Sluthate, Incels, Etc.

From the Net, a commenter opines on Sluthate and related sites and the incel phenomenon in general:

Chasing women around like dogs and failing at it hundreds of times before one or two say yes – that’s what traditional masculinity thinks being a “real” man is all about. I feel sorry for these angry Omega males.
Come to think of it, White Nationalists are some of the biggest Beta males ever, angry too.

Actually I rather like Sluthate. It’s like a PUA site without all the cocky arrogant, strutting roosters, tools, dicks, jerks and especially douchebags who ruin those sites. You can get the same advice on Sluthate as you can on the PUA sites, and actually these poor angry Omegas are much less offensive to me than the jerkoffs strutting around on your average PUA site, who I usually feel like punching in the face. These Omegas are sad, but hey, life is sad. So I can relate. Life’s not supposed to be easy, and it’s isn’t.
I feel sorry for those angry Omegas myself. I have had a lot of success with women but there have also been dry spells where I couldn’t get date with God’s help, so I can sort of relate to what these guys are going through. Anyway, most single men are incel periodically anyway. How many single men can get sex anytime they want without paying for it, year in and year out, every day of the year? Hell, a lot of married men can’t even do that.
I would say that the natural state of man, at least single man, is Periodic Incel. After all, that’s why men get married. You are supposed to get married in order to get steady sex. If you ask a lot of men and they answer honestly, this is what they will tell you.
This is why there is so much pressure on single men to get married: it is seen as the road to lots of sex. Single life is seen as idiotic loserdom: bachelor life = no pussy. That’s not necessarily true, but it does seem to be true that it is hard to get a regular and steady supply of sex year in and year out without buying it if you are a single man.

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0 thoughts on “Sluthate, Incels, Etc.”

  1. You can get the same advice on Sluthate as you can on the PUA sites, and actually these poor angry Omegas are much less offensive to me than the jerkoffs strutting around on your average PUA site, who I usually feel like punching in the face. These Omegas are sad, but hey, life is sad. So I can relate. Life’s not supposed to be easy, and it’s isn’t.

    This “moral resentment” is how subterranean envy for people who are strong of body and mindless enough to enjoy a relatively carefree and stress-free life manifests itself. Envy tends to be the true force behind moral indignation, like a now deceased friend of mine once said.

    I feel sorry for those angry Omegas myself. I have had a lot of success with women, but there have also been dry spells where I couldn’t get date with God’s help, so I can sort of relate to what these guys are going through.

    I think neither you or I can really relate. Word people and creative people in general are quite the only ones who can really be first choices to women without being cocky, wealthy, handsome, or thewy. Men with a standard character who are not cocky/wealthy/handsome/thewy have it really tough and can never be first choices. Which isn’t the worse of ills, considering that even if they are crazy for you, women are hard-wired to get fed-up with a story in the course of three years (serial monogamy).

  2. Possibly a lot of these incels are dorks. They’re not talented musically, in sports, or otherwise, nor have they ever tried to become talented. So they reap what happens to such people and live a life with no sex.
    On top of that, they won’t work out, even though just lifting mildly a few times a week causes massive results. Finally some,especially the racist variety, are sometimes hateful creeps whom, if no girl wanted the question is “Gee, I wonder why? 😆 ”
    Boo hoo for these people (sarcasm).

  3. The lazy reap no reward in nature. It’s just the sad truth. I guess people should just get over it. If you won’t work at anything, you don’t get nothing, including sex.
    Now of course, my heart does go out though to really deformed people like in wheelchairs or something who cannot probably cannot get any sex, unless they’re paying for it. That’s a different story.
    Of course, though there is a murky area where beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For instance, someone mocked as fat to one person, might seem attractive to another. So a lot of the criticism is shallow bullshit which hurts a lot of people’s feelings, and I totally hate that.

  4. I don’t know how many of these guys are lashing out because they are losers, overweight, nerds or what not. What I do know is that a few generations ago, it just didn’t seem like men had to worry about this stuff. Talk to your father, talk to your grandfather or great-grandfather if they are still alive. Men grew up knowing they’d end up married and have kids probably by 25.
    The dynamics of sex have changed dramatically and these changes have mostly benefited women and top 10% of men. The world of Tinder and other online dating apps is emblematic of this new dating new landscape. Any woman, even if unattractive can have men pinging her app every day trying to meet up without even leaving the house. Guys who are better looking than she is. Average looking guys are ignored while women only respond to the top looking guys who drowning in pussy. There have been experiments set up on Tinder that prove this is the case, I even ran one myself. The top guys online don’t just get more attention than average guys, they get orders of magnitude more attention. Like more responses in 1 day than an average guy would get in a year. No joke.
    Sure there have always be winners and losers in the game, but these changes are have shifted us closer to a winner takes all scenario. Much like hyper capitalism. 40 years ago,of course there was that football captain that all the women wanted. But at that time, their reach may have been limited to their social network and the people they encountered at school. With today’s technology a guy’s potential sex partners could be the entire city, and there will be opportunities to have sex with more people than you would have ever encountered in the course of daily life. Couple this with the fact that women care less about sleeping around or marrying early and starting a family.
    I see where the frustration is coming from. I’m not sure what the solution is, or if there ever will be one.

