No Generalizations: The Core Philosophy behind the Cultural Left

PC, SJWism and Cultural Left  can be summed up as:

  • No generalizations!
  • All generalizations are false!
  • What about the exceptions?
  • The exceptions prove that the theory is false!

In fact, we have a liberal commenter on here who engages in all of the above forms of sophistry and logical fallacy all the time.
The Cultural Left underlying argument is that generalizations lead to stereotypes which lead to bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia and whatever else the Phobia of the Day happens to be. So by declaring that all generalizations are false, we can strike a blow against bigotry.
But this attitude is not only false but also idiotic. Anyone who tries to go through life without making generalizations or even stereotypes will fail in life in the worst possible way. Sure, you will be free of bigotry, but you will also be one of the stupidest people on Earth. You will be gullible, continuously conned and victimized and a complete social failure, and that’s if you survive long at all before a criminal takes you out. Your social skills will be abysmal. Most of your relationships will fail because you will be unable to manage them effectively. You will get fired from most jobs.
You could always go live in a cabin in the woods, but even there you would probably not survive. I assume you would be killed by some wild animal because you would probably refuse to make generalizations about the poor critters around you. I guess that would be animalism (anti-animal racism or animalphobia or some other form of anthropocentric bigotry). If you are out in the woods all the time, and you refuse to make generalizations about those wild animals all around you, you will probably be target practice or dinner sooner or later.

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99 thoughts on “No Generalizations: The Core Philosophy behind the Cultural Left”

  1. Yes, but individualism seems to be a major component of Western Civilization.
    What made Whites White.
    Part of why, despite higher IQs, the NE Asians never did as much as we did.
    I assume you are referring to William? (Me?)
    Jason usually talks about culture and how some White sub-groups are just as bad, and is often times right, so it’s not about exceptions.

    1. No not referring to you. It is Jason who always says, “Hey no generalizations,” and “What about the exceptions?” or “But the other ones do the same thing too.”

      1. I see.
        Generalizations can be useful but are not the Gold standard for getting by in day to day life.

        1. fucktard!
          If they’re all Black, how does that make sense?
          It proves my point, you learn to say “he’s a thug” and “he’s just blue collar”.
          Otherwise you’d avoid everyone.
          Think about it.

      2. Jason does not necssarily generalize in that “some individual Blacks are good, so their all good”
        he does it more in “some Black groups are good, and some Whites are real trash, so the theory of on average White > Black is more compelling”.
        Which would lead to the logical conclusion that if results are so inconsistent (the inconsistency is exaggerated) that culture is to blame, in his mind.

      3. Yeah, but you can generalize about white sub-groups just as you can about blacks. A lot of really down and out whites are good humble people, while some, and it might be a minority of them will behave somewhat like ghetto blacks, minus perhaps extreme acts of violence.

        1. Perhaps some WNs want to see some really poor (economically) whites as all being humble, when many are, but they refuse to see the ones that are bad. The ones are so bad, it’s justifable to avoid them like ghetto blacks. You don’t want to marry into them, invite them to your house, have them in your neighborhood.
          If one wants to criticize such snobbery, then they would have to justify, as liberals do with ghetto blacks, really bad psychopathic, anti-social behavior.

        2. Since the poor ghetto whites, so to speak, don’t do drive-bys, don’t rape, don’t dump people in dumpsters, it might be tempting for WNs to ignore them or make excuses for them.
          No the ghetto whites don’t do that, instead they use devious methods like stealing, robbing, being a weasel to scam money from you, marrying into your family to use grandparents and children as leverage to get drug money, identity theft, etc…
          Also, of course people hate ghetto blacks cause they look the part more than poor whites. The ghetto blacks just look scary and poor ghetto whites look sort of scary, but not really, they look more like Scooby-Doo charachters or something, or Charlie Manson family people. 😆

        3. “…Perhaps some WNs want to see some really poor (economically) whites as all being humble, when many are, but they refuse to see the ones that are bad…”
          Many White people are bad but they’re MY people. My whole thing is my people first. I want them taken care of first. That some may be bad is immaterial because all races have bad people. So that being the case I want my people cared for first. I don’t want to throw any Whites under the bus because they’re not perfect. All the other races have imperfect people also so not looking after your own first means you’re just a traitor or you wish to artificially elevate yourself as virtuous by betraying your own people. If you’re going to elevate yourself do it some other way than picking on poorer Whites to get the approval of other races.

        4. Many White people are bad but they’re MY people. My whole thing is my people first. I want them taken care of first. That some may be bad is immaterial because all races have bad people. So that being the case I want my people cared for first. I don’t want to throw any Whites under the bus because they’re not perfect. All the other races have imperfect people also so not looking after your own first means you’re just a traitor or you wish to artificially elevate yourself as virtuous by betraying your own people. If you’re going to elevate yourself do it some other way than picking on poorer Whites to get the approval of other races.

