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  1. How about “Handjob Hospital” or “Freeze the Time”? A favorite is “Invisible Man” Oh we can’t forget human toilet seats, guess which nude body via sex, or erotic museums. But isn’t Japan supposed to be a socially conservative culture?

  2. It seems that the Japanese are the most orderly and law-abiding, and also the most neurotic people on Earth. Japan is the only Asian country in which I wouldn’t mind to live. It is amazing how the Japanese, who certainly have one of the lowest murder rates in the world, could display such ferocious cruelty during their imperialist phase between 1895 and 1945. Just think of the Rape of Nanking.

    1. It’s because when they’re called to serve as soidiers they don’t fuck around. They’re like robocops or Terminator machines.

  3. Are they really that conservative? Weren’t they mostly peasants before WW2 and now mostly urban?
    OTOH, it seems they allow outlets for the normal, healthy drives humans have. It seems this would palliate some or all of the frustration caused by needed social repression of some behaviors. American tradition seems to try for total repression in thought and deed.
    It seems that the current Cultural Left tries to minimize frustration only for some of the mentally ill.

    1. “…American tradition seems to try for total repression in thought and deed…”
      This is actually more of a Northern thing. That you can only think the proper way. The South believe it or not allows a bit more eccentric behavior. Not necessarily in the open though. You can be eccentric if you don’t go around telling everyone about it and pretending it’s the way everyone should act. If you’re eccentric and keep it too yourself it’s considered no one elses’ business.

  4. The Japanese are some of the most civilized people on Earth. They do allow harmless or mostly harmless outlets for most quirky human behavior. They even have an outlet for gangsters. The Yakusa is fairly well controlled. They are involved in prostitution, gambling and mostly victim less crimes. They don’t crack down on them too hard unless they start messing with guns or hard drugs. So even the criminals have a place without placing too much of a burden on society.
    They’re also Fascist.

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