Aryan Invasion Again and Why Narcissism Is the Core Indian Personality

Nelly (note fake British female name) an Indian nationalist, writes:

I personally find it so funny that so many people hold onto the Aryan Invasion theory with such tenacity. This theory was made popular by Hitler, which is really funny because he was also the same person who said that the superior people were those with blonde hair and blue eyes, and also went around claiming that Jewish people were evil and should be exterminated.
Today, the majority of people know that those with blonde hair and blue eyes are not superior to any other people nor are Jewish people evil and should be eliminated. That being said, why do so many people still believe the Aryan invasion theory even though it came from a man who did nothing but spread lies in an effort to brainwash people? Why are you guys so selective in what you want to believe as being true? Why does Hitler’s credibility suddenly increase for the entire Aryan theory?
I don’t usually get involved in these debates because I realize that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and I respect that. But, there is a difference between what is an opinion and what is a fact. And the fact is that the word “Arya” is Sanskrit for “noble.”
Max Mueller, who came up with the idea of two Aryan races, used this discovery as a means of showing the common ancestry between the Indians and Europeans, not as a form of racism (Esleben, 2008, F. Max Müller, Biographies of Words and the Home of the Aryas (1888), Kessinger Publishing reprint, 2004, p.120; Dorothy Matilda Figueira, Aryans, Jews, Brahmins: Theorizing Authority Through Myths of Identity, SUNY Press, 2002, p.45).
There is also a mountain of evidence that debunks the idea of there ever having been an invasion. Archeologists and researchers have never found any indication that an invasion occurred as the skeletons discovered never suggested that an invasion ever occurred  (Gregory L. Possehl, 2002, The Indus Civilization: A Contemporary Perspective, Rowman Altamira, p. 238, ISBN 9780759101722).
The majority of Western scholars don’t refer to it as an “invasion” because they are educated enough to know that it isn’t. Those who still call it an invasion are not viewed as being credible by the rest of Western scholars, but are rather seen as racist. (Witzel, Michael, 2005, “Indocentrism”, in Bryant, Edwin; Patton, Laurie L., The Indo-Aryan Controversy. Evidence and Inference in Indian History (PDF), Routledge).
Again, I’m not expressing any opinions in the last three paragraphs. I’m literally just stating facts. That is, information that has been proven to be true by people who are experts in this topic. So, if you choose to attack me, then I don’t know what to say except go hash it out with the experts who, after years and years of research, came up with these theories instead of me.

My remarks: The Aryan Invasion Theory was not created by Hitler. The Indians called themselves Aryans. They didn’t need Mueller or Hitler to make it up. Iran means “Aryan.”
Almost all Western scholars agree that the theory is true. Only a few crackpots and nuts disagree, and they are very isolated and cannot even publish in peer reviewed journals because their theories are so antiscientific. It is not a fringe theory. It is cutting-edge modern social science.
Further, I believe that there is excellent evidence of an actual Aryan Invasion that resulted in a vicious war that left many dead and entire cities in the Indus Valley razed to the ground.
And you won’t get called racist for calling it the Aryan Invasion Theory either. You might be called that by some idiot Indian, but who cares what Indians think about this or much of anything really?
This response is also interesting.
First of all, in order to show how well read they are, this Indian nationalist peppers her comment with a lot of nice references. I admit that the references are nicely done, and I commend the commenter for her scholarship. However, I must painfully point out to this apparently blind commenter that every single one of those quotes that she quoted actually supports the Aryan Invasion Theory instead of opposing it. So her references do not support her thesis; instead they disprove it!
I see so many Indian nationalists and Hindutvadis come here adopting European-sounding names, both first names and surnames.
We even had an extreme Indian nationalist here posting under “Snow is fun.” Snow is white. It’s white and cold, and there’s not much of it in most of inhabited India. To me, giving himself that name meant that he secretly wanted to be Scandinavian. And in fact, he was an Indian expat posting from Sweden.
Others post under names like “Arya” and then proceed to rip the Aryan invasion theory to shreds. And note how many of the wildest Indian nationalists have long bailed out of Shithole India for the hated White Man’s Land, where they paradoxically live so much better than they do in glorious Bharat Mata.
They hate Whites, but they disguise their identities under White first names and last names.
They hate Whites and consider them inferior to superior Indians, yet they left superior India for inferior White man land where they somehow live much better than in Mother India.
They call themselves Arya yet viciously attack the Aryan Invasion Theory.
They hate Whites but post from Sweden.
They hate Whites but call themselves Arya.
They hate Whites but come from a society that worships White skin like a God.
They hate Whites but give themselves names describing white things like snow that are only found in cold climates were Whites are common.
They hate Whites but call themselves “Snow is fun,” which to me means “I love Whiteness.”
In other words, almost all of these Indian nationalists are absolutely crazy. The cognitive dissonance here would deafen you.
Furthermore, obvious psychological complexes such as inferiority complex, envy, reaction formation, projection, denial, narcissism, false confidence, etc. are painfully evident here. The “Indian complex” seems to be characterized by hatred and envy for their “inferiors” who they secretly ape, emulate and live among. The painful recognition that their “inferiors” are actually superior to their falsely “superior” selves is blatantly on display.
Hatred, envy, false and fragile overconfidence, an inferiority complex and especially the subconscious knowledge that their “inferior” rival is actually better than their “superior” selves and the resulting shame and rage that this engenders is almost a textbook definition of the narcissist.
I suggest that narcissism is the base personality of many Indians, especially the nationalists, ultranationalists and Hindutvadis.