          Blacks don’t have the power to help bad members of the own race. Those people are screwed. That’s why whites take care of the bad members of the black race.
          As for whites helping out druggie whites who make people’s lives a living hell, why should whites care about them? I mean, even nuns would have a limit with such people. They’re monsters.

        5. Well, I’ll backtrack a bit, blacks cannot help delinquent blacks or whites, and whites cannot really help deliquent blacks or whites. They cannot do anything about them. Likewise, good blacks don’t want to have anything to do with bad blacks or whites, and good whites don’t want to have anything to do with bad blacks or whites. That’s why good blacks and whites are often found in integrated neighborhoods segregated from bad people of any race.

        6. Sam thinks race is a dividing line as though people of a race naturally have affection for each other, but often they don’t. They especially don’t if members of their own race bullied them etc…

        7. Blacks don’t have the power to care for thier own as the Nation of Islam suggests, even demanding segregated schools in this modern day of age. They cannot do anything on their own, and hypocritically, and Gay State Girl brought this up, WNs will often state blacks are a failure at everything and colonialism, slavery etc.. did them a load of good.

        8. What White supremacists want to do is build up walls that aren’t there. Not all blacks and whites are enemies. Not all blacks are a threat to whites, only a minority of scary-ass ghetto blacks isolated in urban areas.
          A white person wanting to help good blacks is not a traitor and this person would probably also help out humble poor white people. A white person could not help out a white drugged out person much cause all they’d do is take everything they got (but not by violence normally, but via other ways).

        9. “…As for whites helping out druggie whites who make people’s lives a living hell, why should whites care about them?..”
          Plenty of Black druggies. Maybe even more per population than Whites. Whites should take care of White druggies first.
          “Whites may be bullies”
          Plenty of Black bullies so that no excuse to take care of Whites first.

        10. Why should whites take care of them (white troublemakers) when they are ruining thier lives, taking everything they have? On the flip side why should blacks care for thier own when these thugs would gun down black children?

        11. Taking care of white troublemakers by white people is easier said than done. Always the fast solution is to send them to jail, but isn’t that what we do ghetto blacks? Also the other solution is to be a snob and leave for some suburb where there isn’t any bad whites in sight.

    2. “…Part of why, despite higher IQs, the NE Asians never did as much as we did…”
      Some White people like to tell themselves that this is true but we don’t know that it’s so. The reason is that the Chinese have always lived in a hydraulic civilization that was much easier to control. They have at a period in their history had an almost take off of the Industrial Revolution. It’s in one of William H. McNeills books. I think “The Pursuit of Power: Technology, Armed Force, and Society since A.D. 1000”. The Emperor crushed the competition though and it petered out. The West has made it greatest gains while competing States vied for power. Are we powerful because we are individualistic or are we individualistic because we had competing powers that made us powerful? We don’t know and it will take centuries to find out.

  2. I have to respectfully disagree, the Cultural Left will not admit, “A disproportionate amount of Blacks act x way”. Which of course admits some do not.
    They. Won’t. Do. It.
    Stereotypes are false not because of exceptions but because there are x, y, and z reasons why evil Whites are responsible for the data making some groups of NAM’s look bad.

  3. There are other indicators of, say, as you referenced, that you are about to be conned.
    You could go through life never talking to a Gyspy (stereotypical con people), and still get ripped off multiple times by others. Yeah, generalizations work sometimes, but in some cases, statistically speaking, it’s just not viable to work towards such a goal. Especially if societal perception is wrong, then the statistics don’t bear out your “thoughts”.
    For instance, the Africentrist equivalent of Robert Lindsay could also be saying generalizations are true about how, ‘YT is inherently amoral, a rapist, and murderer’, and because the perception is that it is true, everyone will go along with it.
    Generalizations can work, if they are grounded in data. The probably is your average person(oops, generalizations again) is often times very iliterate with regards to such things, and CAN’T effectively do it.

    1. “…Generalizations can work, if they are grounded in data. The probably is your average person(oops, generalizations again) is often times very illiterate with regards to such things, and CAN’T effectively do it…”
      Your arguments are sophistry, propaganda and bullshit. The average and below average person is equipped with built in algorithms for dealing with generalizations. Let’s say Tireese down the block is Black and runs the corner. At the same time bodies are piling up on the corner it would make sense to stay away from Tireese. If you live next to a bunch Negros and Negros are horrendously crime ridden and vicious then it’s simple enough to generalize that you need to stay away from Negros.
      The salient point is one that is unspoken. White people just don’t need Black people. Diversity doesn’t have anywhere near the advantages as compared to the disadvantages. Any one White person, on average, will not be improved by proximity to Blacks. By and large they will be negatively effected. So when you talk about the Blacks that are positive you’re really saying they that they don’t murder you or rape your children. The average White guy is far more likely to be a positive influence in a White persons life than the elitist of the elitist of the Blacks.
      You used the term multiple-regressions. This is just common sense that things that happened in the past are likely to happen in the future. Big Whoop. Why didn’t you just say “history repeats”? Of course then you couldn’t write “multiple-regressions” and pretend that no one can understand it but you.

