Sexually Transmitted Parasitical Infections

Concerned Assman writes:

Robert, You mentioned in an earlier post on this general subject that something like 6

The figure is incorrect. It is not 6 Gay men get that from licking asses, which is something they really love to do. They really go to town when they do it too. I have seen a few videos and photos. They go for it like a man who hasn’t eaten in 30 days. It is quite a sight to behold. I do not think that gay men commonly drink evacuated enema water. Or I certainly hope they don’t. There are probably a few that may do such a thing. I have never in my life heard of gay men engaging in this activity. Neither have I heard of any straight people doing this either, thank God. The thing is that the gay male population is totally saturated with these parasites, so you are dealing with a disease base or reservoir that is unbelievably infected with these critters. However, your average straight man has zero parasites in his gut. The same study found both zero parasites in straight men and 60 different species in gay men. It was a health clinic, not sure what kind. There are only a few of these that are going to get you sick: Giradiasis or Giardia, Ameobiasis or Amoebic dysyntery, and shigella or shigellosis. There is also Hepatitis A. Gay men at least in the past experienced frequent big outbreaks of Hepatitis A in some of our big cities. Almost no straight men get Hepatitis A heterosexually. I have never heard of Hepatitis A being transmitted heterosexually, but anything is possible. The problem once again is that the gay male pool is or was heavily infected with Hepatitis A. Further, many to most people who contract it never get it and just become carriers who can infect others. Straight people do not get Hepatitis A heterosexually probably just because the reservoir  is so clean. Few heterosexual people have Hepatitis A, so the reservoir is clean enough that your risk of getting it heterosexually is very low. There are a few other diseases that can be transmitted this way like typhoid fever. Yes, there have been a few cases of Typhoid fever among gay men, but maybe only ~5 cases in the whole literature. Most of the other things that can be transmitted this way are more or less harmless and are only a problem for the very young, the very old and the immunosuppressed such as people with HIV. I did a huge lit search on parasites being transmitted sexually and only came up with 5-10 cases. However, those did occur in recent years. I think it was giardiasis. I still have the notes on that and I can turn it into a good post if I want to but I was afraid to do the post because I was afraid people would attack me for writing about this subject. If you were going to get something this way from your girlfriend, you would have already gotten it by now due to all the exposure you already had to her. And it’s doubtful that she is a carrier of giardiasis, shigellosis or amoebiasis. After six months of living together, peoples gut bacteria tend to harmonize. What is really happening here is that after six months of living closely together, everyone has eaten enough of each other’s shit (in tiny miniscule amounts) so they all now have the same gut bacteria. Really you are eating shit all the time, and not just figuratively like with me in my life. I mean literally. Even if you live alone, you are eating your own shit. Surely you are consuming tiny bits of your own shit on a regular basis. It is sort of like life. The thing that your own shit is not a problem. It’s other people’s shit that is a problem. In other words, the problem is not you, it’s other people, which is my favorite saying. As in life, so in the human gut. You can probably even eat your own shit, though I would not recommend it. You might vomit, but you cannot catch a disease. The reason is simple and that is that you cannot catch a disease that you already have. I will leave you to think about that brainteaser a bit. People like to go on and on about the horrible toxic deadly E. Coli that is found in our guts and our shit. The thing is that this E. Coli strain is pretty much harmless. Just keep it our of your vagina, your urinary tract and especially your blood. As I said, you can even eat shit that has E. Coli in it and nothing will happen except you might puke because it is so disgusting. The problem here is confusion about strains. The E. Coli strain that causes this nasty outbreaks in humans, sickening and even killing some very young and very old, comes from cows. That’s the nasty strain. You get it from a cow. On farms, cows shit all over the place, so cow shit can get in irrigation water and then on crops, so this is how you might get it from food. Some of these outbreaks are coming from Mexico where farms are not so hygienic. On the other hand though you can certainly catch a disease from eating other people’s shit but in most cases you probably will not, although I do not recommend going around eating other folks’ shit. It is not such a great idea. Besides it’s gross. I mean really people, come on now. I suppose if the commenter is going to lick his girlfriend’s ass, I would have her wash that area with soap and hot water well beforehand.

