Why Mass Sexual License and Depravity Should Not Be Promoted to the Masses

Ryan England: I think that the pertinent question in matters of sexual politics is: to what extent does “promoting” such-and-such a sexual behavior actually result in increased participation in said behavior on a societal level? The way I see it, if people have it in them to do gang-bangs, threesomes, sex with two hundred women or the like, they will.

Oh, I know that the promotion of this stuff leads to more of it. I have dated many women. I also have female friends who have many young woman friends. A female friend told me that all her young woman friends are under pressure from their lovers to engage in anal sex and to have threeways with another woman. So all these young women are taking it up the ass and eating pussy due to cultural pressure, whereas they probably would not be ordinarily doing so. My friend told me that all of this is happening because of porn. I would agree with that.
I have dated a lot of women, and I also have noted that the sex has gotten a lot more pornified in recent years, even among older women. I mean 50 years old. I mean in recent years I could not believe the crazy sex I was having. It was like I was living in a porno movie.
I go on dating sites, and the women say pretty quickly, “Ok here is what I do.”
And then they proceed to list all their kinks, and by age 50, they’ve accumulated a few. They are actually trying to outwhore each other! I’m serious.
I am on a dating site, and I meet a woman and pretty soon it’s, “Ok, well do deep throat, I take it up the ass but only sometimes, you can tie me up, blindfold me and handcuff me, and I like it sort of rough.”
It’s like they are having a contest to see who can be the most kinky and whorish so they can get the hot guy, and the sluttiest woman gets the sexy guy. This is a recent thing. Women were not like this 30 years ago. Not that I object. But it’s obviously all coming from porn or faddism or peer pressure.
People are immensely susceptible to fads and peer pressure when it comes to sexuality. You think all those Romans having wild orgies all the time “had it in them already?” Hell no, but they were born into a society where this was the cool thing to do, so they did it. Same thing with fucking guys. In Rome and Greece, fucking other men and boys was the groovy thing to do, and in some cases up to 95% of the men were fucking other men (Sparta). I don’t see how people can say that sexual activity is not culturally driven. That’s just nuts, sorry.
I am absolutely certain that articles on Slate or Alternet lead to more and more people doing this stuff. Plus it’s disgusting that they are promoting degeneracy to the masses in the first place.
Recent articles include a man who likes to get pegged (his girlfriend straps on a dildo and fucks him in the ass). I guess all us guys need to go out there and get women to strap on dildos and fuck us in the ass! Nothing gay about that! Men: How To Get in Touch with Your Bisexual Side. Ok all us men need to get out there and suck a cock! I want to see all my male commenters going to a gay bar and ordering a Penis Colada before the month is over. That’s an order!
Other articles promote on having 3-ways, cuckolding (a big favorite), where idiot men enjoy seeing their wives fuck other men while they watch and get humiliated, and a similar major movement of White men who love being “cucks” to Black men called “Bulls” who they bring in to fuck their White wives. The White guys like to be humiliated and often enjoy having their wives or her Black lover degrade them by comparing them unfavorably to the Black man. The White wives even lock up the White men’s genitals in little cages at night before bed. Then they deny the White men sex for weeks to months. These articles were actually promoting this activity to White men as the latest groovy trend.
And by the way, gay male culture is an excellent example of a culture that promotes mass sexual license and depravity. Look at the result:

  • A horrific HIV epidemic that’s killed hundreds of thousands of gay men. 20% of gay men are infected to this day. Gay men are 1.5% of the population and over 50% of new HIV infections.
  • Regular outbreaks of Hepatitis A and B and parasites. Most gay men have 60 different types of parasites in their gut, whereas the average straight man has zero.
  • Regular outbreaks of syphilis and gonorrhea. Gay men are 1.5% of the population and 70% of the syphilis cases.

37% of gay men practice S/M. The result is that many serial killers (40%) are homosexuals, because serial killing and sexual sadism are linked and once you make sexual sadism the latest hip trend, you are going to create some dangerous men. Gay men are 1.5% of all the men and 40% of the serial killers.
16% of gay men drink piss. 8% of gay men like to get shit on or eat shit. Gay men are 1.5% of the population and 50% of the consumers of scat porn.
By age 30, almost all gay men have had group sex, and many to most of them have been to orgies with 8 or more men at once.
The result of all of this unbridled sexual license is a seriously messed up culture psychologically and medically with regular disease outbreaks and a drastically shortened lifespan by ~20 years. Yes, being gay knocks 29 years off a man’s life expectancy.

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20 thoughts on “Why Mass Sexual License and Depravity Should Not Be Promoted to the Masses”

  1. Unfortunately Robert, no one wants to listen to the reality you posted above. Especially Liberals, they are living in denial. They’ll just brush it off and say that you are overestimating things. Or that these things “have always been going on, it is just out in the open now” blah, blah, blah, ishkabibble. And yes folks, old women are porny now.

  2. Red-light districts were traditionally big money earners for lower-income people as pimps and prostitutes and the odd short-time motel proprietor but internet porn and its cosmic effect on social behavior has taken its toll on the revenues these places used to have.

    1. True, a local adult video store used to be booming but now he’s the only one left in town. You either have to adapt to selling internet porn or get out of the biz.
      Possibly the only thing left is selling the real thing, but too much police around to do that here.

  3. Research shows that people are having much less sex now, though they are more forthright about it. Things like STD’s, teen pregnancies, abortions, etc. have been declining for some time. Your comments about the ancient Greeks and Romans are beyond idiotic: a) relationships between adult men were never accepted, and most states took measures to prevent pederasty (even of slaves) http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0002%3Aspeech%3D1%3Asection%3D16
    b) The myths about Roman orgies and general licentiousness were fabricated by Christians, though they have proved useful to e.g. Penthouse in their film “Caligula”

  4. Just out of curiosity what race, tribe or group of people have financial or editorial control where they are pushing these sorts of behavior? Who could it be?

  5. You do not have to smoke crack because a Mexican sells it or force your wife to have sex with 2 black men because a Jewish woman in a porn video did it that you watched.
    If you inhale Latin drugs or watch GI JOE: RISE OF THE COBRA and have your legs blown off in a desert because you enlisted it is your own gullibility.
    I should add that the original Scots and English who settled the U.S. were not nearly as stupid or gullible as their ancestors are.

  6. “I should add that the original Scots and English who settled the U.S. were not nearly as stupid or gullible as their ancestors are.”

  7. Of Scots in the South and less English this is true: We called them indentured servants.
    I think their suffering was a bit exaggerated as was that of African slaves because owners did not want to damage their property but true enough they came in bondage.

  8. About the 29years of your life span for gay men.
    I don`t see the problem they apparently think the kinky sex are worth the kinky sex.
    And if i was Mick Jagger instead of an incel i would be doing the same thing.

  9. I think you need to add the following figures to the article to make it more accurate and give a fuller picture. Your figures above are a bit misleading without taking the racial component into account. There are huge differences in infection risk rates between the races: ”If current diagnosis rates continue, 1 in 6 gay and bisexual men will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime, including 1 in 2 black/African American gay and bisexual men, 1 in 4 Hispanic/Latino gay and bisexual men, and 1 in 11 white gay and bisexual men.” – http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/group/msm/

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