      1. It would help if you actually read my comment.
        I was not saying that Tireese wasn’t violent and that I shouldn’t stay away from Tireese.
        I was saying that if you have a person whose unlike Tireese in every aspect except skin color, a comprehensive statistical portrait would not deem him a threat.
        Does the average person win in betting against Casinos or the Casino?
        Do you even stop to THINK?
        How would the Casino make money?
        Get it?
        everybody is getting sick of your shit;
        1. You’re a psychopath
        2. You have a low IQ
        3. you will eventually end up harming innocent people.

        1. No I’m sick of your shit where you pretend to be this enlightened person who uses words like ““multiple-regressions” when there’s no necessity for it. Using the words “multiple-regressions” adds NOTHING. It is useful if you are doing a statistical survey of multi-interacting trends or attitudes but to say that the so called proles, or anyone else, walking down the street need to use a statistical program package to determine what people are safe to be around is pretentious bullshit. You’re full of shit and believe that your so called superiority makes some kind of expert and you’re not. You show this by your denial of simple truths you cover up in technical verbiage.
          I refer you to the Dead Kennedy’s song.
          “Holiday In Cambodia”
          So you been to school
          For a year or two
          And you know you’ve seen it all
          In daddy’s car
          Thinkin’ you’ll go far
          Back east your type don’t crawl
          Play ethnicky jazz
          To parade your snazz
          On your five grand stereo
          Braggin’ that you know
          How the niggers feel cold
          And the slums got so much soul
          It’s time to taste what you most fear
          Right Guard will not help you here
          Brace yourself, my dear:
          It’s a holiday in Cambodia
          It’s tough, kid, but it’s life
          It’s a holiday in Cambodia
          Don’t forget to pack a wife
          You’re a star-belly sneech
          You suck like a leach
          You want everyone to act like you
          Kiss ass while you bitch
          So you can get rich
          But your boss gets richer off you
          Well you’ll work harder
          With a gun in your back
          For a bowl of rice a day
          Slave for soldiers
          Till you starve
          Then your head is skewered on a stake
          Now you can go where people are one
          Now you can go where they get things done
          What you need, my son:.
          Is a holiday in Cambodia
          Where people dress in black
          A holiday in Cambodia
          Where you’ll kiss ass or crack
          Pol Pot, Pol Pot, Pol Pot, Pol Pot, [etc]
          And it’s a holiday in Cambodia
          Where you’ll do what you’re told
          A holiday in Cambodia
          Where the slums got so much soul
          You said that proles without your great “multiple-regressions” thinking would not know the threat level difference between common Blacks and well dressed professional Blacks and I call you either a liar or a pretentious asshole. The idea that the average White person doesn’t the difference shows either you are stupid or an asshole.
          You’re just another preening SJW Socom that by attacking lower class poor Whites believes himself to be virtuous. You’re not virtuous. You’re just an asshole. You say I’m a psychopath but if I was I wouldn’t care about the proles.
          I have low IQ? What does that say about you then that your preening virtue White hating trip has been so easily exposed? You must be incredibly stupid to be bested by such a troglodyte.
          “…you will eventually end up harming innocent people…”
          That’s just silly and you have no evidence of any sort that I’m violent towards anyone especially innocent people.
          Notice I accurately define the words you use and place them in context related to society and it’s values. Where the best you can do is call me Fucktard.
          Casinos have nothing to do with this directly but I’m game if you wish to talk about statistics and ghettos. You said,”…Does the average person win in betting against Casinos or the Casino?…”
          and I answer has the average White guy ever come out over time in a good position hanging out with Black people? So thank you for that great casino reference. Maybe you’re right casinos are relevant.

  4. Would you go after a Black person in a suit brusquely walking down the street in a bad neighborhood at 3 A.M., or a Wigger loitering about under a place with shoes hung on the wires?
    There are behavorial indicators that simply work better than gross inherent generalizations.

      1. Good! So if you were a demented racist, you have programmed to think x way, and you will not think that, and hence generalizations in hs low-IQ mind aren’t going to help him/are false.
        It’s putting a little too much trust in the Proletariat….

        1. “…Good! So if you were a demented racist, you have programmed to think x way, and you will not think that…”
          You’re just making shit up that’s contrary to common sense. Any dufus White person knows a Black guy dressed well is less of a threat than a Black with sagging pants. All you’re doing is saying, “Look at me. I’m superior to lower class White people. Look how good I am. I’m not racist. I use MUH “multiple-regressions” “. Your examples are stupid as can be easily seen and you use of non standard specialized wording “multiple-regressions” for every day common events and thoughts, “history repeats”, shows you’re just a status whore with little common sense and delusions of grandeur.

      2. The fact wiggers exists shows it’s not about the skin but rather attitude. Also wiggers or white and like other white druggies etc.., whites cannot help them cause they don’t have the time or resources. Mostly the good whites will just flee town to get away from them, as they would the ghetto blacks.