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28 thoughts on “Aryan Invasion Again and Why Narcissism Is the Core Indian Personality”

  1. Ah…yes, nationalism.
    Nationalism reminds me a lot of a quote by Bill Maher on religion “surely the rational part of your brain sees…(it’s just an explanation for what Science has not unearthed)”
    surely the rational part of the Nationalists’ brains (assuming such things exist) sees that they feel x group is awesome because they are a member of x group, and that their brains can not be trusted to be objective because they are wrought with “feelings” on this subject.

  2. About the same time Inuit emigrated from Asia to North America and perhaps even earlier, the Aryans came to India from Russia or Iran.
    That’s a long time ago and Indians are so thoroughly mixed that only black Dravidian people in the South are openly resentful.
    Another aspect is that Aryans really never liked the jungle or tropical humidity so their population thinned out below the Hindu-speaking line.
    Kashmir is more Aryan because it similar in climate to Russia or Eurasia.

    1. There is no shortage of trolls as whenever this theory comes up for discussion. These freaks just cannot accept the fact that their so called race is a mixed cesspool. Instead of chimping out every time why don’t they try to improve the conditions in their benighted land. Aryan invasion is true. Dravidian race is real. Game set match.

      1. who are these “indian nationalists”? just look at their faces, it will tell you enough on why they cant stand white-men & indo-aryan legacy.
        the same monkey-races that breeding out beautiful indo-aryans in india(many are genetically still pure). brits did a crime forming the united-nation of india. Kashmiri,punjabi, pashtuns all now left to die amongst these subhuman bastards.Negros are less harmful

  3. Not really interested in the topic, just felt the need to comment on the quote regarding Hitler’s alleged extermination of Jews. This is old war-time propaganda, which nobody need to belive any more, because it is easily debunked nowadays with a simple internet search: such as “Holohoax survivors who tell the truth”,
    or “6 million Jews in Newspapers”.
    Hilter wanted to kick out the Jews from Europe and transport them to South America, according to “Neuturei Karta” and “True Torah Jews”, check out
    ” ten questions to the zionists” by rabbi Weissmendhel.
    Acording to undisputed authority on Hitler, David Irving, Hitler always protected the Jews.
    The war was brought on Hitler, because he stopped the usury of international finance, according to a letter from Winston Churchill to Lord Robert Boothby.
    Then I want to comment on Jews, on the question of evilness. This discussion assumes that Jews are a race, which they are not. There are followers of fJudaism in all almost all ethnic groups. There are blonde Jews, black Jews, Mongolian Jews, Chineese Jews, Indian Jews etc.
    The religion of Judaism however is an evil religion. Compassion is forbidden towards Non-Jews, it is a commandment, one of 613 mitzvoth “Lo Sichonaym”.,5081,5140#msg-514
    The Non-Jew has not humans status and fraud and stealing is allowed towards the Non-Jew. Page 112 & 118
    Links to more references at

