What Race Were the Windover People?

Sam writes:

Oh, so we’re going to go the old, “They were here first” trick huh? Ok. Here’s a story on the 8,000 year old Windover Skeletons and these people were Caucasians. That’s right White people. The Indians came from Siberia and murdered my ancestors. So they need to get the fuck out (if we’re going by the “I got here fist rule”).
Windover Skeletons
If you think I’m kidding or trolling about them being Europeans, I’m not. Europeans have a very distinct facial structure and are totally different from other races. A decent anthropologist can easily tell what race a person is from looking at their skull.

The DNA of the Windover People is Asian. The Caucasian appearance may be similar to Kennowick Man who comes from about that same time frame (Kennowick Man  9,000 YBP Windover People 7,500 YBP), however Kennowick Man only appears Caucasoid because he is sort of an Ainuid.
Kennowick Man’s skull plots most closely with the Ainu and the Moiriori, an extinct Melanesianized Polynesian people from the Chatham Islands. The Ainu are Australoid and the Moriori were a heavily Australoid Polynesian type.
Hence the Windover People are probably Australoids.
When you cross an Australoid with a Mongoloid, sometimes you end up with a pseudo “Caucasoid” phenotype. These people are not really Caucasoids; they just look like them. This is possibly because the number of possible endpoints for human phenotypes is small, and “Caucasoid is one of the few possible endpoints.

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12 thoughts on “What Race Were the Windover People?”

  1. So they need to get the fuck out (if we’re going by the “I got here first rule”).

    Are you a dangerous White supremacist who’s lost his hinges and whom we should report to authorities or to a sensible, equitable Jew? In case you be a White supremacist who needs education (and has no time to get it from the Southern Poverty Law Center): The “I got here first” rule is acceptable only in very, very select circumstances; and, in any event, only when the claim is based on a falsity.

    1. The operative word used in the above sentence is “if”. Meant to covey my feeling on the attacks against Whites for being Americans.
      “…The “I got here first” rule is acceptable only in very, very select circumstances; and, in any event, only when the claim is based on a falsity…”

  2. The Skull shape may be more long and thin because all races are gradually progressive towards larger (more spherical) cranias.
    (because Caucasians broke off from Blacks, Mongoloids from Caucasians..Blacks have longer narrower heads, Asians spherical, Caucasians in the middle).
    Just an idea.
    Or, as Robert said, it could be the Australoid-Mongoloid mix at work.
    This is Playfair, btw.

  3. You have in no way whatsoever proved they are Asian.
    “…The DNA Evidence
    Professor Doran dedicated 14 pages and numerous pictures, tables of his book to the methods and studies of the DNA of the Windover people. His final conclusion is:
    “Since the haplogroup frequency distribution of the prehistoric Windover population is unlike that of any known surviving or prehistoric group, they may represent the only demonstrated instance of the recent extinction of a group of Native Americans with no close surviving relatives.”
    And that is a very tricky sentence, spoken like a true Talmudic scholar.
    However he is still calling the Bog People “Native Americans” who have no close relatives hanging around today in America. He is trying to state that members of a different race were living at Windover, he is just not allowed to use the word “race.” …”
    Yes WN site but doesn’t mean they are wrong. They also state there that they controlled the pictures of the skulls.
    “…Five years after finishing the excavations Doran published his book in 2002: Windover Multidisciplinary Investigations of an Early Archaic Florida Cemetery. The book is an extremely valuable detailed collection of the information recovered, printed in large format on 393 pages. However, all images are of extremely poor quality and not a single image was printed of a human skull.
    In fact Doran might be the first anthropologist on this planet who managed to write a book where in the indexing the word “skull” is not present. Maybe he has some sort of deep seated childhood fear of human skulls after hearing too many pirate stories…
    The Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science, Fl. – with a dedicated section to Windover – has not a single image or a fully visible human skull displayed on their website or in their exhibition. The hundreds of scientific publications contain incredible details on the cavities and condition of every single tooth of the 168 individuals recovered, images of every single tool, fabric piece, etc. but not a single image of a skull. Also the average height of the Windover population is dramatically taller than the Indian population of the area but it is difficult to get exact data…”
    Seems fishy to me that they could publish a huge glossy book with pictures of every tooth yet not one damn skull. If it’s not a cover up they went to great lengths to make it look like one.
    In some places people have said there were European genetic markers. A sneaky bastard could easily omit those findings and only report on the sequences that don’t match modern Europeans to pretend they don’t have any European DNA.
    The ant-Whites are an evil bunch and can’t be trusted. When they withhold data as simple as pictures of the skulls then if you’re not suspicious then you have no business calling yourself an objective person.
    Other quote from the article,
    “…Dr. Joseph Lorenz from Coriell Institute for Medical Research was also searching hard for the DNA markers typical of “Native Americans” in the DNA samples taken from the bones of five individuals from Windover. He did not find what he was looking for but he did not stop. After comparing the Windover DNA to present European people’s he said:
    “I went back to the screen and I looked at the sequences again, the first person’s DNA it looked European. When I looked at the second one it looked European. When I looked at the third, fourth and fifth it was slightly different from the first two but they looked European.”…”

    1. https://mathildasanthropologyblog.wordpress.com/2008/03/18/the-jomon-of-japan-13000-bc-to-300-bc/
      Also Jomon skulls were commented on being very Europeans looking, which correlates with othevpaleo indian researches in discontinuity and sketetal association.
      On the whole, skeletal finds in North America were described as between South Pacific and Europeans, pretty close to those of Jomon.

    2. BTW, while the points in my first link might not shatter the idea of a coverup, a point it does make in it’s favor is a lack of replication in a ancient european connection, while Jomon connection were replicated in other studies, see the mathilda blog for that.

        1. Anthropologist Joseph Powell of the University of New Mexico wrote “…we follow Brace and Hunt (1990) and Turner (1990) in viewing the Ainu as a southeast Asian population derived from early Jomon peoples of Japan, who have their closest biological affinity with south Asians rather than western Eurasia peoples”.[43]
          As for Caucasian/European looking. Even a depigmented African or Black will look closer to a European/Caucasian than Obama. This really shows we were all once the same race.

        2. I didn’t say jomon were European, I simply quotes from one of my sources that their skulls were described to be European-looking, thus why people like the Kennwick man were thought to be one as well.

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