  5. It is amazing though that the more cuckish you are and SJW-like, as well as being liberal in general, the higher your IQ is, according to the comprehensive study done by Rushton’s friend.
    Perhaps generalizations made solely on something like skin color, as opposed to things more subtle and complex, are what the Cucks can’t understand because they are so high IQ (especially verbally related).

    1. Related to this: All the talk about R and K selection on Stefan Molyneaux’s podcast. To summarize: R selected people are those who merely have as many offspring as they can because they have faith that the resources will always be there, and they don’t have to work that hard to defend or provide for their dependents. On the other hand, the K selected are responsible citizens and family oriented people who think about the future, get educations, join the military to defend their polis, etc. So far, so good. But the common trope in the Molyneauxsphere is to ridicule liberals and democratic socialists as low IQ R selected types. In my experience, this simply does not stand up to scrutiny. Most of the liberals I know are educated people, good parents, responsible citizens, etc. I know this is mostly anecdotal, but if there is anyt validity to it, the mapping of political attitudes upon the RK selection therory is simply wrong.

      1. I do agree with just about everything you said.
        I believe the stereotype of liberals partying comes from pre- insanity GOP, when they were actually more educated and higher IQ.
        Neo-Con nonsense causes a major exodus of intelligent people (and it has).
        it’s Stefan Molyjeux
        (pronounced Moly-Jew) 😉

        1. which would of course would mean at that time liberals were lesser educated.
          But neo-conservatism was basically a pogrom of high-IQ people from mainstream coservativism.

        2. I’m not sure I totally agree with your analysis. There have always been smart conservatives and libertarians, especially among the more ideologically motivated. And then you have the many engineers and scientists who tend to lean to the right, in at least some areas. But look how many times you will find “liberal” and “intellectual” adjacent to each other. For better or worse, non-minority liberals tend to be educated people who possess an almost pathological sense of altruism and conscientiousness. They probably party more in college, but then they grow up to be these helicopter parents who worry intensely about the world they are leaving to their offspring, again often pathologically and wrongheadedly. But whatever else you can say about them, their behavior and attitudes are definitely not even close to any meaningful description of R selected behavior. Again, this is anecdotal, but when you have this many anecdotes, I think there might be some valid generalizations to be made.

        3. Not sure what you mean about Stefan Moly-Jew. He seems at best neutral toward Jews, and I would guess not really a fan.

        4. Matt-
          I was trying to say Eugenicists types used to hate Democrats and look down upon them because they were both uneducated and low-intellect.
          Verbally sophisticated people now are almost unequivocally liberal (it’s the Engineers/spatially oriented that have stayed conservative).
          Verbally sophisticated people “party more” than Spatially oriented people, despite having the same holistic intelligence.
          However, Verbally sophisticated people still party less than all around dumb people, hence my reference to changes in educational demographics since the 1990s (Which you are correct, does not always translate into “IQ”).
          Molyneux is apparently Jewish VIA his mother. He has gone to great lengths to keep this a secret. It’s widely accepted fact within the Alt-Reich and appears to be true. I’ve never heard of an Irish Jew, though. Lol.

    2. “…It is amazing though that the more cuckish you are and SJW-like, as well as being liberal in general, the higher your IQ is…”
      There’s a simple explanation for this I’ve stated before. Education systems in the West are Left wing, SJW, Socom continuous propaganda machines. You are constantly indoctrinated into ridiculous SJW ideas constantly. When you leave school it takes several years and sometimes decades to undo this brain washing with reality. Reality thinking is more conservative and if you don’t pick this up then reality will strike you in the face. So people with more education spend much more time in a fantasy world as opposed to a reality based world and the brainwashing last years beyond the schooling. Sometimes as much as thirty percent of a persons life. Therefore there are less educated people that are conservative. It’s just a straight numbers game. Like people with one leg tend to not be track stars. People with too much education have a fantasy view of life.
      People with less education are in the real world faster so they understand reality better, quicker.

      1. how did the SJWs get into power?
        There has to be a high IQ somewhere down the line.
        “if it doesn’t make sense, then it isn’t true”…..
        anti-tribalism is more nuanced thinking and is correlated with higher IQ, this is what makes sense, not “Racist aint’ Dum”.
        Occam’s razor…..