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0 thoughts on “Sexually Transmitted Parasitical Infections”

  1. Do you have a source for your statistics? I am gay and I think buttholes are disgusting. I can’t even look at them. How exactly did you manage to make such detailed generalizations?

      1. What do you mean by SJW? I am moderate on most things
        You always write detailed paragraphs attacking gay people, as if you know every single one of us personally. What’s the point? You can be disgusted by homosexuality, but why do you write so much to justify it?

        1. I don’t attack you at all. Show me one place anywhere where I “attacked” gay men. There is a ban on talking truth about you guys. Sure we can talk about homosexuals all we want as long as we extol them to the skies as your new Gods and Lords. We are now in the era of Gay Worship and you are our new Masters. Society is becoming homosexualized, which is almost worse than being homophobic.
          I just tell the truth about you. I guess I tell homophobic truths. I am a strong supporter of gay rights. In fact, I am on the mailing list of a number of gay political organizations and I participate in their political campaigns on a regular basis. Honestly, I really do not dislike gay men at all. I don’t really want to hang around with them, but I wish them all the best for a happy and healthy life just as much as I want for me or for anyone else. This applies to biological gay men.
          You must understand that all straight men are somewhat homophobic. It just goes with the territory. Anyone who says otherwise is lying
          I don’t like homosexuality, but all straight men are like this.
          PS I am banning your gay ass, ok? Go back to San Fransisco.

        2. Tell you what. You show me one place where I “attacked” gay men. I don’t do that. Show me. Go through my whole blog and find one place. I dare you.
          The only thing I do is tell HOMOPHOBIC FACTS.

        3. cheez121 ,”…You always write detailed paragraphs attacking gay people, as if you know every single one of us personally…”
          You gays you’re always writing as if every post is about you.

    1. Cheez baby, if you don’t generalize you cannot speak, you cannot think. Generalizing is natural and normal. I’m sure you do it about the people you hate.

  2. I was watching this show on how one African nations was cracking down on gays, arresting them and who knows what else. Some of their arguments in favor of what they were doing involved what they said was the disgusting nature of gay sex.

    1. You don’t think gay sex is disgusting?
      I would say that ALL straight men think gay sex is disgusting and sickening. 100%. So in that sense really all straight men are somewhat homophobic. I really think most straight men are a bit homophobic. It just seems to be normal for straight men to be that way. The extreme revulsion that most straight men have for gay sex has to be seen to be believed.
      That revulsion is caused by HOMOPHOBIA. So in that sense, I would say that a bit of homophobia is a good thing. Once you take the controls off and you tell men that they can just go fuck guys anytime they want to, LOTS of guys are going to start doing just that. The only reason most guys won’t touch that behavior with a 10 foot pole is due to a bit of homophobia. It is the natural homophobia of straight men that keeps them from doing that stuff.
      My experience with gay men has been almost uniformly negative. You can’t make friends with them or get close to them. However, I do have one very good gay friend now and we talk a lot. But he is a super intellectual guy and he’s not a base, low personality like so many gay men.
      Generally straight men and gay men cannot be friends. It just doesn’t work. The reason is because they won’t stop trying to fuck you. They will try to fuck you, you say no, and then as long as you hang around with them, they will never stop trying. After a while, you seriously start wanting to kill them. With some exceptions this has been my experience with gay men.
      I know two men who were hired or given jobs by gay men who were their bosses. Both were sexually harassed and both were fired for not fucking their fag bosses. One of those men was me. I would be very careful taking a job offer from a gay man.
      I know two men who rented rooms from gay men. Both were blackmailed. Everything is fine for a while and then the hammer comes down and you have to fuck them or it’s out on the street. I would say any straight man renting a room from a gay man as a roommate is out of his mind.
      I know a few guys who were like, “Gay men are wonderful. They’re so cool. I’m straight but gay men are the greatest thing since sliced bread.” One guy went on for a few years like that and last I heard of him he was taking cock up the ass in West Hollywood on a regular basis. So I am a bit worried about straight men who think homosexuality is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
      My friends experienced the same thing. One made friends with a gay man and the gay man tried to fuck him. My friend said no and then the gay men would never stop and eventually started pressuring him really hard. My friend told me he was this far from punching the gay in the face. This same friend met some “really nice guys” after the bar closed. Come on over to our place for drinks. Guys seemed totally cool. He got there and eventually he started figuring out that there was something weird going on here. The guys kept making all these weird insinuating remarks and I think they finally put on some gay porn. My friend told them no thanks but they never quit trying to fuck him. It went on all night like that.
      if they give you a job, they might sexually harass you and fire you for not fucking them.
      If they give you a room to rent as roommates, they pull throw the hammer down after a while and say, “Sex or the street.”
      I am actually 100% supportive of gay rights. I am on the mailing lists of a lot gay rights groups and I participate in their campaigns. I “tolerate” gay men, but I don’t think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I want nothing but the same happy lives for them as I want for myself.
      I just think that friendships between gay men and straight men simply don’t work. But you can be acquainted with them on a casual basis. And rooming with gay men seems like a very bad idea. Accepting a job from a gay boss is pretty worrisome too.
      Society has gone too far in the other direction. Homophobia was bad but now we are on the other extreme to where we worship gay men like some sort of gods or kings. It’s bizarre.
      There’s a whole great big downside to male homosexuality that you only figure out if you spend a lot of time around them. It’s not all peaces and roses and everything bright.