  4. The inferiority complex of fucking SHITndians just screams to the world.
    The thing is, is that there are the little teen SHITndian PUNKS that post about “superpower India,” and they actually believe that cities in the West and in East Asia (and the rest of the world outside of SHITHOLE SHITndia) are like cities in SHITHOLE SHITndia.
    They think cities in the West and East Asia have cows and packs of feral pigs and packs of wild dogs roaming around the streets with those streets covered in human shit and animal shit and that cities in the West and East Asia (and the rest of the world outside of SHITHOLE SHITndia) have massive mounds of garbage and trash just piled up in the streets AS NORMAL……..
    Really the little teen SHITndian PUNKS have never stepped outside of their human-shit-filled SHITHOLE neighborhoods and thus as far as they are concerned “New York City and London and Paris has streets filled with human shit and massive mounds of garbage”. Chalk it up to them being little not-informed young PUNKS.
    However then you have the KIND like this SHITndian that goes by the name “ajmerthethy” that posted the following (you can feel the absolute TOTAL inferiority complex with “ajmerthethy”):
    “Lol Indians invented 0, the decimal system, binary, Pi, trigonometry, algebra, arithmetic, surgery – plastic, cataract ( plastic surgery: Korean bitches love it ), navigation, sewage, drainage systems, religion, Vedas, yoga, advanced geometric math, Wooltz steel, epics, toilets, etc. Oppenheimer (the guy who created a bomb that burnt your Slave masters) admired and loved Hinduism. He felt this is the only religion which explains the closest thing to Science. So don’t forget you scum how you can access the Internet, how you can count, how you can solve advanced math, and how you can take a shit.”

    1. Put a Greek up in the harsh Fjords of Norway. He will adapt and survive. Scandinavians are a bit more Spartan than Athenian but served the Byzantines well as Vangarian guardsmen. In European societies Europeans fit in and thrive, unlike gypsies from India.

    1. I don’t know where these Hindu morons state that NASA is India Scientists/Hindu Dominated. I have had some contracts in NASA/NASA Related Orgz in the last 5 years and I can honestly say the vast majority of folks were whites and other assimilated/US Born folks hardly any Indians.

        So ingrained was the LIE amongst the SUBHUMAN SHITHOLE SHITndian MUDS that the “reputable media” in SHITHOLE SHITndia actually addressed it a decade ago:

  5. the ancient pure indo-aryans are still in India. search sunny leon, rihtik roshan/punjabis. Bred out by subhuman semi-australoid monkey races.
    The same insecured monkeyfaces that keeps trolling everywhere they see the world “aryan”

    1. Hrithik “see my steroid biceps” roshan? The guy who broke into the “bleach my skin aryan” bollywood circus through favors from his dad and his only successful role saw him play a man-child stuck with the mind of a 13 year old?
      If we’re going to talk about shitholes and pure Indian aryans, the most aryan of Indian aryans, the Kashmiri Pandits, who ruled India for about 35 years between them, can’t be absolved of their responsibility in sustaining the shittiness and laying the foundations nepotism, corruption and megalomania with an Indian touch.

      1. The question is, “Arnold swansegar’s steroid biceps” & a white skin would still make a madrasi/dalit/baniya/aam-indian like u look like semi-austric mutt, just like your dad gandhi. Pundits,English,Muslim rulers, who ever it was, being the 0.1% of Indian population can’t fix that cesspool filled with too much roach-breeding vile subhumans. The only way it can be redeemed is by nuking or forced sterilization of you folks.And the last time Pandit Nehru/Brits tried to thin the herd, you peoples cried racism & made him womanizing anti-national villain! You lots play the “race card” better than Negros in the west!
        I’m glad Preity Zinta just married a western dude.Money can’t buy your dad ADANi/ambani those beauitiful indo-aryans.

        1. The question is, “account for the direction of sunlight when defecating openly” and the founders of other elaborate excretion rituals, the pandit / brahmins, were 99.9%, it still wouldn’t keep India clean. The influx of grandsons of Babur from Azamgarh / Allahabad from their local shitholes to the South and Western India and the increase in local rape that they cause, could be drawn into a neat migration chart, with nice flowy brown lines just like the diarrhea their food would bring. The only thing the Aurangazebis have better than the brahmin open defecation promoters, are that they can figure out how to use a toilet, though they spend most of their time around it, looking for someone to rape.
          I’m also glad Preity Zinta found someone to marry. She’d otherwise be chubby dancing on the wrong side of the boundary fence in the “we need bollywood in our cricket” brahmin / bania premier league.