        1. You really are an educated/foolish person.
          “…how did the SJWs get into power?…”
          The Jews put them there.
          “if it doesn’t make sense, then it isn’t true”…..
          Not so if there are hidden variables. This is how magicians work. They do things that don’t make sense but are true.
          “…anti-tribalism is more nuanced thinking and is correlated with higher IQ, this is what makes sense, not “Racist aint’ Dum”…”
          Here’s where you get down to the meat. The crux of the problem you are having. This where you need to pay attention. If you think Jews are so smart and I’ll bet you do, then why are they some of the most tribal people on Earth if tribalism is dumb? If the Jews are not racist then no one on the planet is. Their religion after all says that no other people are even human. They’ve brainwashed you that only stupid people believe in tribalism all they while they are given a pass because,”they are so oppressed”. Cry, cry for the Jews. Note the Jews have been thrown out of every single country that they’ve ever been to in any numbers for as long as we have history records. You think about that. A people that are ALWAYS thrown out of any country they go to no matter where and no matter what time in history that we know of.
          The Jews tell you that to control the racial make up of your country is some stupid dumb hick thing while all the time they don’t let anyone be a citizen of Israel unless they are genetically related. I want to have what the Jews have in controlling the racial make up of the USA. Am I a dumb ass for wanting what Israel has?
          The Jews are THE people responsible for the overturning of the laws of immigration in 1965 where as before we did control the racial make up of the US. Why is this good for us but not for them? DO you believe the Jews are more “special” than White people? You do realize that White people that are younger are a MINORITY? You get that, right? Only a few decades ago we were 90% of the population.
          Do you think all these people who come from third world countries are going to love Whites? That the magic dirt of the US will somehow transform them into Germans or Jews or Swedish folk ready to move the economy to new heights?
          “…Occam’s razor…..”
          Once again hidden variables. The Jews own or control all major media. All the newspapers, TV stations, cable outlets, magazines, book publishing, etc. They’re slowly losing control of the information conduits but not yet. Every school book you’ve ever read in your life is very likely to have had a Jewish publisher who kept out information he felt was strongly prejudicial to Jews. Hard to question that which you never see. You’ve been sold a bill of goods and they’re bullshit. You ever read “Animal Farm”? Well you’re in it and you’re not the pigs.

        2. To Barack Thatcher:
          how did the SJWs get into power?
          There has to be a high IQ somewhere down the line.

          Religion and ideology can be separate from intellect. Christians displacing pagans in Europe nor Muslims displacing Christians in the Middle East does not necessarily mean one religion triumphed over another because of the winning group’s collective higher IQ.
          What did happen is that SJWs gained power in key positions that enabled them to project influence – in academia (history, political science, sociology, journalism, and English) and in the media.
          High IQ software developers, mathematicians, chemists, etc tend to be libertarian or apolitical.

        3. Anthropology is a good example. Carleton S. Coon used to be the head of the American Anthropological Society. The Jews basically threw him out and put Franz Boas in. Notice wikipedia says Boas was,”…father of American anthropology..” which is a huge God Damned fat fucking lie! After this came the lies of everyone is the same from the American Anthropological Society and after all if they said it was true, well it must be true. They repeated this over and over and over and over. Gould wrote his book “The Mismeasurement of Man” that accused another anthropologist of mismeasuring skulls. They taught this crap over and over and over and over. May even still teach it. Turns out. He lied. The skulls of different races are different. The actual skulls were measured again and the old White guy was right and the Jew cooked the books. Gould lied.

      2. You say that the Jews are responsible for having turned the laws of immigration from 1965 onwards. That’s true in quite a great part.
        But hasn’t it ever occurred to you that the Jews, who were actually more numerous in percentage at the beginning of America, and who had massively supported the Southern cause (since they had the monopoly over many professional sectors in the Southern plantation economy and intended to keep things that way as they did in many other like economies : they were mostly Sephardic at that time) had also been responsible beforehand, as Southern democrats and former Whigs, for the instatement of the most racist immigration laws of the world (favouring Jews first and then Protestant Germanic peoples which they fancied as most obedient to their values and interests, against Latin and Slavic people these Jews despised most and far more than the traditional Anglo-Saxon did, who were on the contrary most admirative of Italians : never forget that before WWII most of White racism, especially White anglo-saxon racism, claimed of the Bible and therefore to be pro-Jewish, regarding Jews as the pure race that had made other people white in direct proportion of their Jewish genes : that can be seen in many works of fancy written before WWII, such as the Cosmogony of Urantia, which placed humanity onto a continuum with Jews at the evolved side and sensate races such as the negroes having received very little or no Jewish blood at all).
        What happened about 1960-68 (under Kennedy-Johnson), with the best and the brightest as Kennedy used to call them, was rather a change of attitude inside the Jewish community, and a not so universal and drastic one : the Neo-cons were those who got most rapidly disillusioned with Civic rights movements and multiculturalism and reverted to a more traditional Jewish attitude like Leo Strauss, fancying themselves as the most adroit supporters of Germanic discipline. The Neo-Cons, both Jewish and non-Jewish, don’t support unbridled immigration at all : their passive attitude towards it comes from the historical and cultural pessimism that is the hallmark of Germanic conservatism, and from a condemnation of political do-gooders in general as all smacking of leftist impulses : evil such as mongrelization is befalling the world as part of a cycle you can do nothing about it except protecting yourself from it and taking most advantage of it to defend your advantages or those of your very closed kin be it Israel be it your social class. Israel, on the other hand, NEVER approved of America having opened up to so much non-White immigration nor of turning much of its military to Blacks and multiculturalism, Moshe Dayan rather always lamented the time the US Army was an all-White one in practice. Israel rather supported the South African apartheid cause up to its indefensible fag end, and keeps on inviting Southerner White policemen to get lessons of how to deal with Blacks and Muzzies from how they have learned to deal with Palestinians. You must not confuse the fostering of a policy such as unbridled immigration from brown countries and the mere acceptation of it taking place as something you can do nothing about it for fear of being defeated far more rapidly and humiliatingly as White South Africa has just been by the inescapable laws of both biology and demographics which tend to maximum entropy. The intellectually-minded Jews who fostered more open immigration laws in the sixties had in view the Central European style multicultural society they had personally known as imperial Vienna used to be, and it was a delightful state of things as regards arts and creativity. They had in view immigration laws less demanding about ethnic origin but far more about credentials and cultural competences, they were very intent that applicants were proficient in American English.

