Where’s the band? All I see are the Nip chicks (pronounced Nippochikko). So who’s playing the music? God? The Emperor?
Ok here’s the band below. It’s pretty of hard to play music without a band.
The lead singer chick’s name is Moa. She’s hot! Gimme Moa! God I love Nip chicks! Those have got to be the sexiest women on Earth. Don’t you find the sexiness of them rather disturbing though? I mean they look like little girls? Neoteny. And then they act like little girls too. And that is apparently why we find them so sexy*. Good God.
We are all pedophiles now!
*However, it has been shown throughout the world that women tend to have a a more neotenous look than men, and this is apparently why men find them so attractive. Not because men are naturally pedos (though that is possible) but more because neoteny implies youth.

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0 thoughts on “Headobangu!”

  1. Children are cute. They’re designed that way so we’ll take care of them. If they looked like hideous sea monsters, any set back and we’d abandon them.

  2. Here’s a few more good videos of them. The sign that they are making is not the devil. It’s the Fox God. A nice clean appropriation
    .Dailymotion has a lot of HD BabyMetal stuff but you have to look around a little.
    The band is actually super talented and think how many hours the girls have in learning all that choreography.

  3. That singer is 18 as of last December. She may have been 17 or younger when that video was filmed. No wonder she looks so young!

      1. The correct response is “The two Queens of Heavy Metal.”
        Halford might have an Asian fetish, but it aint an Asian girl fetish.

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