    1. This isn’t the case in other cultures, assuming your a white guy, but I’m sure the local guys are frustrated cause they have no natural advantage among their own people.

      1. Well I live in Thailand and am Eurasian and I do not see myelf having any advantage over local because I am considered a sub average local

    2. How about we give college coeds the option of servicing these poor sexually deprived men to satisfy their community service requirements. It would accomplish more than a half hearted de-littering campaign or a visit to a homeless shelter in which the residents resent their presence.
      Now fly me to Oslo and give me my prize!

      1. Too many Christians where I live for that idea to become law. In Boston, I’m sure also too many Catholics.

        1. No Gay State Catholics are not influential enough for that. They couldn’t stop Massachusetts from becoming The Original Gay State FOT.

      2. Actually, sexually depraved men can always go to a go go bar to see 18 year olds taking off their clothes live and also there is prostitution. However, if your poor and an incel, then your shit out of luck.

        1. The scantily clad women would get really pissy if you try to touch them. There are always strings attached, even with paid stripper, there may be untold legal ramifications.
          I know of one such case.

        2. No, nobody in their right mind touches strippers or they get beat up by a bouncer. Being an incel won’t get you any sympathy in this case.

        3. They always have really rough, tough bouncers on hand to deal with people and also they can call the cops.

    1. So what if we are animals, whats the problem? Men comes from apes, remember.If our ancestor do not rape, none of us will exist.All mankind are a product of rape.

  5. The answer lies in the Astrological chart.
    The 5th house of the Astrology chart is “the house of pleasure.”
    If you have a planet there like Mars, Jupiter, or the Sun, you will get
    plenty of sex even if you’re ugly. If you have a very onerous and
    restrictive planet like Saturn, you can’t get laid in a whorehouse.
    The planets Moon and Venus represent female relationships in a
    man’s chart. Depending where they are located you can have harmonious
    relationships with females or unhappy relationships with females.
    If the Moon and Venus are situated at negative angles, you might be
    considered a life-long creep and rarely if ever get sex unless you pay for it.
    Most men are ignorant about Astrology. It would be helpful to “incels” if
    they learned. That way, the wouldn’t have to spend a lifetime “Waiting for
    Gadot.” They would abandon baseless hope. They would either purchase
    a $5,000.00 “Real” silicone doll, or do themselves in before slaughtering
    normal human beings who can get sex.

  6. Maybe one of the more industrious among you can create an idealized computerized robot to perform sexual functions and maybe do some mindless household tasks as well.

  7. Some have argued extremist groups are recruiting men who can’t get any women, hence have nothing to lose.

  8. I’d say dorks who cannot get any would be the source of a lot of hate in places. It’s no wonder the rich, or people like say westerners in Asia need to be surrounded by bodyguards or tour guides cause I’m sure a lot of the locals would like to pound their face. It’s just human nature.

    1. Of course, I wouldn’t say necessarily they are dorks, but they’re just poor and they’re just average. For instance, an average Chinese for instance, has nothing to compete aginst a hot shot western ESL teacher.

    2. Funny that Asian nations, well about every nation, shoves conformity down kids throats while they are growing up. Yet it’s the non-conformists or people who are different and odd (say western ESL teachers in Asia) who get all the women once everybody reaches 18 – 22 age.
      Some Korean woman doesn’t want an average run of the mill PC game room junkie who makes 500 a month, when she can get someone with more money. Also on top of this these average blokes will all be forced to join the army and not even get paid for it, except room and board.