    1. Not necessarily a lack of thinking statistically, there are mutliple factors that should go into determining whether or not something will occur a certain way, and one way factor is going to be a crummy way of doing such.
      I.E. multiple regression works better in estimating things on a bell curve than singular regression.
      But yes, when give just one bit of information, it’s best to just use singular regression than to throw out the data entirely.
      But a big part of my objection is proles can’t ACCURATELY do that

      1. “…big part of my objection is proles can’t ACCURATELY do that…”
        What a mindless, stuck up, narcissistic way of thinking. 99.9999% of general life task can be done by your average “prole” White person as well if not BETTER than the 120 IQ uberman such as yourself. Exactly how much of your life do you spend doing “multiple regressions”? How many papers will you write on “multiple regressions”? Exactly how much time was spent learning “multiple regressions”? A portion of a semester? Is this your primary function, “multiple regressions”? That the “ubermen” say there’s no such thing as race should give pause to throw in with their ilk and dump the “probe” on the trash heap or their little girls in the garbage can. Maybe you should do some “multiple regressions” on the length of your lifetime should you drive around Baltimore Maryland on an average nighttime as a White Man.
        I went and looked up “multiple regressions” and the idea that proles can’t do this is stupid. Your ideas are stupid as humans naturally do, “what’s past is prologue”. It’s a built in function.

    1. Indeed they do. Cultural Leftists won’t think twice about generalizing all white men as evil oppressors or all black people as hopelessly victimized and need of progressive intervention.

  6. Generalities will save your life.
    From Vox Day,
    #1 bestselling literary satire, The Missionaries, as Peter Grant, South African military veteran and witness to many an atrocity in Africa, testifies:
    I’ve seen this so many times in Africa that the memories are seared into my mind . . . yet the ‘innocents abroad’ keep on going there in the expectation that because they’re aid workers, they’ll be respected by the locals. “In the event of trouble, the people we’re helping will protect us. Everything will be fine.” I was told that, in those specific words, by a medical volunteer in West Africa . . . two weeks before she was raped to death (including being raped vaginally and anally by multiple bayonets, after her assailants had had their fun) by Foday Sankoh’s RUF thugs in Sierra Leone. She was an attractive woman when I last saw her. Two weeks later, her torn, burned, sliced-open corpse was a nightmare. I could not identify her by sight. It took dental records and a forensic pathologist to do that.
    People, if you visit a part of the world – not just Africa, but anywhere – where human life is cheap, where torture and rape are everyday occurrences, where tribal and/or religious and/or ethnic divisions are excuses for savagery and bestiality of the worst kind, then the odds are pretty good that you’re going to experience those realities for yourself. The locals don’t care that you’re there to help them. They don’t care about your high-minded ideals, or your purity of vision of the new Utopia you’re trying to build for them. To them, you’re “other”.

    “…American graduate of Stanford University and an Anti-Apartheid activist in South Africa…”…”As she drove a friend home to the township of Gugulethu, outside Cape Town, on August 25, 1993, a black mob pulled her from the car and stabbed and stoned her to death”…”…According to Rex van Schalkwyk, in his 1998 book One Miracle Is Not Enough, “Supporters of the three men accused of murdering [her] … burst out laughing in the public gallery of the Supreme Court today when a witness told how the battered woman groaned in pain.” …”.
    She lost her life because she didn’t understand generalities. She lost her life because she was brain washed by the educational system. A sacrifice to political correctness. Just like they used to throw children into the red hot burning statue of Baal or rip the hearts out of people at the top of the Aztec temples. At least the ancients were honest. They were going to sacrifice someone. We would be better of just giving a few White Women over to the Blacks and have them raped and sacrificed on YouTube every year. It would at least warn the uninitiated.

    1. so get this folks, your average person CAN understand multiple regressions.
      Because of the fact that the average person is capable of betting at a casino, they understand multiple regressions.
      What’s that you say? The Casino earns money and the “average person” loses? That’s not because they don’t understand, oh no….It’s because you’re a JEW.
      Ban this fucktard, please.

