No I don’t think though the liberals who hate the n word are wussies. They’re just being baited/bullied by these jerk-offs.

    1. You say anything I take offense to in my face I am hitting you and if I can, I’ll kill you. Any man who acts the same is nothing more than a man defending his honor.
      I got to respect it no matter what people think of the consequences.

      1. The people saying stuff are cowards; they always say thing from a distance or while in motion, never standing still, and you never know thier names. Typical heckler type people.

  3. Blacks feel free to call Italian-Americans “Swamp Guineas” and invented the word “Bohunk” to describe Eastern Europeans.
    I’ve never met an African-American who used the word “Italian-American”. Dago is the pejorative they use.
    They do not appear concerned with political correctness.

  4. See the drop in usage over the last four decades.
    Not a coincidence. The term seems to have more than a few confounded ;).
    As for meaning nuances, niggardly implies giving or spending the very smallest amount possible.
    This is not the only word that has become uneasy to employ.
    Once widely used adjectives like “queer” and “gay” are other examples.

    1. At any rate, please don’t call the SLPC. P-l-e-a-s-e. They are so busy with fighting their Hate™ you don’t want to disturb.

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