  9. Hmmm… I might be opening myself up to a lot of ridicule here, but I guess I would qualify as one of those incels in other people’s estimation. My sex life was pretty much non-existent. Something happened to change my perspective on things.
    Some background first:
    I had always had weight problems, but I’m currently 110 lbs overweight (great form of contraception), Here’s the thing:
    Cut a bunch of stuff out of my diet and nothing
    Joined a gym and gained muscle, but didn’t loose fat.
    Got testosterone gel and nothing
    Went to weight watchers and gained another 15 lbs (!?)
    I finally went to a bariatric surgeon. The surgeon referred me to a nutritionist and she thought that I might have a metabolic disorder. A while back, I got a kit from her. for the first month I followed a strict diet with protein shakes, protein bars, antioxidant supplements, and low carbs. I lost about 10 lbs, but I got stuck again. I was dismissed from the surgery program a couple of months ago because they can’t do the surgery on someone who’s not losing weight
    I feel fatigued a lot of the time. There have been times that I’ve gotten a full night of sleep, but still wind up napping for three or four hours during the day. There have been days when I felt like I had no energy at all.
    I went to see a specialist (an endo) and he confirmed what the nutritionist said. He said that my body is not burning fat; it’s saving it. The thing is he can’t really find a reason why. He’s checked everything and, aside from low testosterone, can’t really find anything else (thyroid function is normal in case you’re wondering).
    And here’s the most important part: my sex drive has been almost nil for a while, though it does come back in random cycles. I hardly even fap anymore. With my sex drive very low (let me repeat almost nil at times), It’s actually been kind of liberating to be able to be honest with myself and not have my sex drive cloud my opinions. my perspective began to change and I began to realize a few things:
    Now that I can be more honest with myself, I can admit that I found intercourse itself kind of boring. I actually prefer head, especially since the girl who punched my V-Card was REALLY good at sucking cock. It kind of spoiled me. With all the crap that women have put me through, it seems like too much effort for too little reward. Why am I driving myself crazy for something that I really didn’t even enjoy that much?
    Another thing that bugs me to no end is how completely average, if not outright unattractive, women think that they’re this amazing catch that everyone wants and have the attitude to show their misplaced confidence.
    I first saw this back in high school, where even the ugly girls had an attitude problem. I thought it was just because I was in a catholic school, but I saw the same thing a few years back in grad school. Sorry sweetie: You’re not that good looking to be that stuck up. Please act accordingly. As I tell people, I’m not stupid; I know exactly what I look like.
    One thing that’s great about the internet is that I’ve seen a lot of guys on various message boards say the same thing: that they think sex is overrated and too much work, etc. You talk a lot about the “normies” on here, well nothing sets them off more than questioning the holy male religion of sexual conquest.

    1. It’s odd how looks associated with losers like being bald are now seen as cool. Note how Phil Collins got a bad rap for so many years cause his mostly bald hair, but now he’s just shaved it all off.
      As for larger guys, it seems like they just adopt this Harley tough guy look and still get chicks anyway.

    2. “Now that I can be more honest with myself, I can admit that I found intercourse itself kind of boring.”
      Yeah, maybe. But it’s a good cardiovascular workout & would probably help you lose weight.

    3. There have been times I’ve had sex and was wanting it to be over. I’ve even faked orgasm a few times just so I can be done with it. It could just be that you’re not sexual compatible with some women. There’s no reason any guy should categorically be bored by sex.

  10. If a man is perpetually single like me, then it’s probably best to save enough money to book an escort. Don’t get a hardened, manky old whore. Get a nice, fresh young woman with a friendly attitude. Be selective! I’ve only done it once in my life and it felt wonderful.

    1. Was this in the USA? Or did you go to a sex tourist destination? I’ve never thought much about paying for pussy. I only did it once because I peer pressured into it(long story). I didn’t want to and I wasn’t even able to get an erection because I hated the thought of banging a hooker. This was in Thailand. Worse sex I ever had(faked an orgasm after 5 minutes just to save face) and couldn’t wait for it to be over. I can’t imagine doing that again. But as I get older, the thought of fucking older women is depressing. I kind of wish I was one of those guys with no qualms about flying off to Dominican Republic or Colombia and going crazy with paid hoes. But I don’t have it in me to want to pay women for sex since much of the enjoyment I get from a women is in knowing the woman actually chooses to be with you.

      1. In the state of New South Wales, Australia where I was born and raised/live. Prostitution is legal in my state. You pay big bucks, but hey, you get what you pay for. I ain’t waiting around to seek a girlfriend – that’s too much hassle for me. Had I did that then I will probably die not knowing the pleasures associated with close female intimacy.

  11. as Tulio was saying, sex with hookers is often robotic. Well, you would be taking a chance of whether you got someone talented, or someone who takes 100 to 200 dollars and delivers a poor show for an hour.
    At least overseas, you could get a girl all night or for a week. Then the odds of having good sex are higher.
    Ultimately, it’s a lot of money to pay to get a crap performance when you can get some porn and get the illusion of the best sex possible for a 30 dollar membership or free on some Tube sites.

    1. Also to add to the illusion of real sex, with the porn, you could just buy some good battery powered masturbator.

      1. But definitely, and I saw this at the go go club, smelling the perfume and seeing it live gives more of a rush though, for some reason.

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