  3. I worked with gay men in restaurants and INCONTINENCE is what leads to the spread of disease-Their anuses are literally perforated from extended ramming by stovepipes until they essentially shit on themselves if they are not within reach of a toilet at all times.
    Most male-female porn sex acts like rimming or DP are acquired from gay sex acts because men are willing to participate in sex acts with other men that women would not out of choice become involved in.
    The anus is a dirty part of the body.

  4. “They really go to town when they do it too. I have seen a few videos and photos. They go for it like a man who hasn’t eaten in 30 days. It is quite a sight to behold.”
    Robert, that got me laughing so hard so early in the morning. My coffee just came out of my nose. Holy shit so say some funny shit! Nice work man!

    1. What’s the deal with licking ass? Can someone who has done this tell me what it is like and what the appeal is? Is it just the taboo? I mean think about what comes out of there. All ass cracks must stink unless the person has just bathed and scrubbed their ass crack down with soap and had an enema. At the least I would think ass eating is going to take some major preparation, it’s not a heat of the moment thing. I make no secret that I’m a proud pussy eater and I’ve eaten pussy in the heat of the moment(no preparation) and it’s fine. Maybe a bit of female musk but nothing awful. I could not imagine dipping my tongue in shit though. Can someone who had done this please explain what the appeal is?

  5. In prison settings gay men are not as restrained with co-workers or friends with the pressure of punishment lifted.

  6. I eaten ass a few times. First time I did it was when we were 69ing. Asshole isn’t exactly far from the vagina. Especially when 69ing. So I thought if i’m eating this poon, I may as well eat this ass. Assuming they’re clean and just showered it tastes like skin. Booty obsession in general is in vogue now and girls are twerking, going to the gym and doing squats to fill this preference. It’s primitive and dirty but a beautiful shapely female ass bouncing in your face is one of the best feelings ever.

  7. I live in a place for low income people. Most people where I live are junkies and prostitutes.
    I did not know my housing was so problematic when I first moved inside.
    I stupidly shared knives and forks with some of the people here and I also shared food that had already been bitten by my housemates. A number of these people have no hygiene whatsoever and they have spat in my mouth accidentally if they were talking. One sneezed all over me.
    Recently I have been exhausted and I looked up google for possible causes. I couldn’t seem to find anything. I have put on a ridiculous amount of weight and it looks so unnatural that somebody asked me if I am pregnant.
    All the weight has piled onto my stomach and it seems nowhere else on my body. I am eating deep fried food daily.
    My joints ache also but I’m not sure if that is weight related or from hepatitis.
    I have booked into see a doctor but I am anxious in the meantime about how it will affect my life. I will have tests done but I’m wondering how I will be affected by this if it comes back positive. Can I get rid of it completely one day by medications?

  8. “People like to go on and on about the horrible toxic deadly E. Coli that is found in our guts and our shit. The thing is that this E. Coli strain is pretty much harmless.”
    Are you sure about that? Some years ago, there was a minor cholera epidemic in Europe which supposedly started because vegetables had been fertilized with human feces.

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