Blacks in Restaurants

In response to this post, Tulio writes:

Tulio: If anything, I thought blacks have a reputation for being spendthrifts.
But seriously, who in 2016 would even use the word niggardly. Forget the phonetic similarity to the n-word, it sounds like such an antiquated word that it has no business coming out of someone’s mouth in the 21st century. It would be like a teenager referring to someone as a curmudgeon. You’d probably have to do a double-take.

Blacks don’t tip. You did not know that? Black people are notorious for not tipping. They have a very bad reputation that way.
Most servers hate waiting on blacks. They don’t tip or they tip ridiculously low, like $1 for a $150 bill, they complain all the time – usually about stupid stuff, they make a huge mess at the table, they are way too loud and sometimes even start fights, and they are awful when they order – often going into micro-detail, “little bit extra catsup, not too much, extra onions, easy on the tomatoes, horseradish instead of mustard, relish on the side,” stuff like that – just impossibly difficult and petty orders.
There is a whole set of behaviors that most Whites have internalized for going out to eat. Even poor and working class Whites act this way; they can be even worse than middle class Whites at enforcing manners in restaurants. I know because I have gone out to eat with such folks many times in my life. It’s like Black people never got the memo.
A lot of nonracist non-Blacks start working in restaurants as servers, and after a while, they start hating Blacks. It is quite common.
I would say that if you are Black and capable of being civilized like millions of Black people, you might want to act extra civilized when you go out to eat if for no other reason than to improve the reputation of your race.

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43 thoughts on “Blacks in Restaurants”

  1. When my family goes out to eat, as far as I know, we don’t tip. Still, I guess I can say we make up for that by being rather quiet and polite for black standards.

      1. BTW, I went to clarify with my mother, I was quite wrong, we actually do tip. I couldn’t clarify if we did or didn’t because they usually use their credit cards.

  2. You have to tip at a restaurant, whether the service is good or average. Otherwise, the waiters and waitresses won’t like you. It’s a fact.
    Iv’e heard blacks don’t tip that well. But ironically, if they were the waiter or wiateress, then they would want to be tipped.
    So anyhow, is this stereotype true or not? I’m thinking blacks might not tip because they are accustomed to being owed something (owed for slavery, owed for segregation etc…). In that case, that whole “owed” thing has made them selfish as far as eating out is concerned.

    1. Possibly blacks figure if they are poor themselves, then why should they have to tip, even if the people serving them are poor. Wouldn’t that sound about right?

      1. It would “sound about right” – to a moron or the average Black, two significantly overlapping categories.

  3. These two Jehovah’s Witnesses I was with were fucking lousy tippers 😆 I suppose again, as with blacks, they figure, “Well we are busting our ass going door to door, so why should we have to tip? People should tip us.” Right??
    Not only that Jehovah’s Witnesses are general cheapskates always eating at fast food, not higher up restaurants when going out to eat.

    1. Jehavoah’s witnesses don’t like to engage in frivolous or ungodly things, like tipping :).
      I have lots of Jehovah’s Witnesses in my family…

  4. I rarely eat out at sitdown restaurants and when I do my meals are almost always under $20. I leave a couple dollars. At a bar, I tip $1 per drink.

  5. I can speak to this as waiter/bartender for several years. Yes, black folk can be a huge pain in ass, but so is almost everyone else. They tend to be demanding, but no more than the type of whites that think they are special, such as upper-middle soccer moms. It is true that they tend to not tip well, but I was never completely stiffed by a black person. However, many other servers I knew were stiffed quite regularly.
    I think a lot of it has to do with how you relate to people. In my experience, black customers really appreciate people who are genuine. People who kiss their ass just because they are black or walk on eggshells with them won’t get much respect. The best thing to do is take the mask off a bit and drop the server/customer dynamic as much as possible and relate human being to human being. When approached this way, black folks tend to treat you more like a buddy than their waiter. However I get the feeling this would backfire on upper-class blacks like professors and such. I don’t know though, never served that class of black person, just a hunch.
    One tip, if there is a rush and multiple tables are seated in your section at the exact same time, you better hit the black table FIRST. Because racism. Anything less just opens the door to racial paranoia on their part. Learned this one the hard way.
    Also, the tie for the worst tippers actually goes to After-Church-Sunday-Christians and anyone from India.

    1. Yep, there should be an article about Christians. They are the worst customers at restaurants, and from what I heard, everywhere else.