      1. You’re a very foolish person. You don’t even understand the motivations of casino gamblers. Casino gamblers ALL know the house has the winning hand but they also know that they only take a percentage. I can’t remember exactly but I think Nevada casinos take is 3% or some such on slots. So the people are not expecting to take the casinos money they want the 77% that get recirculated. They want to win big. After all most gamblers know that losing a small sum to the house is not the end of the road but if they hit the progressive slots they could win $10 million and change their lives over night. That’s what they’re gambling for. Same as the lottery. You’re not so blind as to think all these people who buy lottery tickets all think they’re going to win are you? They know it’s unlikely but it would be a huge gain if they did. Mind you I’m not talking about those addicted to gambling as that’s a different issue.
        Yes Jews own a lot of casinos also.

  8. So…..
    Jewboy thinks the average person can understand multiple regressions?
    Is he as smart as the “average person”?
    If you were to estimate the IQ of someone who is +3 SDs in educational attainment (Correlates 0.65), -1 SD in Head Size (correlates 0.40), and +2 SDs in reaction time (Correlates 0.40), what’s his expected IQ.
    Do you have an IQ of 100?
    If you can’t do this your IQ is less than that.
    The average person can do this, you know.
    Dear fucking God.
    These mofos are a caricature of themselves.

  9. Perhaps……
    line bets are a better point than Casinos……specifically.
    That being said, does anyone actually think the average person successfully bets on a line bet?
    Does the average person set the odds?

    1. “…Does the average person set the odds?…”
      No but the average person will gamble big for big odds.
      You don’t have the right idea about gambling. I lived in Las Vegas for three years. Gambling can be entertainment. You get free or very low cost drinks. Cheap but reasonable quality food and it cost you whatever you feel like putting into gambling. If you have control of yourself you can eat, drink and have a good time for very low cost or you used to be able too. Last time I went to Las Vegas it was expensive to eat there. Used to be you could get a steak, a salad, potato, bread and a drink for $5. Heinekens were .50 cents. Mixed drinks a dollar.

  10. All fuckery and dumbassery aside;
    the Jewish run schools teach that the Italian Renaissance emphasized a shit away from “the church, the church, the church” “do everything not to go to hell” to individualism and self-actualization.
    Whites are the most individualistic of all…..
    what does Sam think on this subject?

    1. I think we individualized ourselves right out of a country with a strong push from the Jews who provided funding and propaganda for the push.

      1. Right, but assuming you believe such an idea, it would sort of alleviate blame to the Jews. It would hence be in White’s personality to be less Nationalist. Sort of.
        Jayman was the pushing it (I now hence call him Jewman)

        1. You’re thinking, if you can call it that, is wrong. I’ll give another example to show how foolish your thinking is. You heard of grooming? Little girls are trained to follow orders so if someone grooms her to be a sex toy then he’s not at fault because little girls are more likely to follow orders or so that’s what your reasoning states. It is of course ignorant.

        2. Sam…
          if Jewman found genes, then he found genes.
          “Joo Propenganda”
          doesnt Trump.That.
          get it?

  11. Not to think like Charles Murray;
    one MAJOR problem in Race pride/supremacy, even with Whites, is that when it comes down to individual achievements of a race (Whites invented the Microwave, a Nigerian pioneered Gas Computer screens), it’s only a tiny fraction of the elite that has done it and/or is capable of doing it.
    In these cases, it really doesn’t translate to my whole race is brilliant. I suppose if you were taking pride in “My country has high income, low crime and is all around awesome”, then yeah, the average person has a lot to do with that, but not in too many specifics.

    1. “…Race pride/supremacy…”
      If you use this for Whites then you should use the same illogical fallacy for all races. I bet you don’t do that for Blacks which means you are singling out Whites with aggressive negative propaganda towards them. This is hatred towards White people. With your mask of hatred for Whites exposed maybe you shouldn’t talk too or about anything related to Whites should or shouldn’t do. You have an inherent hate bias towards them and have no standing morally to tell them anything.

    2. Yeah good point. So many people are average and many are like Beevis and Butthead 😆 Also, many are good at things which aren’t useful for society technlogy-wise, like say a black lady who sings mind blowing stuff at her local church, or a spectacular white folk guitarist.
      So WNs say that the master race would be composed of a lot of people whom we can say all would be math/engineering whizzes or something. Well, that’s silly.

      1. “So WNs say that the master race would be composed of a lot of people whom we can say all would be math/engineering whizzes or something. Well, that’s silly.”
        You get it 100%.
        The Achilles heel of Nationalism/Supremacism.
        Reminds me of the old days on AmRen when the more educated Alters would argue with the fucktarded supremacists, and would say, for instance, what Jason said about immigration ‘who cares if a middle aged Nigerian programmer or Chinese couple come here to open up a business. They’re worth more to this country than you fucktards’. To which the supremacists acted like Sam in response.

        1. or the Alt-Right guy who had a Space Monkey as his profile pic, he was very smart, and a regular at AmRen and until Trumpkins had him gassed….
          he said “The holocaust was especially bad for humanity since Jews are so disp. smart”….
          “The Black African population will increase because they are more r-selective than us. Rushton who spoke at AmRen conferences said this. We just have to care about ourselves. Aren’t you guys pretending to be Nationalists, anyway”.
          He was then told, he was “okay” with the 1965 immigration act, and was “anti-White” and a “Jew” or “Mexican”. Sound familiar?

