Straight Men and Gay Men: Some Real Talk

You don’t think gay sex is disgusting?
I would say that all straight men think gay sex is disgusting and sickening. 100%. So in that sense really all straight men are somewhat homophobic. I really think most straight men are a bit homophobic. It just seems to be normal for straight men to be that way. The extreme revulsion that most straight men have for gay sex has to be seen to be believed.
That revulsion is caused by homophobia. So in that sense, I would say that a bit of homophobia is a good thing. Once you take the controls off, and you tell men that they can just go fuck guys anytime they want to, lots of guys who would not have ordinarily have done such a thing are going to start doing just that. The only reason most guys won’t touch that behavior with a 10 foot pole is due to a bit of homophobia. It is the natural homophobia of straight men that keeps them from doing that stuff.
My experience with gay men has been almost uniformly negative. Generally, you can’t make friends with them or get close to them.
However, I do have one very good gay friend now and we talk a lot. But he is a super intellectual guy (he is a published writer), and he’s not a base, low personality like so many gay men. He also happens to agree with everything I say about gay men. Some might call him a self hating gay, but I think he is just realistic.
Generally straight men and gay men cannot be friends. It just doesn’t work. The reason is because they won’t stop trying to fuck you. They will try to fuck you, you say no, and then as long as you hang around with them, they will never stop trying. After a while, you seriously start wanting to kill them. I am convinced that this is behind a lot of gay bashings or at least a lot of gay men getting punched in the face. With some exceptions, this has been my experience with gay men.
I know two men who were hired or given jobs by gay men who were their bosses. Both were sexually harassed, and both were fired for not fucking their gay bosses. One of those men was me. I would be very careful taking a job offer from a gay man.
I know two men who rented rooms from gay men. Both were blackmailed. Everything was fine for a while, and then the hammer came down and you have to fuck them, or it’s out on the street. I would say any straight man renting a room from a gay man as a roommate is out of his mind.
I know a few straight guys who were like, “Gay men are wonderful. They’re so cool! I’m straight, but gay men are the greatest thing since sliced bread!” One straight guy, one of my best friends, went on for a few years like that, and last I heard of him, he was taking cock up the ass in West Hollywood on a regular basis. I guess he wasn’t so straight anymore. So I am a bit worried about straight men who think homosexuality is the greatest thing since radial tires.
My friends experienced the same thing.
One made friends with a gay man, and the gay man tried to fuck him. My friend said no, but the gay man would never stop and eventually started pressuring my friend very hard. My friend told me he was “this far” from punching the gay man in the face.
This same friend met some “really nice guys” one night after after the bar closed. He told me they were straight acting and seemed like regular guys. “Come on over to our place for drinks,” they said.The guys seemed totally cool. He got there, and after a while, he started figuring out that there was something very weird going on. The guys kept making all these weird insinuating remarks, and I think they finally put on some gay porn on DVD. My friend told them no thanks, but they never quit trying to fuck him. It went on all night like that, for several hours.
If they give you a job, they might sexually harass you and fire you for not fucking them.
If they give you a room to rent as roommates, they might throw the hammer down after a while and say, “Sex or the street.” Incidentally, remember my recruited and converted friend in West Hollywood above? This is how he got initiated into homosexuality – blackmail.
I am actually 100% supportive of gay rights. I am on the mailing lists of a lot gay rights groups, and I participate in their campaigns. I “tolerate” gay men, but I don’t think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I want nothing but the same happy lives for gay men as I want for myself, not even 1% less. But it is sort of like me here and them over there and never the twain shall meet. I want a divorce from gay men.
I just think that friendships between gay men and straight men simply don’t work. But you can be acquainted with them on a casual basis. And rooming with gay men seems like a very bad idea. Accepting a job from a gay boss is pretty worrisome too.
Society has gone too far in the other direction. Homophobia was bad, but now we are on the other extreme to where we worship gay men like some sort of gods or kings. It’s bizarre.
There’s a whole downside to male homosexuality that you only figure out if you spend a lot of time around them like I did. It’s not all peace and roses and everything bright.

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0 thoughts on “Straight Men and Gay Men: Some Real Talk”

  1. Some straight guys fuck women up the ass also. It’s just as disgusting. Just think about it. I know I have no desire to do that, even though it’s female. 😆

    1. Ever seen gay porn, Jason? I have. It almost literally makes me sick. In fact, even seeing two men kiss causes revulsion in me. It’s sickening and disgusting.
      I could watch porn of men fucking women in the ass all day long no problem. There’s nothing disgusting about the act when you watch it on porn. Those women are cleaned out real good with enemas before they shoot so there’s not a speck of shit to be seen.
      On the other hand, I could barely watch 30 seconds of a man fucking another man in the ass.
      It’s not the acts that gay men do that are disgusting (in fact, straight people do almost all of those same acts). It’s the fact that it’s a man doing it with another man that is disgusting. Get it?

      1. Actually the kissing is way more revolting to the eyes than the ass fucking. It just seems wrong or something, or un-macho, very un-macho to the point I can’t deal with it.

        1. Technically, anal sex with a woman is disgusting if she has poop in there. Otherwise, it’s probably wrong and very unhealthy but one can deal with it. However, two guys doing it, as you say, well, it’s about two guys doing it.
          Nonetheless, I’m not king of the world and I don’t have time to judge people.

  2. As always white supremacists lump gayness with race mixing when the two have nothing to do with each other. So it’s hard to really come against homosexuality and transexualism, which I feel is very wrong, without seeming like I’m a racist opposed to race mixing. I generally don’t want to be associated with white supremacists for this reason, so I don’t go too harsh on the gay stuff often time.
    Also, as I said, I don’t have time to judge people, and it’s difficult to judge without becoming a hateful bigot, which is as bad or worse than the stuff I’m judging.
    I really do feel the hate that white supremacists (and any other kind of supremacists) spouts out is just as vile as two guys kissing.

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