Laquan McDonald Shooting

Famous case from late 2014 in Chicago. It didn’t happen the way the media said it did. He wasn’t walking away from police. He was approaching them and he was armed with a knife. Cops had guns drawn and warned him repeatedly to drop the knife but he continued to approach police armed with a knife. When he got to within 10 feet of police, one officer opened fire. However, 16 shots were fired, many of which when he was already down on the ground after being shot, and that doesn’t seem to make sense at all. The officer Jason Van Dyke is on trial for murder. The trial has not yet started.
Mr. McDonald was not portrayed properly in the media. Photos showed him as a boy and another showed him with a graduation cap on, but that must have been from junior high as he never graduated from high school to my knowledge.
McDonald was 18 years old going on a very early grave, full speed ahead. I figure this shooting postponed the inevitable for probably less than 10 years. He had already been shot multiple times by rival pharmacy organizations while he was employed as a Street Pharmacist for the New Breeds Pharmacy Group, a profession he took up at the tender age of 12.

The ward was born to a 15-year-old mother who herself was a ward. The teen mother entered DCFS care at the age of 12 because of her mother’s extensive drug history, including giving birth to a substance-exposed (PCP) infant, her lack of participation in services, and her extensive criminal history for drug charges.
By the age of 18 the teen ward lost custody of her then 3-year-old son and his younger sister after she left the children home alone and the younger sister suffered extensive burns which required hospitalization. The mother was indicted for inadequate supervision. The two children were placed with several relatives and were returned to the mother in 18 months under an order of protection.
A year after they were returned to their mother, the then 5-year-old boy and his sister reentered DCFS custody because of physical abuse by the mother and her boyfriend. The boy reported that he often witnessed domestic violence between his mother and her boyfriend. His father was incarcerated.
The mother, then 21 years old, did not participate in services, struggled with continued drug use and did not visit her children. After several failed placements, including one where the boy was sexually abused, the maternal great-grandmother took the children into her home. In first grade the boy was described as sometimes explosive. In 2006, when the boy was nine, the great-grandmother obtained subsidized guardianship of the children and DCFS closed its case.
The boy became involved with gangs and selling drugs on the street at age 12. He was a member of the New Breeds gang and had sold drugs for the gang and had been shot at by rival gang members but did not engage in gang violence. At the age of 13 he was arrested and referred to juvenile court for possession of a controlled substance.
At the age of 16 he was incarcerated at the juvenile detention center for violation of probation. He was released and placed on electronic monitoring so he could visit his 79-year-old great-grandmother before she died and attend her funeral. Afterward DCFS became his guardian and learned that he had been living with his mother prior to his detention.
While in detention he exhibited aggressive behaviors, but his behavior was uneven. At times he was respectful and insightful; however his poor judgment put him at risk of harm. At one court hearing he was high on PCP and had an aggressive outburst in the courtroom resulting in his being taken into custody and placed in detention.
He violated probation several times and cut off his ankle home monitor. His mother became involved in treatment and began family therapy with her son.
The community service provider recommended intensive outpatient treatment while probation recommended commitment to the Department of Corrections or a residential treatment center. The court-appointed advocate recommended residential treatment. A DCFS staffing resulted in a referral to an intensive specialized foster care program for dually involved (delinquent and child welfare) youth. He and his mother agreed to attend therapy. His uncle agreed to have the youth placed with him.
Intensive probation stayed involved and the ward was enrolled in an alternative school. He was suspended once but was enrolled when he died.

Judging from the biography of this famous young American Black man, this is looking more and more like what I call a “PSK” or Public Service Killing. Nevertheless, I do not agree that Black scumbags should get the death penalty by extrajudicial execution without trial. Black scumbags suck all right, but they should be dealt with properly by the criminal justice system via the courts, and penitentiary system. We don’t want to turn into a banana republic with death squads running around. Despite the Hispanicization of America, we are yet too good for that at this early date. Death squads are not just White, at least not US White. American White people don’t do it like that, not yet anyway.
However, I will disagree with the narrative and I do think this punk bitch was a threat to the officers. But he was no threat lying on the ground shot armed with a knife.

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0 thoughts on “Laquan McDonald Shooting”

  1. Our justice system is way too soft. Though I feel bad that the environment created ghetto thugs, it’s just too late at this point. Perhaps even judicial corpral punishment should be used. People just aren’t scared of the criminal justice system as it is.

    1. No, ghetto thugs created the ghetto environment. Noone sets OUT to make a haven for thugs and drugs, for women to breed while on drugs and give birth to junior thugs that are already addicted–sorry, “exposed”–from birth.
      The inhabitants of the area made that. Unless you believe the New Breeds are a Government bureau I just never heard of yet?

        1. Well, in that case it should either be rape or no conviction. You shouldn’t have rape charges delayed for school because it ruins a college experience, please 😆 How silly is that? And of course, that seems racist to blacks.

        2. The whole thing with parties is too difficult for a conviction cause they’re is too much drinking. It should be just assumed if you go to a party then your taking a chance you have to deal with, and the law cannot help you.

  2. “…he continued to approach police armed with a knife…”
    I disagree with you. I don’t see him approaching them. I’m hardly the BLM glee club but he was not an immediate threat to the police. The police are shooting people too soon. They should have tried a taser first. Not just Blacks. Everybody is being shot for little or no provocation.

    1. What is wrong with a criminal getting shot? Tazers don’t work on drug-addled thugs, and there’s already bitching that our jails are too full, so taking them out so they don’t waste jail space — and worse, recidivist when they get out — IS a “Public Service” as Robert subtly hints.
      What’s the point of Life without parole — bet they kill someone in prison too. End criminal life to save Human Life when it’s beyond a Reasonable Doubt.
      Let’s even assume it wasn’t attacking the cops. Can you think of anything GOOD it would’ve done with that knife if they’d just let it go? A criminal with a knife would’ve used that knife to commit crime, right?
      Better it attack a cop and get killed than attack a soft target and kill them!

      1. They’re shooting lots of Whites also. They’re shooting lots of everyone. A criminal to them is…anyone they shot. I don’t want to give my rights because Black people can’t control themselves. Even if some criminals get away it would be better than losing our rights. The people who are criminally minded generally commit crimes over and over so if they don’t get them once they’ll be back and you can get them then.

  3. Let them smoke their baking soda and cocaine crumbs off tin cans instead of rousting them with the broken tail light alibi.
    Unless they are threatening the public directly, don’t bother pulling out of the local crack house in their car and busting them.
    If police officers stopped trying to bust them for minor drug offenses, fewer shootings would occur.

    1. “…Unless they are threatening the public directly, don’t bother pulling out of the local crack house in their car and busting them…”

    1. LOL closer to 150, but thanks. I have excellent social skills in the sense that I can read people very, very well. I can almost read your mind in a way! I mean, if you are thinking of that party 17 years ago, I have no idea that you are thinking of that, and I cannot tell what number you have in your head. But I can often tell the emotional content of your thoughts, that is, if you are having thoughts about me what sort of a message you are sending me with those thoughts about me.

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