How to Be Cool

They way to be cool is to act like this people. These…men…er…women…heshes…er…its…um…things…ugh…whatever the Hell they are.
Whatever the Hell these freaks are, one thing is for sure. They’re all nonbinary! Yay! Let’s hear it for being nonbinary. This is the new way. The future. No more men! No more women! We have finally gotten rid of gender once and for all!
Hip hip for gay!
Hip hip hurr gay!
Hip hip we’re gay!

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8 thoughts on “How to Be Cool”

  1. Jesus said to the Scribes and Pharasees: “How can you hope to avoid
    Hell?” He had the personal authourity to address them that way because
    He was God incarnate. He told the rank and file population that:
    “The Scribes and Pharasees sit on Moses’ seat. Do as they demand, but
    don’t act as they do, (because they’re hypocrites.) Rank had it’s
    privildge even back then. (Did you see how Jesus amended the Law when
    He gave the Sermon On The Mount? He had the personal authourity to
    change it. He made the Law IMPOSSIBLY stringent to keep.)
    How can America hope to avoid hell? People would KNOWINGLY
    put a liar and murderer in the White House.
    It’s one thing to be a “front person” for organized crime like J.F.K. and
    L.B.J. It’s another thing to put THE Al Capone in the White House and
    to give her UNLIMITED POWER! Nope “What comes up, must go down.
    Good-bye America.

  2. Whoa, Alex Anwandter is the last thing I ever thought I’d see posted in here. I dig his music. I went to see him perform live in L.A. several years ago with this Rock en Espanol band(they were straight) from Guadalajara. The live show was nothing like this video.

  3. There will always be people rebelling against strict gender stuff. It’s called fun. Fuck conformity, and I’m not being sarcastic.
    Of course, the people who want to be ultra-priss women or ultra-masculine men will always be out there. Trust me.

  4. Whoop-de-da 😆
    It just looks like a bunch of college art students or some kind of gay retro 80s people. What’s the big deal?

  5. Gender is there because reproduction has needed it to be there.
    As we gradually morph into machines, who are going to reproduce non-sexually, gender is, evolutionarily, no longer a need.
    Therewith, gender starts to dissolve. And before it’s vanished, people start not to see its use.
    (That gays carrying along biting complexes of inferiority crave the moment it happens is understandable.)

  6. No attraction to the opposite sex I cannot understand as getting a boner is very fun and enjoyable. That tells me something is wrong with people who are totally gay. It must be biological or something weird. Basically, the human species is full of disorder. Some people are born with weird deformities etc.. so I’d say homosexuality, the type with no attraction at all to the other sex, is probabily biological.

  7. Jayden Smith, Will Smith’s son now is wearing dresses. I think a bit too far, even though I’m open minded.

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