        2. Money cannot change your genes ,if that was possible ,then Ambani/adani would have the most handsome people in India but do you ever see them ??They look the same just like their fellow Hindus eating same food like 10 rupee Daal chawal .They have not done anything for their country ,Instead they consider India as shithole and only uses India to earn billions of dollars .

  6. S26 Dravidian people in the South actually favor socialist democracy like Scandinavia’s and the living standard in Kerela or Bangalore is higher than Delhi.
    Gujarati merchants and Sikhs who trace their ancestry to Huns, Aryans, Persians and maybe Afghanistan are the ones who embrace the free-market.
    Lower-caste Dravidian people like all downtrodden people like socialism because capitalism involves too much nepotism and relationships between family cartels.

  7. Goa’s Portuguese and Calcutta’s Anglo-Indians probably have the greatest degree of Western European genes.
    They have not achieved the degree of success of Gujarati people in business or Sikhs in battle or really amounted to anything.
    I’m not sure how they have made a large impact in India.
    Aryans are not really respected greatly below the Hindi-line, either.

    1. Aryans in India don’t deserve respect, if they don’t want to seperate out & form own homogeneous nation out of the bloody cesspool Union-of-lowlives called “virat-India”. Jinnah realized it very well. Despite being war torn, Pakistan is a beautiful /clean nation full of Indo-aryan races. Without Islam destroying, it would be like an advanced European/Caucasian nation just like Afgan/iran was 50years ago.

    2. That’s probably why the hindutva politics around the Aryan invasion theory and the rejection by Dravidian supremacists is pretty useless.
      The more purer aryans, dravidians and persian descendants remained specialized and have been trivial on the whole. The tamils are only good at software / math, and can barely play sport. The punjabis are good at wrestling / body building but can’t be expected to developed any working hardware. Gujaratis can do business, but no one really hears of them outside that. None really achieved the universal success in sports / business / culture / military like Western Europeans in the last 2 centuries. Even the North Easterners can never match the global achievements of Chinese / Japenese.
      The hindutva / dravidian pseudoscience is all political pride, something they switch to when not playing the victim card.

  8. S26 Dravidian Supremacists would be howled at with laughter in Mumbai or Delhi by Scythian Sikhs who trace their ancestry around the Volga River or Gujarati people who apparently derive from the Huns or Brahman Aryans.
    …Howled at with laughter.
    I’ve lived in South India and over a bottle of liquor Nair caste Hindus will curse Northern Indians for “coming down from Afghanistan” (Accusing them of being Arabs is actually the source of the slur).
    That’s about the extent of it.

  9. S26 North America is not specialized? Boiler-room scams are usually run by people under 5’10 with names like Weinberg while African-Americans who trace their ancestry to Nile farmers are the seven foot NBA players and Silicone valley is Asian and European. Beer breweries have names like Pabst. The most successful mafia is Sicilian.
    ANALOGY with India’s caste system would go this way:
    Gujarati people migrated from Georgia which was Gujistan in the 4th or 5th century and would be the Jews of America or Chinese of Southeast Asia in inclination towards business.
    Dravidian people are the purest Asians of India and would be comparable to Asians in America-math, technology, science.
    Sikhs have some of the athleticism of blacks (Compared to slight Dravidian people) and also fill the ranks of the military-they trace their ancestry to Huns, Soviets, possibly Slavs. They would be both Scots-Irish and African-America in the extent to which they fulfill military and sports in India.
    There are dozens of other castes and groups in India of course. But these three fit analogous generalizations.

  10. Dravidian people refer to North Indians as Arabs as a sort of pejorative.
    North Indians simply view Dravidian people as an ancient conquered people of no particular importance above the Hindi line.
    They don’t mix much at all. War in Kashmir is the only contact they have with some units from the South sent up North to fight Muslim insurgents.
    Otherwise within a single civilization forget about it. They have little to do with one another.
    North Indian girls have a reputation for being prostitutes in Tamil while the average Punjabi Sikh believes a Tamil is an effeminate homosexual.

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