      1. Yeah but Chinese waitresses and waiters hate your guts if you don’t tip them, because they don’t make a lot.

      2. Anybody who’s not from America is worse because America’s pretty unique in tipping being expected and having a wage structure that relies on tips. In my experience exchange students are some of the worst customers because they are normally rich (don’t get much scholarship) and not from America so they don’t understand our wage/tip structure.

  6. I was in the airport the other day eating at the concourse bar, when a message came over the PA: “If you see any unusual behavior, report it to the nearest TSA agent.”
    After I was finished in the restaurant I went up to a TSA agent. “Excuse me, sir. I saw a black man leaving a tip for his waiter.”

  7. I dunno about this.
    I had a friend who waited at a Ledo Pizza Chain, and the only thing he complained about was how Blacks would order water, then pull out drink mixes to mix-in.

  8. Another Black tipper here, married to a man who doesn’t like tipping. And he’s not Black. Go figure.
    Instead of berating people for not tipping, you could ask, “Why are restaurant servers paid the way they’re paid?”

    1. Good question! There was a time when minimum service did not require a tip. Rather the tip was for more than that.

      1. Waiters and Waitresses are little better off than strippers, as they’re paid a low wage or none at all But strippers get a hell of a lot more tips !!

        1. I tip because I know how poorly waiters are paid, but when the service is bad I leave little or nothing. Or, at least I did that time a few years ago when I got bad service.

        2. I do the same as you. If they just get what I want, I tip. They don’t have to be buddy, buddy or faun over me, but if they are annoying, rude or make no effort at all I don’t tip.

    2. Instead of berating people for not tipping, you could ask, “Why are restaurant servers paid the way they’re paid?”
      Interesting you mention that, because not too long ago, I had a conversation with my friend’s father – who had just come back from a trip to France – about differing attitudes towards work. He said that French waiters are actually insulted if you try to tip them, because waiting is a career for them. They see their profession as dignified, and it’s safe to say they enjoy better compensation than American service workers.
      In many ways, the expectation that we tip is a tacit admission that waiting is a shitty, degrading job here in the US. I remember in the movie Midnight Run , Charles Grodin’s character admonished Robert De Niro’s character for not tipping a full 15%, saying that these “people depend on tips for a living.”
      But why should that be the case? Demanding that people tip is in many ways a hidden subsidy for the restaurant industry – in the same way that retailers like Walmart enjoys a hidden subsidy whenever their workers go on public assistance.

        1. I think that’s the right way to go. I actually had a brief conversation with Dota about this, and he told me that tipping is virtually unheard of in Asia. It seems that tipping is mostly an American thing; that and the worst employer/worker relations of the first world.

    1. Another oppressed race that thinks they’re owed something. They have no sense of humor. Anythng un-PC about Canada and you get a fuck you quickly from them. No, they don’t tip, cause we should be tipping them for being Canadian.

      1. And being Canadian is what they’re shoving in our face 24 hours a day with their flag and comments. It’s even worse than what goes on with blacks.

      2. We need to get the Confederate flag raisers (in the back of trucks) with Canadians. They’re a match made in heaven. They were made for each other.

  9. OK here is some more racist bigotry: Why does you have to ask for salt, pepper, sugar, at some McDonalds? Could it be blacks put all that stuff in their pocket when it’s availaible to grab on the counter?

  10. My girlfriend has done mostly waitress or bartender work for the last 25 years and I have heard it a million times over how the hostess will give the white tables to her waitress friends and the black tables to the ones she doesn’t like. I have countless stories upon stories of the dreaded black tables that usually take 3 times the work for no tip, ( or once in a while an insultingly small tip). And of course there are some blacks who tipped good or even great…… and some whites, usually older or have the look of the low life to them, who don’t tip…. but they are way fewer than the black tables.
    So then another thing the girlfriend has told me about over and over, along the lines of Black customers being past impossibly picky… Is the Black table scamming. There are so many Black tables trying to demand their meal be free. One scam they will often try is to order, say , a bacon cheeseburger and fries,eat most of it- or all of it, then outright lie and complain to the manager that they had really ordered an omelette or a steak! Obviously when these Black scammers are out to rip off the restaurant they aren’t going to leave a tip, either.

    1. Yeah those blacks are just lousy tippers and picky with orders. That’s why they need to be either enslaved,deported or exterminated 😆

  11. Again, another table where i heard 7 adults left a 2 dollar tip and rightfully the waitperson was complaining (privately). However, I’m not sure if they were black. Generally where I am located, it’s a good probability to say they were not black.

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