      1. Racist? Everyone in this was white.
        Eugenics? Well yeah, cognitive skills were used as a filter but rather than the concept itself it was the character’s intellect being mocked.
        Jason being confused with concepts and tries to evade his ignorance through equally jumbled humor? Present as always.

        1. On the Beevis and Butthead show, this particular one, the characters are being mocked as stupid, but it’s also showing the pompous nature of the eugenics movement.

        2. The episode is taking a shot at Beevis and Butthead AND the eugenics movement. Note the scene where they tell potential customers only the best and brightest minds are signing up for the sperm bank, lol

        3. Of course, everyone on the episode was white, but it still taking a shot at eugenics and racism. A lot of this elitism isn’t directed toward NAMS but also against lower IQ white people etc… So this elitism isn’t that different from racism.

        4. While I’m aware that the show often pokes fun and adds some social commentary, in this case it really only seems they were goofing around. I found it amusing but not actually saying that much.
          Also, Eugenics movement? Okay, nothing like that is actually promoted in Modern times outside of isolated eugenic institutions like abortions or sperm banks. The actual movement took place in in the 19th to Early 20th century, but not today
          Sperm banks are often used for couples or single women who want to reproduce, the cognitive skills just limited the viable users due to Health and mental skills that might be based on to the Baby. Yes, health is used in accepting subjects but that was skipped just so the skit could make a stupid joke. The same could be said for the “best and Brightest” minds bit, it was meant to contrast with the behavior of the two characters.
          Also, where else in the skit did anyone actually displayed prejudice elitism? They anger of the doctor was justified because the two characters were indeed screwing around, not just for the sake of being elitists.
          You basically interpreted something that wasn’t there Jason.

  12. If a Black with an IQ of 130 does something awesome, does that mean all Blacks (average IQ 80), are also awesome?
    What about a White with an IQ of 150 and the average White with an IQ of 100?
    They may have behaved enough just to make society stable, but beyond that they haven’t done jack.
    This has smatterings of reactionary talk, and I apologize

    1. “…This has smatterings of reactionary talk, and I apologize…”
      No it’s a smattering of stupidity which little children could look at and realize that you haven’t got a lot common sense.

      1. You truly believe I just throw personal insults at you all the time, while you are fact based?
        That’s cute.

      1. Supremacist Ideology is like, if someone in the 99th percentile of abilities does something great, it must mean that people in the 50th percentile of ability must also be great, just because they are great.
        Did Sam invent the Microwave?
        Did Kate Steinle’s rapist invent the wheel?
        Obviously brilliant, and not average people did this. The average people shouldn’t get it.
        I don’t care if you are civil, Jason (and don’t then hypocritically criticize me for doing exactly what you are doing).

        1. if a Smart White does something awesome (smart Whites have done a lot of great stuff), what claim does Sam, someone who thinks the plural of Election polls, is “Poles”, have to those achievements.

        2. Possibly Sam was just being lazy with spelling. Note, iv’e seen no indication he is dumb by any means, but I do think he’s branwashed.

        3. Even myself Iv’e made dumb mistakes with Calculus sometimes even in class in front of everyone. For instance,doing an integral substitution when it was derivative.

        4. I think WN ideology seems to be more about functioning. In other words, the WNs think whites as a group function better, hence are superior. It’s not as much about the fact some of them, the 90th percentile or something, are engineering geniuses etc…
          WNs have so much evidence for black failure by looking at statistics etc.. so they rub it in to NAMS, so to speak, and also use it to point out the over-blown notion that whites can function and create, and maintain a civilization.

        5. “…Supremacist Ideology…”
          I’m a WN not a WS. I don’t care if Jews or Asians or You are smarter. I want place that Whites control their destiny. I want even dumb Whites like myself to have a place in a society run by Whites under reasonably equitable terms. I don’t necessarily believe that the whole society should be White but it should be controlled by Whites. If the present mass murder of Whites and psychological warfare against Whites continues I would be for making the society 100% White if that’s what it took to stop it. I would be, actually I am for, the mass deportation of Jews immediately.

        6. “if a Smart White does something awesome (smart Whites have done a lot of great stuff), what claim does Sam, someone who thinks the plural of Election polls, is “Poles”, have to those achievements.”
          None because a Black Egyptian scientist made Whites a long time ago so it’s actually all Blacks fault.

    2. Perhaps you mean they haven’t done jack in that they don’t hold big university degrees or they never became a famous musician etc…
      That would be what the Bible calls meek as in “The meek shall inherit the Earth.”

    1. Don’t worry. Being afraid isn’t enough for them to target you.
      Jews themselves are stereotyped as being afraid of Blacks 😉

    2. Hey blacks don’t go to rattlesnake churches, only rural whites, maybe the ones who would be attracted to white nationalism.

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